Look for translations below. First things first- the Arabic sentences are not properly formed. For some reason, how much ever I try the words won't align themselves. I swear to all of you the sentences are properly made in my word Document but alas AO3 and both are creating problems for me in this regard. Something with the formatting on the site. So for those who understand Arabic, I am sorry...but the reason I used Arabic words is to let the reader know when they are speaking in Arabic, instead of asking them to imagine it.

"؟ جميلة أختي , حالك كيف"

"Whoah" the bottle-blonde flinched in the doorway in momentary terror. Turning around to face the interior of her living room, Felicity Smoak narrowed her eyes at her intruder. Closing the door behind her, she rushed around the small interior of her townhouse closing curtains and ignoring her uninvited guest.

Once done, the genius returned to her living room, her steps falling in a determined gait. Crossing her arms under her chest she regarded the exotic, copper skinned woman in front of her with narrowed calculating eyes.

Finally breaking the silence she asked, "Does he know?" her voice taking a soft tone betraying the hard expression on her beautiful face.

"Does who know?"

"You know exactly who I am talking about?"

Sighing the brunette answered, "When you…left I promised you that he would not learn of the nature and reason for your departure from me…I still honor that promise جميلة أختي."

"That doesn't mean that you haven't told him where I am…and I know you wouldn't ever betray my trust like that but I…just have to be sure." Sighing softly she looked up into the soft brown eyes that hid the true nature of the woman standing before her. Only the closest to her heart could incite such softness in her.

She had wondered when she would be receiving a visit from the tall woman. To say that she had been relieved when she never visited after the Slade debacle would be an understatement on her part. But at the same time she had felt oddly disappointed. She surmised it could be because of the bond that they had once shared that obviously lacked now.

"I thought you had left."

"I had. But as soon as we left port we were relayed a message asking our immediate return. طائر كناري is the reason I am back. She stayed to look after her father and support her sister. I have come to take her back now."

"I just came from visiting him at the station. He seems to be adjusting well to his new position."

"So I heard."

"Why are you really here?"

"I wanted to speak with you that day but you had already left, on your way to China. I could not stay back without a proper reason then. So now that I do have an opportunity, I came to ask you to come back with me, to our home. أ العزيزة ختي للمنزل أعود "

"I can't. You know that. I just can't"

"Of course you can. He does not say but he misses you just as much as I do. He never looked for you because he knew you would not want that. He has been waiting for you to come back on your own شقيقة...just like before."

"But nothing is like before. I was naive then. I wanted a family and I got one but I didn't realize the price I would have to pay for it. And now I do. I do and I can't pay that price. You know I can't. You were there, you saw how I struggled, how I tried but I do not belong in the same world as yours. My world is here…"

"You belong with us عزيزتي"

"No I don't. I like what I do here. I like helping people and saving them."

"How is what you do any different from what we do?"

"It is. It is in so many ways."

"Give me one."

"You know it as well as I do. You were here when we defeated Slade. We don't kill Nyssa. I can't take the killing or the blood."

"We do what we do for the good of this world, and yet you refuse to see that!"

"Nyssa, العزيزة أختي, what I see is so much more different than what you do. I don't see saviors but killers. He was ready to level a whole city with innocent people in it in the name of justice and إنقاذ (salvation/saving)."

"Let's not argue about what we will never agree on then," the brunette huffed irritated. "Tell me عزيزتي, why not fight alongside your friends when you can?"

"It's actually quite simple…"

"I am waiting..." Nyssa interrupted, raising an eyebrow and tapping her foot impatiently.

Nyssa watched as the short blonde in heels hardened her stance and straightened her back. With a raised chin and a determined glint in her eyes she stated, "Because here, I am Felicity Smoak, genius and IT extraordinaire, not Talia Al Ghul, شيطان ابنة (Daughter of the Demon)."

جميلة أختي – My Beautiful sister

أ العزيزة ختي للمنزل أعود – Come back home my dear sister

شقيقة – sister

إنقاذ – salvation/saving

عزيزتي – dear

العزيزة أختي – dear sister

شيطان ابنة – Daughter of the Demon

I am not as new to fanfiction writing but this would be my first foray into the Arrow fandom. My previous works were not complete because of the hassle of moving from one country to another at the time for studies and after that I just couldn't find it in me to write. But lucky for you and me most of the material for this work is already written and ready.

I am obsessed with Oliver x Felicity…surprise! Surprise!...seriously who isn't! They are the reason I am venturing back into writing, let's see how that goes.

I was born and raised in Dubai so I know most of what I am writing in Arabic but it's not a hundred percent me (probably not even 10%). We were started on grammar when I was in 11th grade even though we had been studying the subject since first grade. So sentence formation…not my strong suit (In Arabic). I used Google translator mostly for this reason.

Ray Palmer will be mentioned but will not be making an appearance in this story…at least he hasn't until the planned parts. He is a character that I do not know anything about and I don't specifically enjoy speculating much in any story I write. This story will probably just extend to about 5 chapters…the discovery of her true identity and how it impacts the team is what I want to focus on. Plans have a funny way of changing and rearranging in my case so if there are any big changes in what I have planned for this story I will let you all know…oh and I'll be adding more character tags soon.

So now that my rant is over, hope you all enjoyed the chapter. More coming soon….tata for now!