It was the same story, playing out over and over every morning at Granny's, he would waltz in order three cups of Cocoa with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg and then proceed to "bump" into Henry and Emma. The lad would always make room for him at their table and grab the precarious mug, teetering on end of his hook. The boy was much like his mother in regards to the fact that he didn't spook easily when confronted with his gleaming appendage.

Every morning the conversation would precede the one before it, picking up on any aspect of his life that the young boy found absolutely fascinating, whether it is fighting off mermaids or the odious tasks of carrying for the Jolly. His mother would smile at the sight of her son, gushing over wanting to be a pirate and plundering the seven seas. However that changed as soon as henry scampered out of his booth and ambled over to a waiting Mary-Margaret, ready to walk with him to school. For every biting remark and eye roll of those sea green eyes, he couldn't get enough. He was an addict always coming back for more of his favorite drug, Emma Swan. His addiction to the flaxen haired beauty was steady and slow growing at first, for she ignited a small stirring in his long dormant heart that is until she called him Killian for the first time and the need for her, to simply be around her, to bask in the presence of the Savior intensified exponentially.

His name seemed exotic and passionate when it was said from the lips of the savior. Over time the moniker Hook, was laid to rest and Killian was restored, the vengeful pirate was let go and the man of honor was welcomed back like a king.

Emma Swan was the product of true love; she had the ability to see the good in people and to coax it out of them. She was a siren on shore, leading unassuming men to their 'deaths', or rather lack of freedom, for the princess was a drug you never wanted to quit. Yet all the men before him had succumb to the rehabilitation of the chosen one, Killian was the only one willing to die of an overdose of Emma Swan, for he was always coming back for his next hit.

Love is a powerful drug, and Emma was the supplier.