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This is a story I wrote as a treat for my readers when I got to 500 likes on my facebook page. I asked for suggestions and they came up with such a mixture that I thought I'd try to combine as many as possible. Head over to Laurielove's facebook page to see what they wanted. Don't forget to give it a like for more news, updates and fun.

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What you need to know about this story: It's finished and is four chapters long. Hermione is in her early 20s and is using contraception (let's clear that one up immediately). She's with Ron but her mind and body know she wants more, as you'll see. (Bonus points for spotting the nod to Daphne du Maurier.)

Beware - prepare to get dirty, there be filth ahead!

Last night I dreamt I went to the Ministry again. I came upon it suddenly, the approach masked by statues of great wizards of the past.

Inside, it was deserted, and I wound my way through the familiar corridors, shining, gleaming, obsidian black and lustrous, yet distant to me.

I wandered on, through endless passages, losing myself yet knowing exactly where I was going, thinking I would never reach it, yet assured I would.

I came to a room, large, circular, empty save for three chairs placed concentrically near the middle. I turned fully, spinning to see all around. As I turned, the door through which I had come vanished. The room was fully enclosed with no entrance or exit.

'Ah, Miss Granger.'

I was called by my name, not Hermione, that did not seem right, and the person calling was not my boyfriend, nor any of my friends. No, I knew this voice: refined, clipped, each syllable dropped with precision. I should fear it, but I did not. It excited me. I turned; the source of the voice stood before me.

I regarded him with curiosity approaching awe. And it did not surprise or repulse me. He awed me, this man who had been my enemy, and I regarded him with wonder. He held himself as tall as ever, his back straight, his chin jutting up slightly so that his eyes cast downwards over me. There was no need for this; he was far taller than me anyway, significantly. Arrogance defined him, but he was so at ease with this perceived superiority that I admired him for it.

He did not move but remained looking at me, studying me. In reality I would run, but in my dream I stood and allowed it. No, I enjoyed it, for he was looking at me not with disdain, but with admiration. He liked what he saw, I could tell, and I, in turn, liked that.

At length he lowered his head slightly and his mouth, that dark, tight line, curled into a smile, not a broad smile, but an elegant smirk. 'You came,' he purred. For this man did indeed purr, with a voice as cat-like smooth as the blond hair which hung sleek and elegant about his head.

Still I did not speak. I did not know what I was there for, but I knew I was meant to be there, and that it was the right thing to do.

'We are here too, just as you asked,' he continued.

Just as I asked? Did I? And who was the 'we' he referred to? I could see only him – Malfoy.

'You chose unwisely, didn't you?'

What did he mean? I didn't understand, but then … I did.

Yes. I had chosen unwisely. I nodded.

'You regret it, don't you?'

I nodded again. My relationship … empty, soulless, dead. I could admit it here. I could admit it to him.

Lucius Malfoy approached, and, just as I recalled from the Department of Mysteries so many years before, cocked his head to the side, frowned with mock concern and crooned, 'I know.'

He was standing close to me now. The sheer magnificence of his physical presence was not unexpected and was welcome. I had anticipated it since that first time I had seen him in Flourish and Blotts all those years ago – the man I was not supposed to think of, the man I was destined to hate, the man I was destined not to find attractive in any way … and so I did.

I had only one emotion now as I stood in that dark, enclosing space: desire. The desire in dreams is so concentrated, so pure, that one has no option but to act on it. I stepped into him, my need to touch him so extreme I couldn't prevent it. Yet when I raised a hand he skilfully eluded me, stepping back and preventing any contact. He chided me with a light, teasing laugh. 'Now, now, Miss Granger, too hasty, too hasty. One must not rush these things. I am here for – various reasons, let's say – but partially as guide, as mentor, as Svengali. For you see, after your calamitous choice of partner, it has been decided to give you another chance. Or, rather, shall I say, another choice.'

Choice? I didn't need choice. I knew what I wanted. I stepped into him again and opened my mouth to speak.

'I want –'

He moved back from me again.

'No, Miss Granger. You will wait.'

Wait for what? All I wanted to see was standing before me. I was desperate to remove his clothing. My belly churned, my fingers itched to touch, but he remained out of reach. Lucius was still smirking. I stood in the dead centre of the room with him off to my right.

'Look,' he said, motioning with his hand behind me. I turned. There were now three people sitting in the chairs, three people who had influenced me, guided me, tormented me, befriended me, belittled me, taught me.

They sat, quite casually, each in the manner which best suited their personalities. One, leaning forward, grinning up at me under a mop of louche light curls; the next, sitting back, one leg folded over the other, eyeing me cautiously, as if unsure himself of my reaction; the third, sitting upright, arms resting on the chair, fingers steepled before him, his hard gaze unwavering and penetrating.

I knew them, I knew them so well, and suddenly, it was so obvious. I wanted them. Had I always wanted them? Wasn't that wrong? Wasn't that wicked? But no such feelings came to me. I felt only another surge of uncontrollable yearning and desire.

Lucius chuckled and his careful footsteps sounded close by, pacing behind as he spoke, half-whispering into my ears from his unseen position.

'There we are, Miss Granger. Choice. You know it now, don't you? You want them all, you should have had them, one by one, had them all when you had the chance. All of them infinitely more suitable than that mewling runt of a partner of yours.'

The insult barely registered. He spoke the truth and I knew it. It only stirred my heady lust more. I stared at the three men, and they stared back, their own desire apparent yet transmitted individually: One, clear and seductive; the next, calm but brooding; the last, irrepressible and aloof.

And then there remained him, still just out of reach. I could smell him, sense him as he continued to stalk behind, whispering his guiding words. 'There is no need to hurry. There is no need to choose yet, oh no. One should always sample what is on offer before making a final decision. But who first? Hmm? Who … first?'

I closed my eyes, swaying from the wave of need which had overtaken me. Never had my body been so in need of possession, of fulfilment. Saliva pooled on my tongue and my legs pressed instinctively together in a bid to ease the throb of lust prompting a drip, dripping of desire.

'You are a needy little thing, aren't you? I can feel it from here. Your lust is positively oozing from you. You must be patient. One at a time, Miss Granger, one at a time. We must not over-indulge, after all. Let's see … who shall it be?'

One of them stood up. Tight, sinuous limbs, taller than I remembered, piercing eyes amidst the high cheekbones and stubbled jaw.

Yes. Oh, yes, now.

And we were suddenly alone. The absence of the others now didn't matter for I seemed to have all I wanted in front of me.

The perimeter of the room remained as it was, but all furniture had now disappeared. It was just him and me. He stepped up to me, his eyes dancing, that loose smile on his face.

'Hermione …'


I had adored him ever since that time I'd flown with him on the back of Buckbeak, ever since he'd entered my dreams, tormented and enigmatic. He had watched me grow, and now he was back, as real as I could remember.

'Alone at last,' he grinned. 'It's been a while.'

He had not lost his sardonic humour, even in dreams.

I wanted him as much as I'd just wanted Malfoy. Sirius reached over and took a lock of my hair, examining it as he twisted it around his fingers. 'So beautiful, Hermione. I shouldn't say really, should I, but I knew you'd be a beauty. I knew you'd be desired by all. I wondered if I'd ever have a chance. Couldn't believe it when you chose him. I would have shown you what life is about, Hermione, shown you what can be achieved, what can be felt. You know that, don't you?'

I nodded as his hand came up and cupped my face. His thumb stroked my cheek as he absorbed me with his gaze.

'I'd like to show you now. Will you let me?'

I met his eyes and nodded.

'Clever girl. Always such a clever girl. I'm about to make you cleverer in ways you can't imagine. Does that frighten you?'

He was ever closer now, leaning into me, one hand stroking my arm while he whispered into my ear. A frisson of exhilarated excitement ran through me, but I wasn't frightened. I was ready. I was ready at last. I shook my head.

'Perhaps you should be. I can be impulsive, you know that,' he said.

'I know that. I want that. I want you.'

He pulled back a little and his hand dropped to my waist. 'Do you? I like to hear that. Say it again.'

Fingers were undoing my jeans.

'I want you.'

'And again.'

Those same fingers were sliding down into my underwear. His eyes flared.

'Want you.'

'One more time.'

Down went the very tips until … there. Right there. Yes, just that … oh God! Yes!

'Oh God, I want you.'

His smile deepened and there was a flash of teeth in his triumph. 'So you do.' A single digit slid down through my most private place, right through it with ease. I was wet, so wet, embarrassingly wet, so soaked with lust that the slightest rub would send me over the edge. As he moved, he moaned, barely discernibly. 'Fuck, you need it, don't you?'

I nodded.

'Don't you worry, my girl, I'll give it to you. Fuck, you need to come. Quickly, I'm going to give you your first one quickly. Look at me.'

I opened my eyes quickly and locked with his.

'That's it, good, good. Feel it? Feel it building?'

Biting my lip, I nodded again. He exhaled a laugh of pleasure as his fingers became coated in my juices.

'Yes, yes, yes, you gorgeous thing.' He rubbed and circled, then pushed down through the tender, damp flesh to find my opening. Curling one finger under, he worked it inside me. With furrowed brows, he pushed it as high as he could. 'Tight. Gods, you are incredible.'

I flushed pink at his words. Ron had never spoken to me like this on the few occasions we'd done anything. In, out, sleep. That was usually how it went.

And now this.

I lived for that one finger bringing such sensation out of me. Dipping, driving, prodding, rubbing, it returned time and again to my clit, swelling it, making it cry out for its perfect attention.

My breath caught and my mouth opened. Pleasure poised itself and then came rushing through me as his finger rubbed hard and round, round and round, grazing the tender nub, nuzzling the flesh around it. God, it rushed through. I threw back my head and wailed. Sirius laughed aloud and carried on rubbing. It went on. I shook, I shuddered, I held onto him to remain upright.

When it finished my knees buckled and he held me under the arms to guide me back. I fell onto a bed – where had it come from? – and lay back. He was over me, pulling down my skirt, lifting off my top. My clothes fell away and I was naked.

'Merlin, I can't wait to be inside that,' he said. Should I be offended? I wasn't. I spread my legs, arched my back, brought a hand to a breast to proffer it to him.

'Fill me, fuck me, fuck me hard.'

Had I said that? It was my voice. He chuckled as he tore at his own clothes, tossing them aside in his haste. 'Oh, don't worry, I will.'

His torso was lean but muscled. Tattoos adorned it. He reached for the leather trousers clinging to his snake-like hips and pushed down. He sprung out immediately, hard and long. I craved it. I longed for it. My body would surely disintegrate without it.

He leaned over me, holding his cock in his right hand, his breath coming hard and fast.

'I've wanted this for too long, Hermione. Lift your legs up, bend your knees.' I did so. 'Hard, you said? I'll give you hard.'

And he did. Hard, thick and fast, he filled me, straight in, driving through my body in one powering thrust. His head was back, his neck strained.

'Fuck!' he yelled. He pulled back instantly, almost fully out, then plunged back in, as hard as before, filling me and fucking me. 'Yes, that's it! That is what I've wanted, what you've needed. You feel that? Hey?'

How could I not? He pulled out then pushed back in, long, pile-driving thrusts on each occasion. His brow was beaded with sweat, heat radiated from his body. He braced himself with strong arms and continued to fuck me brutally, never hesitating, never slowing.

I felt it all as if I was more alive than ever, every plunge and thrust and ounce of flesh. Sirius' face twisted as he neared the end, but just then he reached down and found my clit again. 'Gods, Hermione, I can't stop, I can't hold on. So good, so fucking good!'

He squeezed his eyes shut and groaned out his ecstasy as he came, pouring himself into me. I followed soon after, my second climax as strong as the first, and I met his groan with a mewl of pleasure, stifling it against my fist.

He stayed in me while he recovered, eyes closed, breathing hard, but soon pulled out and rolled to the side, still panting heavily. After a time he turned to look at me and smiled. I smiled back. He stared in wonder for a time and his smile turned into a laugh. 'Well, that was bloody worth it!' he grinned. 'We should do this more often.'

I shuffled over to lie with my head on his chest and he threw a hand around my shoulder.

I think I closed my eyes. Can one fall asleep in one's sleep? I drifted off, I drifted away, I don't know how long. When I woke up, I knew I had to stand up. My clothes were on again, the bed was gone.

'Miss Granger, welcome back. I trust that was satisfactory? More than satisfactory, I should imagine.'

I turned. Lucius Malfoy stood beside me again, one cool eyebrow cocked, one corner of his mouth ticked up.

I didn't answer, but allowed my upper teeth to sink a little into my lower lip, dragging on it. I could still taste Sirius. I was ready to taste more.

'I did say this was about choice. We haven't finished yet. Shall we carry on?'

I nodded.

'I thought you'd agree. I wonder who'll be next. Let's find out, shall we?' Lucius raised and hand and snapped his fingers.

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