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Distorted Reality

Chapter Three

Excruciating Consequences for a Burning Soul

Guest Author: Lady V


Elrohir sat over his brother, talking softly to him and reassuring him that everything would be all right. Brushing a few locks of hair off Elladan's forehead, Elrohir turned his head slightly as a sound reverberated around the clearing. It was an unnatural one, caused by the presence of an intruder as they attempted to sneak up on the supposedly unsuspecting pair.

Raising quietly to his feet, all the while still talking softly to his brother so not to alert the newcomer of any change in the area in which he sort, Elrohir moved into the shade of the trees, fully concealing himself.

Waiting patiently until he was certain of the direction of the approaching possible threat, Elrohir silently crept further into the woods ere finally doubling back to come in behind the stranger.

Seeing a large form through the trees, he moved with the grace of a cat stalking its prey and, without so much as a twig snap, hurried forward and wrapped an arm around the midsection of the person and pushed a dagger into the tender throat with the other. He soon regretted his brash move; the tip of the knife sank into the skin, drawing a thin line of blood and a grunt of pain from his captive, and at the same time he realized who it was he held.

"Aragorn!" The man breathed a sigh of relief as the knife was taken away and sent a prayer of thanks to the Valar that Elrohir, in all his grief, had not killed him. Scolding himself mentally for forgetting Elrohir's emotional state and the swiftness of the Elves, Aragorn reached down and unwrapped the arm from around his waist while Elrohir completely removed his knife and went back over to the delicate form in the center of the trees. Aragorn watched as Elrohir knelt down next to Elladan and was slightly surprised to see so many painful emotions clearly playing upon his normally mirthful Elven brother. Anguish, confusion and. . .anger. . .such intense anger that Aragorn had never seen before in the eyes of Elrohir, frightening the ranger with its now dominant presence.

"Elrohir. . .?" he asked gently.

Before he had even finished his word, he was faced with the aforementioned Elf's dark brown eyes; eyes filled with a raging fury that burned away all other emotions upon his face to the point of non-existence. "What do you want, Aragorn?" he spat.

Aragorn did not bother to hide the shock on his face. "Elrohir! What is it?"

The Elf turned back to his wounded brother, tending once more to his injuries to the best of his ability. "What do you think it is, Aragorn? Oh wait. . .you're too busy with Legolas to even notice that your brother is wounded to the point of death." His voice dripped with sarcasm and contempt, mirroring that of his eyes.

"Elrohir, how dare you say I did not notice?! Of course I did! But you have to understand, Legolas was very badly wounded and-"

"Could you not have brought him over and helped me with Elladan while I assisted you as well? You abandoned him!" The last words were hissed in a sinister manner that would forever stay itched upon Aragorn's mind while the Elf's hands motioned to the pale figure.

A slight cry came from the wounded twin, and both, Aragorn and Elrohir cast aside their malicious words to turn worried glances in his direction. Elladan had quickly re-gained full consciousness for but a second, yet, as his pain filled cry died and floated away in the wind, he drifted back in a world of darkness.

Easily flowing back into their riff, Aragorn started to protest his reasoning again. "Elrohir, I could not bring Legolas back into that fight, do you know just how badly hurt he is?"

"And if you had spared a minute to see how your brothers' were fairing, you would have seen how badly injured Elladan is!" Glaring up at the human, Elrohir felt his face harden and his eyes almost pierce Aragorn's. Never before had he felt such anger, let alone expressed it, and, deep down in his mind, he could hear a little voice telling him that Aragorn cared more about the blond prince then the very Elves that helped raised him. The very thought brought a new flame into Elrohir's eyes, "but 'tis fine, Aragorn," the younger twin spat out, his spite getting the better of him, "if the prince of Mirkwood was to command me to do something, I think I would forget all else as well."

"You leave him out of this!" Aragorn hissed as his brother turned his back on him to see to Elladan, "he wanted to go back! You hear? He wanted to go back and help you - he even begged me to go back and leave him there so I could save you and Elladan, so do not dare seek to blame him for this!"

Glaring down at his foster brother, Aragorn felt a wave of hatred overcome him. Elrohir had always been the one that Aragorn got along with better and, as far as he knew, the youngest of the twins was one of Legolas' best friends. And yet Elrohir sat there, accusing Legolas of being the cause of Elladan's plight when all the blond prince had done was try to protect them which resulted in getting wounded himself.

"Protect him all you want, but he is still as much in the wrong as you, brother!"

"Him? Elladan? I had to tend to Legolas fir-" A shrill cry met his ears from the woods behind, effectively blocking the rest of his words. "Legolas!" Turning to flee back to his abandoned friend, Aragorn vaguely heard the harsh words that where thrown at his back.

"That's it, my brother, run back to your friend and forget your responsibilities!"

Biting his tongue to hold his peace, Aragorn focused on re-tracing his steps to Legolas, his thoughts racing with horrible scenarios. It only took him a matter of seconds to come to the place where he had left his friend and what met him there was a horrific sight.

Legolas was lying sprawled on the ground, near where he had been before, but had a stick in his upraised hands for the purpose of holding off an Orc that straddled him. While running forward, Aragorn got a better view of what was happening as well as an answer to what had caused the Elf to cry out.

The Orc was upon the Elf, squashing him to the ground and holding a large, curved dagger to the Elf's heart - which Legolas had blocked with a large stick using both hands. The Orc's right hand was almost lost as, with a sickening snarl, it continued to press its claw-like hand into the large wound cut into the prince's side, causing the Elf in question to hiss in pain with each and every small amount of pressure that was added. . .

Not even attempting to hide his approach, Aragorn unsheathed his sword in a blur of movement and approached the Orc with Elven-like speed. His barely conscious friend did not spare him a glance during the fight for his life, but relief shone brightly in the ice-blue eyes that told Aragorn that the Prince had been sure he was going to die.

The Orc heard the human approaching, and knowing it had to defeat the man before playing with the cursed elf beneath it, the Orc smirked and pressed onto Legolas' wound with a brutal strength that rendered the Elf unable to hide his agony as another cry of pain came forth from his now blood stained lips. The creature used the same momentum to press the dagger further into the wooden stick the vulnerable Elf held still, and its force was enough to break the wood in half. A choked cry that was cut in mid sound was heard through out the area, and as it reached his ears, Aragorn felt his hands go clammy.

It was as the dagger fell that the man reached the foul creature, and the Orc turned to face him quickly, he was unable to see if the dagger had murdered his friend who now lay silent on the ground. Cold fear gripped his heart in a frozen embrace, and a red fury overcame him abruptly, making his moves faster and more accurate than ever before.

He can't be dead, he can't be dead, Aragorn repeated to himself; hoping the mantra was somehow enough to make it true. . .but what if Legolas was dead? This foul creature had slaughtered him! It had killed his loyal, strong friend. . .

The Orc, not seeing or not caring for the new light in the man's eyes, rushed forward to meet Anduril with its twisted blade, sparring gracelessly for a minute, yet being thrown back almost immediately to a defensive fight, stroke after stroke intended to avoid the sword that sought to kill It. Desperate, it aimed for the human's neck in a rushed motion that proved to be his downfall.

Black blood gushed out as the Orc fell, headless, into the ground with a last grunt of surprise.

Not even bothering with his sword, Aragorn heard the dull thud of its fall behind him as he rushed forward to kneel beside Legolas, his eyes roaming over the Elf's features and his body, looking for. . .something. .. that told him the exaggerated pallor on the usually pale cheeks was not because Legolas had left Middle-Earth without a fair fight.

"Nay." Aragorn whispered softly - sadly, as he observed the dagger now incrusted in Legolas' previously good shoulder. Fresh blood dripped slowly around it, staining the dark blade with its bright red colour. Aragorn bent closer to his friend's face, hoping to hear a breath of life still within him, and was rewarded with a small breathless chuckle that escaped the lips of Legolas, now stained with a thin line of drying blood.

"I-I didn't kn-know yo-you felt this w-way Ara-Arago-rn" Legolas said in a pained voice that managed to draw out a breath of relief and a bark of laughter from the human as he moved away from his position over the Elf on the ground.

Biting back the retort that automatically sprang to mind as a response to Legolas' teasing, he opted for another approach "You scared me there, my friend"

The Elf sobered up and glanced at the dagger on his shoulder, groaning and laying his head back on the ground with a soft thud. "Th-Thank y-you" Legolas breathed, licking his lips and clearing his throat when he realized it was no more than a mere whisper, yet Aragorn silenced his next attempt to speak.

"It was the same thing you would have done for me," The Ranger answered easily, well used to fighting side by side with the Elf. The human sighed and nodded towards the dagger "But I came too late, I see"

Legolas tried to shake his head but as soon as he attempted the movement, he regretted it for the pain escalated a notch, yet, in the stubbornness that Aragorn had grown to know, bit back his groan of discomfort. Opening his mouth again, his eyes wide and worried he searched Aragorn's eyes "How a-are."

"Elladan and Elrohir are close by" Aragorn informed him while eyeing the dagger with angry eyes. He was unwilling to inform Legolas of just how close they were, knowing the Elf would insist in going to them. In his current condition, Aragorn was worried he would not be able to move him at all. "They are." the word 'fine' got stuck on Aragorn's throat, the visions of the deathly pallor of Elladan and the unnatural anger in Elrohir were enough to prevent him from disgracing the Prince by lying horribly to his face ".they are still living"

Legolas, ever the quick one, immediately caught his hesitation and attempted to question on him, when once again he was interrupted.

"I have to take this out Legolas" Aragorn touched the dagger, drawing a whimper from Legolas and managing to draw the Prince' mind away from the twins for the moment. The Elf eyed the wound warily, and looked back up towards the ranger apprehensively. "You know it may. . . cause an infection, you don't need that now"

The unspoken threat of poison in the blade was enough for Legolas, and the Elf nodded and bit his lip, awaiting the pain. Aragorn grabbed a hold of the handle as gently a he could manage; yet it still made the Elf cheeks loose their colour.

"You will probably black out, Legolas" Aragorn informed him softly and Legolas trusted him enough to know that it was no overstatement.

"T-Take c-care of the tw-twins" Legolas whispered, meeting the ranger's eyes again, and received a nod in response.

"Of course I will. Close your eyes"

The prince did as he was bid, and soon he felt the dagger leave his body along with a painful scream of agony. Blackness overcame his senses and as Aragorn observed him his body went limp.

After careful examination, to his immense relief, the Ranger saw that the dagger had not contained any detectable poison, and he thanked the Valar once more for at least this small relief among such tragedies. Determined now to keep his promise to Legolas, and to not abandon him again, he made another quick examination of his unconscious friend to see if he could move him.

Legolas was as well as he could be with his multiple injuries, and confident that he would be able to carry him with the proper care, the ranger gathered him into his arms gently and went back to where he had left the twins behind.


As soon as his human brother's steps faded away into silence, Elrohir felt his shoulders sag, while tears of frustration and anger built up in his eyes; the helplessness of their situation finally managing to bring down his defenses as he stared into his twin's pain ridden face. Blood still dripped from the wounds in his brother's weak body, and the half-Elf yearned for nothing more than to wake up in Rivendell, their home, where his brother was healthy, and this was nothing more than some twisted nightmare.

Through the sea of emotion welling up within him, anger was soon escalating once more, and his eyes hardened as he listened to the war they had escaped to save their lives.

A man's war. . .

Aragorn's war . . .

They had come in aid of their foster brother whereas along with Elrohir the Ranger was the only one standing now.

Elladan was down and in agony of his wounds, which had been inflicted in a most unfair of fights, in the most animalistic and primitive of ways.

Legolas had been fallen in battle, his strength and pride helping him to stand until it was physically impossible to do so. Elrohir had seen that, had appreciated it, at the same time he had meant to scream at the archer that he was a fool. What good was a lone warrior defending a wounded friend, when it was obvious he too was hurt and would soon perish? Legolas had risked their lives when he had called for no ones else's aid, his pride endangering Elladan's life in Elrohir's mind. And now Aragorn had abandoned the ones that had come to aid him, had left Elladan to his luck. . . all for Legolas.

When a moan of agony met Elrohir's ears, his senses snapped back into focus, and his eyes roamed desperately over his brother's heated face. His hand automatically began to sooth his brow in soft strokes and he spoke soft words of comfort and encouragement.

Brown eyes suddenly opened, glazed with pain and some inner knowledge that frightened his brother without him knowing the reason- "Elladan?" -the younger twin questioned softly, and was at first met with a blank stare with a terribly obvious glint of fever in it. After recognition set in, Elrohir was rewarded by a warm smile with a strange edge to it and a painful nod. Elrohir's eyes shone at the sight, ignoring the pain and the edge on his brother's face, overjoyed to see him smile and beyond pleased to see him aware of his surroundings.

"My brother. . .I am so glad to see you wake!" Elrohir exclaimed, hugging his brother as best as he could in the strange position. He took a strong hold of his brother's back, being careful not to touch any wounds, and helped him to sit up against him, dampening again the ripped slice of his tunic with the little water that remained and placing it on Elladan's forehead. "Do you hear the sounds? The battle seems to be at a slow spot; it is our chance to move towards the castle and the safety within, you shall see the healers and-"

"Elrohir. . ."

"Your voice sounds so much like father at times, what is it?"

"We. . .we can-cannot go to the castle."

"Why ever not? I am more than able to carry you if I have to, we will be with the healers in no time."

"Elrohir. . ."

"Aye? Try not to speak much, my brother you must keep up your strength."

"I-I'm g-going to die."

Dead silence met that statement, and pained brown eyes lifted to meet the horrified ones of his younger brother, "Nay - nay you are not Elladan, do not scare me so! We shall laugh of this later, I am certain; I can tease you later, indeed. All we need to do is get to the castle, all right? You'll be fine."

Blaming it all on the fever, Elrohir smiled gently at his brother and made a move to stand with him, yet a weak hand took a hold of his arm halting his action while sad eyes met his. "Y-You kn-know the truth, brother."

"Aye, I know it," Elrohir nodded, "You shall live like you always do. 'Tis hardly the first time you have been injured Elladan, do not worry, this is not worse than before," He smiled and stroked the silken brown hair of his brother soothingly "You shall be safe in no time."

Elladan sighed softly and closed his eyes, ignoring his brother's protests. He brushed off the hands that held him up and lay on the soft ground, now stained with the blood that still slipped from his weakened body. With a deep breath and much effort, his eyes fluttered open again, to the sight of his brother's face above his, worried gaze burning into his own. It was with some surprise that Elladan felt the pain lessening inch by inch until the lines of agony on his face disappeared.

"Elladan! You feel it now, my brother, you are healing for even I can see it clearly," Laughed his brother with the lightest of smiles and Elladan smiled back at him. Perhaps he had been wrong after all, and they would laugh of this with Legolas and Arwen later. . .Legolas. . .

"Legolas?" He questioned softly as the pain lessened further, removing the pain of his voice yet making it softer, just a whisper.

Elrohir frowned down at him and shook his head dismissively. "He is fine," he said easily, "as you shall be. Let us go to the castle now."

Elladan shook his head, confusion climbing when he realized he could not feel his upper body, and when his brother's words seemed wrong, his voice was blurred and distant to his ears, yet his tone openly and clearly indifferent. "Need to rest," Elladan whispered and then met his brother's eyes again, searching for another answer, he couldn't remember clearly, but there was something important, something he shouldn't have forgotten.

"Legolas? Estel?" He whispered again, almost believing he saw the Prince behind his brother, smiling and healthy. But it didn't fit; for some reason, Elladan thought he shouldn't look healthy. . .was not he wounded? When. . .how. . . ? Poor Legolas. . .

His brother's face was gentle but his tone angry when Elladan heard the answer "He is fine! Alive and taken care of, do not concern yourself with him. He is not here, I am!"

So this was it? His brother healing slowly yet instead of worrying about himself, even about his brothers, he was worried about that foolish Prince? He concerned his mind on the archer and his treacherous foster brother when he should be thinking of the future, of the healing, of Rivendell, of father, of. . .anything or anyone else. . .

Wiping the anger he felt from his face, he attempted to change the subject when something caught his eye. Elladan was relaxed now, as if sleepy, yet still his face was flushed. Elrohir smiled at him, waiting for the fever to go down soon. Perhaps it would go down faster if his brother slept, "You are tired?"

He received a small nod in reply and he was delighted to see the action no longer seemed to hurt Elladan.

"Close your eyes then, Elladan, when you wake you shall be with the healers and in a soft comfortable bed."

Elladan nodded again, and met Elrohir's eyes with that strange inner knowledge shining in them once more. His eyes were sad, and Elrohir found that strange, if he was healing. . .perhaps there was still some pain?



"We shall walk together again."

"Of course we shall," laughed Elrohir lightly, kissing his brother's brow. This seemed to calm whatever fears Elladan held, and without another word, he closed his eyes and went to sleep with his younger twin's smile on his mind.

His brother's body went limp quite suddenly and Elrohir frowned momentarily before realizing that he had probably sunk deep into his healing trance. Being extremely careful, Elrohir lifted the heavy body in his arms and turned in the direction he knew the castle stood. Out of nowhere, a scream of agony arose above all other sounds and the trees around them seemed to still at the sound. Elrohir shuddered as he thought he recognized the voice. . .

But shaking his head, telling himself it had probably been one of the dying humans at the war raging behind them, Elrohir walking forward in silence, with the still form of Elladan in his arms.

He never noticed his brother's chest did not arise with further breath.


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