Privet Drive had never seen three such strange figures. On one of the most average streets, in the most ordinary county stood things so unnatural. One skinny, greying wizard stood to the left, a wrinkled witch to the right and in the centre a large, ragged giant holding an innocent baby wrapped in a white blanket.

"Can we hurry up out here? It's getting cold," The giant said.

The wrinkled witch frowned, "Yeah in a mo' Hagrid, let Dumbledore set him down." Professor Dumbledore took the child from Hagrid and placed him on the Dursley's doorstep, he then placed a letter next to him.

"See yer later Harry, yer should be alright here," Dumbledore said, he trailed off to the others. Professor McGonagall gave Harry a small wave as the three mysterious wizards disappeared into the night.