Hello everybody, King of Swag here! I'm back with a new story, 'Naruto of the Santoryu'! In this story, Naruto begins at the Wave Country Ark and after an accident, his team began to hate him even more. But with this being the case, Naruto finds a new path to strive down on. The path of the swordsman! Yes, after getting over his guilt, Naruto begins to learn the arts of Kenjutsu. But even with his new sensei, will he learn enough to make a difference? Read and find out!

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Naruto of the Santoryu

Prologue: The Mistake

"How… how could you let this happen…?" She voiced, shaking violently as she held a bundle of black hair in her lap. The boy faltered at her words, unbelieving the situation he was in. The female hunched over the bundle in her lap, her tears falling onto the ball. "H-h-he's gone….because of you…he's gone!" She whispered coldly, forcing her emotions at the culprit. The blonde haired boy just stared at the pink haired female.

He took a step forward. "But…but I didn't-" The female lashed out at him with her right hand. He jumped back in shock. "Don't you dare lie to me!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, the volume hurting his ears and heart. "He wouldn't be dead if you weren't alive!" His heart cracked in pain, his hand going to his chest without his knowing. The female's bloodshot eyes glared at the teen, angrily.

"I can't believe you, Naruto…" His name trailed off her tongue with venom. Her voice was lowered, but her anger wasn't. "If I wasn't still in shock at this," Her eyes narrowed to slits. "I'd have killed you already." She gritted her threat through her teeth.

Naruto felt his entire world come crashing down with her declaration. "K-kill me…?" Naruto whispered in shock, his body running cold, but not from the cooling mist around him. 'Did she just...?' Naruto couldn't believe what kind of situation he was in. He just got out of a death battle with Haku and went to see if Sakura was alright, only to be called out for something he didn't commit. Naruto felt his heart begin to pump faster, beat harder.

His one and only crush wanted to kill him! She hated him because... His eyes trailed down to the bundle of black hair in Sakura's lap. "Sasuke…" He muttered, seeing the Uchiha's eyes closed. Naruto began to shake his blonde haired head in denial. "No…" He gripped his head with his eyes wide. He refused to believe this was happening. "No…!" Naruto fell to his knees as his crush and teammate cradled the fallen.

"This wasn't supposed to happen!" Naruto's eyes went blank as his mouth went into a silent scream.

Across the bridge, a scowl adorned a small man's face. "Ooh, I see Zabuza's little bitch actually managed to kill someone." He chuckled with a nasal laugh. A large man covered in his own blood, cradled a small corpse in his lap. A hole in a boy's chest was seen while the black hair covered his face. Momochi Zabuza, the swordsman glared at the man as he stood up.

"Gato…" He growled. "I'm gonna fucking kill you." He threatened, but his threat fell on deaf ears as he fell to his knees with more blood coming out of his mouth.

"My, what a dreamer! The little demon thinks he can face me? Well keep dreaming!" Gato bellowed in amusement. His hand was held forward as the bandits raised their weapons. "Fire!" And on his command, the first attack was launched and arrows flew at the defenseless group.

A Jonin sensei with grey hair, Hatake Kakashi, looked over to his students in shock. "Shit!" He exclaimed before running towards his Genin team. Zabuza ignored the painful feeling and grabbed his large sword. Hefting it into the air, he managed to direct it to the blonde ninja. Thrown at Naruto and spinning, the sword effectively blocked the incoming arrows before the tired sensei reached his team.

"I didn't mean for this to happen." Naruto mumbled under his breath. Still in his daze, he didn't feel the hand on his shoulder. The hand's owner voiced his words. "Brat, snap out of it! We need to get out of here!" The client, Tazuna, screamed in worry. Shaking Naruto, the old man didn't realize an arrow flew at him until he felt an arrowhead lodge itself in his leg. "Argh!" He grunted in pain before falling onto his uninjured leg.

He heard Sakura scream as arrows flew in their direction, but with the help of her sensei, the projectiles fell to the ground harmlessly as Kakashi held a kunai. "Don't worry, Sakura! I won't allow my teammates to fall again!" He spoke with strong feeling. He looked over to his fallen blonde student. "Naruto, wake up! We don't have time for this!" He shouted, but his Genin didn't respond.

Zabuza made his way over to his sword and raised it again. "Hatake, I'm gonna do one last jutsu before I pass out. Get your Genin out of here!" Zabuza declared at he started to make handsigns. Kakashi looked to his left and below the bridge, a ripple was being made. 'Water Dragon?' Kakashi thought, but he came back to reality when another arrow came at him. He deflected it with his only weapon and nodded. "Okay!"

Seeing the bandits run out of arrows, he used his time to make clones. Each clone took a person with them while the original Kakashi saw a large dragon fly from the water. It's liquid body rising higher into the air and it's head tilted down to stare at its prey, its glowing yellow eyes boring into their souls.

Bandits looking at it in fear, they began to turn and run, but with being targeted by Zabuza, their attempts were pointless. The Kiri swordsman bellowed with effort as the large beast ripped through Gato's forces. The small mob boss looked with a startled expression as he spun on his heels and try to run. Zabuza's eyes narrowed as he held out his hand. "If I die, you're coming with me!" He screamed as the large dragon crashed into the bridge and created a large splash of red in the spot of a late Gato.

Smirking in victory, Zabuza held his hands in the air towards the bandits. "Now for you-" He faltered as his body stiffed and leaned back. From the loss of control, the water dragon fell to the bridge with no form, returning to normal water. His vision darkened, but he felt a pair of hands on his back. He saw Kakashi above him with a hard eye. "I'm not letting you die either." Kakashi spoke as Zabuza passed out as he was lifted over the Hatake's shoulder. Kakashi looked back at the retreating bandits and then forward to his clones running with his team and Tazuna.

Without a word, he started running back to town with a bloodied swordsman.

Naruto's Mindscape…

Drip, drip…

The sound was ignored by the 13 year old as he sat knee deep in water. Naruto's hair covered his eyes as his mouth hung low with a frown. The water, rising due to his mood, grew higher past his knees to his thighs, but he didn't even notice. Regardless, even if he did, he wouldn't have cared anyway.

Across from him by 10 feet, a large cage being constructed to heights of over 100 feet, stood tall with golden carvings down the bars. On the lock was a paper with 'seal' in kanji. Inside the large cage was a large pair of red eyes with black slits. The eyes stared down at the child with clear worry. With small disruptions in the water, the eyes went higher into the air and with the shadows receding; the body owning the eyes was shown to all.

A large fox with reddish orange fur stood tall and proud with its nine long tails, swishing behind its glorious form. It had long nails the size of 3 grown people, its frowning lips were black with fangs protruding from the front, and the eyes blinked with a soft clap to the human ears. Its pointy ears overhead twitched with the soft sounds of sobbing, echoing off the young male.

The fox sighed deeply before leaning back down. "Boy…" Its voice was deep and menacing, loud enough to snap the boy out of his brooding.

Naruto flinched and hesitated to look up. He was so out of it, he didn't realize that he was under water. He looked into the cage and into the fox's eyes. His own opened more. "K-Kyuubi?" He asked, the fox nodding by a little shake of its head. "Why, why am I here?" Naruto asked, bubbles coming from his words, but he was still able to breath. The fox spoke with the baritone voice.

"You should know why you're here. After all, that pink haired girl brought you here." Naruto looked confused.

"You mean Sakura-chan?" He asked his question. "What does she have to do with this?" Kyuubi sighed in its cage. "Apparently you don't remember your shock." Kyuubi raised a finger and soon a thin screen of Tazuna's bridge came into view.

Naruto saw himself standing in front of Sakura while Sasuke was being held in her lap. Naruto only took a second to remember before his eyes turned into dinner plates. "Sasuke…" He whispered and Kyuubi took the screen away.

"Now you remember? The Uchiha died because of that Haku person." Kyuubi spoke calmly while Naruto held his head. "Sakura-chan… she hates me now. Her only crush, I killed him!" Naruto cried, but he soon felt a tip of a large claw on his chin. His head being raised, he saw Kyuubi's claw under his chin while the fox had hard eyes. "Listen to me, boy. I may not know how human conflicts work, but I definitely know that you did not murder the Uchiha."

Naruto just stared at the fox before scowling and pushing himself away from the claw. "What are you going on about? I clearly killed him due to my weakness! My first friend and I killed him!" Naruto screamed at the Bijuu. "How could you have killed him? The ice user has shown that he ended your teammate's life." Kyuubi responded in an even tone.

"But I was lying on the floor, exhausted and weak while Sasuke had more wounds than me! I could've been the one dead, but because of myself, he died when I could've done something!" Kyuubi glared angrily. "Do you even remember what happened, boy? I was watching the entire thing. The Uchiha saw needles fly at you and chose to block them instead of letting you die. He killed himself trying to save you." Naruto shook his head. "He wouldn't have had to save me if I wasn't weak!" Kyuubi opened its mouth as a louder tone was heard.

"Then what're you gonna do about that!?" Naruto flinched and recoiled backed. "Wha-" Kyuubi huffed. "You said you regretted being weak. What're you gonna do to change that?" Naruto leaned forward with hard eyes. "I'm gonna train of course! What else?" He declared and the fox nodded. "Okay, then that's all there is to this whole fiasco." Naruto saw the Kyuubi's smirk and grew confused. "What are you talking about fox?" He inquired with a hint of suspicion.

Kyuubi blinked and snorted. "I just helped you get over your problem, that what." Naruto didn't speak, but his mouth was in a confused 'o'. "You were taking the blame of killing off the last Uchiha, but I just got you determined enough to get over it." Naruto shook his head by a little with a narrowed eye and a rose brow. "What's your plan fox? I just met you and you're 'helping' me already? What do you want?" Naruto questioned with crossed arms. The fox just grinned. "I only want my container to get stronger." The blonde teen glared at his demon.

"But why?" Kyuubi shrugged. "I don't truly know, but maybe next time we talk I could shed some light on you." Kyuubi snickered at his annoyed container. Before Naruto could open his mouth, Kyuubi spoke again.

"Sorry, boy, but we don't have much time. Talk to me later when you get back to your village." Kyuubi said and before Naruto could answer back, the cage holding the fox disappeared into the black abyss, the sewer looking mind going with it. The blonde just floated in the darkness, silenced confusion taking over.

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