To whom it may concern,

Following the game update for Victoria II, the mod (that I created) was made a version mismatch which made the continuation of 'Rise of Bali' impossible. As of right now, my Bali save has been corrupted and destroyed.

For those who have reached this note here, worry not, for this story will continue, regardless. As it stands, we were at a time period in the story anyway that would have passed Victoria II's end date (1936), so the corrupt save is really of no consequence. What this means, is that I will be writing the remaining 60-70 years of the story -without- using Victoria II. So from this point forward, I will be releasing episodes straight from my head—rather than from the game itself. This will actually make things easier, as it nullifies certain restrictions and idiotic/unrealistic events (such as the USA falling to communism in a mere month).

Rise of Bali is not dead, it will continue soon enough. For now, however, I must continue concentrating on the editing phase of F-Zero: Seppuku, my 1.6 million word drama/adventure series.

With that being said, please include Rise of Bali on your watch list if you so desire. These chapters only take me 2-3 hours to write, so whenever I continue the story really depends on how much freedom I have that day.

Thank you for your patience. Don't forget to check out 'Siontix' on Deviantart. I post chapter illustrations there for Rise of Bali, along with chapters for all my other works.