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Chapter 10: Dreams and Goals

"We are terribly sorry for the failure of our mission boss." A male with lavender hair said as he talked in front of the screen together with a meowth and a female with long red hair.

"Rest assured that we will track the target down, you got our word boss." The female with long red hair added.

"…" the man in the screen can only stare at the two completely disappointed about what they were reporting him. He just let out a big sigh about the failure of his agents.

"Please boss, give us another chance…" the talking meowth pleaded.

"Forget that for now, I have a new mission for you… try not to fail this or else you'll face the consequences." The man in the screen said.

"Yes boss!" the three answered in unison.

"Who? Ash asked the blond haired trainer.

"Just come with me will you?" Serena answered as she dragged Ash with her towards one of the sets of video phones of the pokemon center they were currently resting in. Serena dialed a few digits and a woman picked up the other line right after.

"Hello who is this? Huh? Serena! Wow I'm glad you called." the woman from the other lined exclaimed.

"Hey there mom!" Serena greeted.

"So the woman is Serena's mom huh?" Ash thought to himself.

"Mom I want you to meet my partner Fennekin and the pokemon a recently caught Scatterbug!"



"Wow those two are such cuties…Oh Serena is that?" the woman said as she recognized Ash's presence.

"Mom this is Ash…err the one I was talking about remember?" Serena answered.

"Hello ma'am…" Ash greeted.

"It's great to meet you Ash. Wow I finally got a chance to talk to my daughter's crush!" Serena's mother said.

"Huh?" Ash wondered.

"M-MOM! Sorry Ashy, please don't mind what she just said." Serena nervously explained.

"Ashy huh? I thought "Ash" was his name? You like calling sweet names with your boyfriend huh Serena?" her mother continued to tease her daughter. By this time, Serena's face turn to red, which was completely noticeable by Ash.

"I give up…" Serena sighed completely embarrassed right in front of her crush.

"This is very awkward…" Ash sighed.

"By the way Ash I want to have a word with you…"

"What can I do for you ma'am?" Ash asked.

"First don't call me ma'am okay? You can just call me Grace."


"Right, now as I was saying, Delia contacted me that you were headed her in the Kalos region and if possible I could meet up with you, but as it turns out, my daughter was the one who found you." Grace said.

"You know my mother?" Ash asked in confusion.

"Yeah, she's an old friend. We still keep in touch since that summer camp that you and Serena attended in." Grace explained.

"Whaat? Mom why didn't you tell me about that? Serena asked.

"Well you never asked." Grace answered.

"That's my mom…" Serena said sarcastically.

"You should call her Ash, I know that she wants to hear a lot from you. A lot has happen to you right? You might want to inform her about that little incident back in Lumiose city?" Grace said.

"Oh uhhmm right…" Ash said as he scratched the back of his head with a nervous chuckle.

"So Serena how's you days out?" Grace asked her daughter.

"Well uhhmm I…" Serena started but soon was cut off by Ash.

"Serena taught me to Rhyhorn race! Men it was so fun!" Ash exclaimed leaving Serena with a surprised expression.

"Oh she did huh?" Grace asked.

"Ash don't say something like that!" Serena said.

"Hey it's the truth. Serena even showed me the proper way to ride a Rhy-" Ash said but was pushed by Serena cutting his sentence.

"MOOM! I'm going with Ash and his friends on a journey! Isn't that great?!" Serena exclaimed.

"Have fun on you journey Serena." Grace answered.

"Huh? Mom?" Serena was then surprised about her mother's approval to her decision.

"I mean in Serena. It will be a good experience for you and I know you'll discover you goal, what you really want to achieve. I know that Rhyhorn racing suits you interest so that's why I'm letting you follow your true calling." Grace explained with a warm smile.

"T-Thank you mom!" Serena said.

"You can count on me to take care of Serena for you Grace!" Ash reassured Grace.

"Thanks Ash. That's a sweet thing to do for my daughter. Anyway, Serena you mentioned that you're traveling with Ash and his friends, where are the others?" Grace asked.

"They are quite busy at the moment. But I promise the next time I call you I'll introduce them to you." Serena explained.

"I understand. Well I better go now." Grace replied.

"Okay mom, goodbye…" Serena said as she greeted her mother farewell.

"Goodbye Grace." Ash also greeted Serena's mother goodbye.

"Have a safe trip you two…" Grace said as she hanged the video phone up.

"It was nice meeting your mom again Serena, I mean, last time a saw he was way back on our summer camp." Ash said.

"Right…Uhmm Ash? Whatever my mom told you earlier? Please don't mind it." Serena said nervously.

"What are you talking about Serena?" Ash wondered.

"Uhh nothing, forget about it." Serena sighed.

"Anyway, I think I'll head to Clemont and Bonnie to see what Clemont's up to this time."

"Okay I'll follow you later." Serena said as she Ash towards the opposite direction. Serena took her seat on the lobby's couch and soon, a lot of thoughts came up to her mind.

"Ash is soo dense hmm."

"My mother finally agreed with my own decision."

"She wants me to find my calling."

"What is my calling?"

"What is my goal?"

"Does Ash have a goal of his own?"

Those were the thoughts that filled Serena's mind. Come to think of it, she never really had a goal since she left Vaniville town. Her main objective was to meet up with her childhood friend, but now that she achieved it, what will she do next? She knew that she wants to travel with Ash but does she have any other goals she wants to achieve? Serena continued to think and didn't realized that she was about to doze off.

"Brother aren't you tired of all those fail inventions?!" Bonnie screamed as she coughed and was cleaning the dirt all over her body from Clemont's machine with exploded earlier. Clemont in the meantime was knocked on the floor and was coughing because of all the smokes.

"I am but believe me I'm trying my best not to blow up things!" Clemont defended himself.

"Hey Clemont! Bonnie! Are you guys alright?" Ash asked as he reached the two siblings and noticed the situation they were in.

"I'll be alright if became cleaner." Bonnie replied.

"Hey Clemont can you stand up?" Ash asked the blond inventor.

"Well I think I can, but I also wish my machine can at least stand as well." Clemont replied as he gazed to his broken machine.

"What were you inventing this time?" Ash asked.

"I was trying to create a machine to-" Clemont started but was interrupted by Bonnie.

"Brother I'm Hungry!" Bonnie exclaimed.

"Well let's just head inside and get something to eat, is that alright with you Clemont?" Ash suggested.

"Well it's not like I have any other options right now." Clemont sighed. The trio then headed towards the facility to get ready for dinner. When they've arrived at the pokemon center's lobby, they immediately spotted Serena fast asleep on the couch. Bonnie was about to approach her but her brother quickly stopped her.

"I think you should leave this to Ash…" Clemont whispered to his younger sibling.

"Right." Bonnie sighed.

"Hey Ash I think we'll head straight to the cafeteria and order our dinner. We'll wait for you there as soon as you wake Serena up." Clemont suggested.

"Uh okay…" Ash replied unsurely. The siblings then left Ash and the sleeping Serena alone.

"Serena? Wake up…" Ash said as he nudged Serena but the blond still remained asleep even after several nudges.

"C'mon Serena I'm said as he repeated to nudge Serena on her shoulders, but was quickly stopped as soon as he heard Serena talking.

"Ashy…Don't go…" Serena sleep talked. Ash was a bit surprised and was wondering what may cause Serena to speak those words on her nap.

"Hmm strange. Maybe she's dreaming? Well I know it's rude but I can't help but listen more closely if ever she talks again." Ash said in no one in particular and leaned his face closer towards Serena's to observe if ever the honey-blond will speak again.

"Pikaa?" Pikachu wondered about what his trainer maybe up too. To him, it was strange for Ash to approach Serena like this, this close, as if Ash was going to kiss her.

"Keep quiet Pikachu, I'm trying to listen…" Ash said to Pikachu. Unfortunately, his words were a bit too loud for Serena to hear. Serena started to open her eyes slowly. When her eyes were fully opened, she saw none other than Ash's face straight to hers. Due to being just awakened, she didn't react immediately but after several seconds she realized her situation and blushed furiously and started to scream in surprise.

"AHHHHH! ASH! Don't startle me like that!" Serena screamed.

"I-I'm sorry Serena! But I just want you to wake up!" Ash explained and started to chuckle right after.

"What's so funny huh?" Serena asked timidly.

"Nothing. I'm just surprised to see that a sweet girl like you is a heavy sleeper." Ash teased.

"Whatever Ashy. Where's Clemont and Bonnie?" Serena asked trying to change the subject.

"There at the cafeteria waiting for us. I think we should go too, c'mon I'm starving." Ash said.

"Fine." Serena replied. Little do they know that they were being watched.

"I told you brother! Something's really up with those two." Bonnie whispered.

"I know, I know. But you should respect their privacy Bonnie. Sneaking behind them is rude you know." Clemont replied.

"Then why are you doing it then? Does that mean you rude?" Bonnie asked with a cheeky smile.

"Uhh Yes? I mean no…well I don't know!" Clemont replied.

"I'm going to be honest to you guys…but I think this It's not a good idea that we accepted this mission!" James exclaimed towards Jessie and Meowth.

"I know it's very risky but we have to do everything for the boss." Jessie replied.

"You guys are only looking at the negatives! Imagine the glory we would bring if ever we accomplish this mission! Think of all the food you can eat, all the money, all the recognition, and the boss' favor!" Meowth said.

"Then we should take this mission more seriously! No more messing around, no more failing, no more blasting off!" James exclaimed as he clenched his fist.

"That's right! We won't be that same Team Rocket that always fails! Do you think what could have gone wrong all this time that we always fail and end up blasting off?" Jessie said.

"You're attitude?" Meowth asked.

"No you brat! We always fail all this time because we always try to steal that twerp's Pikachu! Since we've cross paths way back in Viridian city we lived a very miserable criminal life! I say we stop trying to steal that Pikachu and instead, just capture other pokemons that would make a good addition to Team Rocket's." Jessie suggested.

"I don't know how you thought of that but you have a really good point!" James agreed.

"Well as long as we don't blast off again then it's fine with me." Meowth informed.

"Then it's settled! From here on, we don't aim for Pikachu! We aim for much more powerful and rare pokemons!" Jessie exclaimed.

"Alright!" both James and Meowth said in unison.

Ash and his friends has already finished dinner and are about to call it a day. They all shared one room with four beds. Bonnie and Dedenne have already managed to sleep while Clemont still up thinking of new inventions while Ash suggesting new ideas for Clemont to work on. Serena in the meantime was again lost in her thoughts about what her goal maybe. Ash and Clemont noticed Serena's deep thinking and approached her to ask if anything's bugging her mind.

"Serena is everything okay?" Ash asked in concern.

"Is something up?" Clemont also asked.

"H-Huh? N-No it's nothing…" Serena lied.

"Are you sure? You seem to be lost in your thoughts since that phone call a while ago." Ash said.

"If anything's wrong you can tell us right away Serena." Clemont added.

"No it's nothing…"

"Are you sure?" Clemont asked.

"Of course." Serena replied.

"Well if you say so…" Ash sighed.

"Uhm Ash? I was just wondering… What is your goal?" Serena asked.

"My goal? Well I want to be a Pokemon master!" Ash confidently replied.

"Wow…that is a big goal. Do you think you can achieve it?" Serena asked again.

"Well I know it won't be that easy but with Pikachu with me, I know I'll achieve it. As long Pikachu's with me there is no way I'm giving up that easily." Ash replied.

"Wow…you never fail to make me admire you more and more Ash…" Serena whispered to herself.

"What did you say?" Ash asked.

"N-Nothing! How about you Clemont? Huh Clemont?" Serena asked but as she put her vision towards Clemont, she discovered that Clemont has already slept on the floor.

"Well he did have a busy day." Ash chuckled.

"You better rest up too Ashy." Serena suggested.

"I will, you too Serena. And oh Serena one more thing, if ever you have got a problem please feel free to share it with me. Problems are always more hard if you deal with it alone, so you can count on me to be here with you. Okay Serena?"

"Ash…that's so sweet." Serena replied as she blushed.

"Goodnight Serena." Ash said as he lifted Clemont and carried him towards the inventor's bed beside Bonnie and headed to his own bed together with his pal Pikachu right after. When Serena noticed that Ash has gotten far enough, she smiled as he continued to gaze at the sleeping raven-haired trainer that she adores so much.

"Goodnight Ash…I love you…" Serena whispered.

To be continued…..