Harley doesn't wake 'til the following day.

Phil is seated at her bedside with a change of clothes that he's scrounged up. A plain gray tee with the SHIELD logo on her left shoulder and black capri leggings with yet another SHEILD logo on her right hip is what she changes into- she finding an elastic band in the bathroom to tie her hair up with.

As Phil hands her a pair of plain white sneakers, she tiredly asks about her personal belongings but is mostly worried about her wand and cloak. He assures her that Hermione gathered everything of hers, cleaned it and put everything up in a bag that Ginny had vanished to the Tower for when they arrive.

Offering Harley his arm, she links their arms together as he leads her out of the room down winding hallways that have many agents bustling about as well as electricians fixing up anything and everything that had been damaged. And all too soon, they're in an all too familiar room with Ginny, Dean, Tony, Natasha, Steve, Bruce, and Clint sitting around a glass table with Director Fury standing at the head of said table.

"What's going on," Harley frowns.

"Nothing," Tony shrugs with a knowing glint in his eyes. "We're just waiting on you, Lady Potter-Black."

Harley groans and glowers at Ginny. "You told him?!"

"Hermione told them," she quickly defends and inches towards Dean who's chuckling.

"So, question," Tony continues. "Are you now Lady Potter-Black-Coulson or do people just refer to you as Potter-Black? And also, does this make Phil royalty from where you're from since he's married to you?"

"You're lucky I'm not allowed to use magic, Mr. Stark, because otherwise I'd hexed your naughty bits so that your children's children will be able to feel it. But to answer your first question, I dropped the Potter-Black when I married Phil."

Now pouting, Tony leans back in his chair. "Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

The table all snicker at Tony's misfortune, Harley then turning her attention to Director Fury. "What's going on?"

"Your ride to the Tower is ready," he tells her. "Your husband will escort yourself and friends to the Tower to get settled in while the Avengers see off Thor and Loki. We were just waiting for you to wake up to get things rolling but your friend," his eyes briefly dart to Ginny, glaring. "Said that we'd better not wake you or she'd-"

"Bat-bogey hex 'em," Ginny grins. At Harley's exasperated sigh, the redheaded Weasley feigns innocence. "What? You need your rest and even Phil agreed."

After sighing and shrugging, and begrudgingly admitting that Ginny and Phil were right, they finally get moving.

Agents Romanoff and Barton lead the way to a jet, Natasha agreeing to co-pilot the ride and forcing one of the agents to sit behind his friend.

Clint buckles himself behind Natasha and Phil leads Harley to one side of jet to help her settle in. Ginny and Dean look wary of the flying transportation but after soothing words from Phil, they easily settle in and Steve shows them how to buckle themselves in.

Tony and Bruce watch the witches and wizards as they too buckle themselves in on the opposite side of the magical beings- Bruce being the only one to hide his grin of amusement at the tension coming from the witches and wizards as they prepare for take off.

The take off is a bit shaky- Harley being the only one of three magical beings to not squeak and then Harley being the only one brave enough to laugh at Ginny and Dean for squeaking. Once in the air though, Ginny and Dean relax and talk about how they prefer their broom to muggle transportation.

They soon land on top of Stark Tower- a tower that is undergoing a name change to Avenger Tower- and Harley realizes they're atop the same space that Agent Romanoff closed the portal to another universe. She also realizes she's the only one looking about the rooftop for any sign of what went on here recently while every other person is avoiding staring anywhere for too long and following Tony inside.

They take a staircase downward, entering the same loft floor where Harley watched Tony prepare himself a drink as he casually talked to Loki before being thrown out the window. There's no sign from where the Hulk smashed Loki repeatedly on the floor and no shattered glass from wayward blasts or where Tony and herself had been thrown out windows.

Instead of remaining on this floor, though, they all enter the elevator at the far wall and are taken two more floors down. Upon entering the new room, it has a cozier effect to it with couches and sofa chairs off to one side of the room in front of a wall-encased fireplace and flat screen TV mounted above said fireplace. In-wall bookshelves stand on either side of the fireplace and a wall of glass show off a magnificent view.

Off to the left of the room, there's two steps going up and then a large kitchen with a bar and stools instead of a table for people to sit at. And inside the kitchen is a rather leggy, barefoot blonde as she pads around and sets out a couple of plates.

Seeing that she has guests, the blonde stumbles to a halt, smiling at all the newcomers before making a beeline to Phil of all people.

"Phil," she breathes happily. "You have no idea how happy I was to hear that you were okay." Ginny gapes at the woman hugging Phil- her eyes darting to Harley who merely shrugs at her. "And to find out you're married as well," she laughs before turning to Harley and offering her hand to shake. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I had no idea Phil was married."

"No-one did," Harley's lips twitch in amusement as she shakes the blonde's hand. "Only a select group of friends back home knew about him."

"I can't wait to hear all about how you two met," the blonde's eyes twinkle. "I'm Pepper, by the way. Tony's girlfriend."

"Oh," Harley blinks in surprise. "Oh," she then frowns. "I'm so sorry."

"I resent that," Tony grumbles causing both women to laugh.

"I'm Harley," she finally introduces herself to Pepper before pulling up Ginny to her side. "And this is my friend Ginny who's practically a sister and her fiance Dean who's hiding in the back."

Pepper smiles at Ginny and waves at the dark-skinned man near the back of the group with a smile. "So," she finally steps back and claps her hands. "Is everyone staying for lunch or-"

"Just Phil, the witches, and wizard," Tony throws an arm around Pepper's shoulders before pecking her temple. When Harley and Phil glare at Tony for being so flippant with the W word, he shrugs nonchalantly. "What? Did you really expect me to come into all this new information and not share? Pep's been informed on everything. She won't tell a soul." Pepper nods along with his words, making sure to keep eye contact with Harley so the witch knows she means it. "And besides, we got to run. We have to make sure to see off Thor and his crazy brother. We'll be back later."

The team is quick to depart to make sure that Loki actually leaves their universe only leaving Phil, Harley, Ginny, and Dean with Pepper. There's a moment of awkward silence as Pepper stares at them all before clearing her throat and looking mostly at Ginny and Harley.

"So, magic," she drawls with a sheepish grin. "Can you show me something?"



By the time the team arrives back at the Tower- only Tony, Bruce, and Steve because Natasha and Clint had last minute paperwork to write up for Fury- there's a flock of paper birds flying overhead, dishes magically cleaning themselves at the sink, and Pepper's laughing at some tale Harley is telling with a head of vibrant blue hair.

Tony eyes Pepper suspiciously as he nears her, picking at a lock of blue hair and twirling it around his finger. "This is temporary, right?"

"Mhm," her eyes sparkle with amusement. "Ginny was just showing me some tricks. Magic is amazing."

Tony, Steve, and Bruce chuckle at them- all three men taking a seat at the bar. Pepper makes a move to get the men the food she had put away but Ginny tells her to stay put and with a flick of her wand, three plates from the oven levitate towards the bar and settle in front of them.

Harley watches the scene with a longing look in her eye. "I miss magic."

"Yes, well, you wouldn't have that problem if-"

"Don't finish that sentence," Harley mock glares at Ginny. "If you do, you better pray I never get my wand back."

The men eat in between laughs- they learning about Ginny's rather large family and the fact that Phil had a whole 'nother family across the pond that would raise hell should something happen to him.

Before the men can finish eating, Dean asks whether or not it was okay if he could tinker with the fireplace so they'd have easier access back home. When no-one says anything, Phil quickly explains how fireplaces are used to floo from one place to another or used to make floo calls but only those who had the exact address would be able to floo in. Almost immediately, Tony is out of his chair and wildly gesturing for Dean to take the lead and tinker away.

Bruce and Steve finish their food before joining in the small group by the fireplace, they watching on as the dark-skinned wizard tapped his wand in an odd pattern along said fireplace. A dark green powder is tossed into the grate that Ginny had produced from a small bag she had on her causing emerald green flames to erupt.

With the floo now hooked up, access to the other Weasley's would now be a whole lot simpler.

The magical beings all get comfortable on the couches- Bruce, Tony, Pepper, and Steve listening to tales about centaurs, acromantulas, hippogriffs, dragons, and the first time meeting in a bar for Phil and Harley to which Pepper sighed dreamily.

Clint and Natasha return when Harley is speaking about breaking out of Gringott's while riding on the back of a dragon- the two agents becoming easily enthralled with Harley's tale.

Soon after, Bruce decides to call it day and leaves to go tinker in the labs. Steve thought it was time to leave too, he standing up and taking his leave but not before bidding everyone farewell and wishing them luck with settling in.

The way he spoke, though, seemed as if this was goodbye for a while and before he can leave, Harley asks politely where he's going.

Steve explains that he needs a small break from S.H.I.E.L.D. He briefly explains about a cross country trip that he wants to take and instead of trying to persuade him to stay like he guessed someone would, Harley merely hugs him and tells him to be safe.

Clint and Natasha soon make excuses about settling into their rooms, and then Tony takes the time to show Phil and Harley their room as well as Ginny and Dean who were sharing the same floor.

Each rooms are like a mini apartments- each room being decorated in whites and blacks with modern furniture and appliances. Each room holds only one king-sized bed since they were couples sharing the rooms, and bathrooms that had Ginny squealing and thanking Stark and Pepper profusely for letting them stay there for the time being.

Phil had spent the first night with Harley in the tower- Harley clinging to her husband as they slept through the night. When she had woken up the following day to her husband climbing out of bed to head back to the Helicarrier, she had managed a few minutes of alone time in the bed before her stomach rolled and she had to rush to the sink in the kitchen to vomit.

Having been introduced to JARVIS the previous day, she wasn't too shocked when JARVIS had started to speak to her and asked if she needed assistance. She denied the help, sat on the kitchen floor until Phil emerged from the bathroom and room, and gagged at his aftershave when he finally neared her after realizing something was wrong.

The gagging, though, tipped him off right away to what was the matter.

Phil had quickly then asked JARVIS to wake Ginny since the witch was supposed to be prepared for Harley's pregnancy and her needs. And when Ginny finally manages to groggily enter their mini apartment, she comes bearing potions that would settle Harley's stomach, and stayed long enough to see Phil off and hear his promises of calling at the end of each of his days if he couldn't make it back to the Tower.

After Phil left, both Ginny and Harley went back to sleep in their separate rooms.



When Harley finally wakes, she quickly showers and changes before heading out of the room. She bumps into Ginny and Dean on the way to the elevator, Ginny immediately ordering Harley back to her bed.

The witches have a stare-down as Dean watches on in amusement; Harley quick to blow up and tell Ginny off that she would not be holed up in her apartment for a week and a half. She'd happily give up the stairs for the elevator, and keep her trips between her apartment and the communal floor short but she wouldn't stay all on her lonesome in the room while everyone else went on with their lives.

Ginny eventually caves and if Harley wasn't resting in her bed, she was resting on the couch on the communal floor in front of the TV.

Which, of course, is how everyone is quick to find out about Harley's morning sickness, and Bruce being the sweetheart he is, makes tea for Harley when her stomach wouldn't settle right.

A few days later and the Tower officially has certain foods banned what with Harley's morning sickness getting worse and actually lasting 'til through the night. It's mostly breakfast foods- bacon, eggs, and sausage links that make her nauseous- and Tony puts up a bit of a fight over the bacon but in the end, Pepper and Harley get their way.

If anyone wanted breakfast, they could go out to eat it.

Pork chops are soon added to the list of banned items, there being something about the sizzling pork that makes Harley gag and Tony cackle until Ginny threatens him with her wand.

Phil finally has time to spend with his wife- he showing up at the Tower just after lunch one day.

Tony and Bruce had been quick to return to the labs after eating their fill- Dean tagging along because he was enthralled by their genius minds whereas Clint and Natasha seemed to be avoiding spending much time with everyone.

Natasha wasn't mean with her avoidance- she grinning softly whenever she met Harley's gaze but Clint avoided Harley as much as he could. She figured it had to do with him still trying to come to terms with what he did under Loki's control and gave him his space without making a fuss.

Ginny is already seated on one of the sofa chairs, flipping through the many channels Avenger Tower provided when Pepper follows Phil and Harley into the room to take a seat. They had yet to take a seat though when the fireplace suddenly erupts in emerald green flames, a familiar plump redheaded woman stepping through.

Harley edges behind her husband's back with wide eyes, Phil tenses, and Ginny grins.

"Harley. Potter. Coulson," the woman narrows her gaze. "What were you thinking?!"

Hands on her hip, the plump elder woman stands as tall as her height will give her and is every bit the picture of pissed off. Taking in Harley's hiding form, Pepper fidgets in place.

"Uh, should I be calling for Tony?"

"No," Phil easily assures her. "This is Molly Weasley- Ginny's mother and practically a mother to us all."

As if his voice snapped the woman out of her anger, her facial expression smooths out and she smiles kindly at Phil. "Phillip, dear, it's so good to see you well." And then the smile is gone and her glower is back once more. "But if you ever do something as idiotic as go up against a Norse God again, I will find a way to resurrect you and then curse you into oblivion."

"Won't happen again, Mrs. Weasley, and I'm glad to see you again as well. How's the family," he asks with a smile which earns him one back and then earns a jab in his ribs from his wife.

"Traitor," Harley hisses.

Molly's gaze then zeroes back in on Harley, lips thinning. "Well? I still want to know what you were thinking. Come on. Let's hear it."

Harley groans and steps out from behind her husband. "The fate of the Universe depended on us."

"The fate of the Universe could have done without a pregnant lady fighting for it," Molly quickly retorts.

"But Phil-"

"I know," Molly interrupts her with a frown. "I know, sweetie," she now smiles sadly. "Ron told me everything." Harley's shoulders slump as do Molly's before the elder witch holds open her arms with a slight smile. "Well, what are you waiting for? Get over here." Harley doesn't waste a second before she practically lunges at Molly and hugs her tightly. "There, there, dear. What matters the most now is that you and the baby are okay."

"We are," Harley assures her. "Ginny's been looking after me as well as Doctor Banner."

"Doctor Banner?"

"Mhm. He's a friend of Tony and Ms. Potts," she says as she pulls out of the hug and gestures to Pepper. "He makes excellent tea that calms my stomach."

Molly nods before looking over to Pepper, smiling politely and nodding in greeting. "Thank you for looking out after Phillip and Harley. They're like my own children. Can never keep them out of trouble."

"It's my pleasure," Pepper beams as Harley pouts and Phil remains passive. "Phil's been a friend of ours for a while now so of course we'd help he and Harley recuperate."

"That's nice."

Ginny finally stands, skipping to her mother and pecking her on the cheek. "Hello, Mum. How's everyone back home?"

"The same, sweetheart. Your father misses Dean, though. Says he has no-one to talk Quidditch with since George is busy with the shop and Ron won't leave Hermione's side." Ginny chuckles at her Mum as she looks around the room. "Speaking of Dean, where is he?"

"Down in the labs with the boys," Ginny shrugs. "Should I send for him?"

"Only if he's not busy. I just want to check up on you lot."

Ginny only nods, slipping out her wand from a specialized pocket in her jeans and flicking it with a clearly spoken, "Expecto patronum." The silvery wisps that flow from the tip of Ginny's wand have Pepper openly gaping- Phil, Harley, and Molly grinning at the muggle's reaction. And when the shimmering wisps form an ethereal horse that gallops around the room mid-air, Pepper's reaction causes a giggle fit from Harley. As soon as the horse stops in front of Ginny, it nuzzles her cheek before stepping back and opening it's mouth for the message. "Dean, mum's here and she wants to see that you're well and fit. Come up here."

Ginny nods and the horse shuts it's mouth before rearing up on it's hind legs and disappearing through the wall. Sighing out dreamily, Pepper plops down onto the sofa. "Have I mentioned that I absolutely love magic?"

The room's occupants all chuckle at Pepper's childlike glee- Dean, Tony, and Bruce showing up minutes later from the elevator.

Dean makes a beeline for Molly- greeting her warmly as the two men stand back. They're quickly introduced to Molly and Molly to them before the witch sets her sights on Dean once more.

"Has my daughter not been feeding you, dear? You're looking a bit frail."

Harley snorts and hides her smile in Phil's shoulder. "Mum," Ginny groans. "Of course, I feed him. We just ate not that long ago."

Pursing her lips, Molly shakes her head. "No, no. You all look a bit on the thin side, dearies." As Molly's eyes scan the room's occupants, Harley can't help the muffled laughter against her husband. "And you, Harley, you need to eat more. You're eating for two now."

Harley's laughter immediately ceases and her head snaps up with a pout. "I eat," she frowns. "I just ate an entire bowl of salad and grilled chicken."

"Salad," Mrs. Weasley huffs. "Oh no, dear, you need meat! Lots and lots of meat!"

"I like her," Tony suddenly drawls. "Can we keep her?"

Everyone sans Molly and Harley laugh- Molly blushing and Harley glaring.

Mrs. Weasley ends up staying for the rest of the day- telling tales of a stubborn little girl her children befriended in school, the shenanigans the lot of them got into that resulted in her youngest boy and Harley operating a flying invisible vehicle before crashing it on their school grounds into the Whomping Willow, a brave young lady who saved the Wizarding World, and a brilliant woman who married the love of her life in a spring wedding on the beach.

Natasha had come from wherever it was she usually got off to- the stealthy assassin joining the group around the tale of Harley sacrificing her life against Voldemort. Harley had caught her eye from the across the room, silently asking where Clint was but all she got for an answer was a shrug of the shoulders and a pointed look at the nearest ventilation cover.

Harley had been quick to find out that Clint took to the air vents when he wanted to be alone and given Natasha's pointed look to the nearest air vent, she guessed he was camping out and listening in. She let it go and quickly introduced the assassin as Agent Romanoff to Mrs. Weasley- the elder witch greeting her politely as well.

Tony was quick to wrangle any embarrassing stories out of Mrs. Weasley, Pepper asking for more details about the wedding, and before any of them knew it, the day gave way to night.

Molly made a fuss about getting back to her own husband, climbing to her feet and surprising everyone by hugging them farewell. She made sure to tell Ginny to make sure that Harley ate more than what she normally did and to feed her own fiance before he poofed out of existence.

Harley and Dean snickered at Ginny's glowering, and Mrs. Weasley floo'd back home within seconds.

With Harley's bed rest and ban of magic now officially over, the witch is quite pleased to have her wand back in her hand once more. Although with the happiness of performing magic also comes the stress of finding a place for she and Phil to live now that she didn't have to take it easy.

Ginny and Dean had floo'd back home- Ginny promising to floo back once a month to check up on baby Coulson or just whenever Harley needed her to especially if she needed potions because Harley couldn't make potions without the fumes nauseating her.

So there Harley sits in front of the TV on the communal floor with JARVIS running the TV as a computer so Harley could find a place within the city that was somewhat safe to live in.

Five in the afternoon had just passed when Pepper saunters onto the communal floor after her long day of work. Instead of going to her personal loft, the blonde found she very much liked spending time with the expecting witch on her down time.

Making a stop in the kitchen, Pepper retrieves two bottled waters from the fridge before making her way to the couch. Slipping off her heels, Pepper then takes a seat next to Harley and tucks her feet beneath herself before handing over a water to her new found friend.

"What are you doing," Pepper asks as she twists off the cap to her water.

"Looking for a loft," Harley sighs as she too twists the cap off her water. "Babysitting duty of the witch is officially over," she says as she takes a sip of her drink.

"Babysitting duty," Pepper mumbles in confusion just as Harley asks JARVIS to bring up the next available loft. "What do you mean babysitting duty?"

"Mhm," she hums distractedly. The loft JARVIS brought up has three bedrooms, a study, one and half bath, and is only about a mile away from Avenger Tower. "JARVIS, bookmark this one under my list of possibilities," she demands politely.

"Already done, Mrs. Coulson."

Without having to be told, JARVIS brings up the next available loft on the market. "You know," Harley then says distractedly, answering Pepper. "Babysitting duty. I was only staying here because it was easy for Phil to come to and from, not to mention you and Tony had the room to house myself and friends. But now that I don't need to be watched as closely, it's time for me to go."

Pepper practically gapes at Harley's flippant tone, spluttering before quickly sitting straighter. "You don't have to go anywhere," the blonde CEO is quick to assure the friendly witch. "In fact, I'm pretty sure if Tony knew you were planning on moving out, he'd sabotage your moving day."

Harley's gaze slides from the TV screen mounted in front of her to the woman sitting beside her. "But I- wait, what?"

Pepper slowly smiles and nods her head. "Yeah. You've fought with the Avengers, Harley. And not only did you save Phil's life but you are his wife! You're one of us whether you like it or not." Harley blinks owlishly and Pepper's smile widens. "JARVIS, tell Tony he's needed in the family room. Harley's having doubts about whether or not we want her here."

"Right away, Ms. Potts."

"No, wait- but I-"

"Nonsense," Pepper cuts her off. "There's no need for all of this," she gestures towards the TV that still has a picture and details of an available loft on it. "When you have a perfectly safe place for you to stay."

"But the baby! Do you really want a wailing baby in the Tower?!"

"Why not," Pepper replies. "I've dealt with Tony. I'm sure a baby won't be much different. He or she will probably be easier to take care of than Tony, anyway. It won't be a problem."

"Nonsense," Harley huffs. "You can't honestly believe that."

"Believe what," Tony suddenly chirps, he having arrived when the females were distracted.

"Believe that we want her, the baby, and Phil here at the Tower even though her bed rest and ban of magic are up."

"What," Tony mock gasps in outrage. "Of course we want you and your little family here," he then shrugs with smirk. "I'm kind of curious as to who the peanut is going to look like anyway."

Pepper groans and Harley manages a smile at his blunt reasoning. "I don't know," she mutters as her smile falls a bit. "I mean, it's a baby. You lot are always busy and-"

"Chill," Tony drawls. "It's not like we're going to raise the kid. That's all your doing," he snorts. "We can move you, Phil, and Peanut to a floor of your own that will have soundproof walls or something so you're not worried about bothering us."

"But it's not just that," Harley shakes her head. "You're not taking in the possibility of his or her accidental magic. It can cause a lot of damage if you're not prepared. Especially for you, Tony, what with your arc reactor."

Shrugging, Tony waves her off. "Bruce and I have been working on some stuff that would make it so your magic- or any magic, really- won't interfere with any of our technology. We've almost got it figured out but we're just not there yet," he grins. "Should be done by the time Peanut's born, though."

"Are you really calling him or her Peanut," Harley sighs, not bothering to argue. When Tony merely grins, the witch purses her lips together, gaze darting between Pepper and Tony who are looking expectantly at her. After giving it a moment's thought, her shoulders slump further in defeat. "I'll have to check with Phil first."

"Please," Tony scoffs. "The Capsicle will be living here as well. I'm pretty sure it's your husband's wet dream to live in the same vicinity as Rogers."

Harley scrunches up her nose at Tony's comment, Pepper sighing yet again before shoving her boyfriend off the armrest in which he was perched.

Pouting at his girlfriend, Harley grins at him. "Serves you right. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a husband to talk to."

Two in a half months into Harley's pregnancy and the Coulson's are official residents of Avenger Tower. With Director Fury keeping Coulson on his usual busy work schedule given he was as healthy as a horse once more, Phil was more at ease with his wife staying at the Tower with people she somewhat knew during her pregnancy rather than being on her own while he was away.

Steve- who Harley had been secretly keeping in touch with- was informed of their new living arrangements and congratulated her while also telling her that he'd be making a stop in New York for a couple of days before resuming his so-called vacation. He had also promised to help paint the nursery if she wanted and Harley had jumped at the chance to hold him to it.

Given that Harley has been flooing to and from places since the age of eleven, and Phil has seen it first hand for a few years now- Tony is the only one who's startles when the fireplace erupts in emerald green flames.

He nearly drops his tumbler of Scotch as the one Weasley who went by the name of Ron stumbles out from the flames, sneezing and then coughing and dusting off his clothes of the soot.

"'Mione," he rasps. "'Mione's gone in labor!"

Now that- that catches Harley and Phil's attention.

Both look up from their plate of food, Harley's eyes wide as she takes in Ron's sweaty and pale face. "W-what?!"

"Labor," Ron pants. "The baby is coming," he staggers forward before plopping down on one of the available sofa chairs across the room.

Harley and Phil glance warily at each other, Tony still staring at Ron before snorting and sipping his drink. "So let me get this straight," Tony smirks as he pours another tumbler of alcohol before sauntering toward the wizard. "Your wife is in labor oceans away and you're sitting in my Tower wheezing about it? Am I missing something," he asks and shakes the glass of alcohol in front of Ron's face, watching as he snatches it from his grip and downs it in one go.

Ron hardly grimaces at the taste, shrugging and handing the glass back to Tony. "What do you mean, mate?"

"Are you bloody serious," Harley shouts from her seat at the bar. "'Mione's in labor! Go be by her side, you wanker!"

Ron's eyes widen at his friend's raised voice, her words slowly sinking in. "Bloody hell," he yelps and quickly stands. "'Mione's in labor! I should be at her side right now!"

Phil grins as Ron scampers back to the fireplace, grabbing a handful of floo powder before flooing back to Mungo's.

"Oh my god," Tony nearly cackles. "I seriously hope Phil is that terrified when your peanut makes it's debut."

Instead of correcting Tony about her child not being an it, Harley merely chuckles and goes back to eating her meal. Hermione's well being is heavy on her mind but since she's pregnant herself, she can't exactly floo over there and Phil won't floo by himself.

So in the meantime, she'll just wait until someone else floos back with news.

Ron and Hermione had then introduced Rose to the Weasley clan- Harley, Phil, Tony, and Pepper receiving the news just an hour after the birth when Ginny floo'd back to Avenger Tower to give them the news and bring potions for Harley's pregnancy.

And a week after the birth had the proud papa flooing back to the Tower with pictures.

Harley and Pepper cooed over the pink bundle of joy with an obvious tuft of Weasley red hair- Pepper then oohing and awing over the fact Wizarding photos moved. cooing even more so when baby Rose yawned in one of the photos.

Natasha had been there to congratulate the wizard on becoming a father before going back to the gym to workout and since Phil was back on the Helicarrier working, and Clint rarely left his room unless he was in the gym or going to the Helicarrier himself, Tony and Bruce were the only ones who Ron boasted to about being the father of a beautiful little girl.

When the dopey smile doesn't leave Ron's face, Tony decides that the three of them should celebrate real quick with a cigar. But when the cigars are produced, Ron becomes wary of the offered cigar and asks if it's going to explode when he's puffing on it.

Tony and Bruce had laughed at him for thinking such a thing but when Ron seems to be serious about it, Tony learns all about the pranks that the Wizarding Realm have, and that Ron's brother makes and sells them too.

Harley had overheard them but she was too late to stop Ron from talking, and that was how Tony and Bruce learned about James Potter and the Marauders- a legacy in which Harley was a part of.

Harley had groaned as did Pepper when Tony then mentioned that the peanut was going to be raised well, and then made promises with Ron to get some of the pranks from the Wizarding Realm smuggled into the Tower.

After Ron's visit, Harley couldn't ignore the fact that Clint was avoiding her.

She thought that they were good- that they were on good terms with each other- but seeing as he's avoiding her, she can't help but let it keep her up at night. She wants to know what his problem is and if she did something wrong but she can never find him and she refuses to use magic to locate him since Natasha had confessed that Loki and his magical scepter made Clint a bit paranoid of all things magic.

But luckily for her and her sudden late night craving of a bag of salty potato chips and vanilla ice cream, she catches Clint in the communal kitchen one night.

He's like a deer caught in headlights when Harley stumbles into the kitchen, silk robe billowing around her frame as her tank top clings to her upper torso and pajama pants sit low on her hips.

Clint slowly shovels a spoonful of cereal into his mouth, eyes trailing Harley's movement to the freezer and then to the cabinets. She offers him a tight-lipped smile and he nods in return.

The tub of ice cream he watches her pull from the freezer hits the bar top across from him with a soft thud followed by the click of a glass bowl being set down. To her left, she reaches for one of the drawers and pulls out an ice cream scoop before pulling open another drawer and pulling out a spoon.

After serving herself a fair amount of the frozen treat and putting away what she doesn't need anymore, Harley sighs and glances at all the cabinets in the kitchen.

"Hmm, where oh where does Tony keep the chips?"

The stool that Clint is sitting on pushes back a bit, he standing up and carrying his bowl to the sink. As he pads across the kitchen, he drops his bowl in the sink softly and then pads over to the cabinet nearest the refrigerator. Pulling open his chosen cabinet, he produces a bag of potato chips- the same he's seen from the air vents that Harley's been stuffing her face with lately.

"Here," he grunts as he tosses them on the bar top near her bowl of ice cream. "I was just- I'll, uh, I'll just leave you to it th-"

"No, you will not," she cuts him off with a huff and watches as Clint freezes mid-step with his back to her. Hands on her hips and eyes narrowed in annoyance, Harley marches forward so that she's standing directly in front of him. "I don't know what your problem is, Agent Barton, but you will sit here with me and talk to me like an adult."


"Don't Coulson me," Harley's jaw clenches in anger. "Now sit!"

Clint blinks in surprise, gaze following Harley's hand that suddenly shot out and pointed to his empty bar stool. Sighing, Clint's gaze snaps back to Harley's and holds it before his shoulders slump in defeat. Padding back towards his stool, he slides back into his seat and rests his elbows atop the bar before settling his chin in the palms of his hands.

Harley breathes out deeply through her nose, her annoyance from Clint's avoidance doubling at the sight of him looking so defeated. She takes a stand in front of her bowl of ice cream, hands darting out to open up her bag of chips and shoving one roughly into her mouth before loudly chomping on it.

Scooping some ice cream into her mouth, Harley finally releases some tension with a deep tired sigh. "What's going on, Clint? Why are you avoiding me?"

"I'm not avoiding you," he mumbles, eyes refusing to meet hers. "I've just been busy. I'm tired."

"Bollocks. Try again."

Hands form into fists and Clint's jaw clenches. "It's true. I'm tired is all. I don't know what you want me to say."

"I want you to stop lying to my face," Harley's hands slap against the granite bar top causing Clint's attention to finally snap up to her. He finds her practically glaring at him, her anger quickly vanishing and all he's left with is sadness and confusion. "What happened, Mr. Barton? I thought we were okay?"

Clint finches at the use of his surname after he's heard her use his first name moments before. "We were okay- are okay," he then amends with a frown as he averts his gaze once more. "I just- I don't-"

"What are you so worried about," Harley then murmurs.

Clint sighs, eyes catching Harley's gaze with a bit of a glare. "How are you so at ease with me? You should hate me," he sneers but Harley is quick to notice something. He's not angry at her- he's angry about something else. At himself. "If it weren't for you, Phil would be dead right now and his blood would be on my hands. I'd have killed your husband, don't you see?! You shouldn't be able to stand the sight of me."

Clint's chest heaves after his mini-rant, the silence tense after his outburst.

"Loki was controlling you," she replies softly. "If Phil had died, it'd have been on him. Not you."

"But I was the reason he was there," he shot back. "I gave him all the intel he asked for without a second thought."

"And again, that was all because of Loki." Standing up straighter, Harley collects herself while maintaining his gaze and suddenly changes the subject. "Did I ever tell you I killed my Godfather?"

Clint shakes his head. "What does that have to do with-"

"I was fifteen," Harley cuts him off, pushing aside her bangs. "This scar, Agent Barton, wasn't always just a scar." Clint's eyes dart to the lightning bolt scar- the scar that he had been curious about since the day he met her. "After the man who murdered my parents- his name was Voldemort- he turned his wand on me."

"I know about that," Clint grumbles. "Your friend told Fury and Fury showed us the tapes. You ended up killing the man when you were seventeen or eighteen."

"Yes, well, what Hermione didn't tell you was that this scar on my forehead was a direct link to Voldemort's mind." Now that- that has Clint's interest piqued. "Voldemort didn't know about the link at first and I was sometimes awoken at night from visions of what his next plan was or visions of his current victim as they were being attacked."

Harley pauses then, the memory of Arthur being attacked my Nagini fresh in her mind. "When I told Headmaster Dumbledore- he was the leader of an Organization that fought for the Light- what was going on, he had his most loyal fighter teach me Occulemency which would protect my mind should Voldemort find out about the link between us. But of course, I learned it too late."

Taking yet another pause, Harley digs her spoon into the ice cream and eats it before returning to her story with a heavy heart. "You see, there was a prophecy about Voldemort and I. A prophecy which only foretold that for either one of us to live, one of us would have to kill the other. But Voldemort didn't know that. He thought the prophecy would tell him how to kill me or how to gain the upper-hand so he sent his most loyal followers to retrieve said prophecy since he didn't want others to know yet that he had been resurrected. Only for his followers to retrieve the prophecy, either Voldemort or I had to take it from the shelf ourselves before it could fall into someone else's hands.

I was at school when I got the vision," she confesses. "A vision of Voldemort holding my Godfather hostage and torturing him in the Hall of Prophecies. With Hogwarts having suspended and hunting Dumbledore, a handful of friends and myself escaped to the Ministry to help my Godfather. Only when we got there- no-one was there."

"It was a trick," Clint realizes.

"It was a trick," Harley confirms just as a lump forms in her throat, eyes shining in the dim lighting of the kitchen. "Voldemort planted the vision in my head to get me to the Hall of Prophecies so I would be drawn to our own prophecy and pick it up. When I eventually picked it up, that's when his followers- the deatheaters- came out of hiding to retrieve it from myself. There was a big fight in which I almost got all my friends killed but then the Order showed up- my Godfather included.

Spells and curses were flying left and right, and my Godfather was fighting by my side. It was only a split second that he looked away to smile at me when his cousin flung the killing curse at him. He died instantly right before my eyes. He died because of me."

Clint gulps when he hears her voice crack, he uncomfortably clearing his throat. "It, uh, it's not your fault," he tries to tell her as Harley continues to sniffle and avoid eye contact. "His cousin killed him, not you."

"But he wouldn't have been there if it weren't for me!"

"And you wouldn't have been there if that Voldemort dude hadn't planted the vision in your head. It's not your fault," he then tells her again.

Harley's sniffles slowly recede but she continues to hang her head. "So what you're saying is that it's not my fault because the vision was planted there?"


Her head snaps up, a sad smile quirking up the corner of her lips. "Then why can't you believe the same in your scenario? Your mind was completely taken over whereas mine was still under my control. If I'm not at fault for my Godfather then you're definitely not at fault for what could have happened to Phil."

Clint gapes at her before shutting his jaw shut with a click, arms crossing over his chest as he huffs in annoyance. "You never blamed yourself for his death, did you?"

"Oh, I did," Harley sighs sadly. "But then I started listening to my friends when they told me it wasn't my fault."

"Still, though," he shakes his head in denial. "Other agents died in the crossfire from Loki's attack."

"As did many witches, wizards, and muggles after my blood had been used to resurrect the most evil man I've had the displeasure of meeting. It was war, Agent Barton, and you can't let those deaths hold you back because it'll only hurt you in the long run."

Clint shuts down- Harley's words whirling around his mind. He locks gazes with her for a moment, face void of any emotion but nods once nonetheless. Before Harley can say anything, he's up and out of his stool, and marching towards the elevator.

Instead of calling out to him, Harley lets him in go hopes that he takes her words to heart and starts coming around. After he's hidden behind elevator doors, Harley sighs and rubs at her eyes before picking up her bowl of nearly melted ice cream and bag of chips.

"You can come out now, Agent Romanoff. I know you're here."

There's a moment of silence before Harley hears the soft padding of footsteps. "I thought this thing was supposed to be invisible."

Taking the empty spot next to Harley- said witch glances to her left and grins in amusement as Natasha lifts the invisibility cloak off of her. "It is. It's just witches and wizards have that extra sense. The moment I entered the room, I knew you were here but were hiding for a reason so I didn't call you out on it."

"Yes, well, someone has to keep an eye on Clint when he's moping." Harley continues to eat her snack, nodding in agreement as Natasha speaks again. "Thank you, by the way. For telling Clint what he needed to hear."

"It's fine," Harley assures her in between bites of her chips. "But on another note, I'd like to know in the future if you plan on borrowing my cloak again. I'm a bit possessive of it."

Natasha quirks an eyebrow at her- said eyebrow slowly falling. "Won't happen again," she assures the witch. "I was just curious about it.. and magic."

Harley smirks and slowly pulls the spoon free of her mouth. "Aren't we all."

Harley awakes at 10A- JARVIS having gently awoken her to remind her of Ginerva Weasley stopping by soon to check the progress of baby Coulson. She had taken her time to gather clothes from her room as to not overly upset her already nauseous stomach- a charcoal gray and white long tank top with thick straps, and black leggings since she didn't feel like actually being dressed in heavy clothing.

She took a cool shower as to help wake her up further and cleansed her body and hair until she felt clean enough.

Having dressed, Harley brushed out her hair before brandishing her wand that she had left sitting on the sink counter. She dried her hair just enough so that she could sloppily pin it to her head with her wand, and stepped out of the bathroom and into her room.

And in her room, she found a pleasant surprise.

Phil sat there on the edge of her bed, feet planted firmly on the floor as he reclined back with his palms keeping him upward. His suit jacket is hanging open, his tie a bit loose with the top two buttons of his undershirt undone.

"What are you doing here," she smiles fondly at him as she pads up to him, standing between his knees.

"Barton and Romanoff are needed for an undercover mission," he smiles up at her, sitting up and placing his hands on her hips. "I'm here to take them back to the Helicarrier after we see the baby's progress."

"I'm glad you could make it." Harley slowly leans down, her lips barely pressing against her husband's as her hands cup his cheeks. "I wasn't sure if I'd have to yell at Fury until he let you come down."

Phil smiles into their chaste kisses, his hands tightening on her hips just as Harley groans against his mouth. Before he can say anything, Harley pushes him backward and climbs atop his lap so she's straddling him with her knees pressed into the mattress.

The once chaste kiss is now all heated passion, teeth nipping and tongue licking for entrance. Phil allows his wife to deepen the kiss, fingers digging into her flesh from where he managed to snake his hands up the side of her shirt. The moment Harley grinds down on his lap and tears a groan from his own throat, Phil's eyes snap open.

"H-Harley.. Harley, wait!" She barely registers her husband's demand, briefly pulling back but only to tone down the kissing back to chaste pecks. "We- we need to get going," he says in between kisses. "Ginny should be here soon."

Hearing her friend's name snaps her out of her hormonal frenzy, nose crinkling. "Damn pregnancy hormones."

Phil chuckles and presses a quick kiss to the corner of Harley's lips. "Come now, let's head upstairs."

Harley pouts before grinning and sighing all in good humor, "Fine, let's go." She stands up from Phil's lap, adjusting her tank top before helping her husband look more presentable for their company. Before they can leave the room though, Harley stops him by the closet. "Wait just a moment," she says as she disappears inside. "I've got a present for your Agents."

When she resurfaces from the closet, Harley's holding a normal black duffel bag. "What's inside," Phil gestures to it.

In response, Harley beams. "Just some necessities for Thing One and Thing Two should they run into trouble while undercover. Ron sent it over. I'm sure Agents Barton and Romanoff will find them handy."

Phil eyes his wife critically before narrowing his gaze on the bag. He'd heard the stories of the shenanigans the supposed Golden Trio got up to and if Ron sent some things over, well, he didn't know if he should be scared or not.

Phil had then led his wife to the floor where the labs were located- the walls being made of glass so they can easily see Bruce at work, and Tony, Clint, and Natasha three rooms down where it looks like a normal doctor's office.

The assassin duo are clad in their S.H.I.E.L.D uniforms, guns strapped to Natasha's thighs and Clint's bow and quiver of arrows strapped to his back. Tony's in normal civilian clothing- faded jeans and a band tee as he twirls on a stool while tossing blueberries into his mouth.

"What are you lot doing in here," Harley smiles in greeting, adjusting the strap of the duffel bag on her shoulder.

"We're leaving for weeks, if not months," Natasha shrugs with a small smirk. "If we're going to be gone long, Clint and I want to see Baby C's progress before leaving."

"Ditto," Tony winks as he points to Agent Romanoff. "I'm just a concerned Uncle wanting to see what's going on."

Harley, Phil, and Natasha all raise one eyebrow in amusement, Tony smirking widely while Clint steps forward. "O-only if that's okay with you! We don't want to intrude."

Turning to Clint, Harley beams at him. "It's alright, Clint. You're more than welcome to stay. It's only a bit of wand waving and possibly a bit of potion drinking to find out the sex of our baby."

"So soon," Natasha's eyebrows furrow in confusion. "I thought the baby had to be more developed for you to find out?"

"Oh, muggles do, but since I'm no muggle, potion it is," Harley answers.

"Huh," Natasha huffs as she leans against the wall.

Clapping his hands together rather loudly, Tony gains Harley's attention. "So what are we hoping for? Boy or girl? Me, personally, I'm hoping for a boy."

"Merlin, no," Harley groans while Phil fights off a grin. "I was told your children are always worse than yourself as a child and I was a hellion. If I give birth to a boy, he'll be twice as bad."

Tony lights up at the thought of a troublesome kid while Phil groans, "And if it's a girl? She'll be bringing home a boy and he'll have to get through the Avengers if he wants to take her out."

Natasha and Clint smile at that thought, Tony nodding furiously in agreement. Harley pouts at the thought of a daughter having such a long line of men and women guarding her, and can't help but smile at that thought as well.

Their baby was going to be one of the most guarded beings on Earth.

As Phil leads Harley further into the room to sit atop the very professional doctor's bed-slash-chair, Harley sets the duffel bag on her lap.

"Planning on running away or something," Tony asks.

She glances down at the bag in her lap before smiling and shaking her head. "No. This is actually for Clint and Natasha."

Hearing their names, the assassins creep closer. "Yeah," Clint asks. "Did you get us going away presents," he smirks.

Harley chuckles and starts unzipping the bag. "Something like that. Ron sent these to me when he found I had friends working for a secret government agency. Since muggles aren't allowed potions that could alter your physical appearances, he sent the next best things. Distractions."

A shimmering cloak is produced and Natasha's eyes widen. "You got us invisibility cloaks?"

Clint's eyes now widen, he reaching for the one Harley is holding as she produces another one. "They're not as good as mine but they should hide you very well from muggles who won't know what signs to look for when dealing with invisible clothing."

"How is that a distraction," Tony pouts as he eyes the cloaks the assassins got.

"Those aren't the distractions I was talking about," Harley grins. "These are." She produces a rather hairy, yet solid ball, and a piece of black crystal. "Dungbombs to clear out an entire floor should you need to," she holds up the hairy ball. "And Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder," she says as she holds up the crystal in which Tony wheels forward and plucks it from her palm. "The darkness is impenetrable even to witches and wizards, and should last at least half an hour or longer since Ron sent big pieces. This is for just in case you get stuck in a tight spot but just make sure you know your exit before deploying them."

"Yeah, um, thank you," Natasha smiles at the witch. "This will really come in handy. I'm sure Fury will want some more of this stuff if it works out well for us."

"No problem. And if Fury wants, that can be arranged."

Phil beams proudly at his wife, slinging his arm around her waist since she's seated a bit higher than he is. Clint's busy messing with his own personal cloak and Natasha is busy studying the Peruvian rock that none of them see Tony eying the crystal rock doubtfully.

"Are you sure," he huffs with a frown. "This tiny rock doesn't look like it would be a great distraction."

Before Harley and Phil can stop him, Tony shatters the rock at his feet and the room is instantly engulfed in shimmering black smoke. Husband and wife groan, and Natasha swears in Russian.

"Goddammit, Stark," Clint suddenly barks.



When Ginny finally arrives at Avenger Tower, it's to find everyone waiting on the communal floor instead of the room she was told that they were going to check Harley in. When she takes in Tony's glowering mood and Clint's annoyed one, Harley tells her friend about the the incident Tony caused, and Ginny can't help but cackle.

Harley lets Ginny have her laugh before she finally calms down, Ginny explaining that Hermione would have tagged along but she was still wary about bringing Rose through the floo. Harley waved it off, telling Ginny to relay the message that it is quite fine, and that she can't wait to officially meet the little one.

After a bit of chit chat, Ginny finally gets down to business.

She makes Tony stand from the single sofa chair, waving her wand over it seconds later and configuring it into a high-raised cot for Harley to lay on. And once Harley is in position, Phil moves to stand next to his wife and hold her hand.

"Since our magic interferes with most technology, I'm just going to cast a spell over Harley's abdomen that will produce something similar to a hologram," Ginny explains.

The room's occupants all nod, Ginny smiling at the lot of them before waving her wand over Harley's abdomen and murmuring in Latin. The tip of her wand glows briefly before an image flickers to life above Harley- the sepia tone image showcasing a rather developed fetus for all to see. The arms and legs are rather small- the body and head easily identifiable for it's age.

Harley has tears in her eyes as she stares at her baby, Phil's hand squeezing her own tighter. When she chances a glance at him, he's beaming proudly at what they've created. Tony, Clint, and Natasha are all staring in amazement- and Harley's heart swells with love for these people who have taken the time to check her baby's progress.

Ginny continues to murmur lowly as she waves her wand over Harley- colors glowing before their eyes as Ginny sighs with relief. "Well, Lee, everything's looking good. The baby is progressing rather well for it's age and you're doing a good job of taking care of yourself."

Harley chuckles just as Ginny waves her wand once more, the image of the baby disappearing before Phil helps her sit up. "Thanks, Gin. I really appreciate you doing this for me."

"No, problem," she waves her friend off while producing a small vial from the inner pocket of her jacket. The potion is cream-colored and Harley's eyes light up when she spots it. "Drink this and you'll know whether it's a boy or girl." Harley greedily takes the potion from her friend, laughing as Ginny rolls her eyes. "Dean's waiting for me so I've got to go but Mum wants to know as soon as you find out so she can start knitting."

Harley nods and hugs her friend tightly before Ginny waves farewell to the other occupants in the room. Once she's taken her leave, everyone turns towards Harley.

"Well, what are you waiting for," Tony huffs. "Let's see if you're going to have a Tony Jr. or a Tonya."

Harley and Phil both snort, and Natasha smacks the back of Tony's shoulder for even considering those names.

Harley purposefully takes her time now- slowly stretching and yawning for show before uncorking the vial. "Okay," she sighs with a smile. "Blue glow means boy and pink means girl."

"No shit," Tony mumbles which earns him another smack from the Black Widow.

Harley glares at him but feeling the comforting hand at the small of her back, she takes a deep breath and downs the contents of the vial. It takes a few seconds but when the glow finally makes itself bright and blue, everyone sans Harley smirks.

"Bollocks," she groans instead at just finding out she's giving birth to a boy.

For the fourth month of Harley's pregnancy, and two weeks after Steve's brief return, Tony finally reveals to the Coulson's their floor that he had cleared out and furnished for them. Their living space was similar to that of the communal floor- at least similar to the living room and kitchen area.

The moment you walked in, you were immediately in the living room with a overly large plasma TV mounted above a fireplace to the left of the room. There was the coffee table a few feet in front of the fireplace and a long comfortable looking couch, and behind that to the right of the room was the large expanse of their personal kitchen. There was no table but they figured out why when they realized an island counter doubled as their table with bar stools.

All the furniture was very modern as well as the stainless steel appliances littering the kitchen.

But the big reveal was not their own personal living quarters but the nursery next door to Phil and Harley's room that Steve and Luna painted together.

Luna had surprised them with a visit when she came with Ginny to check the baby's progress one day- Pepper immediately in love with the whimsical witch. When word was spoken about Steve painting the nursery, Luna had asked to see the progress since she was a fan of art herself, Tony had escorted her there since Harley wasn't allowed on her floor until the Nursery was fully completed.

He had left with the blonde witch while Ginny waved and twirled her wand over Harley, and came back without the blonde witch when Harley had asked Bruce to run some of her blood to make sure she had all her bases covered with not only her health but that of the baby's as well since magic couldn't tell them everything.

Luna had continued to visit throughout the weeks, bringing words or greeting from Hermione as well as pictures of Rose, and promises that they'd visit soon. Turns out that Hermione was quite the mother hen and nervous about bringing Rose through the floo.

Luna had often stuck around to chat with Harley, have lunch with Pepper and Harley, and then she'd be off to the nursery to help Steve.

And when the nursery was finally unveiled, Luna stood off to the side with a smug Tony and a sheepish Steve.

"I only painted the walls," he had told her. "Luna was in charge of the ceiling and then she added a magic touch to everything."

With reassurances that she'd love it no matter what, Tony led them into the room and instantaneously, tears were brought to Harley's eyes.

On the left wall was the life-like mural of Hogwarts- owls taking flight from where the Owlery stood tall and flying around the sky, the whomping willow swaying every now and then. The nursery had no windows so the back wall was dedicated to the Forbidden Forest though it didn't look as scary as Harley remembered it, and centaurs peeked out from behind the trees- young centaurs galloping in the forefront before disappearing back into the Forest.

The right wall was dedicated to rolling green hills, a lone Hippogriff that looked oddly like Buckbeak galloping on his lonesome before taking flight and disappearing behind clouds before reappearing once again.

Walking further into the room, and shutting the door behind them, Harley finds that the fourth wall is painted as well. The Black Lake shimmers in the sunlight, a mermaid sitting atop a rock and brushing her hair while other merpeople popped up from the water to wave and flip in the air before disappearing.

"Steve," Harley breathes in awe. "This is amazing!"

"I only drew it," he rubs the back of his of neck in embarrassment. "Luna gave me very descriptive details of everything and nhadded the magic touch."

"Still," Harley beams as she looks him in the eye. "You've captured my first real home magnificently. Thank you. And you as well, Luna," she laughs before hugging her friend tightly. "This is all so brilliant and I can't wait until my baby boy gets to sleep in his room."

"There's still more," Luna replies. "When the lights go out, the ceiling turns into clusters of stars that shimmer. Adds just enough light so the baby won't be scared."

And before anyone can ask, JARVIS dims the lighting just enough so the clusters of deep blue, deep purple, and white stars blink in the dark.

Needless to say, Harley was even more excited to bring her baby into this world.

Month five brought not only Hermione's first visit with Rose- which resulted in Pepper immediately being thrust in 'Mommy Mode' and Tony trying to appear as if he wasn't interested in the whining and drooling human being in which he terribly failed at hiding his true emotions- but it also brought the Tower's first pet.

It had been a harmless day, Harley camping out on the communal floor with Clint by her side and Natasha on the sofa chair as they watched a television show about cops who looked after the welfare of animals and put neglectful owners behind bars.

Sitting cross-legged on her side of the sofa with a cushion pillow in her lap and a bowl of cookies-and-cream ice cream sitting atop of said cushion, Harley happily ate spoonfuls of the frozen treat as she cursed at the neglectful pet owners.

The elevator dings and Tony struts into the room just as the familiar tune of Angel by Sarah Mclachlan starts playing.

"Oh god, not this commercial again," Clint groans.

Natasha's lips twitch in amusement and Tony falters in his steps at the rare sight of the Black Widow showing emotion. He sees her subtly digging her phone out and angling towards Harley's form, Clint's shoulders now shaking with suppressed laughter.

Tony's about to ask what's going on as the depressing commercial plays out but Natasha quickly catches his gaze and gives a shake of her head. 'What's going on,' he mouths instead.

'Just listen and watch,' she mouths back.

Lingering in the background, Tony watches and listens for God only knows what when the sniffles start. Again, Natasha's lips twitch, a small grin forming and she manages to keep her phone trained on Harley.

The sniffles escalate into full blown stifled sobs and Clint has to hide his face in a pillow. Tony's eyes dart to the commercial still playing out on TV before looking back at Harley's back where he can now see she's wiping at her face and crying into her hands.

"Are you- are you seriously crying," he asks incredulously.

When he comes around to face Harley, he sees the puffy eyes and tear tracks, and her bottom trembling lip before cackling like a mad man. Clint finally lets go, he too bursting into laughter and Natasha quickly puts her phone away before Harley realizes that she had been recorded.

"They're just harmless animals," Harley wails. "Itty bitty animals! How can muggles be so cruel?!"

"Seriously," Tony laughs. "You're crying at the Mclachlan commercial with all those ugly animals?"

Within the blink of an eye, Tony finds a wand pointed at him. "You shut your mouth, Stark!"

Instead of being scared for being on the wrong side of a wand, Tony is amused. He holds up his hands in mock surrender and reluctantly apologizes. "Okay.. okay," he chuckles. "I won't make fun of the animals."

"Don't mock me or I will hex you until my heart's content. And trust me, I've got a lot of built up emotions."

As if to prove her words, the lights in the room start flickering and the three Avengers tense.

Tony's smirk falters and he takes a step back. "Mean," he huffs before finally lowering his hands. "I can see when I'm not wanted."

With a dramatic sniff and flip of his imaginary hair, Tony turns on his heel and heads for the elevator. Harley pockets her wand with a sheepish shrug tossed at Natasha and the lights stop their flickering.

Clint is quick to follow with the excuse of testing out new arrowheads that Tony made for him and jumps into the elevator before the doors close. Standing on opposite ends of the elevator, he cracks a grin. "I can't believe you made fun of the pregnant lady," he shakes his head disapprovingly.

"Can it, Legolas. You were laughing, too."

"Yeah but I didn't make her feel worse for crying about it," he chuckles. "You pissed her off enough to make her threaten you. That's gotta be some bad karma there."

Tony huffs, frowning as he glares at his own reflection as well as Clint's amused one. "JARVIS?"

"Yes, sir?"

"Get me the address for the nearest ASPCA center. I've got some serious apologizing to do."

"Right away, sir."

Clint snickers just as the doors open, Tony tripping the archer as he exits.



Two days later, Clint's back on the communal floor with Harley, keeping her company since Phil was still working as well as Natasha.

Clint's laying on the long sofa, legs outstretched and crossed at the ankle with his hands entwined behind his head. And Harley- Harley's sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of him as her hands cradle the small defined bump of her belly as she works on her breathing exercises for her impending due date.

The elevator dings in the distance but neither one of them crack open an eye to see who it is. The thumping of footfalls let them know that it's neither Pepper or Natasha- one because Pepper always wore heels that clicked against the floor and two, you wouldn't hear Natasha coming.

Instead, there's a very distinct masculine sound of a throat being cleared that has Harley cracking open one eye only to be met with the sight of a grinning Tony.

"Tell me how much you love Daddy," he coos.

Clint snorts and Harley wrinkles her nose at him. "You're a prat. What do you want?"

"Oh, I don't want anything," he says as he plops down in one of the available sofa chairs. "But I do have a surprise for you."

She angles her body towards him, eyes narrowing in suspicion, and watches as his eyes fall down to her baby bump. His grin turns fond briefly before turning smug once more. "This is a trick, isn't it?"

"Nope," he pops the 'p'. "This is me making up for laughing at you when you got all hormonal on us and started crying during that animal cruelty commercial. JARVIS," he calls out. "Open the elevator. Let the pup out."

Harley's eyes widen in surprise, Clint's eyes shoot open before he bolts to sit upright, and the sound of tags clicking together and nails clicking against the floor sound in the room.

"You didn't," Harley and Clint muse together.

"I did," Tony laughs. "I saved her from the the shelter," he admits just as a rather small- yet big- dog trots further into the room and towards them. Her coat is a light gray but has a white chest, white paws, and black spots littering her head, back, and tail. Gray eyes take in her new surroundings, ears flopping as she trots around in circles, and her tail wags slowly when she realizes none of them mean her harm. "Her name is Nora. She's a Great Dane so she'll grow large and protective. Congratulations, Momma. You now have two babies to look after."

Clint gapes and Harley's eyes well up with tears. Slowly, she reaches out a hand and lets the dog sniff her fingers, letting Nora take her time studying her new owner. "Thank you," she murmurs. "She's beautiful."

Tony winks and crosses one leg over the other. "Only the best for you, Coulson."

Harley gives a watery chuckle, her smile blossoming when Nora approves of her and creeps in closer. The dog noses at Harley's baby bump briefly before taking a step back and reaching up to nose around Harley's face. There's a sniff or two around the witch's neck before finally Nora licks Harley's cheek and moves back.

She laughs again, finally reaching up to run her fingers along the soft fur of her new companion. She gently tugs at Nora's ear, the dog yanking out of Harley's grip before turning playful and nipping at her fingers.

Clint finally moves to join Harley on the floor, Nora quickly taking interest in him and slowly sniffing him out as well. When she deems Clint okay, he playfully pushes Nora's head down only for her to duck out from underneath his hand and pounce on him.

When Bruce comes down to make his tea- he takes one look at Tony, Harley, and Clint sitting on the floor with a puppy running rampant between the three of them turns back around into the elevator.

As Harley reaches forward to reach for Nora, she feels a fluttering in her stomach that she writes off right away after slowly sitting up. When Nora goes out of reach again, she reaches forward but instead of a flutter, she feels a kick.

"Oh," her eyes widen as she sits upright in a flash, her hands flying to press on her stomach.

Clint and Tony both freeze mid-chuckle, their own eyes widening at Harley's shocked expression. Her hands are pressing and prodding at one particular spot, and Tony's the first to crack.

"Oh god, what's wrong?! Is it the baby? Are you in labor? You can't be. It's too-"

"Tony," Harley cuts him off with a radiant smile. "It is the baby but not in the way you're thinking. He's kicking," she laughs with yet more tears- happy tears in her eyes. "This- this is the first time I felt an actual kick!"

There's a moment of silence before Clint barks out a relieved laugh and Tony visibly deflates in his seat.

"Oh," Harley jumps again. "There he is again!" She takes a moment to stare into space, hands pressed against her belly as her baby boy kicks away. She smiles wide, taking yet another moment to soak the moment in before turning to Clint. "Do you want to feel?"

Clint's smile drops, his eyes falling to her belly before he frowns. "I, uh, I don't know. Isn't this something rather personal?"

"Mhm," she nods. "But we're all family here. You're more than welcome to feel his kick."

Clint looks hesitant and Tony doesn't even bother to ask if he's allowed. Instead, he scoots closer and asks, "Where do I feel?"

Harley chuckles at his enthusiasm before grabbing his hand and pressing it to the left side of her belly where he's kicking the strongest. It takes several seconds for Tony to actually feel and when he does, his hand jolts away from her. "That feels weird. Is it weird? It seems uncomfortable."

"It does feel weird," she admits. "But a beautiful weird.. if that makes any sense," her lips purse in thought.

"Oddly enough, it does," Clint sighs as he eyes her stomach. "M-may I?"

As his hand hovers her stomach, Harley nods encouragingly. "Grope away, Agent Barton."

Clint startles at her choice of words, mouth agape and eyes wide as Tony cackles.

"You're gonna get me in trouble if Phil hears you talking like that," he mutters and finally reaches in to feel the baby kick.

Harley adjusts his hand to where the baby's still kicking, Clint's smile slowly forming. "Wow."

"Wow, indeed," she smiles back.

Month six brings about an even bigger belly for Harley, and Tony's constant whining about when she was going to start waddling like a duck. Natasha had caught her having a breakdown over a TV commercial so it was only fair if he caught her waddling.

Since Harley hadn't known about Natasha catching her on film, she extracted payback by magicking Natasha's shampoo and conditioner. Tony, Clint, Bruce, and Pepper all warned her she was crazy for doing such a thing and when Natasha calmly showed her presence on the communal floor with vibrant green hair- everyone waited for the bomb to go off.

But instead, all they got was Natasha narrowing her eyes at Harley and Harley smirking as she took a picture of the deadly assassin on a camera that had been lying around in her room that Phil had left behind.

Natasha mutters about Harley being lucky that she was pregnant because otherwise, it'd so be on. But since there wasn't a lot of pregnancy safe tricks, Natasha couldn't get retaliation for her green hair. All she had to do was wait until the magic wore off in two days.

And from that day forward, everyone steered clear of catching Harley in an embarrassing act because they didn't want to end up with anything magicked that took days to wear off.

At the end of month six and into the beginning of the seventh, everyone starts furnishing the nursery since Harley told them she didn't want a Baby Shower.

Pepper had been let down about not being able to throw Harley a party but then made up for it by buying everything baby Coulson would need. Even Hermione, Ginny, Luna, and Mrs. Weasley visited with toys and knick-knacks of their own for the baby.

The nursery has soon collected a cherry wood crib, a cherry wood dresser with numerous drawers that were already filled with every type of outfit a baby could need, a cherry wood changing table with powders and creams, and a closet that housed several shelves on the inside stocked with pampers, wipes, burping cloths, lotions, and bathing soap and oils.

A dark wood cushioned rocking chair and ottoman sits in the corner, a dark blue afghan that Mrs. Weasley knitted draped over the back of it.

Even Thor had visited to drop off a gift from his family- a gift that was hand stitched by his Mother Frigga, Queen of Asgard. It was a baby's quilt- cream in color with a shimmering gold hand stitched Yggdrasil. The borders of the blanket were golden as well- spells of health, happiness, peaceful slumber, and a good long life woven in as well.

Harley had been reduced to tears over the gift, hugging Thor with all her might and thanks of gratitude to be passed on to Queen Frigga for such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Towards the end of the seventh month, Harley's what Tony and Clint consider huge and both men can't help but giggle like school girls when Harley starts waddling.

The first couple of times, Harley laughs with them because waddling like a duck amuses her but then the hormones get the best of her and she can't help but bawl and call the men mean for laughing at her.

Phil, Pepper, Natasha, and Steve all intimidate Tony and Clint into leaving the witch alone- the two of them still getting their kicks when Ginny showed up for checkups because she couldn't help but make fun of her friend as well. And Ginny- Ginny wasn't afraid of Harley's intimidation squad.

With the waddling now constant- Harley's done fed up with the not-so-quiet snickering and back pains from carting around another human being in her belly.

All she wishes is that he'd be born already.

During the eighth month of her pregnancy, Harley's torn between wanting it to be over and done with, and loving everything about her pregnancy including the heavy bump she carts around.

Her shirts stretch tight over her bump- the team always swiping a hand across her belly as they pass one another. She hadn't known what to think about it at first but then found it oddly endearing that she was one of the select few who got to see the master assassins, the man out of time, a man with great anger issues, and a mad genius be affectionate with her and her unborn baby.

Even Phil hadn't known what to think- he sitting at the kitchen bar with Fury who had visited with him- when Natasha was leaving the room and passed Harley on her way out. Without looking up from the dossier Fury had given her, Natasha held one hand out and caressed the baby bump on her way by.

Phil and Fury had raised questioning eyebrows at her but Harley merely waved them off with a smile, and fixed herself some lunch.



Harley sighed for what felt like the umpteenth time- she lounging on the sofa in front of her TV on her own personal floor with Nora resting half atop her legs and half on the sofa. Her hand was absentmindedly scratching behind Nora's ears, eyes trained on the documentary of ocean life that was playing out when a knock sounded on her door.

"Come in," she calls out. The door opens and Nora's interest is immediately piqued with the newcomer. When the clicking of heels sound, Harley glances over her shoulder with a smile. "Pepper, hello! What brings you here?"

"Errands, sadly," she replies as she comes around to take a seat on the sofa. Harley gestures for Nora to jump down, Pepper smiling at the Dane and petting her as she settles at their feet. "The bank's online system is acting wonky so I have to go in and move around some money from several accounts. Since JARVIS told us how agitated you are with being cooped up, I figured you'd like to get out for a bit."

"I'd love to," Harley groans in appreciation. "Even if it is stuffy accounting, I'd enjoy a ride and a chance to stretch my legs."

"Okay," she chuckles. "Would you like to take Nora along as well or leave her behind?"

"Take her, please. I'm sure an unscheduled outing would do her some good."

"Great! Happy's waiting downstairs for us and he hasn't been introduced to Nora. I can't wait to see his face."



When Harley and Pepper show up with Nora trotting in between them on a leash, the man Harley saw pictures of that Tony showed her is leaning against a black Mercedes Benz, gaping.

"Uh- what- who-"

"Happy," Pepper greets. "This is Mrs. Coulson. Mrs. Coulson, meet Happy. He'll be driving us around today."

"Pleasure to meet you, Happy," Harley greets, holding out her hand that's not holding onto Nora's leash. "Call me Harley and this sweet girl," she reaches down to pet her Dane. "Her name's Nora."

"Uh, you as well, ma'am," he stammers, his gaze darting between Harley and Nora before looking to Pepper. "I didn't know Tony had a new house guest. He doesn't tell me anything anymore," he frowns.

"Yes, well, it's a bit of a secret," Harley grins. "I'm not exactly ordinary."

It takes a moment for her words to sink in, Happy's eyes widening a few seconds later. "O-oh!" Pepper and Harley grin at him, watching as his gaze then travels down to Nora. "And when did this lovely lady become a part of the family?"

Happy kneels down and coos over Nora, cradling the canine's head in his large hands- Pepper and Harley pouting. They figured he'd at least be intimidated by the large dog but no. It appears that he's actually in love with her.

"You're such a sweet girl. Yes you are," he baby talks Nora. Pepper and Harley giggle, watching as Happy lets Nora lick at his chin. "You're getting special treatment today, little lady. Yes you are. You're riding up front with me while Ms. Pepper and your Momma ride in the back."

The girls are forced to watch as Happy gets Nora situated in the front seat, he taking his time before he finally moves to open the back door for them.

"Oh, great," Pepper huffs as Happy knocks on the window where Nora's at happily. "We've created a monster."



The ride to the bank greatly amuses Harley, her amusement stemming from the fact Nora sits erect in the passenger seat as if she were human herself. Whenever a bit of traffic had slowed them down some, Harley and Pepper would snicker to themselves as Happy would reach over to ruffle Nora's ears.

"You know, Happy," Harley muses. "When the baby comes, I'm going to need someone who will pay attention to Nora on her outings." Happy perks up in the front seat, Pepper hiding a smile behind her hand. "Her usual walker doesn't play with her- he just walks her until she's done her business and then it's back to the Tower for her. If you'd like, I can pay you to walk her and play with her for a bit every day until I can handle both Nora and A- I mean the baby."

Before Happy can answer, Pepper groans. "Really?! You won't even tell me the name yet?"

"Sorry," Harley laughs. "It's a secret until he's born."

Pepper groans and pouts some more while laughing, Happy then gaining Harley's attention. "I'd love to, Mrs. Coulson. And don't worry about the pay, it'd be my pleasure to get some exercise in with Nora."

The rest of the ride to the bank is filled with chatter about exercise and the fact that Happy could do without it because he was perfect the way he was.



At the bank, Harley catalogs the difference between this muggle bank and Gringott's.

While Gringrott's is an imposing snow white, multistoried marble building- New York's very own Hadley's is all dark steel, glass, and dark marble columns on the inside. Once entered in Gringott's, there was one main hall that was lined on either side with tall counters where Goblins worked with one main counter at the back where the Head Goblin sat, and was dimly lit. Inside Hadley's, however, there's a vast space of empty marble flooring. Halfway across the floor- wooden circular counters are spaced apart evenly, offering a hard surface for clients to stand there and write on slips of paper.

Silver poles hold maroon satin ropes so client's know to form lines at each clerk that's located at the one long counter towards the back. Instead of dim lighting like Gringott's, Hadley's is infiltrated by sunlight through their glass walls.

"We'll be going to third floor," Pepper informs her. "That's where they take care of their more important clients. We just have to wait to be escorted up since they knew I was coming in."

"That's fine," Harley assures her.

The two women smile politely as people come and go, Pepper waiting patiently for her turn as Harley runs her hands over her belly since her baby appears to be active today.

Harley doesn't know how long they're waiting- her mind drifting off and wondering what Phil is doing now. She's always so used to keeping constant vigilance no matter where she's at so she's not that surprised that when her guard is down, something goes terribly wrong.

It's starts with a female's heart clenching scream followed by deafening popping noises one right after the other. Panic ensues and the next thing Harley knows, she's being dragged to the ground by a fearful Pepper.

"Slide your phones out in front of you and keep your heads down," a man hollers. When Harley bravely chances a look in the direction of said voice, all she finds is a lone man in all black garb and a black mask, and a rather large gun in his hands. "There's no need to cause a panic 'cause the moment you panic is the moment my trigger-happy friend starts shooting on sight."

There are whimpers all around- Harley's heart thundering inside her rib cage. She'd seen scenarios like this on TV- masked gunman robbing banks- and it never ended well. Especially if a hostage was taken.

Gulping, she looks to Pepper and finds said woman shakily reaching into her purse and sliding her phone along the floor.

"What do we do," Harley murmurs, eyes darting all around the room before hanging her head. There was no way she was laying on her stomach like the others were doing.

"Keep calm and don't attract their attention," Pepper mumbles back. "Let them do what they got to do and hopefully we'll be out of this mess soon."

Harley wants to argue that these men or women shouldn't get away with what they're doing but she knows better than to argue right now. Especially since she counted two gunmen over her shoulder, four to the right of the room, four to the left, and two walking along the counter and demanding money in black duffel bags. And that was not including the gunman who must have ridden the elevator upstairs to the other levels to make sure no-one called for help.

Harley complies and remains quiet by Pepper's side, gripping the woman's hand in a death grip while the clerks load up bags with money. Being quiet and useless is not something she's used to so she's not that surprised that she starts rambling at a time like this.

"Why did Happy have to stay outside? We should have left Nora at home and made Happy walk us in."

Huffing, Pepper squeezes her hand. "If Happy were in here, he'd probably already have been shot while trying to play hero."

Harley groans and shifts as her head lifts a little. "Why did I have to be pregnant at a time like this? I really need to pee."

Even though they're in a terrible situation, Pepper can't help but giggle. She stifles it a bit too late and attracts the attention she was hoping to ignore.

"You two! What's going on? I said heads down!"

Pepper and Harley freeze, hearts both thudding wildly and angle their heads down once more. The two women think they're out of the clear until a hand roughly grabs Pepper by the back of the neck and hauls her up to her feet.

"Oi," Harley snaps. "Let her go."

Pepper whimpers but doesn't scream- she not wanting to cause a panic within the building and being glad that he's ignored Harley and all her pregnant glory. The masked man gets up in her personal space, tilting her head this way and that way before chuckling lowly. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Pepper rips her chin from the man's grasp, keeping her eyes on the floor. "You're that Pott's woman, aren't you? Iron Man's bitch."

"You watch your tone," Harley glares from her spot on the floor, showing a great deal of effort just to climb to her feet. There's an amused chuckle behind her and she's not surprised to find a hand suddenly gripping her shoulder rather harshly. "Excuse you but I am a with child," she sneers over her shoulder, channeling all the arrogance of Malfoy. "It would be in your best interest if you'd remove your hand."

"Harley, don't," Pepper pleads.

"Yes, Harley. Don't," the man who's holding Pepper mocks. "Listen to the bitch and shut your trap!"

"Or we'll be forced to shut it for you," the man holding Harley threatens. A gun is suddenly at Harley's temple, Pepper's eyes widening in fear.

Body shaking with anger, Harley's eyes blaze. "Get the gun.. away from my face!"

"Okay," the man shrugs. Clicking a bullet into place, he lowers the gun to her belly. "Better?"

"T-Tony doesn't negotiate with t-terrorists," Pepper whimpers. "Iron Man will have you down and out before you ever get any money from him."

"Then we'll have to make him, won't we," the man holding her grins. A knife suddenly finds it way to her throat, and tears start falling from her eyes.

"Get away from her," Harley snarls and tries to lunge forward. The one man holding onto her chuckles some more, tsking at her.

"You're in no room to make demands, babe. Keep your mouth shut or you'll be mourning the death instead of the birth of your baby."

"H-Harley, please," Pepper whimpers. "Don't do anything stupid. I-It's okay. I'm fine."

Glass shattering has everyone screaming- the masked men holding onto the girls as they whirl around and using them as body shields. Iron Man steps through the glass wall he just shattered, the repulsors in his palms powering up to be used as he aims at them and let's his face mask slide up.

"Step away from the ladies and I won't have to kill you."

Tony's usually very well kept together- injuring the bad guys just enough to put them out of commission- but after seeing the knife at Pepper's throat and the gun at Harley's belly, all bets are off.

"We'll step away the moment you give us one of your private jets filled with money and set to fly us to a place where there's no extradition."

Tony's fingers twitch in his anger, giving the men a brief nod. "Let the other civilians go and we'll talk."


"Shut it, you," the man throttles Pepper just enough to make her quiet down.

Tony's glare turns steely, as does Harley's and the two men quickly holler for their men to release everyone in the building. It takes several minutes for them to disperse- women and children crying hysterically as they're released outside and to safety.

Once the building has been cleared, the remaining masked men back their two fellow comrades. Gun are angled downward but fingers remain on the trigger.

"The pregnant one goes free, too," Tony grunts. "I'm not taking any chances with the baby."

"And we're not taking any chances with letting money get away," the man holding Harley shakes her a bit. "She and the baby must be worth something. If not to you then to your pretty little girlfriend."

Sirens are blaring outside, the blades of a helicopter whooshing somewhere up above, and the sound of an officer talking via megaphone outside that everyone inside is ignoring.

"So what do you say, Iron Man? What's your girlfriend worth- three million? Four million?"

"Nothing because he isn't paying you," Pepper snaps.

The knife being held against her throat digs a bit deeper, the blade nicking her just enough to make blood trickle.

Harley sees red- her anger getting the best of her and the lights start flickering.

"H-Harley, no," Pepper gulps. "It's just a nick."

Wind starts blowing just enough to make both woman's hair sway in the breeze- Tony preparing for whatever outcome it is from Harley's wild magic. The sound of glass cracking echoes all around them- the men tensing as does Pepper.


"Pepper, get down."

"Think about your baby," Pepper babbles. "No mag-"

The glass walls all explode as if there was too much pressure in the room but instead of the glass shattering outward, it shatters inward. Harley can feel the many nicks all over her exposed skin knowing that Pepper was sadly treated to the same outcome.

Harley's buildup of magic seems to have done the trick- the masked men all stumbling back in shock which gives Pepper and Harley the time to rush behind Tony. The face mask slides down and repulsors power up.

"You should have let the ladies go when given the chance," Iron Man's voice sounds.

Only a couple of men are stupid enough to raise their guns at Iron Man- Tony blasting them with low level rays to knock them on their asses. The remaining ones standing are then smart enough to drop their weapons and raise their hands in defeat.

"Go," Harley sways on spot. "Take Pepper and get home."

"No," Pepper denies the help. "You need help more than I do."

"And if Tony is spotted flying me back to the Tower, a target will be painted even bigger on my back. Go," she demands. "Send Happy in and I'll meet you at the Tower."

"Screw the Tower," Tony practically growls. "The two of you need medical attention for all these cuts."

"I'm a witch, you prat," Harley sighs. "I can fix the both of us up. Go!"

The moment Tony had stepped out with Pepper and flew her away- the bank was swarmed with police authorities. They had helped Harley outside- steering her towards an awaiting ambulance but Happy was quick to intervene insisting that he take her to the hospital himself.

There was a bit of an argument over whether or not Happy would be permitted to escort Harley but after much convincing on Harley's part that she wasn't going anywhere unless her personal driver took her- the authorities gave up and Happy was quick to whisk her back to the Tower.

And by the time they had gotten to the top of the Tower- Happy was on official Nora duty until further notice, and Bruce was already cleaning out the cuts along Pepper's face and neck.

Tony was pacing back and forth when he caught sight of Harley- he being quick to usher her to a chair but Harley swatted him away and stood before heading towards the kitchen.

From a cabinet over the sink, Harley produces two vials of a cream-colored potion and hands one to Pepper. The CEO eyes it warily but Harley assures her that it was fine and downed her own in one go. Since being pregnant messed with her taste buds, Harley gags on it but manages to keep it down. And when Pepper notices the small cuts closing up along Harley's face, neck, and arms, the blonde downs her own potion.

Once the both of them are healed, Harley quickly brandishes her wand and vanishes the blood from both herself and Pepper. Seeing as Pepper was out of danger and healed- Tony wastes no time crushing her into a hug.

Bruce had led Harley to retake her seat, setting aside the woman's wand as he starts checking her for signs of exhaustion starting with her blood pressure from using the new and improved magic resistant cuffs that Tony invented.

As she was being checked over, Phil, Natasha, and Clint all bursts in through the elevator clad in their S.H.I.E.L.D. uniforms.

"Uh, I called Phil," Tony sheepishly admits after a second.

As Phil rushes for her and starts checking her over even though there's not a scratch on her anymore, Harley can't help but think that she's not ever going to be let out of the Tower ever again.

The day Harley goes into labor is incidentally the day she makes Bruce hulk out.

Bruce had been innocently making himself a kettle of tea as Harley lounged on the sofa. She had been feeling uncomfortable for a couple of hours- she venturing out onto the communal floor in hopes of elevating the pressure on her lower back and the mini cramps low in her abdomen.

The smell of tea infiltrated her senses and hoping a cup of tea would soothe her, Harley struggles to stand on her own two feet. Though the moment she's steady, a sharp jolt of pain hits her and an unidentifiable liquid gushes down her thighs.


Bruce startles at Harley's scream of pain, spinning on his heels only to find Harley doubled over in pain. "Harley?"

"B-Bruce," she grits out. "Call Phil."


"Call. Phil."

"H-Harley, what's going on?"

"I said call PHIL!"

Harley brandishes her wand and blindly aims it at Bruce- firing off and maiming the cabinets behind him. Bruce reacts instantaneous- his complexion darkening to green as he grows on spot.

"Bloody hell," Harley whines. "I just wanted you to call Phil, you fool. I think- I think I'm in labor."

The hulk roars but doesn't charge and Harley collapses on the sofa. The lights immediately dim and other lights drop from the ceiling as they flash green. "What's going on," she cries.

The hulk is in control- he batting at the flashing lights before huffing and sitting in the middle of the room with a roll of his eyes. If Harley weren't in excruciating pain, she'd have laughed.

Harley cries some more- trying to breathe through the pain but it's just too much. As she curls in around her belly, she manages to call out for JARVIS to send for some help.

As she groans and pants through the pain- Iron Man flies in through the balcony. "Phil's been alerted," he says as his face mask slides up. Taking in the form of hulk who looks rather put out, Tony frowns. "Did Bruce panic when you went into labor?"

"N-no," she pants. "He wasn't moving.. fast enough," she grits out through clenched teeth. "So I might have- I might have hurled a spell at him."

Tony blinks owlishly before cackling like a mad man- the elevator doors opening a second later as Clint, Natasha, and Steve rush into the room. Natasha's in her catsuit with a gun ready to fire, Clint's has a gun of his own though it's bigger than the Black Widow's, and Steve is all suited up in his Captain America garb with his shield held out front.

When the three of them take in the scene- all three stand down and Harley screams out in pain. "Will somebody please contact Ginny! She needs to be here."

Clint suddenly looks rather amused at what's going on- even more so Tony jokes about why Bruce hulked out. And if looks could kill, Clint would have dropped dead.

Steve is standing there looking rather terrified of the event taking place so seeing as Natasha is the only one sane enough to help, Harley snaps at her. "Natasha! Floo call the Burrow. Holler- holler," she sighs deeply and squeezes her eyes shut. "Holler until someone hears you. Send for Gin."

The Black Widow nods, holstering her gun and rushes towards the fireplace. Harley had explained the basics of flooing and floo calls to everyone so Natasha knows exactly what to do. Though the redhead didn't really like the after effects of placing such a call, she knew she had to do in Harley's time of need.

When Phil shows up, he's all smiles and positivity, and Harley is throwing every curse word she knows at him.

Clint and Tony snicker like school girls, Steve talks down hulk into letting Bruce reemerge, and Natasha and Phil help Harley to the room where Ginny's going to deliver their baby.



Phil and Ginny are the only two allowed in the room- Pepper, Happy, Dean, Hermione, and Ron joining Tony, Steve, Clint, Natasha, and Bruce out in the hall.

The delivery goes rather smoothly though the cursing offers everyone outside great amusement. Especially when Harley proclaims that she and Phil are never having sex ever again because giving birth hurts too damn much.

The boys sans Bruce and Steve are all a giggling mess- Hermione, Pepper, and Natasha pursing their lips in disappointment at them.

The second a baby's wail pierces the air- Hermione and Pepper's eyes fill with tears of joy. Natasha smiles proudly as does Steve and Bruce, and nearly ten minutes later, Ginny is stepping out into the hall with tears of her own.

"He's beautiful," she breathes. "All eight pounds and 7 ounces of him. Healthy, too."

Pepper and Hermione chuckle in relief, Tony being the first to talk. "When can we go in?"

"In a bit," she answers. "Let's give the little family a moment to themselves."

Tony nods, holding up his arm readily as Pepper snuggles into his side to wait patiently. Ginny makes a beeline for her fiance, hugging him briefly before settling into his side, and Hermione and Ron can't help but beam happily for their friend.

Several minutes later, the door opens and a smiling Phil stands in the doorway.

"Come in," he tells the group. "Just be quiet, please."

They all trickle in quietly, smiling and grinning at the obviously tired yet barely awake momma witch. She's cradling a small bundle of blue in her arms- a head full of dark hair that he obviously got from his father.

Everything else seems to be a mix of the two parents- his pale pink flesh glowing softly.

"I hope he has his mother's eyes," Phil murmurs.

Pepper coos and the rest of the team chuckle. "What's his name," she asks. "You can't keep it a secret any longer."

Harley smiles softly, meeting her husband's gaze who nods and smiles in return. Peering back down at her baby, she runs a finger softly down his nose which makes him yawn widely and earn more coos from around the room.

Glancing up at Pepper, she winks at the CEO before her eyes briefly dart to Tony. "His name is Anthony," she murmurs softly, just high enough for everyone to hear without disturbing her baby. Pepper gasps as more tears fill her eyes, her gaze quickly darting to Tony who appears to be fighting off tears of his own. Though in the future, he'd be sure to tell everyone he just had something in his eye. "Anthony Orion Coulson."

End of fic.

By the way, I'm terribly sorry for this. I figured I could write up something better but this is what I ended up with =/

I had originally wanted Harley to be close to Clint but after his encounter with Loki, I didn't really see that happening. And I know a lot of you think that Tony being a softie isn't believable either but I believe otherwise. I believe that once on Tony's good side, he's a giant teddy bear under everything he puts up as a front.

So since Harley and Tony became quite close, he giving the Coulson's a place to live and all, I figured why the hell not. Baby Coulson then became Anthony Coulson :) Sorry if this wasn't your cup of tea but hey, your fault for reading this far XD

As for what's next on my list of stories.. I'm working on something right now but other ideas keep popping up that are wanting to be written asap. We'll see how that goes.. but fair warning, it will be longer than a week until I post anything new.

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