A/n: I recently got back into Rockman DASH/Mega Man Legends and was inspired to write this. So, here we have... A Dash/Legends fic! (for those expecting an update to my Pokemon fic, sorry but you'll have to wait a bit more...)

The usual "gotchas": I'm bad with descriptions, English isn't my primary language, so there may (and will) be grammar errors, blah blah blah. And as is the case with all my stories, there will be a lot of emotional stuff.

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Trigger of Change

Written by Aiyumi

Disclaimer: Rockman/Mega Man, as well as any other trademark that may be referenced in this fan fiction, are properties of their respective owners. I am just a fan and do not have any relations to said people/companies.

Chapter 1: The Coffee

Just a few moments of distraction, and the Flutter was on fire. Rock used the fire extinguisher and tried to put the fire out as quickly as possible.

"Now, only the kitchen to go..." He said after the fire from the living room was put out.

"Keee yaaaaah!" A screech came from the kitchen.

"Data!" Rock ran to the kitchen's door and opened it. He gasped when he got to the other side. The fire in there was much worse than in the other rooms. "Data! Where are you?"

"Hu hu hu hu." A creepy chuckle came from the middle of the flames.

"Who... Is there?"

The flames at the center suddenly disappeared and revealed a figure.

"It has been a long time, Rockman Trigger."

"Aaaaah!" Rock jumped in surprise. "J-Juno!?" What's Juno doing inside the Flutter!? He thought, eyes widened in shock.

"Hmm. Perhaps you are in search of this little backup device?" Juno was holding Data, who had burns all over his body.

"R-Rock... He-elp!" The small monkey spoke with difficulty, almost losing consciousness.


Juno spoke. "That time, my mission failed, thanks to both of you."

"Let go of Data now!" Rock shouted in rage. "Or I will..." Rage turned into fear as he had the realization.

"You aren't even equipped with a weapon. What do you think you can do?"

Nothing. He could do nothing. Rock bit his lip. He only had the fire extinguisher on hand. Nothing that could be used for attacking.

Juno smirked. "Sorry to inform you, but this time, victory is mine! I shall terminate you, along with this storage device! Farewell, Rockman Trigger!"

Juno threw Data upwards, then shot a beam towards the remaining fire in the kitchen. It caused an explosion, which fully caught both Data and Rock.

"Aaaaah!" The boy screamed, with pain coursing through his body and smoke entering his eyes.

When he next came to his senses, he was lying somewhere, and Data came falling on top of him...


"The engines are ready," Roll said. "I'll prepare breakfast. Data, can you wake Rock up for me?"

"Kee kee kee!" The monkey robot nodded. He happily bounced towards Rock's room. The door was open, and he was able to enter without making noise. Data stopped near the bed. He decided to play a prank on Rock. He stayed quiet for a while, and as the boy didn't give any sign of waking up, Data pounced on him and shouted "Rooock! Good morniiiing!" But instead of scaring the boy, Data was the one to get a scare. "Wah! Aaaaah!" He shouted as Rock suddenly shot up from the bed, lifted him and squeezed him like there was no tomorrow.

"Data! Thank goodness...!"

"Aaaah! wh-what?" Data's eyes widened. He flailed in panic and tried to escape from Rock's vice grip.

"... Uh?" Rock blinked. He came to his senses and finally loosened his grip on Data. "Ah... Just a dream...?"

"Phew..." Data jumped to the bed beside Rock. "What happened? A nightmare?"

"Yeah..." Rock rubbed his eyes sleepily.

"What was it about?"

He didn't want to remind Data of the fire. It didn't seem like it, but Rock knew that his friend was still very upset about it. "Don't worry." He shook his head. "It didn't even make that much sense, hahahaha!"

"Okay then!" More relieved, Data started doing his trademark dance. "Aaanyway, Roll said that she's making breakfast. After breakfast, we'll go take the first key to the Sulphur-Bottom."

"Alright, you can go first. I'm coming."

"Kee kee!" Data hopped out of the bed and went through the door.

During the flight towards the Sulphur-Bottom, Rock stayed in his room. The nightmare was still in his head, and he had suspicions as to what had caused it.

It was on Kattelox that Rock began feeling so uneasy. First, Juno had mistaken him by someone named "Rockman Trigger." They fought, then Data appeared speaking a lot of "technicalese" and overrode Juno's commands. Data stopped the program that would wipe everyone from Kattelox, on behalf of a "First Class Purifier Unit Rockman Trigger," then said that Rock had built him and had stored his memories into him. It didn't make sense. Rock couldn't believe that he was someone else. The only thing he could think of, was that he was so tired after battling Juno that he had collapsed, then dreamed about Data repeating those terms that Juno had said. That had to be it, because since then, Data was the bouncy monkey Rock had always known, and never again made that serious face, nor spoke strange things in technical terms, nor made any mention of "Rockman Trigger" or "memory backup" or anything like that.

It was the night prior, when Roll asked him to bring her a book that was in Gramps' room. Rock was searching for the item and accidentally dropped a folder, which opened and spilled all its contents to the ground. He was trying to put everything back inside when one of the papers got his attention. It was titled "Rock's Discovery." Curiosity got the better of him and he proceeded to read it.

"I went to the ruins on Nino Island, wanting to research about old civilization's. Those ruins are said to be very dangerous and are usually closed, but when I got there, they were open for some reason. I couldn't resist and ended up entering them without the guildmaster's permission. There I found a strange crystal. It melted when I touched it, and a baby was inside with a small monkey robot. I couldn't simply leave him there, but as I had entered the ruins without permission, I couldn't reveal where I had found him, so I decided to raise him myself. I named him Rock, so that him and Roll together would make 'Rock n' Roll.' He grew up normally, like any other kid. He became good friends with Roll, and an important part of the family. Honestly, he's the best treasure I've found so far."

Rock was touched. He was somewhat relieved after finding that writing, because it confirmed that he had indeed been found as a baby... Inside some ruins that were usually closed, out of all places... But he didn't want to think about those details. The point was that he had been a baby like anyone else, grown up like anyone else, and spent all his life with Gramps and Roll. There was no way that he could not have been... Himself. His findings relieved him somewhat, but he was still thinking about those things when he went to sleep, probably the reason he had those nightmares that night, which involved Data and Juno, of course.

Farewell, Rockman Trigger!" Juno's last words from the nightmare haunted him.

"I don't have anything to do with this 'Rockman Trigger.' I'm me. I'm Rock Volnutt, just Rock Volnutt... Right?" He kept staring at the mirror, as if his reflected image could give the answer to his questions. He almost jumped when the reflection momentarily seemed to not be his own. He sighed in relief when it was back to normal after a blink, probably just his imagination... And nearly jumped again when he heard Data's voice.

"Rock! Roll asked me to tell you that we'll land in a few minutes!"

"Okay, thanks," Rock said, once more relieved that Data was normal.

Data was right. The Sulphur-Bottom was in sight and they would land shortly.

Rock would leave the key with Bluecher. After that... He wanted to do something different, to take focus away from his problems. He decided to go talk to everyone he met aboard the ship. Roll had made fun of him several times. She had commented that he acted like some RPG protagonist, talking to anyone he came across, and occasionally getting some gifts from the people... Rock smiled with the recollection while he got ready to leave the Flutter.

In a room in the Sulphur-Bottom, Geetz was in his humanoid form, standing near the bed Sera was lying on. They were stuck. They couldn't get the keys for themselves because Yuna had previously blocked their access to the ruins, meaning, the doors and elevators wouldn't work for either Mother Unit Sera or Servitor Unit Geetz. The only way to get around that was having some unsuspecting Carbon to get in there. As the Carbons from that ship seemed to have many resources at their disposal, they decided to get them to collect the keys. But instead of using all the equipment and personnel available, the men left everything in the hands of a boy. A simple, lone boy... The more Geetz thought, more it seemed like a bad idea, and a waste of time. "Mistress Sera?"

Sera slightly turned her head in his direction, acknowledging the call. She knew they were being monitored. She didn't want to move or talk much, because she was pretending to be in a weakened state.

"Do you think that the boy will be able to get the keys?" He asked.

She couldn't answer, because at that moment, a guard knocked on the door saying that Bluecher was calling.

"Excuse me. I will be back shortly," Geetz said, left, and forgot to close the door.

A few minutes passed. His "shortly" was taking longer than expected and Sera was getting impatient. That position was getting uncomfortable. Monitored or not, she decided to sit up for a bit. A weakened person should be able to at least sit up for a few minutes, right?

"Um, hi."

She jumped. Rock was standing outside looking at her, reminding her that the door was left open. Unlike when they first came to that ship, he wasn't in a digger suit. He wore a navy blue jeans and a white shirt, and looked like just an ordinary Carbon.

He kept speaking. "Nice to see you're doing okay. I wanted to talk to you before, but you were sleeping when I came the other time."

Sera's eyes quickly darted outside. Geetz was taking too much time to come back. She didn't want to speak much, so she wished he was there to relieve her from the talking.

There was no verbal response, but Rock took the hint. "About your friend, he's talking to Gramps right now. You know, Professor Barrell Caskett, the one that was with Mister Bluecher."

Sera nodded, surprised that he got the hint about Geetz's whereabouts without her having to ask. She didn't know what they were talking about, however she knew that, despite the serious mask, Geetz could be very talkative if given the chance, like when a certain Purifier Unit started hanging around with him, back in the Elysium days. She didn't approve of it. She always said that such actions were unnecessary and would only distract them from their work. He apologized and didn't argue, but she was sure that he still did it sometimes when she wasn't around.

Rock continued what he was saying. "Barrell is my grandfather... Well, not my true grandfather, because I'm adopted, but whatever..." Rock shrugged. "He's very interested in old civilization's. Now that he's finally found someone that actually knows about the subject... You see, it might be a while until your friend comes back."

Sera gritted her teeth in annoyance.

"I know it's hard. You suddenly appeared in a totally unknown place, with lots of people you've never seen before, and no one that you know around. Um, so... I can stay and keep you company, if you want." He offered. "Can I... Come in?" He asked hesitantly, after a few seconds without response.

All Sera wanted was to get the keys, find the Master's genetic code, go back to Elysium, and run the Carbon Reinitialization Program, as her duty dictated. She didn't see the need to talk to anyone there, specially since all of them would die after her mission was completed. Her work was first priority. But now that she was stuck and didn't have anything work related to focus on, she was at a loss. In fact, it was only the third day since her awakening, and the lack of activities was starting to get boring. Should she accept that Carbon's company, and maybe try to talk about those... Unnecessary things? Luckily for her, he seemed to say a lot of things without being asked, so he would probably do most of the talking. It could serve as a way to pass the time, at least. Besides, she still hadn't taken a good look at that boy who would be getting the keys for her. She finally nodded and allowed him inside.

"Well, so..." He considered what to talk about next. "Oh, right. I think we still don't know each other's names. My name's Rock. What's yours?"

"... ... Sera." She finally decided to speak, albeit in a low voice.

"Sera? Sera..." He repeated, with a thoughtful expression. "Hmm. It isn't a very common name, is it? Strange, because I have the impression that I've heard it before..."

Now that he mentioned it, Sera had the impression that she had seen him before, but she couldn't remember where. It could very well be just her imagination, because she thought something seemed off. Maybe it was his height, or the hair color, or both... She thought hard, but gave up, unable to conclude anything.

"Ah, it doesn't matter." Rock shook his head, also giving up. "Okay, so... Nice to meet you." He changed the subject. "By the way, I got the key."

That piqued her interest. She widened her eyes a bit, as if asking "really?"

"Yeah, it's true." Once more, he answered her unspoken question. "Want to see it? Mister Bluecher already got it stored in the other room, though. If you want, I can take you there."

Yes, she wanted to see it. It was still a bit hard to believe. She couldn't imagine that seemingly normal boy being able to bypass the System's security, and actually getting the key. But it wouldn't be right to leave the room. What if Geetz came back and didn't find her there? Plus, when he came, he would confirm that the key was there, right? ... Even so, she still wanted to see it with her own eyes...

"Can you walk?" Rock asked. "If not, I can carry you..."

Being carried? By a Carbon? That was humiliating. She decided to walk on her own and take the risk. No one should suspect anything if she moved slowly. But when she was about to stand up, Geetz appeared.

"Please, do not disturb Mistress Sera's sl... Oh." He stopped midsentence upon noticing that Sera was "awake."

"Oh, sorry." Rock apologized. "She was already awake when I arrived. She let me in and I offered to show her the key..."

"You let him in?" Geetz asked Sera, surprised that she would do such a thing.

She nodded.

"I confirm that the key is here." Geetz said firmly.

"But she still wants to see it." Rock protested.

Sera nodded once more. She slowly stood up, and took her servant aback.

"Ah! Mistress! What are you doing! ?" Geetz ran to her and held her. He didn't want to run the risk of having their cover blown. "You cannot push yourself like that. Please, go back to bed and rest. It is for your own safety..."

"Was she locked here for all this time? Maybe she just wants to stretch a bit..." Rock argued.

Geetz sighed. "Very well. I shall accompany you then. But Mistress Sera, please do not push yourself too much."

"You're coming too? Great!" Rock said, then turned to Sera. "Don't worry. There're two people looking over you. Everything will be fine."

The three left the room together. They walked slowly and silently until they got to the room with the key. It was there, enclosed by a protective transparent barrier, displayed proudly to anyone that entered the room.

"It... It is one of the keys indeed..." Sera said in a near whisper. Her red eyes burned intensely and reflected her satisfaction. It was her biggest display of emotion since the moment she got in that ship. However, it quickly faded away and soon she was back to cold and serious mode.

It happened so fast that Rock wondered if he had really seen her expression change or if it was just his imagination. He couldn't think over it for long because Geetz began talking to him.

"Mister Rock, correct?"

"Huh...?" Rock was unsure for a moment. Being addressed like that was weird. "... Y-yeah, but..." He would object to the "Mister" part, but Geetz kept speaking.

"You really got the key. We are very grateful for that."

The honorific was forgotten in favor of a more nagging matter. "You're welcome... But I have a question."


"What do you need those keys for, actually?"

"Hmm?" Geetz was incredulous. What was Bluecher thinking? Did he ask for the boy's help without saying what it was about? Well, it somehow made sense, as the man could be withholding information and planning to get the "treasure" all for himself through the boy's efforts. "Weren't you told about it? These are the keys to unlock the legendary treasure, the 'Great Legacy...' Oh, apologies. I think the people here refer to it as the 'Mother Lode...'"

"Yeah, I know that." Rock nodded. "What I don't understand is..." He ran a hand through his hair thoughtfully. "Well, I heard that you were after the keys to be able to save her." He glanced at Sera. "But save her from what?"

So even that detail had gotten to the boy? Geetz was wrong. Bluecher wasn't withholding information. On the contrary, he was speaking too much. It was Geetz himself that needed to withhold information. "It is our problem. Something that you do not need to concern yourself about."

"Huh? But I'm helping too, aren't I? I think I could at least know what I'm helping to achieve."

Sera's good mood was getting ruined, and was slowly turning into irritation. That boy was smarter than they gave him credit for. Not to mention that something about the way he argued back reminded her of a certain annoying Purifier Unit.

Geetz didn't want to admit, but the boy had a point. Strangely, Rock seemed more worried for them than for the treasure. "Our problem is ours only, and does not concern you. The only thing that should matter to you, is that unlocking this technology can free all of you from your problems, and you will never need to worry about anything anymore." It was true, only not in the way he made it sound. Geetz proceeded to place promising ideas in the boy's head. "Have you ever imagined a perfect world, peaceful and without pain or suffering? That is what humanity craved for all these centuries, and it is what this past technology has the potential to bring." He meant for the restored humans, which would be the new inhabitants of Terra after the reinitialization took place.

Rock wasn't convinced. "Hmm, I don't know... Somehow I have a weird feeling about this."

"You are already helping us by getting the keys, and we are immensely grateful for that." Geetz tried flattering the boy's ego to see if he conceded. On Elysium, sometimes that was what took for some old lesser Units to work properly. "We are impressed that a youth like you was able to come this far."

"Thanks. I do what I can." To Geetz's dismay, Rock added. "So if I can help with anything else..."

Geetz sighed. "Just focus on getting the keys. It is more than enough."

"Hmm, okay..." Rock answered, but he still didn't look convinced.

"Mistress Sera, we should go back to our assigned room."

"Wait!" Rock stopped them. "Did you already get a tour of the ship?"

"... Actually, no." The Servitor Unit answered.

"Oh! Then I can show you around. The ship is huge and has a lot of technological stuff. It's amazing! Aren't you curious to see some technology that came after your time?"

"I apologize. Mister Bluecher instructed us to stay in that room. It is not wise for us to be outside for too long."

"Is that so? Wait here. ... Mister Bluecher?"

Rock ran out of the key's room, where Bluecher's office was, then proceeded to ask for authorization. Sera and Geetz could make out Rock's voice asking something, then Bluecher's voice saying, "If they are with you, I see no problem. I'll instruct the guards..." Followed by some more talk, then Rock came back.

"All clear."

"Hmm, they trust you too much..." Surprisingly, Sera was the one who spoke.

"Hahaha, I guess that's a good thing."

Mother and Servitor Units traded knowing looks. They didn't want to be moving around too much, risking blowing up their fa├žade. But now they even had clearance from Bluecher. They would have to go. There was no choice.

"Shall we go, then?" Geetz chose to carry Sera so as to not raise suspicion.

They took a walk around the ship. Geetz tried, but was unable to hide his amazement towards the Carbon's technology. He couldn't avoid commenting on whatever piqued his interest.

Sera, on the other hand, was mostly silent. Carried by her servant, she observed the scenery around and their guide waving to anyone they came across. She mostly stayed quiet while the other two commented on the pieces of technology they saw. It was impressive how the Carbons managed to develop those things... Including three small yellow-headed robots that Rock ended up rescuing, even though they weren't part of the ship's tech nor Bluecher's crew. One was crying rather convincingly, the other was reading a book and the last one was complaining about hunger. These robots nowadays...

"Waaaaa! Where's everyone!?" The third one said, crying. "I'm hungry! Miss Tron said we'd have hamburger tonight! I want hamburger! Miss Tron! Where's Miss Tron!?"


As expected, the Servbot jumped and his already big eyes widened in shock. In the two cases prior, the reaction to the boy's arrival was very similar. "Aaaaah! M-Mister Rock!" ... Except for that.

"... Huh?" It was Rock's turn to be surprised. First Geetz, now them too? "... 'Mister...?'"

"Y-yes," the little robot answered. "ever since we learned of your name, that's how we've been calling you!" The Servbot didn't look afraid anymore. His eyes were lighting up with hope. "By the way, you know where Miss Tron is, right? Right? Please, say 'yes...!'"

Poor thing, Rock thought. "Umm, sorry, I don't. I hadn't seen her since Pokte Village."

"Po... Po-Pokte... Village!" The Servbot was desperate again. "Oh no! They said the next mission was in Pokte Village... So everyone already went there..."

"Yeah, and they failed." Rock said as if it was the most normal of things. "But don't worry. Tron is strong and should be okay."

"... Do you... Think so?" The robot was almost crying.

"The machine... Isn't usable anymore..." He chose to be careful with his words. "But Tron is okay, I assure you."

"Ah... Thank you!" The Servbot bowed. "Thank you for always being nice to Miss Tron!"

"Um... No problem. Anyway, I found two other Servbots a while back."

"O-other Servbots?"

"Yeah. They said they got lost too. Want me to take you to them?"

"Yes, yes, please!" The Servbot bounced happily in place.

Rock guided the Servbot to the room where he had left the others.

"Oh, you really found him." The second Servbot put away the book he was reading. "Thank you very much."

"Thank you, you saved us!" The first one said.

"Miss Tron was right. She said you're a very gentle person!" The third one spoke.

"... Tron? ... Said that?" Certainly not what he expected to hear from someone that always got blown by his weapons.

"Yes!" The third Servbot jumped.

Weird, Rock thought. "... Um... Okay, I need to be going now. You three be good and take care to not get lost again, alright?"

"Roger!" The three answered in unison.

They continued the ship's tour. They entered a large hall which was filled by a pleasant aroma.

What is this? Sera thought as she felt her mouth watering. Her eyes scanned the room in search of the aroma's source.

"Wait." She stopped them. She was intensely eying a coffee machine.

"Hm?" Rock looked in the direction Sera had indicated. She hadn't particularly shown interest in anything they had seen so far, now she was entranced by a simple coffee machine, out of all things? "What about...?"

"Is it... True coffee?"

He found the question strange. "Huh? Of course. Why wouldn't it be?"

Geetz cleared Rock's confusion. "Back in... The place where we lived, we did not have true coffee. There was only a substance made to resemble it, which was fabricated."

"Ugh." Rock grimaced. "That doesn't sound very good." In no time, he was all enthusiastic again. "You should prove this one, then! It's great. Want some?"

The two hesitated, but in the end Sera nodded and convinced Geetz to join her. Soon the three were seated on a bench, enjoying their cups of coffee.

Sera was delighted by the substance's taste. It was much better than she had expected. The "coffee" from Elysium was very dull. She only drank it because it stimulated her internal systems. She recalled that, and her thoughts wandered off.


She had ordered Geetz to complete some tasks, including bringing her some coffee when he was finished. She was alone at her computers, analyzing countless reports of the Master System's performance. When she least expected, someone barged in the room through the electronic door and nearly made her jump.

"Mistress Sera!" It was a Unit. A Purifier Unit, to be more exact. He had the appearance of a Carbon in his early twenties. He usually wore a navy blue armor, but he was currently off duty and was wearing a black jacket and gray trousers. He also wore a necklace chain with a crystal pendant. His hair was spiked, rebellious, dark-red and somewhat long, going a little past his shoulders. His skin tone was not as dark as the other Units', nor as light as the Master's. He had lively green eyes, and almost always had a grin plastered on his face.

"Trigger. How many times do I have to tell you to-"

He interrupted her. "Knock, yeah. I know, I actually remembered it this time." He could probably tell that Sera wasn't convinced. "It's true! I'd knock, but well, you see. My hands are occupied." To make his point, he raised the two large cups of coffee he was holding.

Sera sighed. She hated when he decided to disturb her work. He was an excellent battler, and the best Purifier Unit. Outside of battle though, it was a different story. Despite having the appearance of an adult, he acted like a Carbon child most of the time... Well, not that she had that much experience with Carbon children to really know. The point is: he was like a child in an adult body. His presence was invasive. He was always very loud, as if his volume output were constantly locked to 100%. He was hyperactive, talked too much and was unable to sit still for long. Sera only hadn't declared him defective yet because he excelled in his job, and because the Master seemed to take comfort in his presence for whatever reason. However, she was set on reporting him whenever the first opportunity arose. "What are you doing here?" She asked, praying for his visit to be quick.

"Geetz told me you had asked for coffee. He was very busy, so I offered to help. I thought you could use the coffee earlier." He left one of the cups on the table in front of her.

Sera took her drink. When she was about to dismiss him, he pulled a chair without asking for permission and sat next to her.

"I'll join you," he said and began to empty the other cup. "... Mistress Sera."

She turned her head in his direction, almost grunting in annoyance.

"Have you ever had coffee?" He probably realized that it sounded stupid and quickly corrected. "... I mean, the real thing. Not this artificial stuff."

"No." She answered dryly.

"The Master said that true coffee is much different than this. He said he misses it... He made a very sad face when he told me that..."

Sera found it absurd. They were in the perfect world. The Master shouldn't be so sad over something as mundane as coffee.

They drank the rest of their coffee in silence. Sera put her cup away. She went back to work and did her best to ignore the First Class Purifier seated beside her. Surprisingly, Trigger managed to stay quiet for almost one minute. Of course, it didn't last long and soon he began speaking again.

"Hmm. Too much work?" He glanced at the wall of text on the computer screen.

"What do you think?" Sera was already getting irritated.

"I think you're always pushing yourself too hard." He answered as if unaware that it was a rhetorical question. Either he didn't notice her irritation, or if he noticed, he didn't care. "If I knew anything about this stuff, I'd help you."

Sera turned to face him fully. "Trigger." She called in a serious tone and glared at him threateningly.


Like always, he didn't even flinch. It unnerved her. Unlike all the other Units, he was the only one that she never succeeded to intimidate.

"I will stress this once more. The Unit categories exist for a reason. Each Unit is specialized in one area, and shouldn't interfere in the work of others. That is why you must focus only on your duties and nothing else. Do you understand?"

"Hmm." Trigger had a thoughtful expression for a bit, but he didn't consider her lecture for long. "I still think learning different things makes for good experience."

She hardened her glare. "Listen. Straying from the rules is the first step into becoming an Irregular. Always remember that."

"Ah." Understanding crossed his face. "I see. So that's what you were worrying about..."


But once again, he hadn't taken it the way she had wanted. To her dismay, he just shrugged and laughed it off. "Hahaha! Come on! I understand it's a really big responsibility to look over the System. But you know? Sometimes, you just worry too much!" He stood up and retrieved the empty cups. "Want more coffee?" He didn't wait for her answer. "You do, yeah I know you do!" He quickly turned to leave.

"Trigger!" She called, intent on reprimanding him again.

"Wait here. I'll be back in a flash!" And he bolted out of the room.

One minute later, he was back with two even larger cups.

"Told you I'd be fast, didn't I?" Trigger grinned as he placed Sera's cup on her table. He took his place on the chair next to her and began drinking his own coffee.

Sera didn't take her cup. She decided to leave it for later. She tried to continue her work, but couldn't get very far because Trigger began shuffling on his chair and speaking at 120% volume.

"I can't wait to try the coffee from Terra! If the Master likes it so much, it has to be great! Hahahaha! Don't you think? ... Whenever a chance comes, I'm going there. Then, I want you to come with me! And Geetz too, because he also likes coffee a lot! It'll be really really really awesome!"

Sera cursed internally. She had witnessed that a few times before. Normal Trigger was already bad enough. In "caffeinated mode," he got even more agitated and harder to deal with. Sera was starting to get an headache. She had to end that soon if she wanted to preserve her sanity. "Trigger, you are dismissed." No reaction. "Rockman Trigger!" She had to raise her voice.

"... Hmm?" He stopped shuffling and looked sideways at her.

"I said you are dismissed."

"Ah, I heard that." He waved it off as though it meant nothing.

"Then, please leave."

"Why?" He protested. "I want to stay more! I don't have anything else to do now... So I wanted to watch your work! And maybe learn something..."

Sera gave him another of her glares. "What you should learn, is that rules were made to be followed! Stop interfering in my work and leave me alone! I am already getting a headache..."

"That's because you work too much! I told you that you push yourself too hard..." He said in a scolding tone, then widened his eyes at her in concern. "Are you okay? Want me to call maintenance?"

"No. I need concentration. I need silence, and please, I need you to leave this room, now."

"Hmm, okay..." He finally stood up, but he still looked as if he didn't want to comply. "Then, see you later!" And the hurricane known as Rockman Trigger was finally out of the room.

Sera sighed. She decided to drink her already cold coffee, to see if it helped in reducing her headache.


She glanced at the coffee machine again. If Trigger were there, he undoubtedly would be amazed by the true coffee. He would drink a lot, and his caffeine levels would go well beyond the threshold. He would wreak havoc in the Sulphur-Bottom, and she would have to stop him before Bluecher decided to throw them all out of the ship. Sera blinked, and made the image disappear. Where did that outrageous thought come from? Trigger was an Irregular, and should have been terminated. She shouldn't be fantasizing about wasting time drinking coffee with him and Geetz in a Carbon's ship.

Speaking of Geetz, the Servitor was on his second cup. Sera kept staring at the coffee machine and considering getting a second cup herself.

Meanwhile, Rock had finished his first one and just waited patiently for them. He noticed Sera looking at the coffee machine and decided to help her. "Do you want more?"

In the end, Sera couldn't resist and gave a slight nod. She was glad she didn't need to ask, but on the other hand, she was a bit annoyed because that boy already proved to read her too well.

"Here." He refilled the cup and passed it back to her.

She took it, nodding gratefully. Rock gave her a bright smile, which reminded her of Trigger... Again. She quickly dismissed the thought and decided to concentrate on her coffee instead.

They finished their little tour and went back to the room assigned to Sera and Geetz.

"We thank you for your guidance." Geetz spoke for both of them.

"You're welcome." Rock smiled. "I'll be going now. You two are coming to the party tonight, right?"

"A party?" Geetz was confused.

"Yeah, didn't anyone tell you? Mister Bluecher told me that he'll give a party to mark the end of the Forbidden Island expedition. He wants to keep the part about the keys and the Mother Lode private, but he says the party is actually to celebrate that we got the first key. He invited both of you, too."

Geetz was hesitant. "Wouldn't our presence draw attention to said private matters?"

"Only if you talk about them. It's the agreement. No one should talk about those... Besides, there'll be various sorts of people coming. For everyone, we'll be just other guests. Nothing more, nothing less." Says the one that did all the hard work. "If you don't come, are you going to stay here in this room with nothing to do?"


Rock didn't let Geetz argue back. "Mister Bluecher said there'll be an orchestra! Have you ever seen one live?"

"... No." Geetz answered.

"Me too. I only saw orchestras on TV. I want to see it, sounds amazing!" Rock was all excited.

That enthusiasm, coupled with the way of dragging people into things, were really reminiscent of a certain Purifier Unit. Geetz involuntarily recalled an event involving the subject of orchestras, the Master and said Purifier. That made him think it should be worth their time. He looked at his mistress for approval and got a reluctant nod in response. He turned back to Rock. "Well, if we were invited..."

"Then, it's set. See you tonight!" Rock nodded to them and left the room.

Geetz closed the door.

What did we get ourselves into? Geetz thought, and looking at Sera, he could tell that similar thoughts were crossing her mind.

A/n: Interacting with the "ancients," then rescuing the Servbots... Basically, everything I wanted to do while in the Sulphur-Bottom but the game didn't allow me to.

I'm pretty sure that the "ancients" could do some scanning and recognize Rock as Trigger, but for the sake of this fic, they didn't (yet) :P.

As for Trigger's appearance in this story, think older Rock Volnutt with a bit darker skin, and longer but dark-red hair (as for what an "older" Rock would look like, that's up to your imagination :P). All of this is for a reason, though.

Update (2014/08/23): like I was doing with my Pokemon fic, I began adapting scenes of this fan fiction to audio drama in Japanese. If you like Japanese audio, you might like this (or not :P). I did the part about the Juno nightmare. It can be found here:

goo dot gl / i29AD1

Requests of new scenes to make are welcome. Something about the "ancients" and Rock... Or Trigger (how about some coffee? :P)... Or maybe the Servbots?