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Distorted Reality.

Chapter One

Battling Fate.


Death, it seemed to hang in the air, a constant reminder of what was at stake if we all failed. Looming up ahead, dark and ominous, stood the black gates into Mordor, the very land of the evil that we were striving so hard to overcome. They were open now, having spilt forth their champions of darkness to challenge us at the very doorstep of all that they loved and we despised.

The cries of battle and the smell of gore and death were the only thing palpable on these fields. During this day that fell as dark as night, my senses have sharpened to the point of pain, and I can feel the last bone crunching attack on the Orc in front of me. The metal blades in my hands swing quickly and another foul creature is slain, dark blood staining the ground as the monster died without uttering another sound. I try to advance and reach my brother, who I can see fighting ahead, his shape a blur between the battle, but I am mainly focused on him, we are so used to fighting together. We have long since learned to be aware of each other's needs, to look out for each other's back without never loosing concentration in the dance of a battle. My point is proven when Elladan glances at me, flashing me a quick grin before ducking a deathly blow from another Orc and slicing through the flesh of the creatures' neck.

I faked a grin, even as I felled another dark creature with a quick slash of the bow-knives I own. I have been pushing this dark feeling of foreboding away for the entire day. there is something foul in the air and it hurts to ignore it and I find that it is increasing more and more while the time passes. I know my life shall end today on this battlefield, but I dared not to say anything to my brother before we found ourselves in the middle of this war.I could not see the look on Elladan's face, or to stay behind as he was sure to ask of me. This was a war we came to fight and one I shall die defending.

Suddenly I feel an arrow brush my shoulder and I grunt in pain, sensing my twin's eyes on me. I sink to a low crouch and kick the feet from behind the Orc in front of me, killing it once it was on the ground. Another arrow flew over my head and then no others came. When I looked back, I saw Legolas slicing the throat of the dark archer with his long knives in one fluid motion, his clothes getting stained black as he did. Without so much as a grimace, the Prince grabbed his bow once more and, stepping away from the heart of the battle, began firing arrow after arrow against the mayor threats against us.

The screams of the warriors and of the dying became suddenly too loud, the blood began pounding in my ears and the feeling of foreboding became now one of ever pressing grief, impossible to ignore. I took a deep breath and prepared for the deathblow I knew was coming. Yet the Orc that came did not kill me but gave me enough time to hurry to my feet and burry my sword deep into its gut before its own blow could hit me on the neck.

And then came the pain... deep blinding pain that stole my breath away in the most horrible of ways. For it was in that instant that I forgot the battle. A few feet ahead and felled by two simultaneous arrows, I saw my twin fall and I felt my heart break.


"Elladan!" screamed Elrohir, forgetting everything and rushing to his brother. He was stopped, though, by the horde of Orcs that crowded around the broken body of the dark-haired Elf, beating him, finding amusement at this sickening time.

Abruptly the disgusting creatures began dying around Elladan, and startled they looked for the source of the arrows now raining on them; soon they saw the golden haired elf that stood with an angry flame in his blue gaze. "Elrohir! Go to your brother!" Legolas yelled over the sounds of the battle, spurring Elrohir into action

He could just make out the form of Elladan between the swinging feet of the Orcs as they planted kick upon kick into the grounded Elf. Elrohir ran for all he was worth, jumping body after body and felling any beast that dared get in his way.

The small crowd of Orcs that was gathered around Elladan were too wrapped up in beating the helpless Elf to care for the arrows that took many of their numbers down. "Elladan!" screamed Elrohir again as loud as he could. "Elladan!"

Elladan heard his brother's frantic cries and responded, "El.Elrohir!" he called out weakly. "!"

Pulling a slight face despite himself and the situation, Elrohir continued to make his way to the group of fell beings that surrounded his dear twin. He could see the way that the Orcs proceeded to beat Elladan, their sturdy boots coming into painful contact with soft, delicate skin. As each blow rained down, it was almost as if Elrohir could feel his brother's pain, as if the blows were being applied to him as well and it made his blood boil over at the thought of his kindhearted twin suffering so much.

At last Elrohir found himself right behind the huddles group of sniggering Orcs' and still they had not noticed his approach having been so caught up in their cruel torment.

An Orc to his left suddenly doubled over and fell, an arrow penetrating from his neck and Elrohir found himself silently praising Legolas and his perfect aim. Another fell, then another, and still the Orcs' paid no heed to what was happening around them and to their ranks.

Whirling into action himself, Elrohir saw an Orc just in front of him pull back his foot to aim a kick at Elladan's head. Acting quickly and fierily, Elrohir took his blade and stabbed it through the calf of the creature, using the force from his downward motion to better wound the beast. As the thin, filigreed blade protruded from the other side of the thick limb, the beast let out a startled and pain filled cry that made Elrohir smile, the feeling of revenge pumping through his veins and speeding up his adrenaline.

The other creatures of the Dark Lord turned, having finally caught onto the fact that something was happening around them that did not include beating the defenseless Elf. Kicking out at the bleeding beast, Elrohir shoved his foot onto the handle of his dagger, pushing it in further and making the Orc fall to the ground, holding its leg to itself protectively. Kicking it in the face, the Orc fell back unconscious, and Elrohir swiftly bent to retrieve his dagger.

The movement of the air about his head was all the warning that he had of an approaching blade and before he could roll out of its harmful way, he heard the clashing of steel upon steel. Looking up, he was just in time to see Legolas twist his bow-knife, forcing the Orcan sword to slip straight off and the beast over balance. The prince of Mirkwood aimed his elbow at the falling Orcs head and brought it down with a sickening thud, killing the beast by snapping its neck.

"I have your back, my friend!" the prince yelled while deflecting another blow aimed at his head, "now aid your brother." Turning his back on Elrohir and moving towards another Orc, Legolas left no room for Elrohir to argue with him.

Whirling back in the direction of his fallen brother, Elrohir growled at one of the approaching Orcs, and, ducking under its blade, he came up right in front of its face. Placing his left hand at the back of its head, he held it still while running the tip of his right blade over its throat, severing the vein that carried the life-blood of the foul creature. Letting the bleeding carcass of the Orc drop carelessly to the ground, Elrohir tuned his dark glare on the other Orcs, his top lip curled up in a deadly snarl. To his surprise, a handful of the Orcs turned and fled, obviously unnerved by the two Elves that had come to save the one that they had been using for their sport.

Taking a step forward, Elrohir felt something bump against him. Spinning around with his knife at the ready, he found it quickly blocked by one of Legolas'. "'Tis only I," the blond stated between his pants. Legolas looked as if he had been fighting for his entire life, without a single rest in the constant fray. His hair was wild and slowly starting to come loose from their braids, his tunic stained with black blood and the occasional dot of red suggesting his own, and his face pale yet with a red flush and black smudges. The archer was standing heavily on his right side and Elrohir wondered if he had taken a grievous wound.

The Orc that had knocked him back came rushing at both Elves and, acting as one, Legolas spun to the right and Elrohir to the left, both coming in behind the confused beast and sending their blades into the scaly skin at the same precise moment.

"Thank you!" Legolas muttered hoarsely while turning and slowly limping to the next Orc. It was then that Elrohir glimpsed the bright red stain that had flooded down the prince's left side and the large tear in the pale skin, stretching from the hip to half way to his shoulder. Worry flooded Elrohir as he looked on his wounded friend who was slowly making his way to another opponent.

As if sensing the others gaze upon him, Legolas spoke before Elrohir had the chance to, "I am fine, Elrohir! Go to Elladan, he needs you more." Legolas ducked a blow and stabbed the beast up through the stomach ere turning to Elrohir. "See? I will be fine!" the Elf exclaimed while sending his blade behind his back to stop another blow that he had not even seen coming. "Go!"

Elrohir took a step towards the Prince and sent an anxious look towards his brother who now seemed to pierce him with his eyes as he attempted to sit up, screaming at him without a word to aid their friend. Legolas took care of the matter however, when he practically hissed at the distressed twin "You don't want to risk this, Elrohir, I am fine!" The possibilities behind that statement were enough to shake Elrohir out of his doubts and while sending a quick prayer to the Valar for Legolas, he turned and rushed to his wounded brother.

Elladan was trying unsuccessfully to stifle his groans, but the shaft of the arrows on his body made it impossible all too soon, and a loud moan he couldn't suppress shook his twin out of his stupor at seeing him wounded.

"Don't move" Elrohir said hasty, stilling his brother with trembling hands that still managed to be gentle. The battle did not stop for them, and as the younger of the twin held his brothers shoulder, inspecting the wound, an Orc fell dead beside them causing Elladan to jump at the suddenness of it. A pool of dark blood began to gush from the foul being, and trapped inside his pain, Elladan imagined it to be death coming towards him. Slowly yet surely, the flow of black came towards him and his brother ready to consume them both and drag them into a world of shadow and death.

"Hush, be still" Elrohir soothed as he heard his brother's breathing quicken "It'll be okay, Elladan, we are getting out of here"

Elladan felt cold fear grip his heart, for the knowledge of what would happen had been with him during the course of this entire day. He was to die least he would in his brother's strong arms. Forcing a nod with a security he no longer felt, Elladan could feel his shoulder and his chest going numb. The arrows still within did not allow the blood to flow steadily, yet the elf could feel the wound inside, could feel it hemorrhaging, waiting for the time to end his life.

"I will try to take this out, alright?" Elrohir whispered, his voice barely discernible above the bloodthirsty cries of the Orcs' and the frightening last cries of the dying. The Elf grasped the wooden shaft gently, but was stopped when his wounded brother shook his head determinately. Elladan took a deep breath and managed to stutter out. "T-t-too de-deep" With a gasp and a look towards Legolas, the Elf tried again to dissuade his brother "N-No- Not here.h-have to help.Legolas"

Elrohir risked a glance behind him and paled at the sight. The Prince fought on, in a deathly dance that was soon loosing its rhythm. His normally light steps were now stumbling ones and the deep red covering his tunic now overpowered the black that stained it. "Legolas! Met garan noro!" he called to the Prince, but he received no answer. The other elf had his whole concentration focused on not being killed by the blades and arrows raining around his form. he seemed horribly weak to be fighting as he was.

"D-Don't let me stop you," Elladan said in a suddenly strong voice, "G-go!"

This time there was no hesitation at the command, "Never," Elrohir swore to his brother in a deceivingly calm tone. And Elladan knew there was nothing to answer to that.

Looking from his brother to his friend, Elrohir was just in time to see Legolas take another wound to the right shoulder, the blade piercing through both tunic and skin, leaving an ever-growing patch of bright red. The prince cried out as the steel was withdrawn from his arm, and from where Elrohir was kneeling, he could see that Legolas fought within himself to keep hold of his knife, let alone stand. The archer was tiring, it was plain to see, and even the Orcs knew that. They were doubling their attack, driving the prince further and further from Elrohir and his fallen brother and closer to the middle of the battle with an unprotected back.

"Go help h-him," Elladan gasped while shoving Elrohir with what little strength he had left. "You th-the prince!"

"Not without you!" Elrohir shot back, angered at his brother for being so difficult in such a situation. Moving back to Elladan's side, Elrohir was surprised to find the cold touch of steel at his throat. Looking down at his twin, Elrohir tried to hide the shock that built up inside of him at the look in Elladan's face as he held the bow-knife securely in place.




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