"You're not going to get away with this!" Regina yelled at Zelena who was standing in front of a large portal opening.

"There's nothing you can do to stop me little sis." Zelena said with a smile as she turned around and faced the swirling orange portal.

She looked back over her shoulder, gave a little wave to Regina before stepping forward.

Regina started to charge towards her.

Emma made it to the barn doors and ran inside. "REGINA!" She yelled as she saw her dive into the portal.

"Ah shit." Emma said and without thinking any further she ran towards the portal and hurled herself inside.

Zelena didn't expect for Regina to follow her into the portal. It was the last thing she had wanted in fact but there they were tumbling through an orange glow back to the past to rewrite history and ensure that Zelena would be the most powerful witch.

As they fell through the portal a loud booming voice yelled, "Slight change of plans!"

Zelena woke up to loud voices and harsh light.

"You better get out of bed or you'll miss breakfast." Someone said to her.

Zelena looked around and didn't recognize her surroundings. She turned her head to see a woman staring at her chewing on a plastic fork.

"What?" Zelena said as she realized she was lying in bed. She sat up and looked around, "Who are you?"

"Oh come on now Greenie, how could you forget about your sugar bear?" The woman said to her.

Zelena looked around and saw a women walking around all dressed in orange. 'A hideous color.' She thought.

"I demand to know who you are!" Zelena said to the woman.

The woman got up from her perch on her bed and went over and sat by Zelena and put an arm around her, "I'm Suzanne."

Meanwhile Regina didn't know how the hell she ended up in the shower and she had no clue where her clothes were.

"Yo, hurry up bitch!" Someone yelled from the other side of the flimsy shower curtain.

Regina panicked as she grabbed onto the nearest towel and wrapped it around her body. She flung the curtain open and looked around.

"Move." A woman said and pushed Regina out of the way and closed the curtain. Regina stood there in complete confusion. Where the hell was she?

"Hey Gina, breakfast isn't going to serve itself." A tall young Latino woman with too much eye make-up said to her.

"I'm sorry, what?" She asked clinging to the towel wrapped around her.

The woman shoved some clothes at Regina, "Get dressed and hurry up. We don't have time to wait around for your ass all day."

A loud honk jolted Emma awake. She looked up and saw a big rig barreling straight at the van she was driving. "HOLY SHIT!" She yelled as she corrected herself and got the van back on the right side of the road.

"Damn!" Someone yelled from the back, "You trying to kill us!?"

Emma looked behind her and saw 3 women all sitting in orange jumpsuits, "What the hell?" Emma said.

"Hey! Why don't you watch the road?" One of the prisoners suggested.

Emma looked back at the road then she looked down at herself. She was wearing some kind of uniform. She looked at the badge, "Correctional officer?" She read quietly to herself.

"You just missed the turn." One of the women said to her.

Emma pulled the van over to the side of the road, "Where are we going?" She asked them.

"I hear Canada is lovely this time of year." One of the women said and the other two laughed.

Zelena stood up and looked down at the strange woman who identified herself as Suzanne. "Where am I?" She asked.

Suzanne smiled at her, "Litchfield Prison. It's not too bad here." She said as she went over to her, "As long as you know your place."

"You're late for breakfast." A man said behind them.

Zelena turned around and looked over at the man who was wearing a blue uniform shirt and black slacks, "Excuse me?"

"Look I know you haven't been here very long but now is not the time to claim amnesia." The man said.

Zelena looked at the man's name tag, "Well Mr. Bennett I can assure you I do not belong here."

Bennett grabbed Zelena by the arm, "I've never heard that before." He said as she dragged her out of her sleeping area and pushed her forward, "Walk."

Regina, now dressed followed the young woman down a series of hallways.

"Orange is not a good look on you." The woman said to her.

Regina looked down at her jumpsuit then back at the woman, "Black is more my color."

"Hurry up okay." The woman said to her as Regina seemed to be lagging behind, "Gina, we got people to feed."

"Regina." She said, "My name is Regina!"

"Well Re-Gina, hustle your ass." The woman said then continued down the hall.

Regina followed the woman, "What's your name?" She asked.

The woman snorted, "It's Maritza. Don't worry you'll learn everyone's names if you're here long enough."

"I sure hope not." Regina said quietly to herself.

Emma sat behind the wheel of the parked van and looked around still confused.

"I don't know how prison stuff works but I'm guessing if we're not there at a certain time they'll think we escaped or something." One of the women said.

"Look, just turn around, take that exit and drive about 15 more miles and you'll get to the prison." Another woman said to her.

Emma turned around and looked at her.

"This is my 3rd trip." She told Emma.

Emma started the van and followed the direction and soon she pulled up to the gates of Litchfield prison.

"You get lost out there Swan?" A man with a horrible mustache asked as he hit a button and opened the gates.

"I am not wearing that!" Regina said to Maritza.

"If you're working in my kitchen then you will wear it." A woman said from behind Regina. Regina turned around to see a shorter older Latino woman standing there with her hand on her hip and attitude spewing off of her.

Regina swiped it from her hand and put it on, tucking her beautiful black hair in it.

"You don't mess with Gloria when you're in her kitchen." Maritza said about the older woman.

"Get your apron on and get over there and get the eggs going." Gloria ordered.

Regina went over to the stove and looked at the eggs and the huge pan on the stove.

"Get to cracking." Maritza said then realized what she said and started to laugh to herself as she went to check on the other workers.

Regina picked up an egg, she stared at it and with a whoosh of her other hand tried casting a spell. Nothing happened and Regina's brow furrowed together. She flipped her hand again and still the egg sat perfectly untouched in her other hand.

"You waiting for it to hatch?" Maritza asked with a laugh as she walked passed Regina.

Regina cracked at least 5 flats of eggs the old fashion way and then scrambled the hell out of them using what she could only describe as a wooden boat paddle.

"Okay, don't overcook my eggs." Gloria said coming up from behind her.

She stuck a finger in the eggs to inspect them, "Okay good enough."

Regina turned off the burner and stood there.

"Don't stand there like a statue." Gloria said, "Get the pan and move it out to the line!"

"Ritza, help her out." Gloria said to the young woman.

Maritza went over to Regina and helped her with the pan and they took it out front.

"They get one scoop that's it." Maritza told Regina as she handed her an ice cream scoop.

"I've gone from casting spells to scooping eggs." Regina mumbled to herself.

"What's that?" Maritza asked her.

"Nothing." Regina said as she scooped some eggs and plopped it onto the tray of the first prisoner.

Zelena held onto to the plastic tray and followed the line. Suzanne was close behind her babbling about her love for eggs and how they are nice and spongy at the prison.

She watched as people scooped food onto her tray as she moved slowly down the line.

"Can I have some more eggs?" Zelena asked.

"No, that's all you get." Regina said.

Zelena looked up and their eyes met. Regina dropped the ice cream scoop and both women lunged for each other.

Maritza grabbed at Regina's waist trying to hold her back.

"Get her Greenie!" Suzanne encouraged Zelena.

Bennett came rushing over and grabbed Zelena while another prison guard grabbed Regina.

The prison guard dragged Regina back into the kitchen and Bennett grabbed Zelena's tray from her, tossed the food in the trash then dragged her out of the cafeteria.

"You just kissed breakfast goodbye with that shit you pulled." He told her and let go of her arm, "Get to the laundry room before I write you up."

Regina spent the rest of the morning washing every dirty pot, pan and dish in the kitchen.

Emma pulled the van in through the gates. She saw another guard signaling for her to park. She shut off the van and got out.

"Hey there Swan, they give you any trouble?" The woman asked as she walked up to her.

"Uh, no?" Emma said to her. She looked at her name tag, it read S. Fischer.

"Let's get these prisoners processed." She said to Emma with a big smile as she opened up the sliding door on the van. "Hop out ladies and say hello to your new home." She said as she helped the women out.

Emma walked behind the three prisoners as they walked in a line into a side door. "I know you're still learning the ropes here." Fischer said to Emma, "So we'll go through the whole check in process again."

Fischer led the women and Emma to a window where each woman signed in and received the prison issued orange jumpsuit among other things.

"Okay ladies, this way please." Fischer said as she led them all down the hall.

Emma remained quiet as she followed them.

They went into a room and Fischer closed the door. "I'm going to need you to strip down now." Fischer said to the women.

"Kind of strange being on the other side of this." Emma said quietly.

"What?" Fischer asked as the women stripped.

"I said, I wonder why they make us do this." Emma said to her.

"It's part of the process." Fischer told her. She looked back at the ladies who were now completely naked. "Don't be scared to get right up in there." She said as handed Emma a flash light.

"Huh?" Emma asked confused.

"Okay now squat and cough for C.O Swan." Fischer said to the women.

Zelena managed to find her way to the loud prison laundry room. A tall dark haired pale woman with tattoos and glasses was kicking one of the machines and swearing like a man at sea.

"Stupid piece of shit!" She yelled giving it one final kick.

She turned around and saw Zelena standing there, "What?!" She yelled at her.

"Does kicking it really help the machine work?" Zelena asked her.

"No but it makes me feel a hell of a lot better." The woman said.

"Hey, Greenie!" Suzanne called out as she came up behind Zelena.

"Why do you insist upon calling me that?" Zelena asked her, seeing as her skin was no longer emerald green.

"Because of your eyes." Suzanne told her.

"My eyes are blue." Zelena told her.

"Not when I look at them." Suzanne said to her.

"Don't you have some place to be?" The woman who had kicked the machine asked Suzanne.

Suzanne smiled and then shied away, "I'll see you later." She said quietly to Zelena then left.

"You must be really lonely if you're hanging around Crazy Eyes." The woman said to Zelena as she moved clothes from one machine to another.

"I'm sorry? Crazy Eyes?" Zelena asked confused.

"Yeah Suzanneā€¦ Crazy Eyes. Same chick." The woman said to her then went back to folding clothes.

She turned around and looked at Zelena, "You going to help me or just stand there with that dumb look on your face?"

"I'm not quite sure what to do." Zelena admitted.

The woman let out a frustrated sigh, "I'm going to show you this one time, after that you're on your own."

'What I've seen can never be unseen.' Emma thought as she followed Fischer and the now clothed prisoners to their designated living areas.

They dropped the women off in 2 different rooms where there were 2 bunk beds. "They stay here till they get a bunk assignment." Fischer told Emma.

They walked down another hall, "Winters, we have a place for you." Fischer called into a room and a young short woman stood up and smiled. She gathered her things and stood in front of them.

"Take Winters down the hall and to the gate. They'll buzz you through to the bunk area." Fischer told Emma.

Emma looked at Winters, "Let's go I guess."

They walked down the hall and Emma was buzzed through. The sleeping areas were separated by low concrete walls painted an off white color. Emma led Winters to her designated bunk, "Um, enjoy." Emma said to her then turned to walk off and stopped dead in her tracks.

"Regina?" She said quietly to herself as she saw Regina coming in through the one of the steel gray doors.

Their eyes locked onto each other and neither woman moved.