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Three months had gone by since Rikki last spoke to Darren Montgomery. Without him tipping the scales, she'd managed to find the perfect balance.

Rikki started working at the cafe again after learning what a hard time Zane had been having without her. He was still mad at her, but they quickly grew close again. Rikki had talked him into a few moonlit strolls...they had some long talks at the office...one thing led to another, and he'd taken her back as his business partner and girlfriend.

Things between them weren't all rainbows and butterflies, however. After what happened with Adrian, Zane's jealousy was sky-high. Rikki could tell that he didn't trust her completely, but she was hoping that in time they could both move on from that.

Rikki didn't just work at the cafe. Despite Darren's threats that she would never model again, Rikki had found a new manager; one that let her choose how often she wanted to work and didn't push her too far beyond her comfort zone. She was mostly doing local work and she loved it.

Rikki hadn't completely said goodbye to Adrian. He had been a good friend to her and she didn't want to drop him out of her life completely. Zane wasn't too happy about it, but Rikki told him—honestly-that she wasn't interested in Adrian like that and that nothing would ever happen between them again.

Using some of her influence in the modeling world, Rikki helped Adrian set up a management business of his own. She helped him get contacts and she directed models who were unhappy with their current managers to him. The business hadn't taken off yet, but it was stable and she had every belief that it would rival Montgomery Management one day.

Rikki herself was signed to Adrian's management. She had to drive herself to photo-shoots, but it was worth it. Now that her schedule wasn't packed with modeling assignments, she had more time for her friends, her dad, and Zane.

She'd also deleted her social media accounts. She liked them, in general, but she felt better when she didn't feel the need to constantly announce what she was up to.

Finally, she could just breathe. She had a night off so her, Cleo, Emma, and Bella (the final two girls were getting along, well, swimmingly) were going out to eat.

The four girls stood in line to order behind another large group of girls. They were all beautiful, tall, and thin. Rikki recognized some of them immediately.

The shortest girl, a redhead turned around and Rikki confirmed that it was Lilly, her old model friend. The blonde next to her could only be one other person, and that was Miriam. Even Miriam's friend, the Tiffany lookalike, was in the group.

Both Miriam and Lilly saw her, but they didn't acknowledge her. Instead they turned back to the register. Rikki heard each member of the model group order a salad.

While they waited for their salads they leaned against the nearest wall, staring in Rikki's direction.

She looked at them pointedly and walked up to the register with a smile. "I'll have a cheeseburger, please."