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The Slayer Squad –Origins: Prologue



"You lose." The black robed figure in the emotionless white mask said. It was as if the dark, empty eyes bore into Buffy's very soul laying all her secrets bare. The queen of the slayers lay helpless before her hated enemy, the mysterious wizard Xou'acc (Zoh-Ick).

Surveying her surrounding Buffy knew her situation was hopeless. The bodies of her allies were strewn everywhere. Giles, Xander, Willow, Dawn, Spike, Angel, Faith, Wesley, Gun, Lorne, Johnathan, Kennedy and the other slayers all gone lost to her forever. How could they have failed so miserably, so completely? A surge of sickly greenish energy from Xou'acc's outstretched left hand vanquished all thoughts of regret from her mind. Buffy the greatest vampire slayer who had ever lived, was dead.

"Buffy Anne Summers, Alexander Lavelle Harris, Willow Danielle Rosenberg step forward." Said a voice which seemed to come from everywhere within the white, cloud like void the three friends suddenly found themselves in.

"Excuse me Mr. Voice ah Thingy where em are we?" Xander asked in his usual joking manner. "Hey wait a sec my lost eye its' back. I have two eyes again wow, but how!?" Xander asked noticing the restoration of his stereoscopic vision.

"Because you are deceased Alexander Lavelle Harris your sight has been restored. We are the Powers That Be. We are most disappointed in the three of you." The Voice said sternly.

"We're the ones who are dead here." Buffy said interrupting the Voice. "If anyone should be disappointed it is us with you. We pulled your bacon out of the proverbial fryer more times than I can count, and this is the thanks we get unbelievable."

"You failed in your duty" The Voice said simply, "now Xou'acc will destroy the barriers between worlds polluting all of reality, throwing the entirety of creation into chaos which it may never recover."

"So we failed once, big, fat, hairy deal." Xander said offended by the Voice's accusation. "We succeeded like a zillion times before this one fumble."

"We've all paid a hefty price for doing what is right." Willow said speaking her mind. "We've sacrificed so much. We've all lost some much. So many people we care about have lived short lives dying violent deaths. Don't you dare say we never tried. We've always went out there and did our damndest when the deck was stacked against us, even when the situation seemed hopeless we persevered in our convictions."

"If defeating Xou'acc is so important, then give us another chance?" Buffy offered. "Send us back."

"Perhaps we can offer you a second chance." The Voice mused. "However there are rules even we must obey. We cannot simply return you to the last time you fought Xou'acc. We foresee doing so would likely result once again in your material demise, nor can we gift you with the knowledge of how to defeat him. You must obtain such knowledge through your own endeavors. What we can do is assure you are more prepared for your final confrontation with Xou'acc. Both by making sure you meet him much earlier in your linear history and that you are much better prepared to deal with him."

"How?" Buffy asked the Voice confused.

"There is only one way within our ability which will accomplish these gaols. We will start your lives over erasing all knowledge from your minds of what will come." The Voice explained.

"Excuse me, how exactly will this help us defeat Xou'acc again?" Xander asked skeptically raising his hand. "If you erase all our knowledge of things that go bump in the night we'll be at his mercy when he rears his ugly head."

"Your timestream will be altered. It will unfold quite differently than it did before. You Alexander Lavelle Harris will be granted the abilities of the White Knight becoming a great powerhouse of mystical energy. You Willow Danielle Rosenberg will receive a magical boost much earlier thus you will learn to better control your magic for good becoming the Crimson Witch. These momentous events will enfold near the end of your freshmen year of high school not long after you meet your lifelong friend here Buffy Ann Summers. We seek not to deceive you. It will not be an easy life. You will all still face many challenges, but unlike before nearly from the beginning you shall face them together. Buffy will be the compassion. You Xander will be the cunning. Willow you will be the control. Together you will be a great force of good. All you must do is agree."

The three friends looked at each. A long moment passed in silence. Finally Buffy spoke up.

"Well guys what'll it be a do over, or do you stay here and spend eternity chatting with the oh so witty Voice?"

"A do over sounds good to me." Xander said placing his hand on top of Buffy's. "What about you Wills you in?"

"I'm in" Willow whisper thinking about all the people she had lost, like Tara. Even if they never meet in the new timeline at least by doing this Willow would ensure Tara, and who knows how many of the others', safety. Willow gingerly placed her hand atop Xander's.

"So let it be done." The Voice proclaimed as the senses of the three friends filled with nothingness.

To Be Continued in Chapter One

There you have it folks. I hope you have enjoyed this teaser. Basically I'll be rewriting the first three seasons, maybe more, of the series from at or near the beginning. I'm not sure exactly which episode in season one will be my starting point yet, but it'll be fairly early no matter what. I've had this plot bunny regarding the creation of a super hero team consisting of Buffy, Willow & Xander running around in my head for some time now (all you Angel & Spike fans do not worry, though the big three are the core they'll also be room for our boys in there at different times, and of course Giles remains the mentor perhaps with an assist from Jenny). Please give me feedback, via reviews or IMs. Do you feel the premise has merit, or not?