The young justice squad along with Ben Tennyson and his friends were all in the lounge area having been called by none other than batman himself. The dark knight was rather vague in the summonings only that it was an emergency. Ben was looking around Robin seemed anxious like there was something he knew but couldn't tell anyone. Artemis was busy sharpening one of her arrows that was a sure sign she was nervous. Super boy was calm as ever and looked a little bit curious for a change. Miss Martian, Donna, and Gwen were all trying to find the source of this get together. Kevin stood next to Ben and Asked. "So any idea why the bat wanted us or is this a social call."

"It is a matter of utmost importance right now, now what can you tell me about dragons." The dark knight entered from the shadows.

"Aren't they just a myth?" Artemis stood up.

"Some myth, got my ass handed to me by one a black one to be exact." This voice was female as said person flew down revealing a young woman with a bob cut. Angel blue eyes a figure and face that would much better suit a runway model in her white leotard with hole just above her breasts to show some cleavage and a red sash marking her as Power girl.

"Turns out that Dragon is special in the fact that no one on earth can kill it.."

"So it's an immortal dragon no one can defeat on earth so what planet do we go to find the one to kill it?" Kid flash zoomed over to the blond bombshell to get better acquainted.

"As I was trying to say there is only one person on earth who can truly kill that dragon however he is called the Dragonborn." Batman continues on.

"Okay so how do we locate him?" Ben leans forward.

"That I'm afraid has already been it turns out the current champion of mankind is in Onyx city." Grandpa max comes out of the same shadows batman had just occupied.

"Um wait hold on why haven't we heard of Onyx city." Gwen asks

"Because it's a place were the criminals used to rule and in fact some still remain however the city got desperate and started hiring mercenaries to clean house." Max gains a much serious tone.

"Hold on let me guess he's part of one of these mercenary groups isn't he." Donna looks disgusted.

"Not just any group, the Companions." Batmans words makes every bodies face pale except for Donna, Super boy, and Miss Martian.

"The Companions I think I read about a story that said they actually run the majority of Onyx City and have done so for the past few years." Miss M looks thoughtful.

"It isn't just a story they really do rule that city as every politician can't do anything in the city without it first going through the Companions. Take also into account their kill counts which is about 100,000 Gang members, 10,000 mob men, and 157 meta humans. This is a group that is very practiced at what it does."

"Wow so why haven't gone in there yet and forced them out?" Robin walks over to the dark knight.

"They're well entrenched fortified supplied and are quite vicious in a fight." Max Tennyson explains.

"So we have to go into an active war zone and try and convince a mercenary to work with us while at the same not get our asses shot off." Ben shakes his head in disbelief.

"Actually the Companions have done one hell of job making it all feel safe so you don't have to worry so much about getting into a fight." Power girl crosses her arms and looks a little uneasy about the next part.

"So what's the guys name." Kevin asks.

"Calumn St. Adams."

"You'll enter the city as tourists and find him and then you'll convince him to help us defeat that dragon Alduin, Understand." Batman stares dead square into all the youths eyes making you aren't going to argue look.

Later that night

"I can't believe we have to recruit a mercenary for such an honourable cause." Donna sneers.

"Yeah I know what you mean just hope he isn't like dead shot or death stroke." Robin was preparing by making sure he had extra bat a rangs, his extendable staff and smoke pellets.

"Well Onyx city was ruled by crime for the longest time maybe he saw this as a way out of that life." Miss M guesses as she was currently trying to stuff an overpacked suitcase with more stuff.

"He should have thought of something else." Kaldur looks none to happy about going to this city.