While i'm still writing more on my other story, I also thought I would publish this story as well. It places Eric in Indianapolis in 1985. What would happen there, we put Eric in for the shock of his life.

Chapter 1: Was that really her?

It was 1985, Eric looked at the calendar longingly. What had happened to the time? "Oh, well" he said, turning and packing up his teachers bag. "Can't dwell on the past now can we?" he chuckled as he made for the door, turned out the lights, and locked the door. The halls were all empty by now, save for the random football player coming out of the locker room after being yelled at by the coach. Eric looked at his watch, and realized it was already 7:30 at night. He sighed as he approached his 1984 Porsche 944. He threw his bag in the bag and opened the front door. As he got in, rather than starting up the car, he just sat there. Thinking, he looked at his watch then said "Eh, it's still before 8. I could get to my favorite bar in time to have a few" he smiled as he turned the key and the car roared to life. "I am so lucky for this car" he said, remember how he came to own it. He then shifted the car and sped out of the parking lot, heading for downtown.

At the St .Elmo's Steak House, a beautiful woman , who went by the stage name "America's Favorite" was singing a rendition of "Let's here it for the boy" at the request of some very wealthy patrons, two of which were responsible for creating the deal to move the NFL colts from Baltimore to Indianapolis. They were thoroughly enjoying it, but the young woman was getting very tired of it very fast.

After the music ended, she announced that she was going to take a 20 minute break.

As soon as she left the stage, she grabbed her purse and darted for the bathroom, just opening a door, not paying attention to the sign, and locking herself in. "I'm not cut out for this" she sobbed as she tried to keep it together. "I thought being a steakhouse singer meant I would get to do my own mix of music, rather than be at the mercy of some old guy." She stared at herself in the mirror, trying to figure out what to do next.

Rather than hit up the bar, Eric suddenly had a craving for steak. Pulling into the parking lot of St. Elmo's, he couldn't help but picture the mouth-watering meal he had waited so long to enjoy. Getting out of his car, he suddenly felt the urge to use the restroom. So after hurriedly locking his car and tucking the keys in his pocket, he opened the door to St. Elmo's and darted to the bathroom. As he approached and saw a closed door, he hoped beyond a hope it was just closed. But much to his dismay, he found the door locked. Needing to go, but not wanting to use the women's room, lightly tapped on the door.

"America's Favorite" was still sobbing uncontrollably, when she heard the tap on the door. Looking to her right, she spotted a urinal and suddenly realized she was in the Men's room. "I'm busy right now" she said as she approached the door. The man on the other side ,seemingly unfazed to hear a woman's voice, said hurridly, "Please let me in, I just need to pee". Feeling bad for the guy, she cracked the door open to let him in, but locked it behind her. She returned to the mirror as he finished relieving himself. . Looking at herself in the mirror, she said "I'm so sick of being "America's Favorite" as she almost burst into tears. "What's wrong?" the young man said as he came over to wash his hands. She froze as she saw who it was.

Eric had just finished using the restroom, and would have rather just left the woman to her misery, but he was about to eat and the thought of not washing his hands made him nauseous. But as soon as he allowed the words "What's wrong" to escape his mouth, he knew he had no choice but to help the poor girl. "C'mon it can't be that bad" he said, as he walked towards the sink, and the crying woman. As he approached, he noticed the woman had frozen, but didn't know why. Yet something told him he had seen this girl somewhere before, but shook it off as he traveled over the summer so he may have seen her. He put his hand on her shoulder and said "What's wrong there 'America's Favorite'?". Seeing her mustering up the courage to say something, he quickly ran his hand under some water, just in case she tried to hug him. As she turned towards him, He could see smeared stage make-up streaming all over her face, and frankly, he thought 'She looks like a freaking circus clown now'. Shaking his head, the woman said "I'm so sick of being 'America's Favorite'. I am supposed to be a lounge/steak house singer how is high in demand, not having to do a rendition of 'Let's Hear it for the Boy' just because some rich guy wants to see me shake my booty some" She said, as she burst into tears again. Knowing he had to console her, Eric allowed her to use his shoulder to cry on. Eric was thinking about what she said, and before she could say another word, he pulled a card out of his pocket. Sure it was an old card of his that had his home address and all that on it, but that isn't why he pulled it out. On the back of the card, Eric had copied the lyrics down to a song he heard in '84 that just seemed to lift his spirits. Handing the woman the card, he said "Here, these are the lyrics to a song that has pulled me up when I've been down". She looked at the lyrics on the card, "this song sounds so familiar is it…" but she never completed the sentence as she noticed the young man nodding his head. "It's a good song to sing at a steak house to give it a mood and it doesn't require you to dance" He said and smiled as the girl put the lyrics in her pocket. "Well, help me fix this" she said, motioning him to help her fix the make up. Grudgingly, Eric complied and helped her fix her make-up. She packed up her purse, and Eric saw something fall out and land under the sink but didn't think anything of it. Looking back at her as she said "I would like to thank you… um " she trailed off. "Eric" he finished. "Well Eric. Thank you but I have a performance to do" She said. She hugged him and ran out the door. Eric turned back and picked up what had fallen out of her purse. At first he thought it was the lyrics, but instead it was a keepsake picture holder. "Eh" he thought as he slid it into his pocket and left. But as he left, he knew that there was something about that moment in there that seemed all too familiar to him.