I know... short. Hopefully worth it.

"Wait..." Lara whispered.

Himiko's whole spirit resonated with that word. (Fates had been decided, lives altered, worlds brought from bleakest despair into all illuminating light with this word.)

She smiled, and turned to her.

"I..." her love sighed, "I... want to understand. Why me?"

She was giddy, "Your passion... your courage... your heart. I am made whole - with my love for you - because of them. You make me feel young, beautiful again... alive. So here I stand for you... as such. Oh, I have such wonders to share with you saiaii. I want to help you find your answers... as none other can. Just let me stay by your side... please."

Lara gazed at her.

She gazed back, awestruck.

"Sweety?" the word was everywhere, but from nowhere.

She frowned, but then smiled happily, "... soon beloved - upon the moment of desire."

"Sweety?" the word again.

She faded, "Soon."

"Wake up!" Sam called out.

Lara opened her eyes - she had been asleep on the hammock.

Sam was shoving a third fluffanutter sandwich square into her own, full to bursting mouth, her bloated cheecked grin was hysterical, and life-affirming.

Lara grinned back, "I love you."

Sam kissed her cheek, smearing fluff, and peanut butter all over her jawline.

Lara laughed as Sam pushed a sandwich between the Brit's smiling lips.


The two spent the rest of the day laughing, drinking, taking selfies, rehearsing Sam's Oscar acceptence speech... including Lara demonstrating numerous non-lethal choke holds and hand grabs to diswade John Travolta from being 'charming' with her - you never can be too careful.

As the night crawled up, Sam sucumbed to her joyous revelry, and displayed remarkable courage... she ordered delivery from a pizza place she liked, and asked the delivery driver be a very particular young man. Lara crossed her fingers for her friend, as they waited; Sam growing more and more apprehensive by the minute.

The Brit almost called it off when Sam threw up from nerves.

Sam shut the phone as Lara finished pressing the number, "I need to do this. Don't worry... he's a 'good one'."

Five minutes passed before the front gate guards radioed the house security detail. 'Mike's Pizza Posse' driver had arrived.

Lara stepped into the security camera room, security took up position outside, just in case; leaving Sam alone in the foyer.

Sam stood just inside the front entry door, trembling. She looked herself in the mirror, "I look..." she suddenly shivered - nerves?

"Luminescent," a voice said softly.

Sam turned, tears rolling down her cheeks, to face the beauty behind her.

"Worthy of a crown," Himiko sighed as she drew her lips close to Sam's.