It's really a beautiful thing.

The fact that someone, anyone, would care enough about this crazy world to die for it... well, it leaves me speechless.

Would I die for the world? Well, since I'm in the world, it's a rather stupid question. If the world is in danger, I'm going to die anyways. But would I die, let's say, for the cause of saving a few acres of rainforest? I mean, trees are good, they help the earth, and there's lots of little creatures that need them, but do I love some trees enough to die for them?

Psssh. Nope.

Trees don't have intelligence, they don't talk, move, or do much except... well, be trees. They might provide some shade, and I might look at them and think "wow, what a pretty tree," but other than that, have they ever really done much for me? Is the world going to miss them that much? Not really. Trees can always be replanted.

And yet, almighty God, creator and omnipotent being, sent His Son to die for us, who in comparison, aren't even trees- just little ants crawling across the surface of the Earth. He didn't really have to do anything for us, didn't owe us anything, we've never done anything for Him, and should we utterly destroy ourselves, well, He could always make more. There was no reason, at least by our logic, for Him to die. But He did!

I look around at people in my school, church, city. Most of them, if they died, I wouldn't even know. Some of them I may have even thought would be better off gone in those occasional angry spurts I blame on my Irish temper. Die for them?

I hate soceity. It's no secret to anyone who knows me. I hate the rules we live by, the prejudices we face, the shallow lies we believe. I hate that a girl would be loved or shunned all by her face, or, just as much, her figure. We, overall, as a people, utterly suck. All these years, but very little change. Instead of predjudice of black and white, we get that of the fat and thin. Instead of inferiority in women, it's the inferiority of the "ugly." That's not to say the old prjudices have completely gone. Blacks are still getting beat up, women are still being paid less. When will we learn?

And yet Christ died for us? What kind of irony is that, that the highest, most poweful being in the world transforms Himself into one of...

You see, grace is getting something we don't deserve. We didn't deserve Christ. We still don't. But, somehow, we got Him anyways. What does it matter if we live our lives for others? We still couldn't possible deserve Him. What if dedicate ourselves completely and utterly to the pursuit of everything good and holy? Doesn't matter. Nothing we could ever do could possibly earn us what Jesus did for us that fateful Friday. We can't do anything but accept it. That doesn't mean good works are useless- but it does mean that they won't insure you a place in heaven.

I'm not about to say who will go to heaven and who will not. That is not my job, my responsibility, my choice. It's God who decides, and I don't always know what His choices will be. All I know is that there is one way to the Father, and that way is not good works. It's through Jesus Christ. This is the pillar of my faith, the foundation stone, the rock upon which I build. Jesus is my salvation. That is all I know, all I am sure of, but it is all I need.

Oh, and now go to and save a few trees for free. I promise, you don't have to die for them.