Hi readers. Zephyr's story will be in a similar fashion to Taran's with multiple stories that will tie together. I'm going off to basic training and will be cut off from technology for two months. The stories will be posted on Star Wars: Rebels. Thanks to all who voted on the polls. If you would like to be notified, add me on an Author alert. Until then, enjoy this sneak preview of the first story Beginning Journey.

The trees were always giant, reaching up to at least a hundred feet in the air. Their branches were so entangled one could easily walk across with their full body weight in certain areas. The wildlife under the jungle canopy contained few predators, mostly herbivores and the rimebat that was a major export of the planet. The flora of the jungle was beautiful and bountiful. Many trees produced fruit in the limbs. He loved the noreages the most when he bit down on them and they burst in his mouth with their delicious flavor. He picked one as he hopped from branch to branch. He felt the rush of the wind on his face as he climbed them nimbly. He'd only been doing this for a year, but he quickly latched onto the activity, though his mother worried about him every time he did it.

Small creatures would move out of his way or run from him as he freeran through foliage. He stopped at a large branch located forty feet from the ground to rest and snack on his fruit.

"Delicious! I should bring one back for Mom," he thought, taking one and keeping it close.

He perched himself down on the large branch to munch on the fruit as it ran down from the corners of his mouth. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and looked up into the rays of the sunlight obscured by the leaves. Nearby, an insect that resembled a millipede, crawled past his thigh. He used his free hand to pick it up, feeling the scores of tiny legs on his hand before putting it down on the other side of his position. When he was finished eating the fruit, he kicked his legs in the air and listened to the sounds of nature around him.

"Oh, I'd better get going so Mom doesn't worry," he thought.

He stood back up on the branch and jumped down towards the ground. Before he touched the ground, he clapped his hands and a small pillar of rock rose to meet him. He landed on it gingerly and used the correct motion just like the holorecorder and his mother had shown him to bend the pillar of earth back to where it had originated, placing him on the same level as the ground.

He stood at 4'1", his clothing apparel consisting of brown and green homespun fiber material and other clothing material. His footwear consisted of leather boots wrapped in cloth bindings around his shins. His black hair, slightly curly when worn straight, was now tied up into small dreadlocks that went to his ears. His skin was a copper-red shade. One would think he was human unless they looked at his face. White facial marking angled around the frame of his cheeks and into the interior in a pattern similar to his mother and outlined his hairline if one pulled his hair back and two diamond shapes on his forehead above each black eyebrow. His eyes were two different colors, one green as grass and the other as blue as the sky. He began to run back towards the town, fruit in hand, where he had been raised since he could remember.

He felt the wind on his face as he raced through the undergrowth, jumping over large tree roots and puddles. He could feel everything around him. When he first felt it he was afraid. The thought of feeling every living thing around him would terrify any child. His mother put his mind at ease with her wisdom the way he always remembered.

"We're all connected Zephyr. The Force is all around from from the largest creature to the tiniest life. Even the rocks and stones you tread on are a part of it. Don't let it scare you. Let your feelings guide you."

He froze when he heard the growl of a predator and stopped dead in his tracks. A large creature, all black fur with piercing orange eyes, small black protrusions dotting its spine and measuring up to sixteen feet in length. It resembled species of the big cat with razor sharp protracting claws. Its head was slightly bigger than the dynamics for its body as its two canines extended out of its mouth even when its jaws were closed. Such was the shadow cats of Verdanth, known for attacking in the dead of night when its fur gave it natural camouflage. It could also attack in the shadows underneath the trees and climb into its branches to ambush prey from above. There was almost no way to detect it until it was nearly on you and the last one would see were its orange eyes and its small roar as it sank its teeth into its prey.

The creature fixed him with a piercing gaze, studying him. Zephyr stood there, unmoving and not wanting to make the wrong move. Their eyes seemed to gaze into each others through the distance. The shadow took a step back, eyes still on the boy. Both of them remained unmoving for a full minute, the only noises coming from the landscape around them. To Zephyr, it felt like he had been standing there for near an hour before the shadow cat turned its eyes away from him and continued on its path. Zephyr watched it leave until the beast was lost from sight. He took a deep breath, deciding to use the branches instead. Even as he scrambled up the tree, he failed to notice that the shadow cat was watching the hybrid child from a fern a distance not too far away. However, its gaze was not that of sighting prey and considering its options. It was more curiosity at observing his movements.

As if to watch.