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I never wanted to go back to Forks. I'd always loved the nice breeze and the sun in Phoenix, Arizona. But, here I am, sitting on a plane, waiting for it to land in my least favorite place on Earth. Or Port Angeles, whichever you want to call it.

My sister, Bella, is going through a tremendous heartbreak, while my mom and stepdad, Renee and Phil, are going to California for a business trip. My mom thought it would be the perfect chance to "bond" with Bella again. We were extremely close friends as kids before she went into her depressed teenager stage around when she was 15 and I was 13. Three years later and apparently nothing has changed, from what I hear.

Our dad, Charlie, is letting me stay with them until they get back from their trip, which is going to be six months. I have no clue why they wouldn't let me stay with a friend back home, but they shipped me out here anyway.

I push my glasses further up on my nose as the seat belt button dings and blinks on the ceiling above the seat in front of me. I take a deep breath and buckle up then lean further back in the seat. I grit my teeth, frightened and nervous for the landing as the plane lands hard and shaky against the ground below us. I release my tight grip on the arm rests beside me when we come to a complete stop.

I stand and fiddle with the zipper on my purse while grabbing the hard suitcase above my head with one hand. After I get off of the plane, I don't give it a second glance behind me as I look at the screen on my phone for the time. 11:36 pm. I guess that explains why I'm so tired.

My biological dad greets me when I enter the airport and gives me a chaste hug, then steps back. He shoves his hands into his pockets and I smile at his shy expression, holding back a small laugh My uncle was never good at hugs or anything similar to them.

After grabbing my luggage, we start the drive to the small town known for its constant raining, cloudy skies, and lack of sunlight. Forks.

"How is Bella," I ask on the drive. We still have a good half an hour drive there, so I didn't want it to be in more silence than it already was in. Charlie sighs and runs a hand through his already ruffled hair. "Ever since the Edward guy left, she's been a big mess." I raise an eyebrow in curiosity. Edward? Is that Bella's ex's name?

I voice my thoughts. "Did he live in the 19th century or something?"

A hint of a smile shows up on Charlie's lips. "He sure does act like it. Bella was really... attached to the Cullens. Especially Edward. When they skipped town so suddenly, she kinda shut down and has been since then. Ellie, she-" He stops to take a deep and shaky breath, and I can tell that he's really stressed and worried.

"She screams in her sleep. She yells his name, and it- it worries me. A lot." When we pull up to a stop light, he turns to me. Bags lie under his eyes and scruff sticks out around his chin that he needs to shave off. He's completely exhausted. It makes me wonder what my mother has done throwing me into this situation.

"How long has it been since they left?" A week? A few days, maybe?

"Months." Then the light turns green and he drives ahead again. My eyes widen. It can't be months.

The other part of the drive is silent, but near the end of it Charlie speaks up a bit. "There's another boy that she's been hanging out with, too. I haven't seen him in a week or two, though." My eyebrows raise. Already another boy? She was never like this before.

When Charlie sees my expression, he quickly corrects himself. "They're just really good friends. He helps. His name is Jacob Black. He's a real nice kid." I slowly nod. Just as I'm about to ask for more information, we pull into the dark driveway connected to my Dad's - and now, my - house.

Charlie turns to me before I get out of the car. "Your bed is already made. I'll have to help you unpack tomorrow after I get off duty at the station. I've been working and I'm really tired. I'm sure that you are, too."

"That's okay, Dad. I got it. But, thank you." I protest. I'm glad he doesn't argue.

I climb out of the car and circle around it to grab my bags from the trunk, but Charlie already has them. "I can get them, you know." I hold my hands out for him to pass the over to me, but he refuses.

As soon as the front door closes behind me, a sharp scream pierces the air. I freeze as my muscles lock up for a second, then I bolt up the stairs and follow the screaming. "Edward!" My sister screams.

I burst through Bella's bedroom door and kneel beside her, then shake her shoulders. "Wake up, Bells!" I yell.

She jerks awake and her head whips around multiple times before she spots me. Her eyebrows come together in confusion as she looks over at me. "Ellie?" I give her a weak smile. "Surprise," I say.

"What are you doing here?" She looks behind me, expectant. "Is mom here with you?" I shake my head.

"She's on a business trip with Phil. Dad's letting me stay with you guys until they get back." Did Charlie really not tell her any of this? Bella nods. "I'm going to go go to my room now and sleep. Okay?" She nods again and rolls over on her side.

"'Night," I say as I walk to my room. I don't wait for her reply as I pass Charlie who is leaning against the doorframe. He closes the door behind me and leads me to my room with my bags already on the ground.

"'Night, kiddo." He tells me, then shuts my door, too.

I sigh and sit on the foot of my temporary bed, already counting the days that I have to stay here. I fall back against the bed and my head hits the pillow. I close my eyes, not bothering to change clothes, and soon fall into a deep slumber.

I run through the forest, desperate to find my way out. They're everywhere I turn. I'll never get away from them. Their blood red eyes are the most terrifying and their pale skin accents them. It's by far the most terrifying thing I've ever seen.

The small girl shoots pain throughout my whole body, and I crumble to the ground like a leaf falling from a tree. I can hear her laughing in every direction, as if her cackles are coming from my brain, echoing and bouncing off each corner. The pain stops and I catch my breath before standing and continuing to zig-zag in between trees in the dark woods.

I stumble into a clearing with the sun peeking out behind the trees. They're all there, circling around me with sparkling skin. I scream as hands touch my arms, legs, and head, holding me back. It's impossible to struggle against them.

Suddenly a russet, brown wolf tears through the trees and comes hurtling towards the monsters before me. The sight of it surprisingly doesn't scare me; it almost comforts me. It ferociously growls at the things around me. I look around at them to see them all with eerie smiles on their faces as they glance at each other.

The wolf lets out a loud whine and a whimper, then collapses onto the ground. "No!" I screech. I want to yell at them more, but scattered chuckles surround me, bouncing around in my head. I look back at the wolf on the ground and my heart breaks into a million pieces. I meet it's eyes and silently beg it to be okay, to get back up and fight.

As if reading my mind, it slowly stands and bares its teeth at the things around me. They seem more frightened now. The wolf strikes, going after the girl. I squeeze my eyes shut and turn my head, just hearing the snarls and growls of them all. I scream again as the hands tighten around me. I hear my wolf roar at that.

The hands are suddenly removed one by one, but one pair remains. I open my eyes and look ahead of me to see the wolf standing there, right in front of me. I look into its deep brown eyes as it hurtles towards something behind me, then I feel the excruciating pain I've been anticipating.

My head flies off of my pillow as I pant for air. I sigh as I realize that I don't have my glasses on, so I reach over to the side of my bed. My hand slaps my bedside table and I grab my glasses that were lying on it. Charlie probably came in to say goodbye and saw them on the floor.

After I change out of my clothes from last night, I go downstairs to see that it's the exact same as I remembered from when I was little and used to come here over the summers. I walk into the kitchen and look at the time on the microwave. 6:57 am. I contemplate going back to bed, but decide against it. I need to start unpacking, anyway.

I reach down in the fridge to grab a water and open it as I stare at the window. Something easily catches my eye right away. In the woods in front of the house is a blur of red. It's hard to tell what it is since it's further away and it's raining, but it's still frightening. It suddenly moves and I can barely make out of face.

A shiver runs down my spine and my heart rate kicks up as I stare at the figure. The red is now obviously hair, and the face gives away that it's a person, but what is somebody doing right outside of the house?

I slowly reach back into my pocket to get to my phone to call my dad, still keeping my eyes on the person in the forest. As if seeing the movement, it suddenly disappears. I freeze up, more terrified than a second ago. I'm probably just paranoid. But when a knock on the front door sounds, I'm not so sure that it' paranoia anymore.