Notes: the characters aren't mine, and the story is! I started playing Doctor Who Legacy a few days ago, and decided to start a series of vignettes about it, much like my other vignette series. As Two is my Doctor, I decided to focus on him (it is possible to get him at the start of the game if you used the temporary FB code), and on Rory, who is available early on and is definitely one of my favorite New Who companions. Expect other characters to be featured in various vignettes later on, and also expect Jamie to have some sort of presence, even if he isn't here physically as of yet. Also, I've set this as Season 6B for Two's part of the timeline (specifically, taking place after "The Two Doctors"), but this vignette series is going to be separate from my main Doctor Who fic 'verse (though I will still be updating fics in that 'verse, as well as this).

Vignette one focuses on Two and Rory familiarizing themselves with each other after the events of the "Asylum of the Daleks: Intensive Care" and "Dalek Paradox" levels, with a bit of Eleven and Ten and the other available companions at this point.

The Doctor knew it was useless, but he couldn't help but search anyway, through the wreckage of the Dalek asylum. He was getting used to fruitless searches. One moment, he had been with Jamie, reassuring him that the whole mess with the Sontarans and the Androgums had been finished, and the next minute, a tear in space and time had torn them apart.

The next thing the Doctor knew, he found himself staring at his future self—a younger-looking man who dressed in a fashion very similar to him. This version of himself was accompanied by a Siluran and human—Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint. And Jamie was nowhere to be found.

His other self was quick to explain what had happened; the Sontarans had gotten control of time-travel technology, after all. Jamie's Doctor's blood froze in his veins; that had been exactly what he and Peri's Doctor had been trying to avoid during their tangle with the Sontarans and Androgums—and all that, it seemed, had been absolutely for naught…

Nevertheless, the Doctor decided to join his older self, in the hopes that they would find Jamie. They found Emperor Porridge, and then one of the older Doctor's companions, but still, no sign of the piper…

"Are you looking for something in particular?" a voice asked.

Jamie's Doctor gave a frightened little jump, and he whirled around to see nurse Rory Williams, who was the first of the future Doctor's companions they had reunited with. Rory's Doctor had very nearly broke down upon finding him here at the Dalek Asylum, sharing a hug with him and blathering about New York and Angels, and Rory assuring him that he and someone named Amy were doing fine in New York, except that they got separated when time tore apart there.

Rory's Doctor had then introduced the nurse to Jamie's Doctor. It had taken Rory a moment to understand the concept of regeneration, but he seemed to get the gist of it. At any rate, he was treating Jamie's Doctor as warmly as he treated his own, and was now walking over to him, trying to help him find whatever he was looking for.

"Oh…" Jamie's Doctor sighed. "I've been looking for my companion, Jamie."

"Yeah," Rory said. "My Doctor mentioned that. You don't know where he is—where he would be?"

"No…" the younger Doctor sighed. "I remember I asked him to hold onto the Stattenheim remote control… If he has any sense at all, he'll use it and get inside the TARDIS, where he'll be relatively safe… She'll guide him away from the temporal ruptures, but as those ruptures grow, there'll be fewer places to run to… "

"He mentioned that, too—my Doctor, I mean," Rory said. "We have to repair the damage the Sontarans have caused. I'm worried about Amy—my wife. I don't know where she ended up…"

He's trying so hard to be brave, the younger Doctor realized, sadly. Just like Jamie would

"I thought there might be a chance that Jamie would be here, since you ended up here, as well," the younger Doctor admitted.

"I've… been wandering around the Dalek asylum for a while," Rory said. "There's… there's no one else here. Well, no one else other than the Daleks and Dalek puppets… I'm sorry."

"That's quite alright," Jamie's Doctor said, gently patting him on the shoulder. "We won't stop looking until we find them."

"Yeah. Yeah, we'll keep looking."

The little Doctor sighed again, looking around the fallen Daleks.

"I know you were probably running for your life," he said. "But you didn't happen upon three Daleks with markings on them, did you? Little Greek markings—Alpha, Beta, and Omega?"

Rory shook his head.

"Ah. So much the better, then," the Doctor sighed. "They don't deserve to end up here, anyway."

"Those Daleks are on our side, then?" Rory asked.

"Oh, they would be," the little Time Lord assured him. "They have Jamie's DNA; they most definitely—"

"Oi!" Rory's Doctor exclaimed, finally finding them. "What are you two doing over here? We need to get a move-on! Vastra, Jenny, and Porridge are waiting for you!"

"Sorry!" Jamie's Doctor and Rory said, in unison, as they headed back to the older Doctor's TARDIS.

"The TARDIS has picked up signals of a huge paradox," Rory's Doctor said, as he headed for the control panel. "If we just…" He trailed off as Jamie's Doctor already had his hands on the controls. "I beg your pardon! This is my TARDIS, not yours!"

"Yes, but I was always able to fly her far better than you ever could!" Jamie's Doctor quipped.

"Better!? Excuse me, but if my memory serves me correctly, I can give you a nice, long list of places we intended to go but never got to when I was you! We only ended up in the Highlands because of a navigational error!"

"I fully intended to go to the Highlands—just as I fully intend to find a certain missing Highlander!"

"I want to find Jamie, too—and Amy! And anyone else displaced by this plot by the Sontarans. But I need to be the one in charge here—don't you even think of changing the desktop theme! No, no, no! Get your hand off of that!"

"I don't like it!"

Rory trudged over to where the other companions where watching and waiting.

"Can we expect a lot of this?" he asked.

Vastra responded with a knowing nod.

In the time that it took for the two Doctors to stop bickering, the TARDIS had enough and took off for the paradox on her own. After dealing with a Reaper and clearing the paradox, the Doctors found themselves joined by another one of their incarnations—the one with the pinstripe suit and stick-up hair.

"Hello!" he sighed, getting to his feet. "Right. Paradox. Fixed that up, I see. More to take care of, I suppose? Well, then—allons-y!"

Wordlessly, the other two Doctors watched as he headed inside the TARDIS.

"Sand Shoes," Rory's Doctor murmured, after a moment. "Of all the other ones it could've been, it was Sand Shoes."

"At least it wasn't the dandy," Jamie's Doctor huffed. He then smirked. "Oh, look, he doesn't like your desktop theme, either!"


The older Doctor ran back into the TARDIS as Rory held his arms up, exasperated.

"I thought we were on a mission…" he said, to no one in particular. "You know, save the universe from falling apart?"

"Trust me on this," Jamie's Doctor said, placing a hand on his shoulder. "When it comes to getting done what needs to be done, me and my other selves will get it done. This portion of time is stabilized; they can afford to banter for a little bit." He sighed. "That is an atrocious choice of TARDIS interior, though, I must say. He actually got rid of the roundels! Why, I ask you…?"

Vastra started at him in silence for a moment before nodding to Jenny; the two of them, followed by Porridge, headed back inside the TARDIS. Rory gave Jamie's Doctor an "Are we joining them?" look.

The Doctor nodded, and led him inside the TARDIS, as well. As he suspected, his older selves had stopped squabbling, and were setting the TARDIS for their next destination. Vastra was already developing battle strategies with Jenny and Porridge.

"Aren't you going to join them?" Jamie's Doctor asked Rory.

"I'm… not much of a fighter. I'm a nurse."

"My older self would disagree," the little Time Lord said, with a smile, as he handed Rory a cup of tea and poured one for himself. "Something he mentioned about 'The Last Centurion?' …And also something about knocking out a dictator and stuffing him into a closet?"

"Extenuating circumstances…"

"Oh, I know, I know. You're quite a lot like me, you know. Well, not counting the obvious human-Gallifreyan differences, of course. We're nurturers by nature; we enjoy looking after others. But one thing is for certain; you never want to anger us, especially if our loved ones are in danger."

Rory glanced at his reflection in the tea, thinking about the Battle of Demons Run, and then looked back at the Doctor.

"Yeah," he said, at last, finding it odd that there actually was an incarnation of the Doctor he could relate to.

The younger Doctor smiled.

"We'll find them, you'll see," he assured the nurse. "Jamie and Amy. We'll find them and fix this Sontaran mess."

"You're so confident. …You're so young," Rory realized. "Compared to them, I mean." He nodded in the direction of the older Doctors. "You don't know what's coming, do you? What turns you into them?"

"No," the young Doctor admitted. "And I have absolutely no desire to know until it happens, if that's what makes my other selves so jaded—especially when recent events in my own timeline have caused me to become slightly jaded as it is. But I see the same look in their eyes that I can see in yours. Two thousand years, was it? You're older than all of us. You've seen much, as well."

Rory gave a nod.

"Hopefully, we both won't end up further jaded by all this."

"Hopefully," the younger Doctor agreed, as he took a drink of his tea.

Rory watched him for a moment before starting on his own tea. He still had reservations about this whole endeavor, but to see this version of the Doctor so hopeful and optimistic definitely helped to slightly ease his worries.