Nico is at a new school-again. Hopefully this one doesn't have a fiery Manticore looking for lunch, or any kind of monster in this case, like last time. Since he wants to stay in New York to keep close to Camp-Half-Blood, he decided to go to a school in New York. He dislikes this thing called school with a raging passion, due to the words that are always floating around on way too preppy posters, and his constant fidgeting due to his extreme case of ADHD. He could list quite a few other reasons off of his "why not stay home" list he compiled in his brain.

This particular school doesn't make a very good first impression. While glaring at his schedule, watching the letters float, he had been shoved into an empty locker with ginormous football players holding it shut. Yeah, like he could totally get out of a locked locker. Well... if he could just concentrate long enough to do some of his shadowiness stuff. But it's kind of hard to do when those. Stupid. Jocks. Keep. Talking. Shadowing out wouldn't really help anyways. It would just draw unwanted attention that he didn't want at this particular time. So instead, he had to bang on the locker until a janitor could get to him.

Once Nico did arrive to class everybody looked at him like he was a piece of shit for even thinking about coming to school. He of course also had the worst teachers in the History of teachers on his first day. I mean seriously? A teacher named 'Mrs. Voldemort'. Nico could swear she was a monster in disguise.

Nico's second day was probably the best day he had experienced in his whole school-going life (about two days this year). He had language class, Greek Mythology, and a class on Egyptian burial grounds. As Nico walked into his Italian course, he knew it was going to be easy for him. After all, Italian was his first language. He could read the signs on the walls with no problem. Also, what made this class better, was that the teacher even looked Italian. The teacher spoke to the class in Italian immediately, which clicked his brain about as fast as she said it. The teacher spoke, "Quest'anno, abbiamo intenzione di imparare le nozioni di base su italiano. La lingua, la cultura, i luoghi, i suoni, e il modo di vita." Then she said in English, "This year, we are going to be learning the basics about Italian. The language, the culture, the sights, the sounds, and the way of life there." On impulse he smiled. Sto andando ad amare questo corso.* His grin grew. His hand rose and spoke in fluent Italian with the hand gestures and everything, " Caro insegnante? Stiamo andando a conoscere la vita in Italia durante la seconda guerra mondiale?"* She smiled, " Sì. Qual è il tuo nome, figliolo? "He has decided that he is going to love this class.

Translations: (warning: Google Translate)

I'm going to love this course

Dear teacher? Are we going to learn about life in Italy during the Second World War? "

Yes. What is your name, son?