A.N.: This is technically based on a dream I had last night. Not all of it was in the dream, just some parts of it that I can actually remember. Enjoy!

"Hey Lizzie!" Miranda called. "Wait up!"

"Hey Miranda!" Lizzie replied. "Have you seen Gordo?"

"No. Why?" Miranda asked.

"He was supposed to meet me here, but he never showed up," Lizzie explained.

Just then Gordo came around the corner with the 'new' girl.

"Oh-kay," Miranda said. "Why is Gordo with her?"

"Hey Gordo!" Lizzie yelled. "Over here!"

Gordo made his way over to his two best friends, the new girl following him.

"Hi," Lizzie smiled.

"Hi," the girl replied.

"I'm Miranda," Miranda stated shaking the girl's hand.

"I'm Lizzie," Lizzie told her.

"Lenore," the girl smiled shyly. "Lenore Taylor."

The bell rang, and the students in Hillridge all made a mad dash for their next class.

"So, Lenore, what class do you have now?" Lizzie asked.

"Gym," Lenore answered making a face.

"Hey!" Miranda exclaimed. "So do we!"

"Cool," Lenore responded.

"Hey guys, you think she could hang with us?" Gordo asked.

"Sure," Lizzie grinned. "C'mon Lenore. We'll warn you off the people you should steer clear of."

"Okay," Lenore said following her new friends into the gymnasium.

"Okay class, settle down," the teacher ordered, glancing around the gym. "Ah. I see we have a new student. Please, stand up and tell us your name and a bit about yourself."

Lenore blushed slightly, but got up from her spot on the floor.

"Hi," she said shyly. "I'm Lenore Taylor. I just moved here from Detroit, Michigan, with my Mom, Dad, and three brothers."

"Well, I'm Mrs. Lynch," the teacher informed her.


"What's your favourite subject Lenore?" The teacher questioned.

"Um.Drama and English Writing," Lenore replicated. "I love to read, write, and act."

"What do you like about gym?"

"Nothing," Lenore answered, making the class laugh.

The teacher smiled herself at that comment. "Is there any outdoor activity you do like?"

"Mm." Lenore thought. "I don't mind basketball too much, and I like to canoe."

"Ah. The wonderful sport of canoeing," Mrs. Lynch sighed, while motioning for Lenore to sit back down. "I'm glad you mentioned that Lenore, as it kind of fits in with our next field trip."

The class settled down then and began to pay attention, as Phys. Ed field trips were always lots of fun and quite exciting, not to mention entertaining.

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