'I'll deal with the extra body parts later. 'Focusing his energy towards his hands, the feeling of emptiness was replaced with a weight .A sheathed Katana rested on his palm .In a flick of his wrist, the sword was drawn sparks of electricity surrounding the silver blade. Hibiki's eyes narrowed into slits as he sent a murderous glare to the creature that stood opposite of him.

~Sunday –JPS and Hybirds

In a flash, Hibiki was in the air above the monster slashing waves of electricity at it .Shocks vibrated through the area as the fight between the two heated up. Missiles were shot, following and chasing Hibiki around the field .His tail kept him balance as he leaped from tree to tree .Hibiki charged high voltage electricity through the blade .The blade twinkled in the dark, the sliver blade strengthening with each pulse of electricity pumped in . Hibiki focus on his target, eyes honing in on the exact spot of contact before he leapt in to the air .Like a predator going to for the kill ,the blade descended spot on at the intended spot cutting through the monster like knife to butter .Hibiki swiftly jumped back as in the next second ,the pink blob exploded into an array of flames .

Hibiki watched with solemn eyes at the sight of the still burning truck ,no doubt saddened by the death of his friend .His new appendage forgotten as his focus continued to stay on the accident site .

"HIBIKI !" Hibiki jerked his head so hard towards the sky that it would have snapped if he wasn't from the enhancement he got from the fusion .His face broke into a smile, tears threatening to fall from happiness the moment he caught sight of his friend.

"DAICHI "He greeted earnestly .Io smiled pleased with the sight as she lowered Daichi down. Fairy wings beating hard against the air to slow their descend. 'What a relief .'The boys comforted one another after experiencing such an overwhelming event with one of them close to death's then caught sight of something that was forgotten .He reached out his hand to grab the object of interest .

"ITAI ITAI ! (1)"Hibiki screeched as sparks of pain shot through his body .His white furred ears straightened before drooping down reflecting the unhappiness its owner was feeling. Hibiki grab his tail from the sheepish looking Daichi, rubbing affectionately at the abused tail that was twitching slightly at the base.

''Kuze-kun diajobu ?(2)"Io asked in concern noticing the pout on the other's face though she couldn't help but coo slightly at how the boy was acting like a new-born innocent kitten.

"Sorry Hibiki ."Daichi apologized sincerely, a hand scratching the side of his head .

"Just don't do it again."Hibiki replied, dismissing the awkward atmosphere immediately as the other boy smiled widely at having been forgiven.

"What do we d…."Before Daichi could finish his question, bright lights shone through the darkness, illuminating the entire area .Hibiki's reaction was immediate .His hands shot up towards his eyes to shield them from the intense light .

"Lower the intensity."A female voice commanded .The light dimmed down. Hibiki opened his blue eyes once he felt that the light was dim enough.

"Looks like both fusion is still ongoing."The same voice stated. Then to the side ,a bright flash of white light was seen .Io's wings disappeared signaling the end of the transformation as the timer on the phone reached zero .

"Make it one of them "The voice announced with a hint of amusement. Noticing the looks the 3 teenagers were giving her, she cleared her throat with a cough .

"You're coming with us."


"Who are you?"Hibiki asked as the man and women is yellow uniform approached the three with such caution that he cant help but feel nervous and worried.

"I am Makoto Sako and we are part of JPS also known as Japan Meteorological Agency, Geomagnetism Research Department. "She gestured slightly to the surrounding men and women dressed in a bright yellow ."We would like to have a few words with you back at our Headquarters."

A feeling of cool metal connected with his raw skin sending a shiver down his spine .His katana was taken and so was his mobile loss of the items threw him into panic as he didn't know what Jp's could be up to as well A growl escape from his throat Upon seeing both Io and Daichi being man hauled towards the vehicle .He didn't know why he was acting this way but he had a feeling that the cause originated from the demon he had fused with .

Makoto rose a brow at the resisting teen that had fused with Byakko slightly surprised by the sync between the two due to the defensive cat-like stance displayed. Letting out a sigh as the blue-eyed boy continued his resistance against her men ,growling and scratching ,she issue the command to use the FCC short for Fusion Containment Control .

Hibiki watched with anxiety and curiosity as one of the men approached him a metallic rectangular container in his hands .The contained snapped open .A shiny black collar was a ominous suppressing aura was a first thing that met his eyes .As the collar approached him, hibiki instinctively retreated back ,more accurately his head retreated back as his body was held in a tight grip .The collar snapped on around his neck despite his struggles .A remote control in the other's hand .

"Click "A suppressive feeling swept through his entire being. Hibiki felt his head grew heavy so did his body .he tried to fight the waves of dizziness but as seconds go by it became more of a challenge to stay awake.

Makoto was more than impressed as she watched the boy struggle futility against the demon suppressing aura of the collar .The collar was used to suppress hybrids who went out of control within their personnel whenever they were carelessly allowing their sync rate to exceed the limit set for them to remain sane .To see the boy being able to resist it even for a while was a surprise as many succumb to the aura in a matter of 3 seconds but this boy has been struggling for a minute. However the record couldn't go higher as Hibiki soon succumb to the effects of the collar and slump against the men's hold .One of the man who was restraining him a moment ago, then lifted his leg with an arm carrying the sleeping boy bridal-style before laying him down in the black transport vehicle .Makoto watched with amusement as the other 2 teenagers glare at the men who had just delivered the boy into the van but made no attempts to attack him nor wake up their sleeping companion for the fear they might put him back down again .Instead the two situated themselves at each side of the sleeping boy like loyal guards .Makoto was once again shocked by the friendship between the teenagers .

The vehicles then proceeded to leave the site .As the moonlight illuminated the abandoned sight, a man dressed in red and black with white greyish unruly hair appeared out of thin air, hovering on the roof of the damaged building. Seconds passed in silence before the man spoke.

"This was not what I had intended when I gave humans a way to combat Polaris, but beggars can't be choosers I believe that is what humans use in such a situation. After all I am no king."


A lone man with dark blue hair sat on the throne, his blood red coat running down the sites of the armrest of the sit .The grand looking hall filled with golden statutes lavish velvet carpet covering the entire floor and a chandelier converted in exquisite crystals to complete the glamorous view .The man looked no older than twenty but his expression showed maturity. The man stared blankly at the empty halls of his domain waiting patiently for someone to arrive. Steps echoed behind the brown oak doors before they snapped open .A young adult man strode in confidently, gaze meeting the other head on as he walked towards the throne .

"The humans have won the first test."He stated nonchalantly. Then a thoughtful look passed his face.

"Why did you lend them your power? Was it because you genuinely wanted to give them a chance or was because you wanted more people like us ?"The man with green hair with hinge of grey asked questioningly curious of the answer .The man on the throne stayed silently even as minutes passed before he shifted .He turned to the other, his lips moving .A few quiet words were said before the man who posed the question broke into a grin.

"Anything you say Kazuya."

Diet building

A column of black vehicles entered the basement of the diet building in an orderly fashion .Men in yellow suits were situated at the alighting gate awaiting their superiors to arrive with the new additions .The black doors slide open ,Makoto stepped out before waving over one of the guards that was stationed at the gate .A few words were exchanged before the man retreated .Makoto popped her head back into the vehicle before the back door slide opened .The teenagers took hesitant steps out .Hibiki woke up during the ride over ,his transformation still has 30 minutes left before it runs out .The time on the road was made got use of as they were informed and brief of the current situation including the demon fusion and Nicaea as well as the septentriones .The group was ushered towards the lift .The teenagers found themselves within the depts. Of the diet building ,heading towards to the Jp's headquarters that they didn't know existed within the building until today. The lift door slipped open .

The first thing Hibiki registered when the door opened was the beeping of machines and the dim yellow lightings of the hall filled with computers and yellow suited personnel .A large plasma screen directly in his line of sight .The place looked extremely high-tech with the large amount of digital equipment and professionals whose fingers danced around the keys skillfully .The next thing he registered was a pale looking figure standing infront of him .A smirked evident in his mature face.

The man stared hard at Hibiki .'His gaze is unnerving 'Hibiki thought though not wanting to succumb to the other he locked eyes with the man not intending to back down from the scrutinizing stare .A pleased smile then loomed over the other's expressionless face .

"You're the one who fused with byakko are you not? "The man asked knowingly as he eyes trailed over the inhuman appendage on the other boy.

'If you know then why ask 'Hibiki bit his lips to refrain from retorting at the man's words answering his question with a nod of acknowledgement. The next hour was spent of discussing what they are going to do from now on with Hibiki 'coax' into joining Jps, which prompted the involvement of both Io and Daichi as well. None of them wanted to be separated deciding to stick together to see this to the end .

As Hibiki laid in his bed deep within the halls of the underground facility a single thought replayed repetitively in his mind as the events of the day finally caught up to him .

'Our normal lives just became a lot more interesting, I wonder whether we could even make it out to tell the tale…'

~Chapter End ~

Itai(1) –it hurts

Daijobu(2) –are you okay/alright