Chapter 16: Happily ever after

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Rei stood on the platform in front of the mirror, watching her reflection as she shifted the dress beneath her. It was long, dropping down in front of her feet and trailing behind her along the floor. The dress itself was pure white falling down around her, covered in thin red lace. The blouse was a white fabric with subtle flower designs across it, strapless and skin tight. It connected to the dress beneath a red ribbon pulled tight around her waist, tying with a large bow in the back. Minako had added the bow at the last minute, commenting on how it would be good to remind the others of Mars's uniform and to tell all those privy to the knowledge, that Rei would still be Mars, even after her life is changed.

Minako, Ami, and Makoto all gave Rei a quick hug before all helping her down off of the platform. They moved silently down the hall, Rei picking up her dress lightly as the others held her train off the ground. She stopped in front of the large pair of oak double doors. Glancing back at her friends, Rei smiled. (Strange. I've always heard of brides being nervous before their wedding. But I don't feel a thing...) And the great doors opened and Rei looked down the aisle, suddenly remembering why she wasn't nervous.

Rei caught her breath at the sight of Wufei, strikingly handsome in his white tux. He looked up at her, silent and serious as ever. Rei smiled softly and listened at the soft music that drifted through the room. She glanced over to see Michiru on the far side of the pulpit, playing her violin. Rei took her steps carefully, timing them just as Wufei's mother had dictated her to.

Rei finally found herself at the front of the chapel, listening to the solemn words of the priest as he recited the vows from his small book. She kept her eyes on the onyx ones until they all but filled her vision. She felt her mouth say the two final words to promise her life. "I do." And the next five words from the priest pulled her back to reality.

"You may kiss the bride."

Rei closed her eyes and leaned forward. She tried not to gasp as their lips touched. Warmth spread across her face and down her body. His hand slid around her neck, pulling her closer to him. Heat pulsed in her body as Rei pulled closer. She touched his shoulder and drew in a breath as they pulled apart for a slim, cold second, before they tilt towards each other again.

A tap on her shoulder brought Rei away from Wufei and she looked over at the priest in slight anger. He looked pointedly behind the pair. They turned back to the viewers. Rei's eyes went to Minako, sitting in the front row in her bride's maid dress. Minako flashed a suggestive grin and pushed her lips into a kissing motion. Duo gave a low whistle from the opposite row, also wearing the same laughing smirk.

Rei couldn't help but smile. She glanced at Wufei, and he cast her an amused side look. His hand moved over and clasped hers. She smiled and squeezed his hand gently.

About an hour later, everyone was in the great hall at the opposite end of the church. Most of the senshi were scattered around the room, keeping conversations with some of Wufei's various relations. Michiru and Haruka were up on a low stage, with some of their own relations, happily providing some music.

Minako and Duo were in front of the stage, dancing so close together that some of the elders glared at them. The pair simply laughed and pulled closer. Ami was standing over by the table by herself, but was soon joined by Quatre, who struck up a quiet conversation. Makoto was also out on the dance floor, dancing passionately, casting a glance over at Heero, who refused to set a foot on the dance floor. But Makoto saw what he didn't want anyone to see; every now and then, she would catch him nodding or tapping his foot to the music, but when he would see her grinning at him, he looked away, stopping whatever motion he had been caught in. Finally, Makoto trotted over to him, smirked and pulled Heero out with her. Once on the floor, she put him through his paces, dancing around him furiously while he awkwardly kept up, inexperienced with the upbeat style of music.

Up on stage, Michiru, Haruka and their friends ended the song. "Hey, I hope everyone's having a good time out there..." Michiru called out. "Maybe for some, a better time than others..." She added with a laugh, glancing at Minako and Duo. "But, now, we're going to slow it down a little. Here's a song for the happy newly-weds. Wufei, you'd better be good to her, and Rei," She smiled. "Try and take care of that boy." She closed her eyes, but kept her soft smile. "Seems like only time's going to tell where you two are headed..." And she lifted her violin.

Who can say where the road goes Where the day flows Only time..

Rei smiled as she leaned her head on Wufei's shoulder. He pulled his arms around her small waist, clasping his hands together behind her bow.

And who can say if your love grows As your heart chose Only time..

Taking one small step after another, the pair slowly rocked to the slow rhythm of the song.

Who can say why your heart sighs As your love cries Only time..

And who can say why your heart cries When your love lies Only time..

Wufei let go of Rei and watched her spin slowly, before letting her move back to him. He looked at her, staring into the violet orbs that seemed to fill his mind.

Who can say when the roads meet That they might be In your love

And who can say when the day sleeps If the night is All your own

The night is All your own...

Rei sighed softly and closed her eyes, feeling Wufei's warmth surround her. (This is what I'm living for. His warmth, his love...)

Who can say if your love grows As your heart chose Only time...

And who can say where the road goes Where the day flows Only time...

Wufei felt Rei's sigh on his neck and he smiled. (This world is worth fighting for. I have to protect it for Rei.)

Who knows.. Only time...

Who knows.. Only time...