Cate: HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Throws Confettee); (*Playing the song,"If I ruled the world (Remix Version)", by BTR.*) Sorry this is late finally upgraded from DSL! (Direct Satellite Line)
Natsume: (grumpy and looking out the window mummbling)

Cate: nee natsume cheer up I know mikan isn't here at the moment since Hotaru abducted her for a hour but you have me! (goes to jump on Natsume)

Natsume: (sides steps) Baka. (walks away with his manga)

Cate: (hits the floor with a huge thud) Meanie! Natsume come back here! (gets up and chases after Natsume)
Ruka: Cate-chan don't own G. A. good thing to cause she would have Hotaru as Queen of the world and me as her man slave (Shivers) Ja minna-san (bows and leaves)

Hotaru: (grins with money sign in her eyes) Queen of the World, eh? Not bad. I wouldn't mind that I would be rich. Crab legs for every meal for me only! Mwhahahaha! (going to try to make Cate the new owner of G. A.)

Random guy in the background: What did I just see? O3O

Special Christmas Chapter!

Under the Mistletoe.

Author Prov.

Its Christmas Day and Natsume and Mikan still haven't been caught yet. Right now they are walking in town where they run into Natsume's childhood friends Hotaru Imai and Ruka Nogi. Shockingly Ruka being the nice one invited them to a Holiday party. Natsume accepted cause he looked over to see a super excited Mikan and couldn't say no like he always has done before. Some how he knew he was going to regret it later, but that would have to wait. He only wanted to see her smile her bright goofy smile and show who she really is. For some shocking reason Hotaru took a major liking in Mikan and had a evil glint in her eye when she started dragging Mikan to the nearest clothing store. Couple of hours later Natsume about had it he was tired of waiting for them and Ruka was being surrounded by fangirls and he wasn't the type to just shoo them off even if he was secretly scared of girls because a certain raven haired girl. Natsume could tell ruka was uncomfortable so he got up and grabbed Ruka by his wrist and dragged him away till they got near a spot Natsume reconized imminently the Sakura Tree where he would meet up with Hotaru and Ruka all the time before they had all found out about there powers. He smiled slightly as he had a trip down memory lane. Maybe this would be his first Christmas in years that he would cheerish after all. When Hotaru and Mikan finally left the store Mikan's face was completely scarlet red. Hotaru made her dress up in so many inappropriate clothing like the naughty santa suit for girls and many other tight lace outfits that showed a lot. Mikan was so embarrassed that once Hotaru had her in them she tooken Photos and bought the outfits. Now Hotaru was taking her to get Mikan's long tangled hair done, at a salon. Mikan's hair looked like it never had seen the day of trimming at the ends but shockingly it was softer than silk. When they left from their Mikan's hair was now shoulder length and had a pink streak going down on one side, showing off her Auburn locks. Her bangs barely brushed against her forehead showing her face better. Hotaru content with Mikan's new look dragged her to another store and bought make up. Mikan wasn't complaining anymore. Cause she was threaten by Hotaru so much it finally sunk in that Hotaru means what she threats. Hotaru finally done shopping with mikan, and takes her to the sakura tree to find ruka and natsume by there ruka petting a rabbit and natsume sleeping against the trunk of the old tree. Ruka looked mikan up and down with a nervous look shocked of what Hotaru did the poor girl. But he must admit she looked stunning. Mikan was wearing a blank black spaghetti-strap tank-top and a pair of black skinny jeans that had small tears in it. Mikan had on a locket on that just made the outfit make her look stunning. She was also wearing black boot that zipped up on the side. Ruka was shocked that this was the same girl from what seemed like hours ago. Natsume was passed out and Hotaru saw how ruka went to wake up Natsume and smacked his hand and put a finger on her lips. Now knowing the reason Hotaru did this he stops himself. Gosh he couldn't get over the fact mikan before he extreme make over by Hotaru looked adorible and quite attractive and then her after. She looked like a goddess sent from the heavens with a dark streak in her. Surely Natsume would love this.

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