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Null and Void

Chapter 2

'O...OPPAI!' were the thoughts of one 18 year old Issei Hyoudou as he woke up to a pair of giant wonderful breasts next to his face. He looked up to the owner of said breasts and was greeted to the sight of the naked form of his king and, girlfriend, Rias Gremory.

"Buchou?!" Issei whispered harshly as he watched Rias sleep peacefully and who brought him closer to her chest causing him to blush.

"Now those are a nice pair of Oppai" he suddenly got a sly look on his face.

"I suppose if I were to accidentally touch them" he brought his hand up to touch those bountiful mounds of pleasure, but before he could do so Rias yawned as she woke up .

"Good morning Issei" Rias gave a bright smile that caused him to blush uncontrollably. No matter how many times Rias got into his bed stark naked, he would never get used to the fact over how beautiful the girl of his dreams was.

"G-good morning Buchou." Issei said with a nervous smile, thankful that Rias did not catch him in the act. Granted there was the chance that she would not have minded it at all, but why take the chance.

"Um Rias? Care to explain what is going on?" he asked innocently.

Rias gave an innocent smile that only served to increase her beauty, "I saw you sleeping and decided to join in." She narrowed her eyes as she brought him closer causing him to blush, "I felt like using you as my pillow."

Issei was caught off guard when Rias shifted positions and put herself on top of him and straddled his waist. She looked down on him with a seductive look that sent chills down his spine.

"Issei just so you know you do not have to be shy. I can use this time to bond with my precious pawn" she bent down close and whispered into his ear the one thing that no man could resist.

"I will do anything you want."

Those words echoed through Issei's head as he processed the full implication of the red-haired beauty's words. 'DO…. ANYTHING… I WANT! Never have I heard words so beautiful.'

Issei was in pure bliss as he felt nothing could spoil this moment. "Issei-kun! It's time for morning training." Both of them froze as the voice of Asia Argento, Rias' bishop, was heard behind Issei's door.

"Oh that's right I completely forgot about that." Rias blinked in realisation. Before either could stop her, she had already opened the door and looked in shock at the compromising position that Issei and Rias were in.

"A…Asia!" Issei yelled in shock. Asia looked at the both of them, her face becoming redder by the minute. She clenched her hands tightly then she did something that completely shocked Issei. Asia, a former nun, began to strip of her clothes.

"If that's what Issei-kun wants then I will do it too!" she yelled now naked herself and she jumped on the bed wrestling Issei from Rias' grip, while he yelled in surprise and happiness. Just another typical morning in the home of Issei Hyoudou.

Issei yawned loosening his uniforms collar as he walked to school with Asia and Rias. He was hanging back as he let the two girls talk about their usual things, which mostly involved Rias giving the girls pointers on how to earn more contracts. Issei gazed at Asia with admiring her cute and caring personality. At times she would do things completely out of character if it meant that he would be happy. Though personally he did not mind Asia the way she was now and preferred that she acted more like herself and not something she wasn't. After all, her cute and innocent demeanor combined with her still growing breasts and her well-shaped rear were the best part about her he thought with a reverted giggle.

Issei's demeanor suddenly went from perverted to serious as a certain topic popped into his head. He looked intently at his left hand which contained the sacred gear known as the Boosted Gear. A very powerful sacred gear and one of the 13 Longinus. It had the power to increases his strength every few seconds. If used with the right amount of potential, he could even kill gods with it.

He remembered when just a few weeks earlier he had fought in his one on one rating game with the Phenex family heir, Riser for the sake of Rias' future. It had been one of the toughest fights he had ever been in and it took everything he had learned as a devil to fight him. However the most dangerous thing that he had attempted during the fight was to surrender his arm to the power of the spirit residing within his sacred gear, the Red Dragon Draig. By doing so he had temporarily achieved the power of Balance Breaker and gained the strength to weaken Riser and allowed him to deliver the finishing blow, thus saving Rias from her arranged marriage. The battle did come at a cost in the form Issei's arm and it was now no longer part of his human body. On many occasions, it would turn into his Boosted Gear without him wanting to. Thankfully the joint efforts of both Asia and Akeno were enough to temporarily bring his arm back.

As Issei was in deep thought he failed to notice a guy about their age wearing a sleeveless white hoodie with black flame motifs on the hems of the hoodie, carrying bags in his hands, about to intercept him and the girls. He walked right past the girls, but the moment he and Issei crossed paths, everything slowed down as the blonds' elbow nudged Issei's. Issei gasped as he felt a large burst of energy from his arm and gripped it tightly as Draig's power coursed through his veins, causing extreme discomfort.

"Look alive partner. I sense something abnormal nearby."

Draig's voice echoed through Issei's head and on instinct he turned his head so fast he almost got whiplash. However he was confused when he saw nothing but an empty street with no one in sight.

'What the hell? I could have sworn…"

"Issei is everything all right?" He turned around to meet the concerned expressions of both Asia and Rias.

"Yeah, I am fine. It's just my arm acting up again." He said with a forced smile while gripping his arm where parts of red armor began to emerge from his skin. Asia went up to his arm and used the power of her Twilight Healing to ease his pain. It seemed to work as the armor slowly vanished although his arm still twitched occasionally.

"This is getting serious Issei. After school I want you go to go to the club house. Akeno will be there to help drain any excess energy from your arm."

"But buchou I…" he stopped when he saw the look on her beautiful face. Realising that she was just worried about him, he sighed in defeat and nodded his head, earning a satisfactory smile from Rias. The group soon continued their way to Kuoh academy but not before Issei turned back looking down the street one last time before walking away to catch up to the girls, unaware of a certain spectator was watching him.

Naruto observed the group of three as they walked away down the street. Naruto had been truly surprised, a feeling which was quite rare for him to feel as he was the one who usually did the surprising.

His eyes remained on the brown haired kid who had somehow sensed him. A feat which was supposedly impossible for someone with his abilities. He had momentarily felt a large surge of power which alerted him and forced him to act on instinct and jump into the air where he continued to observe them over forty feet above them.

The plastic bags he carried in either hand swayed in the breeze and his feet dangled in the air as he looked at the curious boy named Issei Hyoudou. "This just got interesting."

He then turned around and flew through the air at breakneck speeds heading to the place where his comrades were waiting for him to tell them about what had just transpired.

Naruto flew for over twenty minutes before he finally found the place he was looking for. A tiny apartment complex over two stories tall. It was small, but at the same time appeared cozy and many of the residents who lived there were kind people. He made sure no one was around before he landed safely on the ground. He made his way up the steps to the second floor and put his key in the door to his apartment. He opened the door closing it behind him as he entered the apartment.

Suddenly he felt his instincts scream at him and he crossed his arms to block a kick to his face. He grabbed the assailant's leg twisting it and sending him spinning through the air. He ducked as someone went to punch him from behind which he countered by delivering a spin kick sending them to the floor. He kicked himself off the ground and bent backwards at a ninety degree angle avoiding just in time a projectile aimed for his face.

He got back up and opened his hand, materializing his black and white gauntlets, black and white energy already forming with a ready to fire blast right when a knife appeared at his throat. He held his intimidating gaze as he looked into the eyes of his companion Axel. They held their positions momentarily before they both surrendered and the put their weapons down. They then gripped one another's forearms and shook them. They turned around and grabbed the hands of their two cloaked companions and helped them to their feet.

"I'd say that security check was a success. So did you bring the goods we asked for?" Axel asked with a curious look. Naruto bent down to get the bags that he dropped earlier and pulled out two boxes of ice cream, several bags of sweets, some fruits and loads of instant noodles.

"Oh yeah now that is what I am talking about!" he made a grab for the ice cream and licked his lips in a hungry manner. Meanwhile Naruto took one of the cups of instant ramen and began to heat it up.

The female cloaked figure rummaged through the groceries and sighed in disappointment. "Couldn't you have gotten something…I don't know… healthy?"

"What is wrong with what I got? Ramen has all the main food groups including vegetables. It is the one food that blends everything together and is one of the greatest inventions of man. Besides I got some fruit." The female figure looked at a total of three fruits: an apple, a peach and a banana.

The female figure sweatdropped, sighing in disappointment, "Why do I even bother?"

The group got together and slowly ate their meal in silence. Finally Axel groaned and slammed his cup down and looked at Naruto," All right I know that look start talking."

Naruto looked at him as if he had grown a second head," What are you talking about?"

"Please do you honestly think I have not noticed since you got back? Something happened to you while you were out. When are you going to learn that you can't hide anything from me. You are not alone in this, I am your friend dammit." Axel stood up as he said this, shoting the last part for good measure.

Naruto was silent at his declaration before he a smile graced his face, "Nice try, but that phrase really does not suit you."

Axel's serious frown did a complete one-eighty and he now sported a playful grin, "I know, but I gotta use that at least once right? But seriously what happened you look all spooked. Even more so than usual."

And so Naruto began to explain everything that happened during his unexpected meeting with a young brown-haired kid. His companions listened intently as they ate. When he was finally done explaining Axel was staring at him with a smirk.

"Man this place is making me feel excited. First we hear the head of the fallen angels is hiding out here and now there is this kid with the power to sense you? I have this information all memorized. So when do we go and find him?"

"Do not rush Axel, we have to think of a plan." The hooded male said in an exasperated tone.

"Don't get your panties in a bunch, I understand. So my old fiend what can you tell us about this kid?"

Naruto leaned back as he hummed in thought. "He was not human, he felt more like a devil. So it's probable that he may be a servant to the devil in charge of this territory. He was travelling with two girls; one a blonde haired girl with a petite figure and a red haired girl with huge breasts."

The female figure slapped him upside the head, "Is that all you can think about?"

Naruto grumbled, "Why are you still wearing your cloaks? It is like a hundred degrees in here"

She merely shrugged, "it makes us look cool and mysterious." She said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Naruto and Axel sweat dropped at that.

"Rrrriiiight… Anyways those two girls had the same dark aura he did so that would imply that they are devils as well. Two of them had pretty high levels of power so they are no pushovers that is for certain. The most common feature about them is that they were wearing a school uniform of some kind. Our first priority would be to find out what school they go to. Chances are that we may find even more devils, including the one who runs this territory."

"So what's the game plan then?" the hooded male asked.

"I will be in charge of gathering information. I will enter the school tonight after everyone leaves and will see what secrets I can find. Meanwhile you three will have a dual purpose as you search the city. One is that while you go around the area you will search for any sightings or rumors were a stray devil is likely to be and you will question them for answers. Once you have gathered info send it to me and I will use it to help with my search. There is a second purpose to this plan, once you find the location with the most active stray devil you will go there and engage it in combat."

"Why would we do that?"

"Devils will protect their territory from anything that threatens it. This includes stray devils that go around killing innocent people. They will not stand by and let regular people get caught up in the supernatural world. So it stands to reason that they will go and take care of any stray devil that threatens the safety of the populace. So when they go to exterminate this stray devil, you will be there to intercept them after you have killed it, understood?"

The male figure looked at him with disbelief, "You are aware that your plan is mostly second guessing right? I mean the odds of them doing what you are saying, as well as us finding the correct location are very low."

Naruto raised his finger and waved it tsking his friend. "Oh ye of little faith. I would have been insulted by that normally, but rest assured I know what I am doing."

"All right, suppose your hunch is correct and we meet a group of devils how do we proceed? Do you want us to fight them too or just go up to them and talk?" he asked with is arms crossed over his chest.

Naruto nodded at the hooded male, "Your jobs will be to engage them when they arrive, but keep in mind this is just an evaluation mission, so do not go all out. Please avoid killing them, the last thing we want is to make enemies. Also t has been a while since you've had a good challenge and I think a few devils are what you two need."

He pointed to Axel, "You will handle the minor sightings and gather info on who runs this territory."

He then gestured to his masked comrades, "I know that the both of you work better as a team so you will handle the site with the most active stray devil. Does every one understand what they have to do?"


"No problem"

"I got it memorized."

"Good then we need to start identifying all possible stray devil locations. Hit up whatever source of knowledge you can, newspapers, media sites, local residents. Look for anything involving missing persons, mutilated corpses, the works. We have less than twelve hours till night time and we need to move fast."

Timeskip- 12 hours later

Issei rode through the dark streets making his way towards his destination on his bike. Despite winning against Riser he was still unable to teleport along with RIas and others to the locations of their summoner and he cannot teleport unless Rias is there with him, so he was forced to use his bike to get to where he needed to be. Though tonight was not as bad as he finally made a contract with a rather decent guy, who as a reward for answering his summons gave him a really expensive and authentic painting, which he was sure Rias would like. With one contract down he was that much closer to accomplishing his goal of becoming the Harem King. He had just been in the middle of returning home when he got a call from Rias telling him to meet her and the others someplace near the docks.

Earlier that evening they were all enjoying time at Issei's house to host their club meetings rather than their usual club house, when they received news of a stray devil that had been killing any human that got near the factory. He finally arrived at the factory's location and spotted Rias and her peerage. She noticed him and waved him over.

"This is the place" Rias and the rest of her peerage stopped in front of the factory. Standing at her side was her queen Akeno Himejima who had a smile on her beautiful face. Though despite appearing harmless, those who really knew her could tell that her smiles were actually warnings that promised pain and suffering to all who crossed her. Standing to her left was Rias' rook, Koneko Toujou and next to her was the only knight in Rias' peerage, Kiba Yuuto.

All right is everyone ready?" Koneko answered her by putting on her trademark gloves, Kiba summoned a sword o his side and Issei activated his Boosted Gear, the armored hand of Draing materialized in a flash of red light.

"Excellent let us begin." Rias frowned when she look directly at Kiba whose usually smiling face was marred by a troubled frown. She did not know what was troubling him, but she knew that it started before they all left Issei's house when they received the sudden notice about the stray devil in the area.

"Is everything all right Kiba?"

Kiba blinked not noticing RIas had spoken to him. He looked up with a fake smile, "I am fine Buchou. Let's go."

Rias not looking convinced decided to let it slide for now as they had more pressing matters to attend to. "We received word from our client that a stray devil has taken residence in this factory. This devil is considered as an immediate priority meaning that it will no doubt be very dangerous. The plan is to send Issei, Kiba and Koneko in to fight indoors as they are more suited for close combat. Meanwhile Asia, Akeno and I will wait out here in case it tries to escape. Any questions?"

Everyone unanimously shook their heads much to her pleasure and their operation began. Issei, Koneko and Kiba walked up to the door to the warehouse, the gates closed shut. Koneko walked up to the doors and the petite rook lifted her leg delivering a very powerful kick that forced the doors to fly off their hinges. They all rushed into the warehouse their senses open as they kept their guard up upon slowly entering the factory.

Suddenly something from above came crashing down and forced group to move out of the way as two objects fell to the floor. They all watched in shock as the two objects turned out to be the body of a strange creature. Its upper half resembled that of a human women, but the lower half as that of some type of arachnid. The creature had a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and its eyes were completely pink. Its mouth was wide open and drool mixed with blood poured out as it lay there dying, it continued to gasp and twitch until it finally stopped moving. It's body was enveloped by darkness and its form vanished into nothing.

"Was that what I think it was?" Issei looked to his friends with a nervous look on his face..

"If you are referring to the stray devil we were sent here to exterminate, then yes. Yes it was." Koneko answered without tearing her eyes from the spot the devil once occupied.

The group's vigilance doubled as they extended their inhuman senses to pick up the slightest sign of life, but they came out with nothing. As they were searching not one of them took notice of the cloaked figure overhead. The figure jumped down, a metal pipe in hand aimed directly towards Kiba. Kiba did not notice the impending danger and would have had his head bashed in were it not fr Koneko noticing it in the nick of time. She pushed him out of the way and raised her arm taking the brunt of the blow ad thanks to her powers as a rook she did not feel a thing.

The figure jumped back as he evaluated his opponents who were surprised at his sudden appearance. "Who are you? State your name and business!" Kiba shouted with venom, however the intruder ignored it and instead went for the attack.

Issei, Koneko and Kiba charged forward their respective weapons raised as the intruder raise his own. Kiba struck first using his speed as a knight to get in close, but he was surprised when the figure easily deflected his attack and then got into his guard and used the gathered momentum to throw him over his shoulder. He then spun around and blocked the punch from Issei who gasped as the intruder delivered a direct kick to his stomach pulling the air from his lungs. He then dodged a quick, yet powerful jab courtesy of Koneko. Using her ability as a rook she went on the offensive, her form perfectly balanced, delivering punch after punch that the intruder dodged, his attacks did little as Koneko's defensive powers prevented any permanent harm from being done. In fact with every blow he dealt her, the metal pipe in his hand would bend. Meanwhile, Kiba quickly gathered his balance and landed back on his feet, while Issei had already gotten back on his feet and rejoined the fight with his comrades.

While the three dealt with their opponent inside, outside the factory, Rias and the other girls waited patiently not aware of the current situation. Their attention was so focused on the battle in the factory that they failed to notice a second cloaked figure slowly approaching them from behind. This one carried a saw blade in their grasp and they did not notice the figure slowly approach them from behind. When they were close enough the figure raised the saw blade, ready to bring it down on them, when the figure stepped in a puddle creating a small sound not noticeable by human hearing. Fortunately as devils their senses were more honed than that of a regular humans allowing Akeno and Rias to hear the approach. They turned around and blasted the figure with a bolt of lightning and a blast of destruction magic. The figure jumped back avoiding a direct hit but still got caught in the shockwave resulted from the explosion. The figure rolled across the ground and came to a stop against a wall. The figure slowly got back on his feet, but his right arm hung limply at the side.

"Well that was certainly impressive the way you snuck up on us like that. However now I believe it is time you faced you punishment for your actions."

With that said Akeno fired off a bolt of lightning, but the figure dodged the shot by rolling to the right and began to run towards the entrance to the factory. Rias and Akeno 's wings sprouted from their backs and they flew to intercept the figure firing each of their respective blast of magic towards, however the figure proved especially skilled in dodging their attacks and did not seem at al hindered by the fact his arm was most likely dislocated. When he was close to the entrance the figure lifted the arm that was not injured and a rift made entirely from shadows materialised from the ground. The hooded figure jumped into the barrier just in time to avoid a direct bolt of lightning courtesy from Akeno. The girls, now close enough to the front entrance weremshocked to see Issei, Koneko and Kiba fighting another hooded figure.

Back with issei and the others they were quickly overwhelming their opponent and Koneko jumped forward batting away her opponent's weapon and delivering a strong uppercut to his stomach sending him airborne. She then jumped after him to deal the knockout blow but was caught off guard when he shot out his palm and the same rift from before appeared and out of it emerged the second black clad figure who gave Koneko the mother of all roundhouse kicks sending rocketing back toward the ground.

The figures landed safely on the ground while Issei caught Koneko before she could hit the ground and safely set her down. The taller figure approached the shorter one and placed his palm on his comrades dislocated shoulder, he gave a strong palm strike, popping it back into place. The smaller figure flexed the now fixed hand and then looked towards his partner, and both gave a quick nod.

The taller figure raised his right hand, while the shorter figure raised his left hand. Two quick flashes of light later and both were holding two new weapons in their hands. Both weapons were in the shape of a key but had a design that made each of them unique.

The shorter figures weapon had a pink handle surrounded by a lilac guard with spikes at its four corners. The shaft of the weapon was dark purple, around the length of a human arm, had concave edges, and decorated by two indigo colored diamonds ending in a strange symbol. The teeth of the strange key was shaped to resemble a lilac arrowhead. The chain at the bottom of the key shaped weapon had a token shaped exactly like the blades teeth. The taller figure's key was a similar to the other one except for a few key differences. The handle of the blade was green, the guard was black and the rest of the blade was pure from those differences the weapon was identical to that of his partner.

Rias and the rest of her peerage looked in shock at the new weapons. Rias in particular seemed at a loss for words, "Impossible! Those are..."

"You know what those weapons are Rias?"

The heiress of the Gremory family nodded her head, "Yes, it is a very rare and unique sacred gear that is called the Key of Destiny or the Keyblade. It is said to appear every few generations among a chosen few. Never thought that I would actually be able to see it"

"What exactly does it do?" Issei asked curiously as he began to boost his power again.
"I am not entirely certain, aside from its basic ability, the Keyblade also possesses a secondary ability that varies depending on the person who wields it. Unfortunately I do not know all the abilities of each Keyblade variant."

Koneko ran forward preparing to deliver a punch to the taller figure, but he surprised everyone in the room when instead of dodging Koneko's strike he caught her fist with only his hand. The collision caused a small gust of wind that swept through the room, Koneko began to struggle as she tried to pull her arm back, but he refused to release it from his iron grip. She tried to get him to let go by kicking him, however he forced her to her knees by twisting her arm very roughly and then swung the back of the Keyblade into Koneko's stomach. She flew through the air and into a metal support beam which bent under the pressure of her collision.

"Koneko!" Rias, Issei, Akeno and Kiba shouted in worry at seeing their young friend being tossed like a rag doll and then collapse to the floor where she appeared to not be moving. For a while the atmosphere grew tense as they all felt concern for the young devil, but to their relief she slowly got back on her feet. She clutched her left side where her uniform was torn and on her skin a bruise was already starting to form.

They all turned back to their opponents who drew their keyblades and pointed them towards them as a sign of challenge, they then charged with their blades drawn to their sides and held tightly in their grip.


While Rias and her peerage were fighting the two Keyblade wielders, Naruto was busy making his way towards Kuoh Academy. Sitting on a rooftop a street away from the building he was observing the school yard through a pair of binoculars, keeping track of the rounds from night watchmen patrolling the school and the yard.

Suddenly Naruto's attention was taken away as he heard the sound of ringing emanating from his pocket. He dove his hand in his pocket and took out a disposable cellphone. He flipped the screen open and heard a very familiar and cocky voice on the other line.

"Hey how's it going, got my voice memorized?"

"What is it Axel?"

"Geez, talk about a major joy kill. I wanted to know did you break into that academy yet?"

"Not yet, I just finished checking the guards…"

Axel did not let him finish, "Yeah, yeah that's great. Anyways I was out doing my assignment when I came across a reliable source."

From the other line Naruto could hear extremely load and labored moaning, "Ah geez… Hang on a sec."

Axel left the line on so Naruto could hear everything that was happening on the other line. "No… no please I told you what I know… No… Please… NOOOOAAAAGGGGHH!"

Naruto flinched at the loud scream followed by the sound of rushing flames. A few seconds later Axel was back on the line." Sorry about that."

"Who was that?"

"My source. He was a stray devil that was making a habit of stalking women in the park and then attacking them. I mean how weird is that that people will go running into the park at night are almost always victims of an attack."

"No clue. Now what did you find out Axel?"

"Hmm? Oh yeah, well I found out that this territory is overseen by members of two different families. One of them is from the Sitri family and the other is from the Gremory family. The heiresses of both clans are in charge of defending this territory."

Naruto frowned at the familiarity of the names. In the last few years he and his friends had learned a lot about the general things about the supernatural world, including the three factions and the 34 remaining devil families of the original 72 pillars.

"Do you have any othe details?"

"Well for one it looks like your hunch was right about that school. It is a main base for many of the devils in this city. The two that I mentioned earlier, their names are Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri. From what my source told me they both have exceptional peerages. But get this the most amazing thing about these girls? Both of their siblings are a part of the four Great Satans."

Naruto actually almost dropped his phone in surprise. "Are you serious? You better not be pulling my leg Axel, cause if you are I swear that…"

"Relax, I can assure you that my info is correct. Trust me after what I did to that guy, no way would he lie to me. In any case I hope this information helps."

"It does, if you are done go meet up with the others by the docks. Verify if they have made contact with any devils. If we are lucky they may have met one of those two heiresses by now."

"Gotcha heading out now. Make sure you get something from your side okay. I'd hate to show you up in front of the others."

"No you wouldn't." he hung up and stood back on his feet. He jumped high into the air and slowly fell back down to the ground below just as watchmen walked by. He landed without so much of a sound and raced through the empty yard and into the building. He made his way through the halls of the school taking in every detail and avoiding any watchmen that happened to come by. By the time he was at the schools fourth floor, he stopped when he noticed a sign above one of the doors entitled, 'Student Council'.

He stood in front of the door and walked right through it, emerging on the other side to find a well-organized room. Not a single object was out of place and at the far end of the room cabinets lined the walls. He noticed that everydesk and the cabinet had locks on them, no doubt to keep intruders from peeking into personal documents. Normally he would have believed that were it not for the enchantments present on said locks. He sighed at how easy his job was and lifted his finger lightly tapping the locks on the desks and cabinets and at each one he heard a satisfying click.

After doing a quick search he finally came across three things that caught his attention. The first item was a confirmation sheet of the student council. All of the names present made him show little interest except for one, Sona Shituri. He sensed deep inside that this information was important. In order to better blend in among the human populace, it would not be that farfetched for a devil, or anyone else really, to use an alias. After all, he and his companions did that on a regular basis.

The second item that got his interest was a log of all clubs that were offered at the Academy and as he looked at the list a certain name caught his eye. The name Rias Gremory was listed among the club names and next to it was the name 'Occult Research Club' as well as the site where it was located. Naruto chuckled, what better way to hide the activities of devils then in plain sight of everyone else.

The third item was something that he found in the recesses of the cabinet, a small black crystal. He gripped the crystal in his palm and a magic circle appeared before a hologram image appeared above his head. The hologram was playing in front of him like a movie screen illustrating a battle. On it he recognized the boy as well as the two girls that had accompanied him, along with a few others that he did not recognize. He watched as several more screens popped up and watched as the red head and her companions began to fight another group of people led by a man with blond hair wearing a red suit with a white unbuttoned shirt. He had a cocky smirk on his face that immediately made him dislike the man.

He would have continued to watch the fights on the screens when the sound of footsteps approaching reached his ears. He cursed and squeezed the crystal again and the images disappeared. As fast as he could move, Naruto put everything back exactly as he found it and as the door knob turned and the door swung open Naruto crossed his arms vanishing from sight. A tired looking security officer walked into the room and shone his flashlight across the room. He shrugged his shoulders and turned around closing the door behind him. As the footsteps faded away Naruto uncrossed his arms and walked through the door. He then flew out of the walls and into the night sky flying towards the old school building. As he landed on a nearby branch, he felt his phone ring and he looked at the screen seeing he had a text message.

He opened his phone and read the message. 'Time is up. Devil's leaving. Heading back to HQ.'

Recognizing the signature phrase of Axel, he put his phone away just as a red light filled the building in front of him. He turned around and took to the skies where he flew back to their small apartment to meet up with his comrades.


Issei's gauntlet shone with a bright green light boosting his own power. It was a good thing too as the male figure with the silver Keyblade slashed at him, but with his power now doubled allowed him to move at a faster pace, but he was barely keeping up. Kiba charged him behind and struck with one of his elemental blades delivering a large crescent of ice towards him but he merely lashed out with his own blade destroying the arc of ice. Koneko jumped from above preparing to deliver a devastating axe kick. However he saw her coming towards him and spun his blade lifting it above his head in a defensive position where Koneko's axe kick met it head on. The impact from the attack was enough to send a small shockwave and pushing him into a small crater, however he stood strong not even flinching under Kaneko's incredibly powerful kick. He then threw the small girl over to her friends where they caught the petite girl and then resumed their assault on the figure.

At the other end of the factory, Rias and Akeno were busy engaging the second Keyblade holder. They threw everything they had at their opponent in the form of destruction blasts and bolts of lightning. The figure blocked Rias strikes and even deflected them away were they detonated behind the battle. Akeno now in her miko outfit, was unleashing massive bolts of lightning but her opponent surprised her by blocking the strikes with her weapon absorbing it into itself. The blue electric current transformed it into a dark violet color. The wielder drew the weapon into their right side then with a single thrust delivered a powerful lilac colored bolt of lightning tearing through the ground of the infrastructure.

Akeno stood in front of Rias and Asia, who provided medical support for her friends. Akeno raised her arms and a magic circle appeared in mid-air where the bolt of lightning collided pushing her back a couple of feet but she held strong.

The hooded figure's blade then became enveloped in lilac colored flames, when she swung the blade large balls of flame came flying at them forcing the girls to take flight and dodge the massive balls of fire. Rias and Akeno fired their respective attacks towards the figure who waved the key shaped weapon and was surrounded by a dome of lilac winds that blocked the bolts of destruction and lightning. The figure looked up at the flying devils and her body encompassed by a faint lilac light, then jumped towards them swiftly as if she had become lighter.

The figure swung the lilac colored keyblade at them grazing Akeno's uniform and exposing her midriff as well as the lower part of her breasts. Rias flew forward and focused the power of destruction in her hands using them to punch and deliver jabs to her opponent forcing her on the defensive. The figure then spun Rias around aiming their bodies' perpendicular to the ground. Suddenly Rias and the figure fell to the ground as the lilac light fadec from the body and were on a collision course for the groud where the teeth of the keyblade would have slashed her throat.

Suddenly the figure separated from Rias pushing away and flying upwards just in time to avoid a sphere of red energy that would have blasted the figures body apart but instead blew out part of the wall in the building.

Rias glanced to her left and saw a smirking issei with his arm outstretched into a fist with smoke blowing off his arm. She gave him a thankful smile which he eagerly returned before using his arm to block a blow from the other figure.

Kiba charged forward delivering a straight jab, but was evaded when he jumped back. Kiba charged after him attacking and delivering blow after blow he would attack with a downward slash he would block and every time he shot forward Kiba would parry the blade. However as he recklessly charged forward he failed to notice that with each blow Kiba's blade began to deteriorate. Finally, Kiba struck him straight on the arm but the blade broke upon making contact with the skin. Taking advantage over Kiba's sudden disarmament, he slashed him diagonally earning a large gash across Kiba's chest. Kiba growled summoning another sword and attacked his opponent using speed as a knight to try to overpower him, but his opponent saw through his tactic and easily evaded his attacks. Kiba brought his blade down but his opponent sidestepped the attack, leaving him wide open for him to plant a fist into his abdomen forcing Kiba to drop the blade gasping for air as blood and spittle flew from his lips.

Rias watched this in shock as she saw her knight engage such reckless behaviour. Normally he should have noticed that his blade was no match and would have created something new, instead he just kept attacking. The figure swiftly shoved his palm into Kiba's face pushing him back a great distance where he collided into Issei sending both of them to the floor. They quickly got back on their feet and were joined by Koneko. They watched Rias and Akeno double team their opponent sending the figure flying back into the arms of the taller figure.

Rias, Akeno and Asia joined up with Issei and the rest while the cloaked figures resumed their battle stances. However just when the two groups were about to clash again a pillar of flames materialised between the two groups forcing them back as they used their arms to shield themselves from the intense heat. The pillar soon vanished and in its place was a man wearing the same cloak as the other two except he had his hood down exposing his face. He was tall, looked to be around twenty maybe twenty-one. His red hair went past his shoulders, slicked back and extremely spiky. In each of his hands he wielded two very intricately designed chakrams that he spun with his fingers. Axel looked at the two groups with a playful grin before turning to his two companions.

"Man what do you know that crazy leader of ours was right after all. Who would have thought we would actually meet up with one of the two devil heiresses who watch over this territory."

Rias looked to the man with a serious expression standing with a posture that showed her nobility, "Who are you?"

Axel looked towards Rias and smirked, "Who am I? The name's Axel. A-X-E-L. Got it memorized?" he inquired pointed to his head. He then gestured to the people behind him.

"These two here are my associates, whose name will not be mentioned."

"It is nice to meet you Axel, but can you please explain why you're comrades attacked us?" Akeno asked with her usual sweet smile. Axel blinked and then looked towards her, then he disappeared reappearing in front of her surprising Rias and the rest of her peerage with the exception of Akeno, who remained unfazed.

Axel leaned his arm on a nearby pillar and bent forward to Akeno a playful grin on his face. "Well hello there, who might you be?"

"It's Akeno, Akeno Himejima."

"Man, you are really one hot women. If I still had a heart it would be beating like crazy now." His response confused Akeno but before she could ask about that, he back flipped away landing in front of his cloaked comrades.

"Enough games, what is the meaning behind this attack?"

Axel sighed, "Wow, really know how to beat around the bush huh? First off you can relax little Miss Gremory." His comment caused Rias' frown to deepen.

"That's right we know who you are Miss Gremory, but rest assured we mean you no harm. Tonight's events were just a little test."

"A test what do you mean a test" Issei asked loudly.

"Tonight was a test to see what you guys could do and we learned a lot. Some of you showed lots of potential," His gaze swept over the group landing on Kiba and his smile was gone replaced with a frown.

"While others could have shown more initiative."

Rias noticed this and could not stand when someone insulted her peerage, "What exactly are you so interested in?"

Axel's expression turned serious, "You may not know it now, but there is a storm coming Miss Gremory. When it hits we'll all need all the help we can get. Tonight we wanted to learn more about you. We also wanted to know if we could trust you."

Rias looked at Axel with a calculating gaze, processing everything he had just told them, "So what is your verdict mister Axel?"

"Please Axel is just fine. As for our evaluation… still too early to tell. Please understand, with what is going to happen we need to know if the people we want as our allies, really are our allies."

"All right that's it, you talking in riddles is seriously annoying. What is this storm that you are talking about and what do you mean by needing allies?"

Rias looked worried when Axel sported a cocky smirk, "Apologies my young friend, but your answers will have to wait. For now we will have to bid you goodbye."

"Hold on you aren't getting off that…!" Issei ran forward to try to grab Axel when his chakrams appeared in his hands. They ignited and he spun them around madly generating a small-scale fire tornado around him and his allies, forcing Issei to cross his arms in front of him to shield himself from the close flames. As the flames died down Issei looked up and saw that Axel and his associates had disappeared.

"Damn! My apologies buchou I let them get away!" he bowed in apology to Rias, who shook her head.

"Don't blame yourself Issei. Right now we learned a great deal from this encounter with that Axel. I will have to let my brother know of these events. For now our business tonight is over and I think we should head back to the clubhouse."

"Tonight sure was interesting and that Axel seemed really cute. He really likes he would be fun to play with." Akeno said licking her lips seductively a mischievous and sadistic glint in her violet eyes."

Issei kept his distance after she said that, 'Only Akeno-san would say something like that.'

As everyone walked out of the warehouse Rias stopped Kiba placing her arm in front of him. "When we return to the clubhouse we will talk about your behaviour tonight Kiba. Understood?"

Kiba's normally calm and smiling face was now replaced with a frown. He nodded to her then went to stand next to everyone. Rias raised her arms summoning a bright red magic circle with the Gremory clan symbol in the center. The circle floated down on them and all of them disappeared in a flash of red light.

Unbeknownst to them a certain trio had observed everything that transpired. Axel pulled out a disposable cell phone from his pocket and quickly wrote a text to a certain blond.

"All right then, that wraps up tonight." He looked behind him at the two cloaked figures.

"You both did a really great job tonight. I think we should just go and crash for the night. What do say."

The taller figure sighed rubbing the back of his head, "Well we did work pretty hard today so a little rest sounds like a good idea."

Then a loud noise reached their ears glancing towards the smaller figure whose hands were on her stomach. "Well it also would not hurt to eat something. I'm starving."

Axel laughed, "I can't argue with that. Let's get going." Axel walked down the alley they were hiding in and stopped prompting the other two to stop as well.

"One more thing, you guys can pull your hoods down it stopped being cool a long time ago."

The two figures looked at one another. Then their hands went to their hoods and pulled them back. The taller figure was a young blond-haired man around 18 years of age. He was Caucasian, had short light blond hair slicked upwards at the front and had dark blue eyes. The shorter figure was girl around 17 with short black hair and equally dark blue eyes as her companion.

Axel nodded in satisfaction at the two, "Now that is more like it. I don't know where you got the idea that putting your hoods up made you look cool. You guys look just fine without them."

The black-haired girl slapped him on the forehead, "There is this thing you might wanna try out Axel. It is called keeping a low profile."

The blond-haired man chuckled, "Yeah we can't all afford to be flashy like you Mr. Big shot."

Axe smiled at the two before him, only it was different from his usual smile, this one gave a kind of remembrance vibe as he looked back to better days. "Hey if you're gonna live your life you gotta live big. It is one of the rules I follow. You guys really should try it… Roxas, Xion."

Chapter End!

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