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I thought of this story idea when i was trying to get my head around physics lessons in school .I have made changes to the functions of the Nicaea app ,hehe so it wont be summoning demons but the new function still involves demons ;)

~The beginning of the End ~

A lean teenage boy stood by himself on the street leaning against the cool metal railings separating the road and the walkway. Donning a white-blue hoodie with long bunny-like extensions attached to the hood and long blue pants ,the boy was oblivious to his surroundings ,as he relaxed against the railings. Music flowing out of the speakers in his hood and into his waiting ears .

Steps were heard, before an enthusiastic sounded,"Hibiki !'' The teenage boy shot up and in a swift movement removed his hood. Bright azure eyes gleamed under the rays of the sun, as the boy looked towards the direction of the call .

"Daichi ''

''Yo hibiki how was your exams?"Dachi asked curiously.

''It was okay .If you study hard you would have no problems passing the exams too."HIbiki replied adding a few words of encouragement knowing that the other probably had a tough time during the exams.

''Hah …I'm not as good at studying as you, it would be a miracle if I passed."

"Don't worry, it's just a practice exam."Hibiki grinned. This statement proved to be a mistake as seconds later Hibiki was caught in a headlock .The boys tousled with one another causing bystanders to glance at their direction ,smiling slightly at the childish scene the boys were causing .

''Let's go for lunch, I'm hungry besides I have something to show you .''

A ten-minute walk later, the boys found themselves at a food junction. After settling down at a secluded corner facing the windows with a skyline view of the streets and eating to their fullest content ,Dachi introduced the app that was the current trend ; Nicaea. Hibiki rose a brow at the induction of the app .It was kind of chilling to see the death face of your friends when they died. However since they were no news or anything against the use of such an app nor whether the one really sees the death face of their friends when they die ,Hibiki allowed himself to be registered by Dachi ,not abit suspicious at all about the nature of the application .The boys then head to the subway for a ride home.

Shibuya subway station

Daichi and Hibiki were engaged in a conversation regarding some interesting stuff that they managed to come across before something caught Daichi's eye causing him to pause momentarily. Hibiki followed his friend's gaze ,before finding himself looking a petite girl wearing their school's uniform .

"Who is that? A friend?"Hibiki questioned seeing the look Daichi was giving the girl .

"That's Io Nitta from class C, no though I wish I was her friend ."Dachi said ,with a dreamy look .Hibiki caught the look and begin to tease the other slightly to which Dachi retaliated .A ring from each of their phones disrupted their heated discussion .Both boys simultaneously fished out their hand phones .

"Oh a clip has already been updated."

Hibiki 's expression turned solemn as he watched the clip .It was unnerving as the video was very realistic ,the surrounding displayed the current station which such great detail that it was hard to dismissed it as just a great animation .Hibiki looked up towards Daichi who met with gaze with the same fear in his eyes .

Daichi flashed the last part of the clip to Hibiki who did the same to him. Both wearing looks of fear and suspicion .It was Daichi who broke the still silence between them.

"It's a joke right?"Dachi then procceded to sprout some theory that it could not possibly be real though it seemed that he was trying to convince himself of that fact.

Suddenly the ground shook greatly, the approaching trained skidded at the turn as the huge tremors of the sudden quake flipped it off the tracks. Hibiki did not even have the time to react before an overwhelming rush of pain spiked throughout his body before everything became pitched black .

Hibiki couldn't move his body .He didn't know how he was till conscious at that point in time .The only think he could register was Tico asking whether he wanted to live which he personally thought that it was a stupid question to ask, though Tico did warned him of a possible side-effect from the app if he choose to live .Giving a straight and firm answer on his decision to live ,a bight flash of light illuminated the darkness before he found himself back into the world of reality .

The sight that greeted him however was not one that he had expected .Waves of anxiety and uncertainty rolled of his body as he scanned his surroundings .The station was completely in ruins ,sparks of electricity from the exposed wires are the only light illuminating the battered place .Sounds of scuffling was heard from a corner then a familiar groan followed to which Hibiki snapped his head towards the direction of the voice .

"Dachi !"Hibiki called out relived to find that his friend was alive .Daichi was utterly scared at his predicament but managed to calm down as Hibiki directed his attention towards escaping .A rumbling sound was heard from behind .Hibiki sported a figure among the debris ,immediately springing into to action to help .However he stopped dead in his tracks as a humanoid wolf greeted him .Io Nitta between the two of them .Her face carried a look of absolute fear as the beast approached her .

In an attempt to protect herself, she raised her phone ,pressing down on a random button. A bling azure light surrounded her form as an enormous amount of energy surged through her arms .She didn't know what came over her at that moment as she found herself easing picking up a huge mass of debris and hurling it at the beast infront of her .The boys looked at her with awe as the debris crushed the beast like an insect .Hibiki soon regained his thoughts as he reached a hand out towards the girl ,pulling her up to the same level .The three gathered around the exit discussing about the scene they had just witness .

"What had just happened?"Daichi asked as he flashed his mobile phone, a demon of the ghost species named poltergeist shown on the screen .

"Nicaea "Hibiki said in a low quite voice which would not have been heard if not for the lifeless surroundings that they were in .The idea of this being the side-effect mentioned when they accepted the chance to live had not been realized by them until Hibiki recounted his experience which they found similar to theirs. Nicaea 's DHF function, Demon Human Fusion.A low growl was heard from the darkness ,the discussion was dropped as they hurried out of the station desperate to get away from the monsters that might still be lurking in the destroyed zone.

city central

Mass of people was gathered around the big screen TV where the news of the destruction was relayed to remaining civilians who have survived the ordeal. Many including the three of them were busy trying to contact their family and friends, most failing miserably as there was no secure connection .The three students later found themselves along with many others at the Roppongi crossing, huddled together as they await for help to arrive. Dachi managed to get drinks to quench their rising thirst but not before loosing another round of scissors –paper-stone .Hibiki smiled at their interaction ,relieved and happy that they could still manage a game and tease at a critical time like this .raising his head slightly ,he caught a cone-like shadow whose form stood out greatly from the bright white glow of the full moon .

"What the?"

"What is that ?"

"Look at that ."Shouts of exclamation and questions were heard from the people gathered around the area .As the mysterious being approached the group. Levitating above the ground ,the vibe it gave send chills down Hibiki's back .The pink blob hovering over the multi-colored cone began to enlarge dangerously ,getting bigger every second .

"This is bad …"Daichi mumbled as his eyes grew wide at the sight

Hibiki sensing the possible danger and outcome quickly raise his voice at the crowd in warning. "Get way from here its dangerous! "However before anyone could take a step, the blob exploded into raging flames engulfing the entire area .Those who escaped the flames bore an expression of unbelieving shock .Hibiki immediately tended to Io who had sprained her leg previously at their attempt to escape .The pink blob begin to enlarged once more however it stop short of its previous size .Missiles shot out of its openings ,destroying the surrounding building and killing the remaining survivors .soon all that was left were Hibiki and Io with Diachi nowhere to be seen .

"Nitta-san the app!"Hibiki shouted in realization. Nitta fumbled with her mobile as an incoming shot drew near the duo. Hibiki drew his hands over his head as his instinct took over .Seconds passed with no sign of pain on his body ,Hibiki looked up to see Nitta holding a club which blocked the shot successfully .However his relived dissipated the instant the club crumbled into tiny pieces and Io felled to the floor completely exhausted .Hibiki's mobile suddenly rang a tune .in a flash ,he flipped the screen open knowing fully what a notification from Nicaea entails .Hibiki could only repeat the words 'No way 'in his mind throughout the clip as he recognized the person who was expected to die .

Bright lights shone through the darkness as a truck approaches at high speed from behind the two, its tires screeching loudly against the concrete floor .

"I will rescue the both of you now !"Daichi exclaimed with determination despite the look of fear etched on his face .The truck sped past the two heading towards a crash course with the alien like monster.

"Daichi STOP!"Hibiki shouted desperately at the other but his attempt was futile as the truck crashed into the monster sending a torrent of flames skyward engulfing the creature. Passed the smoke ,the silhouette of the creature stood ominously ,with no sign of the Daichi .A look of disbelief ran across Hibiki's face before anger and hated took over .His determination to avenge his fallen friend resulted in the complete download of the data of his demon .A column of light appeared from the ground beneath his feet ,the bright azure glow illuminated the surroundings ,his phone flashing an aggressive array of lights . Hibiki wore a look of shock as immense power surged trough his entire being.

beneath the diet building

Shouts of disbelief was heard among the personnel as the screen flashed a warning red .

"Unidentified DHF, unknown d-energy."

The beeping of machines resounded throughout the entire hall, as workers rushed through and fro from their stations.

"D-energy identified, Its an avatar …Byakko !''

At that statement, a white-haired man in his teens smiled.

Roppongi crossing

Hibiki open his eyes that he didn't know had closed during the display of lights .He felt strange .Looking around the field ,he found that he could see much clearer than before .A flash of white and black flickered at the corner of his eye .Turning his head slightly to the side ,he caught sight of a white furred tail covered in black stripes .Instinctively ,he reached up towards his head .A soft feeling of fur ran through his fingers ,his body twitching slightly at the sensitive appendage on his ears being touched. However a low rumble brought him out of his thoughts .His focus was now back onto the monster infront of him.

'I'll deal with the extra body parts later. 'Focusing his energy towards his hands, the feeling of emptiness was replaced with a weight .A sheathed Katana rested on his palm .In a flick of his wrist, the sword was drawn sparks of electricity surrounding the silver blade. Hibiki's eyes narrowed into slits as he sent a murderous glare to the creature that stood opposite of him.

~Chapter End ~

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