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Anyway ... Hermione's awake ... but one person seems to have been left out of her encounters ...

I usually like to lie in bed for at least quarter of an hour before I get up. Not today. As soon as I awoke from my dream, I threw back the covers and leapt up. I knew what I had to do.

After showering, I reached for my phone. Only then did a moment of doubt run through my mind. Not doubt so much as guilt. But one must never confuse habit with devotion. Too many fatal relationships persist (and die) that way.

I rang his number. He was in Scotland, training. He'd be awake for a change.

'Hi, Mione,' he answered, sleep still heavy in his voice. Only just awake then.

'Ron, hello.'

'Something the matter?' He yawned.

'Not anymore.'

'What's up?' Another yawn.

I barely paused. 'It's not working, is it?'

'What? Is the loo playing up again?'

'No. We're not working. You and me.'


'Did you hear me?' I tried again.

'Err … What did you just say?' I could hear the confusion fighting with his sleep addled mind.

'You and me. We're not right for each other. We never were really. We both know it. It became an expectation as much as anything – expected by our friends, expected by us. We can't live our lives like that.'

'Fucking hell, Mione, what the hell are you saying this now for?' The panic in his voice was more indignation than shock. He resented having to deal with it just after being woken up. I continued, more determined than ever. If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well. It were done quickly. as Lady Macbeth would say.

'You agree, don't you? I can tell you do. I know you've been tempted to stray, perhaps you have already.'

'Look, bloody hell, calm down.'

'I'm perfectly calm.' (I was.)

'Look, for fuck's sake … look ... Umm … I'm back in a couple of days, we'll talk then.'

'Okay, fine, yes, we can talk, but that won't change anything. Let's call it a day.'

'You can't do it like this! I mean, I haven't even had breakfast yet!'

'Why can't I? I think a short, sharp break is easier, don't you?'



'Good, you agree. We've barely see each other anyway; it's getting ridiculous.'

'Hermione, I'm not some dog-eared book you can just chuck away.'

'I'm not chucking you, Ron, I'm making us both realise we've run our natural course.'

'Well … maybe.'

'Stop saying maybe. You know I'm right.'

I could almost hear him shrug down the phone. 'S'pose.'

'Look, we'll talk when you're back. I have to go. See you soon.'

I hung up.

Shit. What a bitch. Had to be done though. There were rumours Ron had been seeing Pansy Parkinson (yes, can you believe it?) It took me aback that I wasn't that bothered when I first heard – I was glad of it now. I knew I'd shocked him, but I could never stand protracted endings.

Now for the next part. This could take a while.

In fact, the opportunity presented itself within the week.

Ron and I had our talk. It eased my conscience as much as anything. By the time he returned, he'd reconciled himself to things and agreed fully. I could almost see the weight lifted from his shoulders. We'd remain friends; we'd still be there for each other, but now we didn't have the burden of emotional and sexual (such as it was) dependency, which neither had wanted for so long.

The following Friday I was in Diagon Alley, in Flourish and Blotts. It hadn't changed, not in all the years I'd known it. I could have been 11 or 12 and looking for text books at the start of another Hogwarts term again.

And suddenly, as if indeed it was 10 years earlier, I heard a voice. It was the voice in my dream, the voice I couldn't get out of my head.

The voice of Lucius Malfoy.

He was arguing with the shop keeper over the price of a book. I observed him for a while from behind a case. He was dressed as he had been in my dream; his voice lilted in the same way, his eyes bore down anyone who defied him. He won the argument and stepped away from the counter with a smirk of victory.

I stepped forward.

'Good morning, Mr Malfoy.'

He registered only brief surprise that I had addressed him so courteously. His eyes then swept the length of my body before returning to look directly into me.

'Miss Granger, an unexpected pleasure.' His mouth curled up in sardonic satisfaction.

'Is it?'


'A pleasure?'

He inclined his head in mock deference. 'Always.'


He gave a little chuckle. 'Well, one is allowed to … adapt, shall we say. It's a new world, Miss Granger, and, I must say … seeing you is indeed … pleasurable.'

He rolled the last word on his tongue, succulently and tangibly, once again letting his eyes linger on my body, not enough to make me uncomfortable, only enough to make my insides prance as wildly as they had in my sleep.

'Mr Malfoy, I was wondering … would you like to go for a coffee?'

His eyebrows quirked up. 'Wondering? You've been talking to me for all of 30 seconds, Miss Granger. You can't have been wondering for long.'

'Oh, I have. All night, in fact.'



'Goodness.' His mouth ticked at the corner, the hint of a smirk. 'Well then, I would say coffee is a very good idea indeed.'

The final act was proceeding very well.

'The Leaky Cauldron? Somewhere else?' I suggested.

'Possibly … but perhaps somewhere …' He looked down at me from his impressive height and let the smirk take full hold. '… more intimate?'

I mirrored his smile. 'Where do you suggest?'

'My house.'

'Malfoy Manor?'

'I'm sure you remember it, Miss Granger.'

'How could I forget?'

'Draco, as you know, lives and works in London now, and my wife – or should I say ex-wife – moved out several years ago. We shall be, let me assure you, entirely alone.'

'I'm not sure that's a good thing, Mr Malfoy,' I teased.

He stepped into me and I had to rein myself in not to jump into him there and then and press my lust hard against him. Malfoy held my gaze. 'Oh … I think you are. I think you know exactly what you want, Miss Granger.'

'Perhaps you should call me Hermione.'

'Perhaps. I shall call you what I want.'

'You're still an imperious bastard, aren't you?'

He merely smiled in reply before asking, 'How are you with apparation?'


'I would expect no less.' With that he turned to leave. I followed. Malfoy walked around the back of the shop into a small, private courtyard.

When we were concealed from prying eyes, I found myself entwined swiftly and strongly in his arms. My heart thudded in my chest, beating against his. I looked up into the deepest grey and saw only certainty and desire reflecting mine.

In the next instant I felt my stomach being pulled from me and we were hurled on the brief but chaotic whirlwind of confusion of apparation.

The next moment I stood, clasping him tightly for support. My breath had been stolen and I gasped to recover it. Slowly, I glanced about. I had been here before and I dared the memories to come back and hound me, but they did not. All I wanted was right here in front of me, tall and elegant and with the promise of pure dirty pleasure.

'Welcome to my home, Miss Granger.'

'You didn't say that last time.'

'I didn't say much last time, as I recall.' He motioned his hand towards a doorway. 'Come, this way.' I went ahead of him and into a well-proportioned but not intimidatingly large living room of some kind. Sofas lay about, paintings, lamps, books. It could have been the drawing room of any elegant home, not one of a former death eater. I hadn't remembered the manor like this.

'Coffee, you said?'

I turned back to him. 'You know I'm not here for coffee.'

'Tea then?' he smirked. 'After all, you have a choice … Hermione.'

'I've chosen.'

'You seem certain.'

'I am.'

'And what makes you so sure?'

'I had a dream.'

'We all have dreams.'

'This one seemed very real. You were in it.'



'But I woke up before …'

'Before what?'

'Before I made my final choice. So I'm making it now.'

And I stood in Lucius Malfoy's drawing room and undid my blouse, one button at a time. He stood and watched, not blinking, his eyes staring fixedly at the sight revealed to him. I let the blouse flutter to the ground and immediately reached around for my bra. I unhooked it nimbly and let it too drop. My skirt followed, and soon my shoes, tights, and finally my knickers were abandoned. I stood before him entirely naked.

I held my head high, rejoicing in my new found liberty, relishing the feel of cool air playing around my skin. My nipples stood out, hard and pink.

Malfoy's expression had changed from stern superiority to open awe. He couldn't take his eyes off me, but at last stepped in and lifted his hand to cup my face. Slowly, he leaned in, and softly and tenderly, kissed me. If I had had any doubts, they melted away in that instant. I kissed back, gently at first, moving my lips under his, gradually opening them and letting his tongue slip silently in to discover me. He didn't touch me at first, but at last I felt hands on my back, just the finger tips at first, but then large, warm palms pressing in on me, sliding down each side of my spine to my backside, cupping the globes he found there, pulling me against him. It didn't take long for our lust to shift, to take on a new urgency.

I was being motioned back, guided towards a sofa. I almost fell backwards over the arm and lay with my backside raised in the air over it. Lucius knelt quickly, as smooth as a panther on its prey. He threw my legs over his shoulders and, after pulling my pussy lips apart with his thumbs, he lowered his head and licked. He laved his tongue over me time and again, soaking up my juice before ending at my clit and coaxing it out.

I stared at the vision – Lucius Malfoy eating me out. I almost wanted to laugh, laugh with wonder and sheer unbridled pleasure (he was bloody, bloody good), but I daren't. So I just lay back and let myself come. I came quickly and strongly, my legs twitching as pleasure hurled through them. I tried to stifle my cry in my fist but was unable to. When he at last stopped, he pulled my hand away from my mouth. 'You sound glorious when you come. I want to hear you.'

I rose to my knees and ran my hands over him, undoing buttons and pushing his jacket back from his shoulders. 'Want to see you. I always did.'

It was true. Even when this man represented the very heart of evil, I was intrigued by what lay beneath. With the war behind us and forgiveness permissible, I would not stop to discover all he was. He stood quite passively now as I undid the buttons of his black shirt and pushed it apart and back. It was caught on his broad shoulders, held by strong arms, but it was enough for now. I ran my hands hungrily over the smooth, hairless torso now before me, sliding down to find his belt buckle. At this he shrugged off his shirt and bent to hold my head and turn it up to him. I gave him my mouth and he kissed me desperately, opening my mouth wide, assaulting me so much my lips swelled and bruised.

But I was focused. I soon had what I was seeking. I tore myself away from the kiss and looked down. His cock reared up at me, large and thick. I had thought I would never feel desire like I did in my dream, but to have this before me, so real and palpable, made me mad with lust. Lucius was standing beside the arm of the sofa. I knelt on it and braced myself on the arm, then dipped my head to take him in my mouth.

He made a strange guttural swallowing noise that was pure pleasure. It brought a rush of saliva to my tongue and coated the rigid pole in my mouth. I held his balls, squeezing them firmly which elicited a groan of encouragement, and sucked hard, up and down, not going gently or slowly, not teasing. I had never craved cock like this; the hunger to have him in my mouth overrode all other thoughts. I would question it perhaps at a later date, wonder as to how a woman such as me could cast all sense and decorum to the wind, but for now, I wanted him and I would have him. I took him as far down my throat as I could before finding the angle impossible. Without question I turned on my back, resting my neck on the arm of the sofa and letting my head hang off the end so that my neck was straight and in line with my chin. I opened my mouth for him.

With a hiss of anticipation, he took up position again and fed his cock into my mouth. Like this he could slide deep into my throat until his balls knocked against my nose. Lucius almost sobbed. His cock cut off my air but I rejoiced in it. He held it there for a time and I clenched on it, then as he pulled out I closed my lips in hard so that he had to drag along them. He withdrew fully and I gasped in a great gulp of air then gaped my mouth to let him back in. In he sank again, balls deep and throat full. I was utterly enclosed by him, surrounded by him and possessed by him, and for now I adored it.

He picked up a rhythm of mouth fucking, in and out, deep and long, stretching my lips, pushing my mouth and throat to take him. I would have stayed there as long as he wanted but I knew at length it would start to ache too much. He pulled out just as my throat started to protest at the invasion.

'Incredible, beautiful girl, but more of that another time. I must be inside you, Hermione. Turn over.'

I wriggled over and he grabbed my legs quickly, pulling them up up the end of the sofa and over each of his shoulders. He positioned his cock, nuzzling the head between my wet cunt lips, and thrust.

I was breached.

I was breached and taken and – fuck! – it was incredible. Never before, not in my dreams, not in reality, had I felt like this.

My back arched high to try to draw him even deeper and my neck strained. 'God! Yes!' I yelled, surprised at my own voice.

'Tell me,' he muttered through gritted teeth as he pulled out only to plunge back in with brutal power.

'So big. So hard. God, I'm full, Lucius, fuller than ever, fuller than anyone.'



'Even those in your dream?'

I looked at him.

'What?' I said, trying to find words amidst the phenomenal fuck I was receiving. His cock didn't slow; it kept retreating then driving back through my ready, wet flesh.

'Better than those in your dream?'

'How do you know? I didn't mention anyone else.'

He concentrated on his thrusts, grunting with each drive forward.

'I know; I was there.'

'But I was dreaming. It was just in my head.'

'Desire has a way of transcending our bodies. And anyway …'

'What? – Oh God, there, right there, don't stop that – What?'

'I'm – Gods! You're tight! – I'm a wizard.'

'But …'

'Shut up and let me fuck you, witch.'

At that his hand found my clit and I was lost. He rubbed in time with his never-tiring thrusts and I felt it building, rippling, surging. I locked eyes with him and mouthed, 'Coming.' As his cock seared through me again, the wave broke, crashing headlong through me. My body shook. Fortunately it was pinned by him, and as I came calamitously, he poured himself into me.

'Fucking beauty!' he cried, every muscle taut, every inch of his body tight with orgasm. I felt the pulse of his cock as it released copiously inside me, hot, thick cream pooling deep within, plugged in by his flesh.

He collapsed on top of me, heavy and damp, and I held him, stroking his blond hair, smoothing it, loving the feel of it through my fingers.

'Can I stay here?' I asked after a lengthy post-coital silence.


'How did you know about my dream?'

'I told you – I'm a wizard. And we must be connected. I don't understand it myself, but last night, I dreamt about you. I was watching you.'

'With … those three?'

'Black, Lupin and Snape, yes.'

'You saw it all?'

'In my dream I did. It was the best dream I've ever had.' He smiled.

I laughed and held him closer.

'Were they entirely in my imagination? It all felt so real.'

'I believe it went beyond a mere dream, and into a form of spiritual reality, if I can call it that.'

'Do you think they felt it too – beyond the Veil?'


A glow of warmth settled in me.

'Lucky them,' smiled Lucius.

'I thought I had to choose between them, but at the same time … I wanted you. I wanted you from the start.'

'But you can't have them. That was never the choice.'

'I know that now. I just had to come to my senses. Choose to carry on as I was or …'

'Choose me.' He pushed himself up a little. I could still feel his admirably large cock nestled deep and warm inside me. We kissed, a soft giving kiss this time. When he pulled up, I looked into him and stroked his face.

'I choose you, Lucius.'

The End. Short but, hopefully, sweet.

Thanks, as always. LL x