I wrote this in one go because I was on a roll today.

When Alfred had shaken Haldør awake early in the morning with his face screwed up in pain, Haldør thought the world was going to end. Neither one of them knew what was going on, all they knew was Alfred had a pain in his side terrible enough for him to whimper and shed tears. Haldør managed to practically carry him to that car, something he was unused to, and quickly drove him to the emergency room. The entire way there Alfred was trying to put on a brave face, but Haldør could see the tear glistening.

Of course, when they arrived at the hospital, they didn't immediately take him in. The nurse at the desk gave Haldør a clipboard and told him to fill it out and that they would get to him shortly. He had thought that the emergency room didn't live up to its name as they weren't the only ones waiting, and some of the others did not look too good. Haldør led Alfred to a chair and sat him down before looking at the forms. He filled out what he could them turned to Alfred to ask him about the rest. At first Haldør thought he was dead; normally tanned skin was as pale as his own with blue eyes closed. Haldør noticed the slight rise and fall of Alfred's chest and breathed a sigh of relief before nudging him to consciousness. Haldør handed him the clipboard and watched as Alfred drunkenly filled out the few remaining blanks. Haldør returned the forms to the nurse and sat down trying to avoid being coughed on violently. Alfred put his head on Haldør's shoulder and promptly either passed out or fell asleep, Haldør couldn't be sure which.

Finally, after what seemed like all night, Alfred's name was called. Haldør helped him to the waiting nurse, who told him he had to stay out here until further notice. Haldør had grabbed his and Alfred's phones before they left, which he used to call both their bosses and explain why they would be absent. Alfred's boss was particularly sympathetic and told Haldør to call back as soon as they figured out what had happened. The next few hours Haldør dozed on and off and occasionally played games on the phones. When his ran out of battery, he switched over to Alfred's. They had left the house around 2:30 AM, and it was 10:43 AM by the time the doctor had waved Haldør back into the actual hospital.

"Before you ask, it was his appendix. We had to remove it, and he's resting now. The procedure went fine, so we'll keep him overnight before sending home. After that he'll need an additional few days to recover. He'll also have to come back so we can keep track of his recovery and to remove the stiches." They had arrived at the bedroom. Haldør thanked the doctor before entering.

"Another thing, be aware he's still reacting to the anesthesia, and I'm sure you've seen wisdom teeth videos that show what it's like. It has also caused some memory loss that he'll regain once the medication has worn off." The doctor left and Haldør walked up to the side of the bed.

"Hey, nurse, do you mind moving the water a little closer? I'm going to die of thirst." Alfred's eyes were dazed and his words were slurring together. Haldør realized this is what the doctor meant by memory loss; Alfred didn't recognize him.

"Please nurse, I'm begging you." Haldør picked up the cup with the straw and held it up to Alfred's mouth. When it was emptied Alfred let go of the straw with a pop and leaned back onto his pillows.

"Hey, you make my dopamine levels all silly."

"What?" Haldør was confused, but he supposed it was to be expected for Alfred to be talking nonsense.

"You look familiar. Did we have class together? I could have sworn we had chemistry." Haldør was glad Alfred was beginning to recognize him, but they had never had science together.

"Didn't like that one? What about, we should get some coffee because I'm liking you a latte." It clicked in Haldør's mind.

"Are you hitting on me?"

"Of course, you're gorgeous. Who wouldn't hit on you? So, coffee later? I'm up for now, but I guess that I'm not allowed it right now, huh?"

"What?" Haldør didn't know how to react.

"You're so beautiful, we would make the most amazing, beautiful kids, especially if they took after you. Too bad that's physically impossible." Alfred was practically singing now.

"You doofus, we're already dating." Haldør could feel his face burning and was glad no one else was in the room.

"What, no way. Man, you're too good-looking for me though. And I bet your personality is too good for me as well."

"You were just hitting on me."

"Yeah, but I didn't expect you to say yes!" Recognition flashed through Alfred's eyes.

"Haldør! My fiancée! Come here, I want to cuddle and kiss your handsome face." Alfred tried to lead forward but it seemed too difficult with all the tubes and wires so he gave up.

"I'm your boyfriend, not your fiancée."

"Oh, I haven't proposed to you yet. Well, I guess that ruins the surprise a bit. Anyways, you're so handsome and I'm the luckiest man in the world." Alfred started dozing off while Haldør tired to process what he had heard.

Alfred woke up three hours later once the anesthesia wore off, and sheepishly admitted that yes, he was planning on proposing soon, and yes, he had already bought the ring. After hearing this, Haldør agreed to marry and the two started planning the wedding while still in the hospital.

May or may not write a sequel to this about the actual wedding or general stuff about it.