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I never was one to count the days that is until I got cancer. The calendar mocked me and the ticking of the clock was a constant reminder that my days were limited.

I never really understood how time could be so fragile and precious until I fell in love. It was unexpected and unplanned and totally unavoidable. Try as I might she kept appearing, everywhere I turned. The office parking lot, the cancer support group, and the coffee shop her best friend worked in. Well actually that one was my fault I read the name off her cup in Cancer Anonymous.

97 days.

That's how many days I had with April, my April.

97 good morning texts all with the words "I love you". We never really did figure out who said it first. Of course, I'm not counting the times that I whispered it to her as she slept peacefully in my arms.

Three months and one week I had her all to myself, without encroaching deadlines and demanding family obligations. The ninety-seven days I had with her were truly the best days of my life, and I have lived a lot. In those three months we experienced more together than any married couple will experience in an entire lifetime. Every week we celebrated a new holiday, even the ones we didn't partake in ourselves.

As the days dwindled on, Leo Junior became more demanding and begging for attention and through it all April never left my side.

12 group meetings we attended and one we "missed" due to the comfy cotton confines of my bed.

2,238 hours I spent completely enraptured and in love with one person. The hours in the dark I spent memorizing every curve of her nose, and slope of her lips as she dreamed of a life far greater than this one.

139,680 minutes I silently cursed and loathed the unwanted passenger clinging to my brain, for taking me away from the only thing I ever truly wanted: to be loved.

8,380,800 seconds I thanked the heavens for giving me Leo Junior, because without him I would have never met the love of my life.

And with my dying breathe April Carver I want you to know I love you with every part of my soul.