Trigger of Change

Written by Aiyumi

Disclaimer: Rockman/Mega Man, as well as any other trademark that may be referenced in this fan fiction, are properties of their respective owners. I am just a fan and do not have any relations to said people/companies.

Chapter 2: The Orchestra

"Rock, what took you so long?" Roll asked when Rock came back to the Flutter.

"Sorry. I decided to talk to those ancients and show them around the ship."

"Hmmm, I see." Roll grinned. "RPG protagonist complex again, huh?"

"Hey. Please, don't say that." He made a face and looked offended.

Roll giggled. "Okay, okay." She went back to the subject. "What kind of people are they?"

"Well, the man's name is Geetz and the girl is called Sera. They act very serious most of the time, but I think that's normal. I mean, they were trapped on that island for who knows how long, then woke up to this world were they don't have anything or anyone... It might take a long time until they get used to this place and warm up to us. "

At first sight, Roll had the impression that they were indeed too serious, maybe a bit dangerous... But after Rock's reasoning, she thought that maybe they weren't that bad.

Rock continued. "I still don't know much about them, but I noticed that Geetz really likes technological stuff. He got very impressed while I was showing them around the ship. Sera, well... She doesn't talk much. I saw that she loved the coffee, though!"

Roll giggled.

"Recovery complete!" A voice came from the speakers and interrupted them. "Engines are stable, initiating countdown! Takeoff in thirty... Twenty nine... Twenty eight..."

"Oh! Isn't it incredible?" Roll changed the subject. "They already managed to fix the Sulphur-Bottom's engines!"

In around twenty seconds, they were in the air. Bluecher had ordered them to get out of their crash position near Forbidden Island, and land somewhere more accessible. The party would be held on the ship, and the guests would be able to reach it easily.

It was nightfall. A guard came bringing the clothes for them to wear at the party. Rock came out of the men's bathroom, while Roll came out of the women's.

Rock was wearing a navy blue suit, and had used some gel to keep his hair more under control. That was what he usually did when he had to go meet with important people. "Roll, you're lucky to have gotten something so simple and nice."

Roll wore a simple pink dress and had removed her hat. "Wow. Rock, you look too formal!"

"Yeah, I saw myself in the mirror. I'm looking too serious! This way, people will have a reason to call me 'Mister Rock,' and I won't have one to blame them..."

She knew he didn't like to be called that. "You really have a problem with that, don't you?"

"I'm too young for that! And even if I wasn't, I can't imagine myself with status of any kind."

"It isn't status, Rock. It's only respect. That's normal."

"Feels a bit heavy for me."

"You put your life in danger almost every day. Now, you were asked to find the keys to the biggest treasure in History, and yet you enter and navigate those ruins like it was nothing! Isn't that heavy for you?" No answer. "I mean, come on. Just accept that and be done with it."

"Okay, okay..." He waved resignedly and changed the subject. "So, what are you going to do now?"

"I'll stay with Gramps for a bit. So much happened after we arrived, and I still couldn't talk to him much."

"Alright. I'll take a walk around."

"Okay, see you later."

The "ancients" were also given clothes for the party. Geetz was given a gray business suit, while Sera got a light pink dress with ribbons that made her look even more like a little child. Walking slowly through the ship's corridors, they met Rock.

"Hey!" The boy waved to them.

It took a few seconds for Geetz to realize it was him. "Oh. Mister Rock? I nearly failed to recognize you..."

"Hahaha." Rock laughed at Geetz's unusual choice of words. "I looked in the mirror and almost didn't recognize myself, so I can't blame you, I guess."

"This is embarrassing." Sera touched the big ribbons on her dress. She was talking just to herself, but Rock heard her.

"Yeah, you're not alone. This thing makes me look too serious. I like the color, though."

Sera focused away from her dress to take a good look at him. His suit was navy blue, just like the armor of that Purifier Unit who was invading her thoughts so much that day.

They went to the room where Bluecher would open the party. Since it was too crowded and Bluecher was ready to start his speech, Rock didn't have time to locate Roll and stayed where he was. They sat down, Sera in the middle, with Geetz at her right and Rock at her left. Half of a minute later, Bluecher began speaking.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for assembling here today. The long awaited expedition to Forbidden Island has come to an end. Even though we were faced with various difficulties, we were able to explore the island." He said though they weren't, Rock being the one that did all the hard work. But that was the agreement. No "details." "The bad news is that, unfortunately, the Mother Lode was not there. On the other hand, the good news is that, once again, we survived!"

people began murmuring.

"If the Mother Lode wasn't there, then what did you find?" A reporter voiced the question nagging the majority there present.

"Only Reaverbots. Oddly, after defeating a big and powerful Reaverbot at the center, the storm stopped as if it had never happened. With that, now ships can enter there normally. You can investigate it for yourselves, although I don't think there is much to find, as the island is currently empty. It is as if everything about that island was just a dream. Things suddenly went back to normal... The calm after the storm, I suppose." Bluecher joked.

Another reporter raised a hand. "We heard rumors that the Diggers who had disappeared were brought back. Is that true?"

"Yes. When the Reaverbot was destroyed, they were freed."

The people that disappeared... Came back? Then maybe... That new bit of information brought some hope to Roll. There was a chance that her parents were among the Diggers that came back.

"Are you saying that the Reaverbots were keeping them captive? If so, for what purpose?" Another reporter asked.

"We do not know as of yet." Bluecher admitted.

"Really not any hint to the Mother Lode?" Another reporter insisted.

"There are a few other mysteries we are currently trying to solve. Maybe they mean something, maybe not. We still cannot say anything about those at the moment, so as not to jump to conclusions ahead of time." He snapped his fingers. "For now, let's celebrate the closure of our expedition, as well as the survival of all Diggers who ventured there, including ourselves! May the party begin! We wish you all an enjoyable stay! Now, please welcome the Manda Orchestra, from Pokte Village in Manda Island!"

Bluecher and the reporters stepped away to give room to the orchestra. It was a small group of around 20 members. People were chattering while the players assumed their positions.

"Did you know?" A woman spoke, a few rows of seats behind Rock. "Pokte Village was attacked by pirates recently. Part of the money that Mister Bluecher paid the orchestra will be used to restore the village!"

"Wow..." Came the response of the woman beside her.

The players got to their positions and the crowd silenced. A few moments later, the room was filled with the sound of the first movement of "Spring" from "The Four Seasons."

This song... Sera's thoughts began wandering off again. Master...


She and Geetz came to the Master's building. The Servitor rang the doorbell. Bouncy footsteps echoed from inside, an indication that the Master wasn't the one coming to welcome them. The door was opened to reveal Trigger in casual clothes.

"Oh, it's you!" The Purifier spoke with a smile.

"We have brought the files the Master requested. Could you please deliver this to him?" Geetz handed out a small disk.

Trigger didn't take it. "Why don't you come in? You arrived at a good time! The Master said he wanted to show something interesting!" He turned around to face the man coming from behind. "Right, Master?"

"Good afternoon, Master. We brought you the files you requested." Geetz handed out the disk again.

"Good afternoon, Geetz, Sera." The Master took the disk. "Thank you. I will take a look at this later. While organizing my things, I found some old recordings that I was unaware I still had. We were about to check them out. Why don't you join us?"

Geetz looked at Sera, awaiting her decision.

"If you so wish..." She addressed the Master.

"Please come in." He guided them inside.

They followed. When they arrived at the living room, they were greeted by a huge mess of paper and boxes strewn on the ground.

"I am sorry." The Master apologized. "It is a bit messy, but please do not mind it."

Geetz had his mouth hanging open for a while, until he caught himself and quickly corrected his posture.

"There is no need to apologize, Master," Sera said, perfectly sure that 99% of that mess wasn't the Master's doing.

"Hmm... Well... Please sit down." He indicated the sofa.

They did as asked. The Master inserted a DVD into a drive in his computer, then turned on a big monitor which would play the role of a TV.

"What is it? What is it...?" Trigger tapped a foot on the ground impatiently, earning a grunt of annoyance from Sera.

The Master pressed the play button. "I hope the files are still intact..." He held his breath while the word "Loading" was displayed on the screen.

"Oh!" Trigger exclaimed when the message went away and the image changed.

"Yes! Hahaha!" The Master almost jumped in joy when the movie started playing.

Sera was curious as to what had caused that reaction, since it was rare to see the Master so excited. She turned her full attention to the monitor. The movie showed a large hall. On the stage at the center, there was a medium group of teenagers in a circular formation, armed with various wooden instruments. At the back, there were rows of seats from where many others watched. That room was unfamiliar to her. It wasn't anywhere in Elysium. Also, those people... Who were they? They didn't look like the Units from Elysium. Were they Carbons? No. There was something different about them.

"Oh my! I still can't believe it!" The Master spoke gleefully.

"This... Is...?" Sera asked.

"It is a recording of my group's final presentation at school, back on Terra before the Reaverbots destroyed everything." He answered.

Sera and Geetz were shocked.

"This means..." Geetz found his speech first.

Sera completed. "Those are humans... We are seeing the true human race..."

"Yes." The Master confirmed and left them speechless again, except for one.

"Wow! That's amazing!" Trigger jumped on his seat. "What are they doing?"

"This is an orchestra." The Master explained. "Everyone is strategically positioned in order to get the best sound quality. Each of its members plays a musical instrument, and an important part in achieving the final, full sound. It is as if each of the members were a piece of a big puzzle."

"Hmm..." Trigger had his eyes wide. "So, those wooden things make sound?"


"You were the leader, right?" The Purifier kept asking.

"No, I was not."

"What!?" Trigger shouted. "How can that be? I can't imagine you not being the leader!"

The Master chuckled. "I was not chosen. There were others better suited to the job."

"No, this isn't right!" Trigger whined as if the Master had been a victim of injustice.

The Master simply smiled and patted Trigger on the head as if he were a little child.

"Now, we listen to group B, with the first movement of 'Spring' from 'The Four Seasons,' composed by Antonio Vivaldi!" The announcer in the movie said.

"Master, who's Antonio Vivaldi?" Trigger asked.

"A composer from 16XX. The music is from 17XX."

"17XX! Such a long time ago...!" Trigger almost shouted. When the music began, he was surprised by the "velvet" like sound coming from the strings. "Wow! This is the sound those things make? Ahahaha! I thought they'd sound more like... Um, tapping on wood, you know? ... Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahaha!" He started laughing like crazy.

Sera couldn't take it anymore. She wanted to listen to the true humans' work of art, but that annoying Purifier refused to stop making noise. "Trigger, could you please stay in silence? I would like to listen to the recording." She said in a rare display of will. She usually didn't openly express her wishes, unless they were related to work.

"Ah... Okay," he said and shut his mouth, but as always his silence didn't last long. He stared at the monitor in concentration for a moment, then suddenly shouted. "Found him! Look! It's the Master!" He pointed at a blonde teen playing the violin, a bit obscured by other players.

"That's correct." The man smiled. "You have good observation skills, Trigger."

Sera would grunt in irritation, but the Master's input made her look at the person Trigger had pointed at. He was younger and had much shorter hair, but it was undeniable. That boy was indeed the Master. Throughout the remainder of the music, the Units were focused on the young Master, while the Master from the present had his eyes closed, lost in his memories.

After the recording ended, they were still in awe. That was the true humans' potential.

"It was awesome!" Trigger said. "Now I want to see one of those live! ... Master, do you think the Carbons have orchestras too?"

"Hmm, I never checked that, though I think they might."

"Then please check it. If they do, I want to go there!"

"Maybe one day, who knows..." The Master had a smile and a distant look. "However, while watching the performance, there is an important rule that must be followed, which might be a bit hard for you."

"What's it?" Trigger gave a curious look.

The Master grinned playfully. "You must stay quiet."

"Oh... Ah..." Trigger looked a bit embarrassed.

"Perhaps you should make the habit of... 'Practicing' sometimes." The Master's tone was still playful.

"Um... Okay, I'll try. Anything to watch an awesome show like that!"

"Oh, will you? I wish I could be there to see that."

"That'd be nice, if you could stand being on Terra..." Trigger's expression quickly changed from excited to sad, then back to excited again. "Ah, then, when I go there, can I take Mistress Sera and Geetz?"

Before the Master could answer, Sera did. "There is no point."

"Huh? Why?" Trigger turned to her.

"There is a great depth of emotion and skill involved, which are exclusive to the true humans. The Carbons are just mere artificial fabrications, and will never be able to match that kind of performance."

"Hmm... But what if they do?" The Purifier insisted. "Then it's more reason to see it! Right?"

Sera sighed and gave up on arguing back. Like always, talking to him was useless. Whatever she said, he would just counter with more nonsense. It wasn't worth her energy.


Sera opened her eyes suddenly, back from her thoughts. Why was that Purifier invading her head so much? She had thought of him countless times that day. She decided to focus on the performance ahead. A lively performance. Sera was impressed. She had thought only the true humans would be capable of playing on that emotional level, but apparently, she was wrong. Inadvertently, an image appeared in her head, depicting what would be like if Trigger had taken her and Geetz to see a Carbon's orchestra... No, not again! Get out of my head already, Trigger! She thought as she blinked to erase the image. Then she looked to her right, where Geetz also seemed to be lost in thought.

Meanwhile, to Sera's left, was Rock. He was quiet, except for his eyes that frantically scanned the orchestra in search of someone that wasn't there. Huh? What am I doing? He thought and stopped his search. He didn't know anyone from that orchestra, so who could he be searching for? That made no sense. He laughed internally at his own stupidity and focused back on the performance.

The performance ended. Everyone dispersed and began talking to each other about various subjects. Bluecher called Barrell and Roll to talk, so they also left.

Rock couldn't describe what he was feeling. The show was great, but he felt that something was missing... Or maybe someone. He was sure he knew a person that would really love to have seen it, but he couldn't remember who, or where from. He searched his memory for conversations with people he had met on the many islands he visited, trying to recall anything they could have said about orchestras, but nothing came up. Rock gave up and turned to his right. There, Sera was seated, with an expression so peaceful that he considered whether he should talk to her or not. However, as if sensing his gaze on her, she turned her head abruptly in his direction, startled.

Sera had been nearly hypnotized by the soothing sound of the strings. She kept thinking about the Master, how he would have liked to see such a performance. Maybe he would smile, or get very excited like when he found out his recordings were still playable... But of course, he was rarely alone. Where the Master was, there was Trigger. Sera began imagining what would be like to have the two watching that show.

"Wow! So this is what's like to see an orchestra live!" Trigger would shout at 130% volume and cause the nearby Carbons to direct strange looks at their group.

"Ssshhh..." The Master would shush him, then scold him in a low voice. "Remember what I told you? What was the rule, again?"

"Oh... Yeah, right. Hahaha, sorry!" The Purifier would smile sheepishly and apologize as loud as before, without making any effort to lower his volume output. That would leave Sera irritated and...

"Ah!" Sera gasped. She came back to reality, only then noticing that the performance was over. She had turned her head to the left, and nearly jumped when she opened her eyes. For a moment, she thought she had seen Trigger, but the illusion quickly faded away and she was facing Rock. Yes, Rock. He stayed so quiet the whole time that she had forgotten he was even there. "I-it's over..." She said, trying to recompose herself.

"Hm." Rock nodded. "Most people already left. And they're leaving, too." He pointed at the orchestra members. "I think we should go talk to them."

"... For what?" She didn't see a point.

"To let them know we liked what they did. Don't you like when people tell you they appreciate what you do?"

Probably. Only, she wasn't used to receiving compliments. She always did her work exactly as instructed. Everything she did was what was expected of her, nothing special enough to deserve a compliment. Well, Trigger complimented her sometimes, but that didn't count, since he said so much nonsense. Aside from him, no one else. Sera worked very hard thinking on pleasing the Master, and she had to admit that she would have liked to be praised by him.

"Let's go." Rock stood up and inadvertently grabbed her by the hand, startling her.

She stood up reluctantly and threw a desperate look towards Geetz. However, her Servitor was distracted talking to someone and didn't notice her. Frustrated and without much choice, she decided to let herself be pulled.

"Hi, good evening." Rock began. "The show was great. It was touching!"

The conductor smiled. "Glad to know that it could appeal to young people like you. Most teenagers nowadays don't have much interest in this kind of music," he said even though the other orchestra members were also young people.

"It was impressive." The compliment left Sera's mouth and surprised even herself.

"Thank you." The man had thought that Sera was a little child, and was taken aback by her choice of words.

"Wait," one of the members pointed at Rock. "You're the boy that fought the pirates!"

"Err, yeah." Rock wasn't expecting to be recognized. "S-sorry that I couldn't prevent all that damage." Tron's shots had flown all over the place, not to mention that her attempts to fake Roll's voice were an annoying distraction at first.

"What are you saying!?" It was the same person. "You were very brave to fight them alone. You saved the village! Thank you very much!" He bowed, and many other members followed suit. That left Rock embarrassed.

The three Servbots that Rock had helped earlier were hiding in a corner.

"That was really amazing!" The first one commented.

"Yes," the third one said. "too bad Miss Tron and Master Teisel weren't here to see it..."

"Hmm." The second one made an affirmative sound, with his head buried in a book.

"Hey, I have an idea!" The first one spoke again. "Let's make a Servbot orchestra! Then we can play to them inside the future New Gesellschaft!"

"Nice idea!" The third one agreed. "Miss Tron will be very proud of us! And Master Teisel likes this kind of music. I saw he has CDs with music by someone named J. S. Bach..."

The studious Servbot spoke. "I read that listening to classical music helps children to develop better. It'll be good for Master Bon too!"

"Yes! Then let's make a plan!" The third one said, then they began to discuss their plan.

"Great show. It's impressive how art from so long ago was able to survive until today, isn't it?" A man spoke to Geetz.

"... Yes." The Servitor answered, still lost in thought.

The man spoke more, while Geetz just half-listened, agreeing with a few things.

"Please excuse me." Geetz stood up and began walking away. He intended to stay alone for a bit and organize his thoughts. He saw Sera with Rock near the orchestra members. Usually, he would put his mistress first like his duty dictated, but this time, for some reason he considered Sera to be safe enough in Rock's presence and simply let them be. Geetz was also taken aback by the Carbons' performance, still lost in thought after recalling the same event that Sera had. Although it seemed pointless at the time, watching a Carbon's orchestra proved to be quite entertaining. They could have come to see it (or a similar one) under different circumstances. Himself, Sera, Trigger, and maybe the Master if they found a way to make him adapt to Terra's environment. But that wasn't what happened. Why did it have to come to this?


"This is Mistress Sera, the Mother Unit in charge of Elysium's branch of the System. And this is Geetz, her Servitor Unit." The Master introduced them to the newest First Class Purifier. "Your rank is right between those two."

"Hi!" The Purifier smiled at them. He was in his navy blue armor. He still didn't wear the crystal pendant at the time.

"State your mission." Sera commanded.

"My mission is to serve the Master." He was acting serious, speaking in an automatic fashion as if reciting something from a book. "To use my skill in favor of the System, and to eliminate any threats to it. Oh, and..." He paused, looking like he had forgotten the "script." "... Ah! And if Reaverbots from the Elder System decide to come out, I'll go to Terra and eliminate them too! ... And..." He looked unsure, noticing that Sera still waited for him to say something. "Uh... Um...?"

"Your designation." She pressed.

"Ah, right!" He grinned and his serious mask cracked completely. "I'm First Class Purifier Unit Rockman Trigger. Nice to meet you!" He gave a slight bow, accompanied by a smile. "... Well, that's a bit too long, so you can just call me 'Trigger!'"

"Of course," Sera said. They wouldn't keep calling him by his full designation the whole time.

"Welcome to Elysium's ranks, Master Trigger." Geetz spoke.

"Hm? Thanks." It looked like he was displeased with something.

"Now I need to discuss a few things with Sera." The Master turned to the Servitor. "Geetz, could you please show Trigger around?"

"Yes, as you wish." Geetz answered and bowed respectfully.

"Trigger, do you mind?" The Master asked.

"No problem. See you later, then!" Trigger made a goodbye gesture towards the two before approaching Geetz. "Let's go!"

They walked a bit.

"Master Trigger..." Geetz began, but the Purifier cut him off.

"Hey, I told you to just call me 'Trigger!'"

"I am following protocol." The Servitor justified himself. "It states that I should refer to you as such, as I am one position below you in the hierarchy."

"But it's weird!" The Purifier protested. "Think about it. You can't call me 'Master,' because there's also the Master. And the Master is... The Master, you know! It'll only get confusing!"

"I apologize. Rules are rules." Geetz said firmly, without even thinking.

Trigger wasn't satisfied, but didn't insist.

They continued their tour of Elysium, with Trigger acting all friendly and cheerful towards the other Units. He didn't seem to have authority over them at all.

Geetz hadn't liked Trigger much, and soon discovered that Sera shared the same feeling. That couldn't be said for the Master, though. Trigger constantly followed the man around, but instead of considering him a nuisance, the Master even seemed happy to have the Purifier in his presence. Geetz couldn't understand why.

It wasn't long until Sera noticed unusual behavior from the Purifier and began reprimanding him.

"Remember." She spoke in an authoritative tone. "The Master is the only true human remaining. We were created solely to serve him. Our existence carries no other purpose." She paused. "We must do everything in our power to ensure the Master's safety and well-being."

Normally, when other Units received a lecture from her, they apologized and promised that the incident wouldn't be repeated. However, instead of doing that, Trigger dared argue back. "But that's what I was trying to do! The Master said..."

Sera interrupted him. "Humans were known to be unstable, and to say strange things sometimes. Being a human, the Master is also susceptible to such instability. Whenever he displays unusual behavior, just ignore him." She signaled with her hand, indicating the end of the meeting. "You are dismissed."

Trigger walked away, murmuring something like, "But he wasn't acting strange..."

Geetz approached his mistress when they were alone in the room. Despite not usually showing his impressions of his superiors, this time he made his displeasure known. "I do not understand. Why does the Master allow someone like that to be constantly in his presence?"

Sera hesitated. "The Master is the last one of his kind. He probably feels... Lonely. He is displaying more unusual behavior as time progresses. We must take care to ensure his mental health is preserved. That is why we must work hard to serve him as best as possible."

There was an Irregular hunting mission shortly after. Geetz and Sera had thought that the new Purifier wouldn't last long, but to their surprise, he proved to be quite skilled in battle.

The following day, Sera was working at her computers, analyzing the reports from that mission. Light from the artificial sun entered through the window, reflecting right on the screen in front of her. When asked about it, she said it wasn't important, but it seemed to affect her concentration somewhat, and that bothered Geetz. Since his presence wasn't required at the moment, the Servitor let her be, since she preferred to work alone. He was walking aimlessly when he heard Trigger's voice.

"Hey, Geetz!" The Purifier approached. "Huh, what's wrong? You look worried."

"It is nothing of importance." Geetz quickened his pace, not in the mood to put up with that Purifier's nonsense.

"Of course it is, or you wouldn't be this distressed!" Trigger insisted and began walking faster to catch up. "What happened? ... Does it have anything to do with Mistress Sera?"

"...!" That was spot on. It even made Geetz stop walking.

"You're very dedicated to her. If something happens to her, it worries you." Trigger answered the unspoken "how did you know?" question. "Am I right?"

"... Yes." Geetz had to admit that Trigger was smart.

"What happened?" Trigger went back to the question at hand.

"... She says it is unimportant."

"But it's worrying you. So...?" Trigger waited for an answer, but none came. "Alright, if you don't want to tell me, then you could tell it to someone else..." He clasped his hands. "Yeah! That's it! Why don't you talk to the Master about it?"

"What!?" Geetz found it absurd. No Unit dared to talk to the Master about things outside of their assigned tasks. "No, I cannot do that."

"Why not?"

"The Master must not be bothered with such insignificant matters!"

"Oh, come on." Trigger shrugged. "He'll be happy to see that you want his advice. Let's go!"

"Ah! Master Trigger!" Geetz was dragged to the direction of the Master's house.

Trigger rang the doorbell, while Geetz was already preparing to excuse himself, sure that it wasn't a good idea.

"Hi Master!" Trigger greeted when the man opened the door for them.

"Oh, hello." The Master welcomed them both with a smile.

Trigger went straight to the point. "Master, Geetz is having a problem and needs some advice. I thought you could help."

"Of course. What is the problem?" The Master turned to Geetz.

"I-it is nothing of much importance..." Geetz faltered.

"It must be important, since it is bothering you." Was the Master's answer.

"Yeah, that's what I said." Trigger grinned.

"Well..." Geetz explained the problem.

"Hmm." The Master was thoughtful. "Can I go there and take a look?" The Master offered.

Geetz did a double take. "I am sorry for wasting your time with such an insignificant matter. Huh...? Wait, do you mean... Would you, really...?"

"Yes, of course."

When they arrived there, Sera had already left.

"Ah, I see." The Master took in the situation. "Since when did you notice that her concentration was being affected?"

"Since the last time the room's layout changed. Or, to be more precise, three years, two months, twenty five days, and..."

The Master cut him off. "You could have raised this question sooner."

"A-apologies. Mistress Sera stated it was not important enough to require intervention."

"Well, let's see..." The Master considered what to do. "We can install a curtain on this window. I will ask the worker Units to take the necessary measures."

"Thank you very much." Geetz bowed.

"See?" Trigger had a triumphant grin. "Told you that the Master could help!"

When Sera arrived the next day, she quickly noticed the difference. "A curtain?"

"Yes. It was the Master's decision." Geetz quickly said in his defense.

"... The... Master's?" Instead of a reprimand like Geetz expected, Sera got really surprised and was almost speechless.


Sera began her work, still surprised. Geetz observed for a while. Satisfied with the result, he left. Trigger and the Master awaited him outside.

"How did it go?" The Master asked.

"She seems to be doing better indeed. I give you my most sincere thanks, Master."

"It was no problem."

"Glad that it was sorted out!" Trigger said.

"Sera deserves it," The Master added. "She works so hard... I just think she could care more about her own comfort sometimes." He changed the subject. "By the way, if you find any other problem, please tell me. I will do whatever I can. You all do so much for me, it is only fair for me to help you back."

Even after that, Geetz avoided bothering the Master about small problems. However, whenever Trigger found out that something was wrong, there was no escape.

Time passed. There were more missions. Trigger always invited the other Units (including Yuna and Gatts when they were present) to celebrate their successes. Everyone was reluctant at first, but they loosened up little by little. In those meetings, Geetz noticed many traits that made each one of them unique individuals, as opposed to the mere servants they were believed to be. Those were quite enjoyable moments, and made Geetz feel a little guilty. From his understanding, the Master was the only one who could have those luxuries, while they were there just to serve him. There was nothing in the rules concerning the Units' well-being, so he concluded that they didn't have that right. Yet, the Master was present in those meetings, but instead of disapproving of them, he seemed amused to see the Units having fun and talking more to each other. Sera refused to join them. She always said that she had more important matters to attend to (which she probably did), so she was never present. Sometimes, Geetz wondered if his mistress also had unrevealed traits like the others.

And there was Trigger. That Purifier was a strange one. No matter how many times he was reprimanded by Sera, he didn't change his ways. He acted like the stereotypical rebellious Carbon teenager. From refusing to wear his helmet during missions, to arguing with Sera, his behavior was anything but normal. However, he had different views on many subjects and raised questions that no other Unit had ever thought of. Geetz had to admit that the Purifier was good company, although he had never talked about that to Sera, since he knew she still had a strong dislike for Trigger. It got to the point that she was losing her temper with Trigger more often than not. That made Geetz fear that she would label the Purifier as an Irregular. The Servitor even covered for him a few times when Trigger failed to follow orders.

Years passed. Either during missions or due to becoming Irregulars, most Bureaucratics and Purifier Units had been destroyed. There was only one of each remaining. Respectively, Juno who was on Terra, in charge of an island called Kattelox, and Trigger who was (or rather, should have been) on Elysium. Construction of new Units was about to start, however there was no time, because the worst happened: Geetz's fears had come true. The only Purifier Unit remaining, Rockman Trigger, had been declared an irregular.

"What? You let him escape!?" Sera raised her voice and glared threateningly at all assembled lesser Units.

The Units looked uneasily at each other, then one of then spoke. "... We apologize. There was nothing we could have done."

Another one risked speaking. "He is a first class Purifier! We would not have any chance!"

"You..." Sera's glare intensified. It seemed like fire would come out of her red eyes. "He kidnapped the Master! That is an atrocious crime. And you are accomplices to that!" She suddenly activated her battle armor and made everyone step back in fear. "In the name of the Master and the System, I hereby declare all of you as Irregulars, and shall terminate you right now!"

"Mistress Sera!" Geetz gasped in horror. He had never seen his mistress that furious.

"Geetz!" She directed her glare at him.

"... Yes." He flinched, something that didn't happen often.

"Head to Terra and go after him. I will deal with these Irregulars personally."

"Yes, Mistress Sera." He quickly headed out of the room, set to do as ordered. He had a pang on his heart thinking of what would become of the remaining Units, but had to put the thought away. His mission was first priority.

Thus, Elysium effectively became devoid of life, subject to the Mother Unit's fury...

In his combat form, Geetz intercepted the shuttle occupied by Trigger and the Master. He pursued them for a while until Trigger realized they couldn't escape, partly because he was fully aware his piloting skills weren't that great. He landed the shuttle on top of a mountain, came out, and began to fight back.

"Why?" Geetz asked. "Why are you doing this? Why did you kidnap the Master!?"

He didn't recall what the answer was. He only remembered that it made no sense. They continued fighting, with Geetz constantly getting distracted by the memories of their enjoyable moments on Elysium. "Master Trigger. Don't you realize the stupidity of your actions? Open your eyes!"

They traded some more blows, and Geetz began to realize he, too, didn't have a chance against a First Class... No, the only First Class Purifier remaining, and the strongest of them.

"Master Trigger..." Geetz spoke with difficulty. "Mistress Sera declared all Units on Elysium as Irregulars... Because they allowed your escape."

"What?" Trigger was taken aback.

"She said she would terminate all of them... And she will wish to terminate you as well. As her Servitor Unit, my duty dictates that I should assist her! ... However... I... I am probably not allowed to say this but... I do not wish to see you terminated!"


"There is still time. Please, take the Master back to Elysium! I do not wish to fight you..." Geetz pleaded, even though Sera was unlikely to forgive Trigger even if the Master were brought back.

Trigger smiled. "I also don't want to fight you. That's why..." His face became serious all of a sudden. "I'm sorry!"

Trigger let a well-placed Buster shot that landed a critical hit and sent Geetz plummeting down the mountain.


"M-Mistress..." Geetz woke up in his humanoid form, very damaged and without enough energy to assume his combat form.

"The worst has happened." Sera said in a grave tone. "The Master... The Master is dead. I knew Trigger would become an Irregular sooner or later..."

Geetz was shocked. All his efforts meant nothing. It was too late.

"Do you know what that means?" She didn't wait for an answer. "The last human is dead. It is time to run the Carbon Reinitialization Program. However, we need the Master's genetic code to restore the original humans. Trigger must have information on it or, if we are lucky, he may have the code itself."

"A-apologies, Mistress... I am still not in c-condition to fight." He was having problems to even speak, much less fight.

"Well. Then stay here recovering. I will deal with him myself." Sera simply turned her back and left her battered Servitor Unit on the ground.

Geetz couldn't stay attentive for long, because his consciousness soon blacked out.

The next time Geetz woke up, he still wasn't fully recovered, but he felt much better. Though he had no idea of how much time had passed, he decided to head in the direction Sera had gone. There was lots of destruction in his way. He walked until he saw... "Mistress Sera!"

He hurried to his mistress' side. She was unconscious. Her battle armor was broken to pieces and her shell had sustained serious damage, but she would recover with time. Geetz sighed in relief. More at ease, he decided to take a better look at his surroundings. That was when an high-pitched shrill got his attention.

"What... Was that?" He inspected the scenery more closely and found something he hadn't expected: a baby was curled into a ball some distance away, shivering with the cold due to not wearing anything. "A... Carbon?" What was a Carbon baby doing there, out of all places?

Geetz approached and gasped. Next to the baby was the container he knew housed the Master's genetic code, along with the chain necklace that Trigger always wore, except it was broken and the crystal pendant was missing.

Geetz examined the genetic code container. "It is empty..."

Drawn by his voice, the baby uncurled, looking at him curiously. Geetz's red eyes met the baby's green ones. Suddenly he had a pang on his heart and the feeling that he knew who exactly that baby was. "This... Cannot be..."

Incredulous, Geetz used his Reaverbot eye to scan the boy. It was hard to identify anything, and he only did by sheer insistence. That boy wasn't a Carbon, but a Unit, made on Elysium. More specifically, a Unit based on the Rockman technology. There was no configuration and his memory was blank, an indication that he had just been reset, probably because there wasn't enough material for his original body to regenerate. His programs had been altered a lot, mainly due to the Master's DNA patterns mixed in, which also altered how his body looked. Except for his green eyes (and of course his size), his appearance was all wrong. His hair was brown instead of dark-red, and his skin got a light tone similar to the Master's. However, there was no doubt. That baby could only be one person.

"M-Master Trigger?" Geetz spoke, still incredulous. "Why did you do this? Why did you go so far? You even absorbed the Master's genetic code! Why did you..." Geetz trailed off as the baby smiled. Accusing that little boy of killing the Master just didn't feel right. "No..." Geetz shook his head. Talking was futile since his questions wouldn't be answered. Geetz's mission was to assist in terminating the Irregulars. Trigger was there right in front of him, in a fragile body, with no memories and no configuration, completely vulnerable. Terminating him should be a really simple task, yet Geetz couldn't bring himself to do it. "No, I cannot... I cannot do this..." The Servitor whispered as his resolve broke completely.

Then, a robotic monkey came running dragging a piece of cloth gotten from who knows where. It draped the cloth around the baby's body and earned a grateful cooing.

Soon after that, came Gatts. "Geetz, please stay away from Master Trigger!"

So, Gatts - and probably Yuna - already knew of that baby's true identity. Geetz decided to unleash his power on Gatts instead. They fought. And as Geetz still wasn't in good shape, coupled with the distracting turmoil in his mind, it is easy to guess who had won...


Geetz sighed, like he did every time he recalled that event. Sera had declared all those Units Irregulars and terminated them herself, knowing that they had let Trigger escape. She probably thought the Purifier was dead. What would she do to him if she found out that he had done that, too? What if she discovered that he had thrown away the perfect opportunity for eliminating Trigger?

He was distracted, walking aimlessly through the rooms in the Sulphur-Bottom. Without warning, a small brown and yellow blur zoomed past him and caught his attention. Geetz was alert immediately. Was he imagining things? He quickened the pace towards the direction the blur had gone. Sure enough, there it was! On closer inspection, he saw a little robotic monkey jumping around with a plate full of sweets. It was exactly like the robotic monkey he had seen with Trigger! Was it coincidence? Geetz followed the monkey from a distance until it stopped near a table where a blonde girl was seated.

"Thanks, Data." The girl took the plate from the little robot's hands. "Next time you carry something, please can you do it without jumping around? Look at this!" She pointed at the various fragments of sweets on the ground, disapproval evident on her face. "Mister Bluecher will get angry at us..."

Data began gesturing and making noises, but when he saw the "Ancient" approaching, he quickly scurried off to another room, although not before retrieving all the fallen sweets in his way and stuffing them into his mouth.

"Oh, hi!" The girl also noticed him and waved.

"Ah... Hello. Good evening." Geetz hadn't been expecting to be addressed, but since he was, that was his opportunity to ask about that monkey. He walked to the table the girl was seated at, and was offered to sit on the chair across from her.

"My name is Roll. Roll Caskett. Nice to meet you." The girl introduced herself.

"Caskett? So you are the granddaughter Professor Barrell spoke so highly of."

"Haha, did he?" She was embarrassed by his polite words. "Um, you are one of those... People from the past, right?"

"Correct. My name is Geetz. Pleased to make your acquaintance." He bowed slightly.

"Um..." Roll didn't know what to say before his politeness.

"Excuse me. Was that monkey robot... Yours?"

"Ah, Data?" She spoke and recomposed herself. "Yeah, he's with us."

Geetz considered how he should pose his question. "This is a bit sudden and may sound odd... But do you know anyone by the name 'Trigger?'"

"Huh? Trigger? ... No, sorry. Never heard of anyone with that name."

"Oh." He seemed disappointed.

"But why are you asking me this?" As expected, she found it strange.

"I apologize for such a sudden question. I simply asked this because last time I met him, he was with a monkey robot similar to that one."

"Similar to Data?"

"Yes. That is why I thought... That perhaps..."

"Oh. I understand." She looked at him sympathetically. By the man's disappointed look, that "Trigger" must have been an important person to him. "Was he one of the past people too?"


Her eyes widened. "Do you mean there might be more people from the past around besides you two?"

"I believe so."

"Wow..." Roll was intrigued. "Um... This 'Trigger...' What kind of person was he?"

"Well..." Before Geetz even realized it, he was already talking. "He was part of the same... Organization as us. His rank was just below Mistress Sera and above me."

"Oh, so he was an authority, then?"

"Yes. He was a talented fighter, and the best when it came to his job, which was basically... Stopping Reaverbot outbreaks."

"Hmm." Roll listened attentively.

"Outside of his duties however, he was also... One of a kind."

"Huh?" Roll raised an eyebrow. "How so?"

"He was... Cheerful, rather talkative, and easily got along with most. Very different from the other authorities."

"Hmm! Sounds like a very nice person!" She smiled.

"... Yes." Geetz had a distant look. "Before we got imprisoned on that island, there was a ferocious battle, which left him in deplorable conditions... The last time I saw him, he was being tended to by the monkey robot, and was nearly unrecognizable..." He recalled Trigger's baby form.

"Ahh!" Roll imagined the person's condition and covered her mouth in horror, unaware that it wasn't exactly what Geetz had meant.

"I have reasons to think he is still alive, although he would need a serious amount of time to recover, probably years..." He trailed off when he saw Roll's horrified expression being replaced with a bright smile. "Hm?"

"Don't worry. You'll find him, I'm sure. From what you said, it sounded like you really care about him, and that he's a very good person. I'm sure he'd give his best to recover from whatever condition he was in, knowing that he has good friends that believe in him so much, like you."

Geetz didn't know what to say. While that girl's words had no logic whatsoever, they seemed promising for some reason. "What makes you say that?"

"Well, just..." Roll closed her eyes and smiled. "Woman's intuition."

"Oh." As illogical as it was, he couldn't argue with that, could he? He had heard from the Master that said ability was very dangerous. He thought that it was exclusive to the true humans, and never imagined that the Carbons would be able to develop it. On the other hand, he would be in deep trouble if it became apparent that Mistress Sera was also capable of using it...

"Everything will be fine." Roll assured him once more.

"... Hmm... Thank you for listening." He stood up. "I apologize for taking your time, as well as any inconvenience this conversation may have caused."

"No problem. It was nice talking to you. And you don't need to be so formal all the time, you know." She also stood up. "Guess I'll look for Data now. I hope he isn't causing trouble. See you around!"

Geetz left that room with even more questions than when he had entered. He didn't know what made him talk so openly with that Carbon girl, but somehow, he was glad to have been able to tell someone about his views on Trigger. The only person he had for company was Mistress Sera, who had a clear dislike for the Purifier ever since. There was also the fact that he avoided talking to her about matters outside the scope of his work.

Roll's words still nagged him. "... it sounded like you really care about him, and that he's a very good person. I'm sure he'd give his best to recover from whatever condition he was in, knowing that he has good friends that believe in him so much, like you."

Did he care about Trigger that much? His job was first priority, and he had the obligation to assist in terminating Irregular units. But even after Trigger was labeled as an Irregular, Geetz was unable to think of him as an enemy. Then, what was it supposed to mean? For him, there were only superiors and subordinates. "Friendship" was an alien word to him, because it was outside the scope of his work. Could he consider the Purifier as a friend? Did Trigger consider him as one? Geetz's attention was grabbed by a clock on a wall. It was past ten. Which reminded him. What century was it? His internal clock was wrong. After he awoke from stasis, it remained on the date he had been sealed. How much time had passed since then? He walked more until he located a wall with a calendar, and his mouth gaped. They were sealed in stasis for around 200 years! Many things could have taken place during all this time. He and Sera were finally awake, but what about Trigger? What did Yuna do to him? Would he be still alive? If so, would he still be around after all this time, or had Yuna sealed him like she had done to them? So many questions... Geetz wanted some time to think, preferably away from the noises of the party. He decided to breathe some fresh air outside. He noticed that the guards were distracted, seeming bored due to not being able to enjoy the party with the others. Geetz saw it as the perfect opportunity and snuck out of the ship. There, he stayed observing the night sky. So many stars. He couldn't explain, but it was very different from the artificial starred sky they could see from Elysium. It had more... Life, he supposed. Maybe it was expected to have defining features. It was the real deal, after all.

"Quite the sight, isn't it?" A voice brought him out of his contemplation.

He turned, not expecting to have been found. Looking at him was a woman with short blonde hair, which reminded him of Roll somewhat. It was the same person he saw talking to Gatts when he and Sera were awoken from stasis. In other words... "Mistress Yuna?"

"Oh, what a surprise. I didn't expect you still would recognize me."

"I have seen your interaction with Gatts." He pointed out.

"No, what I meant is, I didn't think you'd still acknowledge me as a Mother Unit, now that I'm in a Carbon's shell."

"Which reminds me. Why did you exchange your shell for a Carbon's?"

"Actually, it was an accident. I tried to save her from dying, but her condition was so bad that I used too much of my energy trying to help her, and my programs ended up being transferred to her body. My original shell got too damaged. It can't be fixed unless I go back to Elysium and use its maintenance machines... There are some... Other factors too, and I guess I'll have to stay here for a while longer."

A flurry of thoughts passed through Geetz's head. It was Yuna. She and Gatts were the only leads he had. She was right there. It was the perfect opportunity to get answers. "Mistress Yuna..."

"What is it?"

"Since my last confront with Gatts, what has become of Master Trigger?"

"Hmm. Oh yes, you had seen his state that time..." She paused and considered what to say. "Well, I sealed him, like what I did to you."

"Where did you seal him?" Geetz didn't pose questions to his superiors boldly like that. Maybe it was due to Yuna's Carbon appearance that made her not look like his superior, or maybe it was something else. When he noticed, the words had already left his mouth.

"I placed him in a ruin somewhere." She was purposefully vague. "Sorry, but I won't reveal anything else. I still want to understand what really happened. Having been reset, with memories or not, he's the key to finding out what was the Master's true wish, and I can't risk having you and Sera destroying my only lead."

"You are not the only one wishing to know the truth. I am as well."

Yuna was thoughtful. "Hmm, 'I,' not 'we...?' Do you mean Sera isn't included? ... Ah, I see. You didn't tell her that you failed to end his life, did you?"

"..." Geetz didn't say anything, but his expression was enough confirmation.

They stared into each other's eyes for a bit. Yuna was the one to break the silence. "Sorry Geetz, my point still stands."

"Mistress Yuna..."

She waved a hand. "You should go back inside that ship. It won't be good if anyone notices your absence."

The Servitor wanted to insist, but he had to agree and break his gaze. At least now he knew that Trigger was alive. "Yes, I will take my leave. Thank you for your time." Geetz turned and began to walk.

"By the way!" Yuna spoke and made him stop and turn around to face her again. "That suit is nice on you." She said with a grin.

"M-Mistress Yuna..." He looked a bit flustered.

"Hee hee hee hee!" Yuna giggled. "It seems they're having some special event inside. I wish I could see what Sera's wearing... I hope they had picked something really cute for her! ... Ah, sorry, I shouldn't delay you more. Now go!"

Geetz turned and resumed his course.

Yuna murmured, when the Servitor was out of sight and earshot. "It looks like your influence still has effect on him. Since those parties on Elysium, I began to believe that there are more to us Units than the specifications say. And here I am, out of my original shell and free from the System's influence. It's a whole new experience that I wish they could also have. If there's someone that can make those two open their eyes, it's you, even if you don't have your memories. It'd be really nice if this could end without another fight... Is that too much to hope for? I don't know. But I'm betting all my cards on you, Trigger."

Sera and Rock had distanced from the orchestra and were leaving the room. Sera recalled the orchestra member saying that Rock had fought the pirates alone. She wondered what was the extent of that boy's power. After all, he was able to bypass the System's security, both on Forbidden Island and in the ruins with the first key. His looks didn't give any hint that he could even fight at all. However, looks could be deceiving, as she had learned after watching the first mission completed by Trig-


"... Hmm?" She jumped. Rock was asking something.

"They said they'll begin doing performances on other islands. If Roll and Gramps want, we can go watch their shows again. I was asking you if you'd come with us." He explained everything, as if he knew that she hadn't heard anything.

"... Maybe." Probably not, since she planned to run the Reinitialization shortly, but she wouldn't say that. Her answer seemed to satisfy him, at least.

"I hope you're still around when the next performance comes. Ah, and do you think Geetz liked it too? ... Speaking of him, where's he?" Rock took Sera back to where they had been seated. "He isn't here... Let's wait a bit to see if he comes back. If he doesn't, we can look for him."

They waited. Rock tried to start a conversation, but Sera didn't make it any easy. They stayed there for around fifteen minutes, however there was no sign of the Servitor. Sera was getting worried. Whenever Geetz had to leave, he usually told her beforehand.

Rock noticed Sera's impatient looks and stood up. "Wait here. I'll take a quick look around."

He left in a brisk pace and came back a few minutes later. "Sorry, I didn't find him."

Sera sighed.

"Don't worry. He must be out there just enjoying the party." Rock spoke reassuringly. "By the way, that's what we should also be doing. Let's go. Maybe we'll run into him on the way."

Sera was "dragged" once more. Again, Rock took her by the hand, as though he were guiding a little child. Of course, she wasn't pleased. "Could you let go of my hand, please?"

"Sorry. I don't want to lose you in the middle of the crowd, then have to find you too. Finding Geetz is hard enough already."

Sera bit her lip. He had a point.

They were walking through one of the corridors when Geetz finally appeared.

"There he is!" Rock pointed. "Told you we'd run into him on the way. Geetz!"

The Servitor straightened up his posture and approached them. When he saw his mistress, Yuna's words came to his mind, and he had to admit that Sera was cute in that outfit.

"Where have you been for all this time?" She asked in an authoritative tone and snapped him out of his thoughts.

"Ah... Apologies. I was only doing some research." He tried to justify himself.

"About?" His mistress wasn't satisfied.

"Time. How long it has been since them."

"You did not ask for permission!" She raised her voice.

"My apologies..." The Servitor looked very uncomfortable.

"Listen." Sera gave him a stern look. "Geetz, next time, you should..."

Rock raised a hand. "Hey, please, could you two stop arguing!? Everyone has misscommunication problems sometimes. That's normal! He's here now. Isn't that enough?"

Sera wanted to snap at Rock. Her discussion with her Servitor was none of his business. However, she decided to contain herself when she looked around and saw a few Carbons looking strangely at them. "So, how long?" She said in a calmer voice.

"Two centuries."

"I see." She looked unfazed.

On the other hand, Rock had gotten quite the shock. "... Two hundred years... It's... It's too much time..." He spoke in a near whisper. Just the thought scared him for some reason. He tried to recompose himself. "B-but... Do you count time differently than us? I mean, to have needed to go so out of the way like that..." He asked, and almost blew up Geetz's excuse unknowingly.

"N-no. By what I observed, it's the same."


They resumed their walk. Much to Sera's displeasure, Rock kept pulling her by the hand. She threw a few glances at Geetz in hopes that he would get her away from the boy since he usually didn't let anyone near her, but this time, the Servitor didn't show any sign of doing so.

"Rock, Rock!" They heard a feminine voice.

"Roll!" He directed the group towards her. "Geetz, Sera, this is Roll, my sister, spotter, and best friend."

"Actually, I met Geetz just a while back."

"Oh really?" Rock was surprised.

"Yes." The Servitor confirmed.

"Did you know?" Rock turned to Geetz. "She's a talented mechanic. I bring all sorts of broken things back from digs, and she uses them to make lots of technological stuff. Mostly weapons and digging equipment, but there're other things too. You'd be impressed! I can show you sometime!"

"Um," Roll began and diverted the attention from Rock's compliments toward her. "I was looking for Data. Have you seen him?"

"No." He answered. "Maybe he's after food? You know how he gets when he sees different kinds of food..."

"Yeah, maybe."

They walked some more, then grabbed a sandwich to eat. The "ancients" ate slowly and with a sparkle in their eyes. It was as though they never had a sandwich before.

"It's delicious, isn't it?" Roll looked at them and smiled.

"Yes." Geetz answered. "Very different from what we had back where we lived. There, sandwiches were canned and made from artificial substances."

To Sera, Geetz was speaking too much. There was no need for him to be revealing that.

"... Wait, what? The bread was canned?" Rock found it strange.


Rock made a face which reminded Sera of when Trigger complained about the food they had. "You said coffee was artificial, and now sandwiches too? What kind of life were you living?"

"It was meant to be perfect. All the food was made with precision, and exactly the right amounts of nutrients."

"That doesn't sound good..."

"It was made to have nutritious value. Taste was a mere detail."

Rock made another face, and the argument went on. It was as bad as convincing Trigger to just eat and stop complaining about the taste or the limited food variety. Sera sighed. Indeed, that conversation was getting nowhere.

They finished their sandwiches.

"Well, Data wasn't here..." Roll sighed. "I'll keep looking for him."

"I'll help you." Rock offered.

"We will return to the room assigned to us." Geetz spoke. "Mister Rock, thank you for looking after Mistress Sera during my absence, even though it was not your obligation."

It was your obligation, Geetz! You should not have left in the first place! Sera thought, gritting her teeth. She breathed deeply and decided to regard it as just Geetz acting polite in front of the Carbons.

"No problem." Rock smiled. "So now, we'll be off. See you!"

He disappeared with Roll in the midst of the crowd, while Sera and Geetz silently walked back to their assigned room.

A/n: in the game, the Sulphur-Bottom's background music is actually the first movement of "Spring" from Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons." Vivaldi was born in 1678 (so, 16XX), and the "Four Seasons" concertos are from around 1725 (17XX). Speaking of which, I'm doing some searching, trying to identify the public domain songs used in the Dash/Legends series, but didn't have much luck. The ones I found so far are:

* "Suite for Orchestra in D Major No. 3, BWV 1068: II. Air," by Johann Sebastian Bach: plays in Kattelox museum.

* "Etude no. 3 in E Major, Op. 10 No. 3, Tristesse," by Frédéric Chopin: used as a CD sample in the music store.

* "The Nutcracker Suite, Act I No. 8: Waltz of the Flowers," by Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky: plays during the Balloon Fantasy minigame.

* "Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 in E-Flat Major," by Frédéric Chopin: a music box arrange of it plays in Roll's room inside the Flutter in the first game.

* "Little Fugue in G Minor, BWV 578," by Johann Sebastian Bach: used as Juno's theme.

* "The Four Seasons - Concerto no. 1 In E, RV 269 'Spring': I. Allegro," by Antonio Vivaldi: you should know where this is used by now :P .

Does anyone know of more?

I don't dare theorize in which year Dash/Legends takes place. So, no mentions of dates.

In the English version, Gatts calls Rock "Master Trigger." I always thought that thing about the "Master" and "Master Trigger" is confusing. It's as if you're putting Trigger on the same level as the Master, who should be considered superior to everyone else there. In the Japanese version, it's "Trigger Sama" for Trigger, and "Master" (literally, the word in English) for the Master, making the distinction clear. In this story, I wanted the Servitors to call him something other than "Master Trigger," but "Master" is probably the word with the most accurate meaning to use, so it'll have to stay as it is (and why not make fun of it? ;) ).

More Elysium flashbacks, and the obligatory "we exist for only this purpose" speech.

I guess my changes to Trigger's personality (which influenced the other Units) caused Geetz to get a bit out of character... Well, this story is called "Trigger of Change" for a reason :P .

Okay, too much rambling already. I'll stop now...

... Or not.

Update (2014/10/31): I made another audio drama in Japanese. This time, it's the part about the Master's orchestra recording, starring an irritable Sera and a very loud Trigger, with the first movement of "Spring" and all. You can listen to it here:

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