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Gasping breath echos through the dark corridor. A boy, no, a man is panting heavily while dragging his body down the hall way, occasionally lean on the wall for support.

"Damn, that guy really did a number on me."

That man, no, boy, look no older than twenty, his feature is normal with no standing out characteristic beside his spiky black hair. His clothes however look more like rag, the once white shirt has been torn at a few places and stained red here and there, the same go for his black pants. He make a mental note to himself to retrieve the cloak he left behind on his way out after he's done with this, sure it's may not be in much better condition but I'll make him attract less attention ... maybe ... and before he forgot, a new gloves from Misaki place too ...

"Forget, I'll think about it later, let just get this over with."

The giant door is already in sight, however the boy step come to a halt and, despite his injury, take a defensive stance. A figure stood at the end of the hall, leaning leisurely again the giant door. The spiky hair boy keep silent and take no action, on full awareness and ready for any sign of hostility. After sometime, which feel like hours but in fact only seconds, slowly the figure stood straight up and walk toward the boy. Before his form fully come to view under the small emergency light , his voice come out, reverberating of the wall of the metal corridor, deep and cold.

"So you have come ... This bring back memory ... Invisible Thing..."

Like a claw ripping through the darkness, the figure step out into the light and immediately the boy go to full alert. The figure, now can be clearly see, is a man ... maybe ... the figure remind him of another guy he knew. "He" seem to be in his early twenty, wearing simple white pants and a back T-shirt with a white "V" across his torso, he have shoulder length white hair, pale white skin and red eyes, a black. In fact, he looks suspiciously similar a certain psychopath he just beat up minutes ago except the black choker-style electrode on his neck. The pressure the figure give out however, is of a different level compare to everyone else he have faced until now. This guy is dangerous.

"Such misfortune. Another one? Who are you this time?."

Despite his word, his survival instinct is telling him to run away as far from this guy as possible. On contrary to his obvious distress, the man in front of him just stood there, regal but nonchalant, completely relax.

"I have been waiting for you here, to settle things once and for all."

After finished his sentence, the man eyes narrow, the nonchalant composure disappear, replace with utter seriousness. In that moment the boy know that the time for talk is over, it's too late to escape now, not that the though has ever cross his mind, he has come too far, he has lost so much to stop now, there is no other way but keep moving forward, no matter who stand in his way.

"What is it Invisible things, your legs are trembling."

There is no need for retort, the time for talk is over. With a determine kick to the ground, the boy fearlessly charge straight at the man, fist first, at the same time the man's hand reach for his choker and flip the switch. The boy punch connect with the other's jaw, however the boy feels like he's just punched a steel wall, the man didn't even flinch.


"Too weak."

The man send a punch of his own and the spiky hair youth flew back, he feels like he's been hit with a sledgehammer.

Shakily stand up, the boy take a moment to gather his breath be fore charging at the figure yet again.

The man however just tap his heel, the facility immediately shake like small earthquake causing the boy temporarily lose balance. The man tap his toe and the metal covering of the floor is tore up and fly at the boy, who could do nothing than brace himself for the impact and pray that he won't feel it in the morning.

"How disappointing, you are making me sick, I think I'll just end this."

Betraying common expectation however, the youth stood up one again, only to fallback on the wall for support moment later.

"You ... this power...who are you?."

The concussive blows and blood lost is starting to affect his thinking. Who is that guy? So familiar yet so strange, and that power, it's the same as him yet this guy is way more powerful, how can you be more powerful than the strongest? Just what the hell is going on?

The man, on the other hand, didn't even seem like he's done warming up, completely disregard the boy question and drone out his own with a bored tone

"What's wrong? Why don't you fight for real?"

The man slam his fist again the metal wall, and immediately it seam no come to life, ripping out out the ceiling and the and smash him to the other side lie some kind of booby trap you would expect in a pyramid. The wall then collapse into a pile of ruble and with it the body of the boy, who is now only semi-conscious. The man just let out a sight and suddenly charge toward him, arms spreading out, plowing through every obstacle in his way like it's make out of air,fully ready to end this. At this rate maybe he'll have to use IT, but will it even work, this guy seem to know a lot about him, no, this is not the time to hesitating, it's now or never, even if the chance is slim, he must take it, there no way he's gonna die here, there are still thing he must do, promises he must keep.


That scream , surprisingly however, came from the man, who has suddenly stop and land face fist to the ground due to his momentum. He didn't even get up, just lay there twitching on the ground, a sight that puzzled the youth greatly since he hasn't done anything yet. The man shakily reach for his choker, furiously flipping the switch but to no avail, he just lay there unable to get up. His voice roars out with killing intent and madness that I could freeze the blood of anyone hear it.

"...Signal ... Interrupted ...? Queen ... You bitch ... You dare ... getting in my way ..."

Suddenly the man body flicker, like he's about to fade away. And then, with a final roar, the figure disappear, there is no proof that ha was ever there except the destruction he left behind.

"What. Was. That? Did Misaki do something?"

The boy just stood there dumbfound, trying to process what has just going on before his eyes. He soon abandon that task due to the sheer amount of headache it bring and decide to just go ahead with his business like nothing happened, he'll just as the Queen when he have the chance.

"What a weird day ... Even weirder than usual"

Pain shoot through his body with every step he took, his body feel like lead and he want nothing more than just lie down and take a good long nap. If Misaki have sent reinforcement then maybe if he wait a bit someone will come to help.

"Can't rest now, I'll get to them before they are gone, there is not much time."

The boy continue onward, through the door is a spiraling stair down to the unknown. The boy never stop. Keep moving on and on, he descend lower and lower, to the darkness of the abyss.


"All function: Normal"

"Generation third Sister: MISAKA WORST registered"

"Misaka's Network: Online"

"Radio Noise: Activating"


"Alert! AIM field distortion level 11 detected, the dormant Invisible Thing is inbound, expecting contact in 10 second. Prepare for battle, command: Search and destroy."

The giant mechanical door slowly open, stepping through it is a certain spiky hair youth. The boy has finally reach his destination and unknowingly, the end of his journey. Upon seeing the creature in front of him, he immediately grit his teeth. Before him stood a girl about the same age as the boy, short chestnut brown hair, orange eye. She also have a fairly attractive figure, the adolescent boy commend in his mind, it doesn't help that she wearing a white skintight body suit.

"Well it's good that she's still hear, But of course she have to be fully activated and ready for battle, such misfortune."

For someone who could barely walk, the boy is taking this in stride.

"Target ... Recognize ... Target ... Recognize"

"SS class criminal, host to the Invisible Thing, Imagine Breaker Kami...jo...o...To...Brr...Zzzz...ZZZ...Brrr...Ka...Jo... ZzzZ.. Ah! It's Touma."

The cold emotionless robotic voice which the bot is so familiar with suddenly turn into a cutesy high school girl voice, her also emotionless face broke out into a dangerous grin. The change is so unnerving that it left the boy in shock.

"Long time no see, Tou-san. Well technically it our fist meeting but from Misaka perspective we have met lots of time before, more than thousand of times even."

The boy just stood there dumbfound.

"What took you so long Tou-san? What have you done all this time without Misaka's knowledge? You look like a mess too, did you have some fun behind Misaka back? Infidelity is not good you know? Misaka might have to kill you for it."

The girl let a cute giggle which immediately snap the the boy back into reality.

"You know what, god? I take back everything I said before, I like her better when she's Rei-Ayanami-like."

The girl make a fake pouting expression, the insane grin immediately back on her face.

"Now that just rude Tou-san, ignoring Misaka like that. If I remember correctly you have always tried to communicate with the other Sisters, Misaka demand equal treatment. And unlike before, Misaka can actually hold a proper conversation now, Misaka can even scream in pain too, if Tou-san is into kinky stuff."

Touma is getting more and more uncomfortable. This girl, her face, her voice, her smile, bring back so much memory, in the worse way possible. Everything is so similar,so familiar but also so strange, so out of place, so distorted, so jarring, so disturbing. It's like describing Santa as "an elderly man who broke into housed through the chimney in the middle of the night bringing joy to children". It's like a your sweetest dream turn into your worse nightmare. He have to end this, fast.

"I don't suppose you would come with me willingly, would you."

The girl's insane grin just become wider.

"Silly Tou-san, don't be a spoilsport. Misaka have finally know what feeling is, but it's not enough, Misaka want to know more, let Misaka experience more ... pain, joy, sadness, despair, agony, satisfaction, sorrow, fear, ... everything. Let's have some fun Tou-san, let's dance until one of us break."

Electricity cracking in the air, bluish-white spark flew from the girl like a tesla coil. Touma grit his teeth. So it begin.

"What wrong Tou-san? You're too slow"

The boy stagger back after a particularly nasty kick to his abdomen. Ignoring the pain, He spring forward as fast as his injured body allowed. The girl simply duck and sweep his leg from under him, making Touma lose his balance and fall forward, which earn him another painful elbow to his gut. He bring his fist down again as a last ditch effort but the girl just kick the ground and in an instant she's already ten feet away while Touma double back and hold his stomach in pain.

"Be careful Tou-san, here I come."

An explosive noise rang out and Misaka Worst's body disappeared. Touma immediately react and bring both of his hand to block the overhead heel drop, he then grab Worst and throw her toward the wall, an action which seem to hurt him more than his opponent since he feel waves of pain through his body. The girl on the other hand just kick the air with a small explosion, doing a graceful back flip, her hand and leg emit white spark and she stick to the wall like a certain superhero.

"Look like you still have some fight left in you, let's try something else then."

The girl suddenly send a large amount of electricity from her body toward the boy, who just calmly thrust his right hand forward, the sound of broken glass rang out and the electricity disappear.

"How about this "

The girl place both of her hand to the metal floor, sending electricity through it.

"Like that'll work."

The boy also place his right hand on the floor while also running toward her with incredible speed for an injured man. He reel his left hand back, ready to strike, before the hit connect however, something collided with his side send him flying to the other direction. He will himself to stand up, clutching his side in pain. He's already at hit limit, such misfortune. He look over to his adversary, flying around her is random piece of metal equipment. Magnetism. Touma realize how bad his situation is, he can negate the magnetism but he can't negate the kinetic force of something that has already been thrown.

With another sweet laugh, the girl sent dozen of her metal projectile at him. All Touma could do is tries to evade as much as possible and endure unavoidable hit.

"That's right, run more, run from Misaka more."

Touma realize if this keep up he's done for. He then use his hand to shield his head and make a dash for Worst, relying on his instinct to dodge fatal blow and his endurance to move forward. A broken haft of a cleaning robot suddenly appear in his field of vision and he quickly duck down. However in the instant he lost sight of her Misaka has already close the distance and his face immediately met with her knee. Touma feel like he's actually black out for a few second and fall backward. In his haft-conscious vision he saw the metal projectiles come together to form a ball, the last thing he saw is the giant metal ball falling down at him.

Using magnetism to remove the metal rubble Worst finally uncover the body of the boy, lying in the pool of his own blood. The girl come closer to examine him.

"Tou-san, are you done already?"

There is no response, after some moment however, his hand, which should have been broken, twitch. Once, twice, and then, with admirable strength, push himself upright in a kneeling position. The girl took no action, just curiously watching. Some moment pass again with no action, the left hand of the boy suddenly moved again, reaching for his left ankle and take out a rectangle piece of metal help there by a rubber band, with a click of a button, from one end of the rectangle piece of metal shoot out a like blue blade of light as long as a knife. Immediately the knife is knocked out of the boy hand by a metal projectile, along with his left hand, blood shoot out like a fountain but the boy however show no reaction what so ever.

"I guess this is it Tou-san, don't worry though, the peace you want so bad, Misaka'll give it to you."

With electricity the girl suspend a screw, melting it and reshape it into a coin, she don't know why but somehow it's her preference. She then proceed to flick the coin up

A the same time the right hand of the boy slowly rise.

The coin slowly fall back down, when it land back on her thumb, immediately after, an orange spear of light suddenly and silently shot straight toward Touma, just in time to collide with his right hand.

The result is the same as when you try to catch a coin moving 3 times the speed of sound. Some how the trajectory have been alter somewhat butTouma's right hand, long with the upper right part of his body has been completely blown off. Touma's bloody body begin to fall forward.

As the final bit of awareness left the boy, he see himself lying under the shade of a tree on a sunny day, being given a lap pillow by a brown hair girl. Her face is obscured.

"Where ... am I?"


''What is it? Is it you Mikoto? You're feeling well today?"

The girl's mouth move , however, this time no sound come out.

"What is it? Did he picked on you again? Somehow I fell tired ... I really want to sleep."

The girl's mouth move again, only silence follow.

"What did you say? Sorry ... Sorry, i can't hear you very well"

The girl's mouth moved frantically, but nothing reach him, the image is fading away until everything he see is a endless white void.

A mighty roar destroy the silence of the night.

The temperature suddenly drops, an oppressive presence materialize that make ignorance impossible and inspire primal FEAR. Even the girl stop and tremble, any mortal no matter how vain will instantly realize what an insignificant existence they are compare to the thing they are facing.

"Alert! AIM field distortion level ERROR detected, Increase output of the Misaka's Network. Abort primary existence will be given top priority, recommend immediate retreat from the vicinity"

The sound of static can be heard clearly through the air, lightning leaking out of the girl body like a tesla coil, the density and intensity keep increasing until the girl look like a mini lighting storm.

Space distorted, twisting and cracking until it finally break, a hold appear in REALITY, an endless void of pure darkness that make the mini lighting storm look like a wilting candle. From deep inside the dark void, two pure white "eyes" open, followed be a row of sharp teeth, IT has come not through the shackle of those pest but in it's full glory, IT has no purpose except eat and consume, anything and everything, be it space, time, those pesky existence, this insignificant reality, or miracle of god. IT has no goal, no reason, an incarnation of destruction. Right now IT'S hungry, IT'S always hungry, IT'S mouth open wide, it's time to feast.

"Alert! Direct command from Last Order unit, order to retreat from the vicinity take top priority and is to be execute at the moment noticed. Alert! Space time coordinate do not match, connection interrupted, attempting to reconnect. Failure! Unable to locate, subject does not exist... ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!... Connection terminated!"

The girl, from beginning until end, could not move a muscle. Everything seem so insignificant, so meaningless, there is only fear and despair.

And the otherworldly jaw bite down. The final only one though running through the girl head.

" ... Scared ... Misaka is ... Help Misaka ... Someone ..."

And the world is no more.

"Space Time continuum distortion Level 3 detected, Tree Diagram authorize. Coordinate lock, proceeding to terminate target in T-minus 5..4..3..2..1.. Fire!"

A light beam of destruction come down from the heaven, 2000 km above the ground. It truck right in center of the irregularity, but there is no explosion sound, only blinding white light. After the light fade, there is nothing left of the facility which was at the heart of the irregularity, there was no proof that it was even there except the great crater it left behind.

High above the ground, A girl witnessed all of it She have the appearance of a 14 year old girl, has long, wavy hair of blond. She's seen dressed in a revealing outfit, a low-cut neck line that goes down below her navel. She has a long cape, and has ribbon wrapped around her. Traces of a witch-like design is present, such as the cape and a wide brimmed hat with a pointed tips. She watch the event unfold, from beginning until end, with a bored look, like see have seen it a thousand time before.

"Just how many time has this happened, I wonder?"

"The world turns, Everything go round and round. We'll meet again in the never-changing conclusion."

Sparing one last look at the crater, a tear of sadness rolling down her face. In a blink of an eye, she was gone, only her word echos through the wind.

"Sleep well until then, Kamijou Touma"

This is only beginning.

The Wheel of Fate is turning

In the dim, shadowy reach of the past there was an "Invisible Thing". Possessing power beyond the comprehension of mankind, it's only desire is to consume everything there is.

Fighting a hopeless battle, mankind is pushed to the brink of extinction. Just as all hope are lost ... 6 heroes appeared.

They taught the last vestige of humanity how to harness and control their inner power, which is called "ESP", and the power of the world, which is called "magic".

Esper and Magician stood beside the 6 heroes and fight again the black beast.

After a series of brutal battle, mankind finally stood victorious.

Among the survivor, the war come to known as the First war. The six brave warriors went down in history as the "Six heroes"

After the defeat of the Invisible Thing, the people rejoiced... but peace did not last for long.

As the world has been badly damage by the war, use of magic post-war has been limited or banned in order the preserve whatever energy the world has left.

The organization known as the Academy city was formed for the purpose of managing and controlling the use Esp, with in-dept research and experiment they are able to bring human to their utmost potential.

Inevitable, Academy began to gain leverage in power and most of the world fell under their jurisdiction. the remaining survivors began to quickly rebuild their civilization under the watchful eyes of the Academy city.

Decades passed, within time, esp had become an indispensable part of people's life.

however, the use of esp came with a price, it's power solely depended upon the person potential.

Academy city, having gathered all those who showed a high aptitude for the power curriculum, were soon accused by the general populous of propagating repression and inequality.

before long, a region under the AC's control rose in rebellion, Calling themselves the "Necessarius" and declared their independence from the AC.

This declaration of autonomy certainly did not sit well with the AC, and the Second war began.

For the fist time in record history, humans used Esp against each other as weapon in battle. Overwhelmed, Necessarius quickly fell.

The victory served to reinforce the AC's dominance and power over the world. the absolute destruction of the Necessarius served as a stark reminder to anyone who even contemplated defying the will of the AC.

However the flame of rebellion still hasn't been extinguish, even in the hearts of Academy City there are still GROUP, lying in the shadow, waiting for a chance the strike and overthrown the dictators and is controlling and stagnating the world.

And the flame of rebellion finally ignited with the appearance of the SS-class criminal Kamijou Touma.

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