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Rose sits at the table filling out forms for Torchwood trying to ignore the Doctor. He had been lying on the sofa 30 minutes ago reading, but he migrated to the floor at some point between now and then.

"This can't be right," the Doctor says.

She looks up, frustrated at yet another interruption from Mr. Can't-go-two-minutes-without-talking and half worried he broke something.

"Is this how people usually read?"

She rolls her eyes and goes back to her paperwork.

"Reaaaaally slowwwwwwlyyyyyyyy." He draws those two words out for emphasis. "At this rate it could take me hours… Hours!"

She looks up at him again and then away, pursing her lips and snorting at his indignation. He crawls over to a chair closer to her when she ignores him and lays down on his back with his feet on the seat of the chair. He flips through the book, reading random pages in different chapters. Rose does her best to ignore him but when she glances over and sees the book on his face and his arms thrown out to the side, she can't help but laugh.

"Are you sulking?"

"No," he says in a very much sulking tone.

She raises her eyebrows and crosses her arms, scooting back her chair. "I think you are!"

"Time lords don't sulk Rose." He sits up and the book falls onto his chest and then hits floor with a quiet thud.

"Time lords might not sulk, but you are human now and you are sulking."

He just lays back down and puts the book on his face again.