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Chapter 13

Hermione's smile spread from her lips –pressed against Draco's- right up to her eyes. Small tremors ran through her body as she considered what Draco had said. Addicted to her, hmm? Well, she could live with that. Yes, as a matter of fact she could live with that very happily. As she considered the word 'addicted' a thought blossomed in her mind, and she pulled back from Draco's drugging kisses.

She pushed up on tiptoes to reach her mouth beside Draco's ear and whispered to him. "Follow me in a minute or two."

Draco stood still in the front hall for a couple of seconds, dazedly staring after Hermione. He'd been lost in their kisses when she'd pulled away, his thoughts filled with nothing but the desire to hold her and kiss her and love her – hang on a sec. Love her? I don't love her! She's just … Hermione. She's beautiful and she makes me laugh, and I'd be quite content to spend, well, at least the rest of the holidays, with my lips on hers and my hands covering her body. But love? I'm a Malfoy. I don't do love. At all. It's just how we're made. We're not programmed to care for anything. And I'm a Malfoy through and through.

Am I? The part of his brain not focussed on being loyal to his family asked. I mean, can I really see Father or anyone else going anywhere near a muggle-born? God, I can't even bring myself to call her a mudblood in my head, let alone to her face any more.

Well, either way, it's not as if I personally do love. I don't, I can't. Draco smirked. But I can do lust awfully well. He followed Hermione's path through the house, and stepped into the entertainment room just as music started to pour out of the speakers. Hermione was up on the stage with her back to him, fiddling with the controls of the karaoke system, rolling her hips in time with the seductive introductory beats of the music.

"Baby, can't you see
I'm calling
A guy like you
Should wear a warning
It's dangerous
I'm fallin'

There's no escape
I can't hide
I need a hit
Baby, give me it
You're dangerous"
- Hermione winked at Draco as she sang the line.
"I'm lovin' it

Too high
Can't come down
Losing my head
Spinning 'round and 'round
Do you feel me now"

Hermione walked over to where Draco was seated on a dining chair, and placed her fingers on his lips.

"With a taste of your lips
I'm on a ride
You're toxic
I'm slipping under
With a taste of poison paradise
I'm addicted to you
Don't you know that you're toxic
And I love what you do
Don't you know that you're toxic."

Draco smirked in his usual style as Hermione finished the song. Well, at least the feeling's mutual. Relieved that he hadn't embarrassed himself by admitting how much he wanted her, he reached out to pull her onto his lap when she blushed, smiled and did a short curtsy at the end of the song. With her back pressed against his chest, Draco could feel the entire length of her body pressed against him. With his arms wrapped around her waist and resting just below her breasts, Draco took a deep breath, inhaling Hermione's scent as if it was the last time he'd smell it.

"Hey, hey, hey. You're going to explode if you take in that much oxygen at once." Hermione turned around to smile at him, but was surprised when a look of alarm crossed Draco's face.

"You're joking, right?" Draco looked at her anxiously.

Hermione laughed and twisted her body around to face him. She cupped his face with her hands, "Of course I'm joking, silly. Honestly, did they teach you nothing before you came to Hogwarts?!"

"Of course they did!" Draco cried out indignantly. Then his expression became playful. "I've learnt a lot of stuff that I wasn't taught by the professors. Shall I demonstrate?"

Hermione giggled as she realised what he was referring to. "I believe a limited demonstration may be in order, yes."

As Hermione lay in bed that night she wondered whether she should tell Draco about Jake. She knew he'd get mad if he found out about the dancing, but at the same time, she knew that if she told Draco he wouldn't want her to go and spend a couple of hours a week with Jake. Hermione smiled, and who could blame him? Jake is gorgeous, plus he's smart and funny and clever. I'd hate to have to compete with him.

Still unsure about what to do, Hermione drifted into sleep.

A couple of weeks later, Hermione found herself talking to Jake about Draco after a class. She poured her heart out to Jake - told him the whole story, and about her dilemma over whether or not to tell Draco about the dancing.

"You didn't tell him?" Jake looked at her incredulously.

Hermione looked down at her fingers, twisted in her lap. "I just… couldn't." She reached a hand up to brush Jake's hair out of his eyes, and left her hand cupping his head. "You know how guys get about their girlfriends spending time with you. They..." she dropped her hand and tried to think of a way to put it delicately.

"They're afraid I'll steal off with their ladyloves and seduce them?" Jake asked wryly.

"Well, yeah, basically."

"But you know I'd never do that." Jake took her hands in his.

"Yes. I know, everyone who knows you knows that you'd never split up a relationship. It's just that, all the guys see is how hot you are…"

Jake blushed, and made to refute her comment.

"Hey, you know you're gorgeous, don't even try to deny it. Unfortunately, all guys know that every girl on the planet thinks you're gorgeous too, and they don't like it."

"Well, no, I suppose not. But I still think you should tell him. At least then he won't be mad at you for lying to him about what you've been doing."

Hermione shook her head. "It wouldn't do any good. You don't know Draco. He wouldn't understand, even if I tried to explain that it's just platonic."

Jake bent his head, and for a few minutes he just watched as they played with each other's hands. His forehead wrinkled slightly, he appeared to be contemplating something important. Finally he lifted his head to look into her eyes.

"'Mione, you like this guy, right? As in really, really like, possibly love him?"

Hermione smiled as she though of Draco. "Yeah, I really, really like him."

Jake took a deep breath. "Then I think you should tell him."

Hermione looked at Jake, confused. "Jake, I just told you, he wouldn't understand."

Jake held her hands tight and looked deep into her eyes. "No. 'Mione, you need to tell him about the dancing, but you need something to help him understand. Tell him."

Hermione's hands lifted mouth and her eyes widened. "Jake, no, I can't."

"You can."

"No! I promised I wouldn't ever." Hermione leaned over and hugged Jake, then jumped up and ran to the door.

"Hermione!" Jake called out, and Hermione turned just before exiting the room. "Take him with you when you go and visit Jacqui then. Trust me, he'll forgive you for anything after that experience." He waved, and gestured for her to leave.

The next day, just after lunch, Hermione arrived outside Jake's sister Jacqui's store.

"Now, remind me again why I'm being dragged in to witness your gossip session?"

"It's not a gossip- okay, well, not only a gossip session." Hermione smiled. "I have some shopping to do."

Draco moved around the car and pulled Hermione out of the driver's seat. "Well, let's go in and get it over with, I hate shopping with girls."

Hermione grinned, "I think you might come around once you see what Jacqui sells."

Draco looked up finally to take in the store front, and his jaw dropped when he saw the tasteful display of sexy, lacy lingerie in the window.

"Hermione!" Jacqui squealed as she pulled Hermione away from Draco and into a hug. "Jake didn't say you were coming today!" As she pulled away, Jacqui ran her eyes over Draco.

Draco tried to speak, but his eyes were drawn to the full racks of revealing underwear, and Hermione laughed.

"This is Draco, we go to…" Hermione broke off as she remembered that she supposedly went to an all-girls boarding school. "That is, our mothers used to go to school together."

"Uh-huh," said Jacqui, eyeing the close proximity of the pair. "In that case, Draco, would you like to have a seat? Hermione and I need to have a little chat while I show her some of our newest stock." Jacqui ushered Draco over to a seat in the corner, and then returned to Hermione, taking her by the elbow.

"Right then, let's find something to drive him crazy for you, shall we?"

Hermione gasped, then giggled, "Jacqui! Oh God, how did you know exactly what I really wanted?"

"Well, why else would you have brought him, if not to show him how gorgeous you look in your underwear, and to innocently make him sit there while you ask his opinion on which sets fit properly?"

Hermione laughed. "Good point."

Twenty minutes later, Hermione and Jacqui had exhausted the store of nearly every piece of underwear that was in Hermione's size, and that she liked, and had piled it into a fitting room. A further ten minutes and she'd narrowed her selection down to four sets, all of which she planned to model for Draco, knowing that they fit her to perfection.

Jacqui pushed Draco in the direction of the fitting room. "Go on, she just wants some help deciding." Reluctantly Draco made his way across to stand in front of the fitting room, but frowned slightly when he saw Jacqui lock the shop door and then disappear out the back.

"Well, what do you think?"

Draco turned at the sound of Hermione's voice, and his brain went crazy as he took her in. Hermione stood, just inside the fitting room door, with her hands on her slim hips. A delicate white cotton demi-bra cupped Hermione's sweet breasts. Small ruffles of white chiffon ribbon trimmed the tops of the cups, and a thin, white satin ribbon had been woven in and out of the cotton parallel to the trim, the ends tied in a small bow between her breasts, and dangling town to caress the skin just below the bra. Corset-type seams along the front of the bra added to the overall effect, reminding Draco of what had been labelled 'French Provincial' underwear in a catalogue he'd been jer- that is, reading, at the beginning of the summer. His hungry eyes took in the pale flesh exposed above the bra, and then roved down over her body.

Down Draco looked, over her ribs, her waist, her belly button, her almost –but not quite- flat stomach, and eventually to land on the scrap of fabric covering her hips and that delicious place at the apex of her thighs. Also white cotton with chiffon ribbon trim at the edges, the variation on French panties was stunning on Hermione. The top of the fabric sat across her hipbones, and encased the flesh from there down to the tops of her thighs. Though the tiny "shorts" seemed decent from the front, when Hermione turned in a circle for him, Draco could see that the fabric moulded to her pert bottom, displaying the curves of her smooth cheeks.


"Well, uh…" Draco stumbled over his words. He'd never seen so much of Hermione's body. Just a few short weeks ago she'd told him he'd never get near her bed, and yet here she was, parading sexy underwear in front of him. "It's … you're…"

Hermione couldn't believe that the famously cool, collected, jaded and eloquent Draco was actually having trouble finding something to say. And he was blushing, no less! Finally, she decided to take pity on him.

"It's okay, you have a think, I'll just try the next pair on."

"The … next pair?" Draco croaked as he watched Hermione turn back into the fitting room, the white cotton pulled firmly across a taut bottom. He wasn't sure how much he could handle of this – little Draco had already started to pay attention to what big Draco was seeing.

"Hermione, wait!"

Hermione poked her head out of the door to the fitting room, mischief gleaming in her eyes. "Yes?"

"Um, I really don't need to see all the pairs you tried on, you've got great taste, why don't you just choose them yourself?" Though pretending that everything was fine, Draco's eyes pleaded with Hermione to let him off the hook.

"Welllllll, I'm not sure…" she prevaricated slightly, enjoying seeing Draco uncomfortable for once in his life.

"Think of it this way, if you show them to me now, you can't surprise me with them later!" Draco grasped at the only straw he could think of that would appeal to the naughty side of Hermione's brain, which was clearly dominating the sensible at this moment.

A smile curved Hermione's lips. "Good point. But come here for a sec, I just want to check something."

"What? In there?"

"Yes, in here." Hermione grabbed his hand and pulled him into the small fitting room, closing the door behind them. She backed Draco up against the door, and then turned to nestle her back against his front, staring at their reflection in the full-length mirror.

Draco was shocked to his toes. "We're in a shop, Hermione!"

"Mmm, but Jacqui's gone out the back and closed shop for a couple of minutes." Dreamily she grasped his hands from where they were resting on her hips and slid them up her rib cage to cup her breasts the white cotton.

Draco's expression moved from shocked to a mixture of dazed, astounded and smug. It didn't, of course, stop his fingers from recognising the opportunity, and they gently squeezed Hermione's breasts involuntarily, eliciting a soft sigh from Hermione.

"What are you thinking?" the words were a timid whisper.

Draco bent his head so that his lips were next to Hermione's ear, keeping his eyes trained on hers in their reflection. "That I wish I'd discovered this side to you sooner." He slid his teeth around her earlobe and gently pulled on it, still caressing her breasts through the cotton. His lips trailed down to where her neck met her shoulder, pausing there and instinctively finding the spot that made her shiver.

"Oh God," the word were a moan as Hermione tried to turn in Draco's arms to face him.

"Oh no, you started this. Now stand still and watch." Gently Draco's fingers sought out Hermione's nipples through the fabric, the small, hard buds making discovery easy. He rubbed his thumbs back and forth over each one while alternating nibbling and sucking at that spot on her neck. Hermione's eyelids became heavy, and she wanted to close them, but couldn't take her eyes off Draco's fingers playing with her breasts.

As Draco continued his assault on Hermione, he became more aware of the effect he was having on her, registering that he was supporting her body so that she wouldn't fall to the ground, but at the same time that she was subtly moving her hips, rubbing her bottom against him. Just as he was about to finally turn her in his arms, there was a loud banging noise, and they both froze, eyes wide in shock at both what they'd been doing and the sudden return to reality.

Silently bundled against each other, they listened first to the jingle of a bell as the door opened, and then to Jacqui's voice drifting over from the front of the shop.

"No, I'm sorry Mrs. Herzal, but I'm closed at the moment"

There was the sound of another female voice speaking, but neither Hermione nor Draco could make out what she was saying.

"Yes, I know the hours on the door say I'm open, but at the moment I'm having a … private viewing."

More from the other woman.

"Well, no, normally I don't have private viewings, but this particular lady was rather insistent on having her privacy."

Draco looked into the mirror at Hermione. "Insistent, were you?" She blushed.

"Why, she's in the fitting room of course. Now, Mrs. Herzal, I really must get back to my customer, but if you still want to have a look around, might I suggest coming back in half an hour? Perhaps you have other shopping you could do first?"

The door jingled again as it was closed, and Jacqui's footsteps could be heard approaching the fitting room.

"All right Romeo, out you come so that I can open my shop again." Though the words were stern, the tone was indulgent and amused. Draco grinned at Hermione in the mirror and hugged her tight before slipping out of the fitting room.

After pulling her own underwear and then clothes on, Hermione dithered for another few minutes over which of the four sets to buy, and finally gave up, deciding to splurge and buy all of them.

While Draco waited outside the shop, Jacqui carefully wrapped each set in pristine white tissue paper, then placed them all into a large, flat box. Crimson in colour, the smoothness of the lid contrasted well the black corrugated texture of the bottom of the box. After Hermione had whizzed her keycard through the EFTPOS machine –and cringed over the state her bank balance would be in- she exchanged hugs with Jacqui and promised to visit her again before she went back to school.

Draco pushed away from the wall when Hermione emerged from the store, and gestured to the box.

"So, what did you end up getting?"

Hermione tilted her chin up to place a playful kiss on his lips. "Oh, no," she said as she climbed into the car, "you wanted it to be a surprise, and so a surprise it shall be."

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