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"I-I don't understand…Sirius would never do that. Even if he had figured out who was responsible for James' death, he would never murder 12 innocent people out of anger. I wouldn't go as far to say that he wouldn't make an attempt on Peter's life, but not 12 innocent muggles," Lily said.

"It's nice to see you awake and moving," Dumbledore told Lily with slight smile with which she returned. "Anyways...My thoughts exactly," Dumbledore agreed, "However, Barty Crouch has a different opinion on the matter. He saw a man who had a motive and was from a family who were notorious for their magical crimes. And because he was not given a trial, there is no trial to appeal."

"So you do not think that Sirius had anything to do with this?" Severus asked.

"Not in the slightest," he answered, "But the Ministry does not see it this way. They will publicize his so-called crime and name him as a mass murderer."

"This is totally unfair. He didn't do anything. He wouldn't do anything. How can the Ministry do this and get away with it?" Lily asked.

"Like I said, the Barty Crouch saw a man with a motive and a family with a criminal record. With crimes of this degree, Aurors are not required to conduct a trial. They simply have to provide evidence. Apparently, this was enough evidence," Dumbledore explained.

"This is unbelievable," Lily said, shock and disbelief still plastered on her face.

"There must be some way-" Severus began.

"They are completely adamant. Sirius Black will remain in Azkaban," Dumbledore informed.

Severus sighed. His feelings towards Sirius were similar to his feeling towards James. (Although James had never tried to send him into the shrieking shack during one of Remus Lupin's transformations.)

"I wouldn't tell too many people that Sirius is his godfather if I were you," Dumbledore said quietly, looking at Harry, "The Daily Prophet would have a field day." Dumbledore turned and left the medical ward.

Lily sank into her bed with Harry still on her lap.

"This is all too much. First James is dead, and now Sirius is in Azkaban...everything just needs to slow down," Lily said, bring her hands to her temples.

"If it is any consolation, the Dark Lord appears to have been defeated...for now at least," Severus said.

"What do you mean, for now?" Lily asked.

"I do not think that this is over, Lily. Although it may be years before he emerges again, there is a strong chance that he will be back," Severus explained.

"So James died for nothing. That's just wonderful, Sev. Thanks," she said sarcastically, tears beginning to appear in her eyes.

Severus sat down on the edge of her bed. "He did not die in vain. He died protecting you and your son. And think of all the lives that will be spared during his temporary defeat," Severus said. I can't believe I am defending him, he thought.

Well that was short. I'm sorry. Really I am.