Clementine always liked to think that by this point (freezing in the fields of white, the cold gales freezing her to the core) that she had developed a tough skin, not only to the temperature but too the traumatic events and the losses she had endured. Yet standing wedged between Luke and Kenny she still felt traces of very real white hot fear course through her veins as the aggression between her group and the Russian bandits surrounding them escalated to greater levels.

She could only glance around her, her pistol hovering at her waist uncertain whether or not to shoot at these new threats who had already made their intention clear this was a robbery of their vital supplies (and Arvo had lied to them about Clementine stealing those pills, she had let the young man escape with them, so if he lied about that, she was uncertain on whether this was just simply be a robbery) her mind flashed back to those bodies she, Pete and Nick found at the River a lifetime ago.

Looking around at her allies, would they simply be the bodies scattered on the earth for some other survivor to come across and inspect?

The thought chilled Clementine to the bone, she hadn't come this far and lost so many people she cared about to fall at this hurdle, she had to get to Wellington. Yet as she turned to check on the newborn baby in Rebecca's arms a horrible sight met her eyes, one that crushed her previous inner motivation and tough skin.

Rebecca, a new found friend and someone who Clementine had grown fond of was perched forward on the tyre she was seated upon. Her newborn son squealed in her lap, she wasn't moving a muscle an almost peaceful expression was carved onto her pale face, Clementine gulped a new wave of grief crashing over her as she felt the all too familiar hollow yet sickening sense of grief twist her gut into knots.

No matter how many friends she had lost, no matter how many times she went through this process, the death of another friend was always another blow to her. She had grown stronger (there was no doubting that) but now with Rebecca gone (Clementine's old habitat of crossing her fingers and praying to herself "Please Be okay, Please Be okay" was fading. That inner chorus of motivation had died inside her a long time ago)

And in a strange way she was dying inside too.

Rebecca twitched and moaned with the face of another hostile walker and not a friend who was slowly looking up at her, she buried her feelings of grief with another gulp and lifted her heavy arms, as she knew what had to be done. Rebecca had died of either exhaustion or hypothermia and right now the newborn baby in her arms was the one in danger. Clementine lifted the pistol to her eyeline and looked down the nuzzle just as Lee had taught her, with no time to waste she pulled the trigger.

There was a resounding POP as Rebecca fell backwards, blood spurting from the bullet wound in her forehead, a perfect shot. She could take little comfort in knowing that her weary friend was finally at peace.

"Everyone's luck runs out eventually"

Jane's words returned to haunt her, just as Luke whipped around at the sound of a gun being fired, seeing the last of his original group die he bellowed in shock "NO!" This (mingled with the bullet being fired) is what caused the hostility to peak.

The large tattooed man open fired on Clementine's group.