This isn't really a story. There IS a story, but it isn't here. I wanted to post on my account in case you missed it.

Cara (Girlgirl1179) & I have started a short fic, called One Word Isn't Talking, that we co-wrote together. It's a Janet Evanovich/Plum fic (with a Ranger/Steph pairing, of course!). Chapter one went up today (7/23/14), under the name Jengirl1179. Here's the summary and then a preview of the first chapter:

Stephanie and Joe break up for good, and she realizes she wants more from Ranger. When he can't give her what she needs, she says goodbye. One day out of the blue, she receives a mailed letter in a sleek black envelope. Has he changed his mind? Based on "Say Something" by Great Big World and "All In" by Lifehouse.

For years now, my heart had been torn in two. Torn between the man who fit like a comfortable pair of jeans and the man who could burn me up on the inside with just a glance. I always felt incapable of making a decision where they were concerned. If I chose Joe, I'd have to give up Ranger, and I couldn't choose Ranger because he didn't do silly things like relationships.

Joe and I had been broken up for a few months, and Ranger and I had been sleeping together for a few weeks. The thing that I'd come to realize with this final breakup with Joe was that I didn't want to fall into the same old routines. I didn't want my relationship with Ranger to mirror the one I'd had with Joe. I wanted more for myself than to settle into a life that fit everyone else's hopes and dreams, but not my own.

I drove on autopilot to RangeMan to talk to Ranger. I'd made my decision, and like or it not, he was going to have to make a decision of his own. A choice to either meet me in the middle with this whole relationship thing…or I'd walk away. I couldn't settle for less than I deserved. I knew he loved me, but he was either too stubborn or too scared to admit his feelings.

It's a little bit angsty, but at only four chapters, the angst doesn't last long. ;) Check it out on our joint profile, which you can find a link to on my profile, as well as on my Favorites list.

See you there! ~Jen