Chapter 8: Confronting

Authors Note: Hey guys hope you liked chapter 7! Here is chapter 8 for ya!

Jenny's eyes widened at Shahn and Rhonda, Jenny's mind was scrambled with thoughts and disbelief. Dylan or as he is called now Sheik seemed so happy to see Jenny, but Jenny felt as though he wanted her to leave.

"Hey Akuma, hey Rhonda what are you two guys up to right now…?" Jenny tilted her head to the side, Akuma? Why is it Akuma and not Shahn? She thought. "Rhonda has to leave and she tried to steal my dagger!" Akuma screamed. "No I didn't, I was just looking at it and seeing how much it weighed! I wasn't going to steal it, I would never steal something! You just assumed that Akuma because you're a jackass!" Rhonda's blood was boiling and Sheik tried to not to laugh in front of the two.

"Okay, okay guys stop fighting, you guys are acting like children and I really don't feel like babysitting at the moment," Sheik slugged Akuma's arm and Rhonda started laughing. Jenny watch carefully looking for any new things to discover and one thing screamed through her mind. Ty…It was him; Ty was standing by the front door with a cigarette in his mouth.

Jenny could feel a single tear fall from her cheek to the ground. Ty was right there in front of her only meters away from her. She was bursting with excitement and she was also shaking from being so nervous when seeing Sheik.

Jenny looked back through the bush and saw Akuma punch Ty in stomach, but Ty just grunted as if it was no big deal. The two laughed and Rhonda slipped into the house to get her belongings. Rhonda walked back out of the house and walk toward Sheik, Akuma, and Ty who were awfully close to the bush Jenny was hiding in.

"Wow Rhonda I'm going to actually miss being the shit out of you while laughing!" Rhonda kicked Akuma in the stomach and Akuma grunted while laughing at the same time. Jenny looked in her bag and pulled out a pistol. Jenny didn't care what anyone thought she was going to kill Akuma and Rhonda right then and there.

Jenny loaded the gun quietly and slow stood up from the bushes. Jenny snuck out of the bush and was ready for action. She took her gun off safety and walk towards her two targets. She took a deep breath and waited for the right time. "Wow! Rhonda were going to miss you, you've been a really good friend!" Sheik gave Rhonda a quick hug and tears began to fall from their eyes. Jenny wondered why Sheik was hugging such a monster, a monster that killed a whole handful of innocent citizens and of course…Kirk.

Jenny closed her eyes and then re-opened them, making sure it was the perfect time. It was. "Put you're fucking hands up or I'll pop a cap in your head!" Jenny growled. Keith's eyes widened when he saw her, no it couldn't be! Not her! Keith's mind was being fried at what he saw. "Jenny it-it's you…" Rhonda had tears coming from her eyes like a stream. "Shahn or…Akuma get on the ground or I will make sure your blood leaves a stain everyone's clothes." Jenny spoke a little quieter, but it was still loud. "What are you to tell me what I can and cannot do?" Jenny raised her eyebrow and walked step by step until she was centimeters from his face. "Oh okay, you want to be a smartass huh!?" Jenny pulled the trigger and shot Akuma in the right shoulder. Akuma screamed in pain and had a string of cuss words coming out of his mouth. Blood oozed out of Akuma's shoulder like a river, he was on the ground huddled up in a ball crying at the intense amount of pain that was escaping his body.

"What the hell Jenny!" Keith yelled, he had gotten closer to Jenny and was more than pissed off at her. "He trapped you here I…came here to rescue you and Sheik," Keith balled his hand up into fist and punched Jenny right in the jaw.

Jenny tumbled to the earth and could feel her jaw numbing in pain. Keith lowered to the ground punching and kicking Jenny until she was at deaths door. "Keith stop!" Rhonda and Sheik screamed. Keith got back up and slugged Sheik in the eye and in the stomach causing him to whimper at the pain. Keith ran over to the gun by Jenny and took it; he loaded it and fired into the air seeing if it had ammo still. Keith pointed the gun to Jenny's head and shot.

~In the Morning~

Jenny gradually opened her eyes up, she tried to remember what had happened, but all she could remember was a gunshot sound. She leaned forward, but was pushed back at the pain in her stomach. She lifted up her shirt and noticed blood marks and bandages by her bellybutton. She pulled the shirt back down and touched her jaw, it was throbbing and it burned when she touched it. There had been much more pain in her side and face, but all she could think about was Ty's betrayal. She did this for him and what did she get? An injured figure.

She heard footsteps walk into the room she was in and noticed it was Rhonda with a few towels in her hand. Jenny closed her eyes not wanting to be noticed awake by Rhonda and fake slept.

Rhonda took the warm damp cloth and put it on Jenny's forehead. "Ah that should keep you warm while I make something for us to eat." Rhonda smiled and walked off into the kitchen. Jenny opened her eyes and took the wet cloth off of her head, she tried to stretch, but all it did was cause her cry in pain. Jenny felt exhausted and she desperately wanted to fall back asleep, but she couldn't.

"Hey," Jenny looked over and saw Sheik sitting on the other bed stretching. "Good Morning Sheik," Jenny said as she tried to move to the side of her bed. "Actually you mean good night Jenny, it's almost 9 in the evening, looks like we took a long nap, didn't we?" Sheik was smiling which made Jenny smile, but she stopped when she noticed that Sheiks right eye was swollen and bruised. "Whoa, what happened to your eye Sheik?" Sheik put his fingertips up to his eye and nodded. "Looks like Keith really nicked it hard, that son of bitch better be sorry." Jenny thought about the one word Sheik said…Keith…that must be Ty's new name she thought.

"So where are we exactly?" Jenny questioned looking around at the beautiful bedroom. "It's the house Akuma, Keith, and I built when we got here. It's not too shabby Sheik," Jenny giggled and then asked about Rhonda. "Who is taking care of us right now?" Sheik's smile reappeared on his face and grinned oddly at Jenny. "It's Rhonda…she is the only one that didn't get hurt or nothing," Jenny shook her head in disgust. Jenny hated Rhonda with a fiery passion within her soul. "Why is she helping me, from the last time I saw her she practically wanted to murder me," Sheik got up after Jenny spoke and walked over to Jenny's bed. "She is a great person who is trying her hardest to save her loved ones." Jenny was extremely confused at what Sheik had just said. "Ugh, Jenny you need to listen. Rhonda's Best Friend Faith and her Sister Faith are being tortured by some psycho names Boido. He apparently thought that Akuma, Keith, and I were dead so he knew that you are the last TVT member, soooooo he took Rhonda's Sister and Best Friend when he found out Rhonda would be a really good help to him. So he told her that if she wanted Faith and Isabel to be freed she would have to kill you," Jenny took in all the details and felt really bad for being such a bastard to Rhonda earlier.

"She is caring for you Jenny and she feels as though she should repay you for her evil crimes she did to Corneria and you, she kind of explained the Kirk thing that had happened a few weeks ago," Jenny had tears coming from her eyes rapidly. She felt so bad for Rhonda and how she must be going through hell right now. "Okay you two time for…Oh your awake, great here is some soup I made from the extras in the pantry," Jenny set her bowl down and forced herself to get up and hug Rhonda. "Whoa! What is happening right now!?" Rhonda said startled. "I'm sorry about Faith and Isabel," Rhonda looked down and felt her heart explode, she hated talking about them right now and was worried every minute of every day wondering how they were. "Thanks…Jenny,"

Jenny sat back down and started to gobble down her soup. "So where's Akuma and Keith?" Jenny asked with a mouthful of food. "They uh-left after the fight and ran into the woods someplace, they said they would never return," Jenny and Sheik were star struck about what they has heard.

"Guys I forgot to tell you something…and I need both of your help to do this..." Rhonda had hesitated at her own words before revealing her big secret. "Boido sent me a letter this morning; it said that I have exactly 2 days to kill Jenny before he kills Isabel and Faith," Jenny's eyes widened with fear, was she going to die or was she just being an act in this so called shady characters play.

"No Rhonda! I will not die and neither will Faith or Isabel! Let's track the bastard down and kill, it's time for us to stand up and fight for what is right!"