Excerpt from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire chapter 36, just after Severus and Sirius shake hands:

"That will do to be going on with," said Dumbledore, stepping between them once more, "Now I have work for each of you. Fudge's attitude, though not unexpected, changes everything. Sirius, I need you to set off at once. You are to alert Remus Lupin, Arabella Figg, Mundungus Fletcher - the old crowd. Lie low at Lupin's for a while: I will contact you there."

***end excerpt

"Can I have a few moments with Sirius before he goes?" Harry asked, "I won't take long, I just need to say a few things in private."

Albus nodded and turned to instruct Severus on his assignment and the Weasleys stepped away to give them some privacy. Sirius held up a finger before throwing up a privacy charm.

"Ok what's up pup?" he asked taking a seat on the bed.

"I want to learn how to be an animagus, this summer." he informed him, "With Voldemort on the loose I'd feel safer if I had a secret escape plan."

"I can suggest some books to begin with then when I see you again we'll start." Sirius nodded, agreeing without hesitation.

"Excellent, can you get the list of books as soon as possible?" Harry asked, "I'm owl ordering them and would like to get them back before school ends."

"I'll have Remus send you a list as soon as I find him." Sirius nodded, "Anything else?"

"Is there any way I could get an emergency portkey to have in case Dumbledore's protections fail?" he asked his last question.

"I'll see what I can get for you." he nodded, "Better safe than sorry."

"Thanks, be careful out there and send me a letter as soon as you can." Harry hugged him.

Later once all the adults had left Harry was ready to visit with his friends. They only had a little time until curfew started and Hermione looked like she was ready to explode with questions. Instead of beginning the conversation he just looked at her and waited. The entire group moved closer to his bed.

"What were you asking Sirius for that you didn't want Dumbledore to know?" she whispered.

"I asked Dumbledore earlier if we had some kind of emergency procedure in place in case the death eaters found me." he replied just as quietly.

"That's a good question." she nodded, "One they should have thought to tell you about before."

"Well his answer is that we don't need one." Harry frowned, "I'm perfectly safe there and no one can get in."

"I guess we should trust his judgment." Ron looked like he wasn't sure that was the best idea.

"I'm not willing to gamble my life on his assurances again." Harry shook his head, "He keeps telling me I'm perfectly safe at Hogwarts but yet every year I've had some kind of life threatening danger come at me."

"So you asked Sirius to think of a plan just in case Dumbledore's plan fails." Fred added, "I think that's really a smart idea."

"Even something as simple as a portkey to the Burrow would make me feel better." Harry shrugged, "Right now I've got nothing but a promise that I'm perfectly safe. I don't have a lot of confidence in his plan."

"Why not?" Hermione asked, "He's a genius. Your safety is at the top of his list."

"Evidence." Harry pointed out, "Fluffy, a basilisk, dementors and he put an age line around the tournament cup; surely they could have set up better safety measures than that. If he has the house protected against people with the dark mark then Voldemort can waltz right up to my door. If he has something as complex as blood magic, Voldemort has my blood and can still walk right up to my door. He may be alone but that's still more than I can deal with right now. I couldn't even fly off on my broom because it's locked in the cupboard under the stairs along with my wand and books."

"I can understand how you would feel safer with a portkey available." George agreed, "I would too. Peace of mind is worth a lot."

"Off you go." Madam Pomfrey bustled in before anymore could be said.

The last few weeks of school saw Harry in the library quite often. Neither of his two best friends realized he wasn't studying for the end of year exams. He had gotten the letter from Remus and sent off for the books. Now he was looking for a way to hide all his belongings so his relatives wouldn't take them away this year. It wouldn't do him any good to have those books if they were just locked away in the cupboard.

It had taken a good portion of the time but he had finally managed to do an undetectable extension charm a few days before the end of term. He put it on a small bag that he had bought off Dean. Harry was happy with the small bag as he could put it in his pocket. He placed in it what he wanted when he got to Privet Drive, including the new books and the books he needed to do homework with. Quills, parchment and ink bottles that were charmed unbreakable went next as well as a few other things. His wand would be last but not until he reached the platform. A transfigured bit of parchment looked enough like his wand to fool his relatives if they looked in his trunk but he could tell the difference. The last thing he did to the small bag was to put a feather light charm on it to hide the fact that it was full of books and stuff.

He had just placed the bag in his pocket and was closing the lid of his trunk when Ron came back from the bathroom, "Breakfast?"

"Sure." Harry agreed and followed him out of the room.

Soon he was back on Privet Drive and locked in his room. He pulled up the loose floor board and sat down beside it pulling out his bag. Reaching into the bag he pulled out his wand and set it aside. Next were the bag of owl treats that would last a few months and the bag of dead mice that had a stasis charm to preserve them. The charm would release on any mouse that was pulled out of the box. Next was the Weasley sweater in case of a cold day. Then under all the books was a box of food that Dobby had made up for him. If they tried to starve him and Hedwig this year he was prepared.

He soon dove into his animagus study and was entranced. It was so interesting that it took him several weeks before he realized he hadn't gotten any letters. In fact it was when he got a letter he realized that other than the Profit each day he hadn't gotten anything. The letter was a short one from Remus it stated and they would get him soon. Below that was a paw print and more parchment. Harry tapped it with his wand and said the map's password. More writing appeared below. It was a bit more informative.

*** Harry,

Sorry I've not written before but I've been busy. If you haven't been getting, or reading, the Prophet you need to. They're trashing you I'm afraid. No one wants to believe that he's back. Since he's not done anything we can't prove he is. Dumbledore thinks he's busy regaining his forces and then he will start. We've started to get our forces together too.

A death eater tried to get to the Burrow the other day so they've been moved to Headquarters. Hermione is coming soon too so don't worry about your friends. Dumbledore told them not to write to you so that it won't endanger you. I won't be able to write much because he's keeping a close eye on me. We're afraid bad things are going to start happening at any moment so please do me a favor and stay close to home. Study those books and we can start when they bring you here.

Don't send Hedwig with a letter. I'm afraid someone will try to intercept it and possibly hurt her. Be careful and watchful. Make people prove who they are before you leave with them. Last thing is don't use magic. The ministry is just looking for an excuse to drag you in so don't give them one.

I almost forgot the letter is an emergency portkey, just say pumpernickel is nice while holding it and you'll be brought to me. Dumbledore thinks he made it for Remus so only use it in an emergency.

Love always


Harry sighed but turned and picked up the stack of newspapers he had set aside. He had looked on the front page each day to see if Voldemort had begun to attack but he had not looked any father. What he found was enough to make his blood boil. At least he knew where the ministry stood. The picture of Fudge and Malfoy on the second page told him that the ministry was firmly in Voldemort's pocket. Whether or not they knew whose pocket they were in was left to be seen. Tossing the papers aside he went back to his study. He had done his homework the first day at his relatives and got it out of the way. The rest of the time he spent in the animagus books, determined that he would be ready to start when he next saw Sirius.

Later in the summer found him still studying one evening after his relatives had come to announce they were going out somewhere. He had only waved in acknowledgement but hadn't moved otherwise. However he did move when he heard someone trip up the stairs. He pulled his wand and held it out as he moved away from the light he had been using. He was in the shadows on the opposite side of the room when the door opened.

"He isn't here." a female voice announced.

"Yes he is." a gruff voice announced as someone shoved the door open the rest of the way, "Out of the shadows Potter."

"When I'm sure of who you are I will." Harry answered.

"Let me in." He heard Remus' voice and soon his face was at the door, "Hello Harry."

"Can you prove it's you?" he asked.

"Snuffles is your Godfather." he stated, "Where are your things?"

"My trunk is in the cupboard under the stairs." he snapped shut the book that he had been reading when he went back to the bed, "I have some things here that need to go into it."

He dropped to his knees, pulled up the board and started pulling out everything. Within a few moments he had everything out and was placing it in the trunk as Remus and Moody left the room. He was left with a younger female who had pink hair as the rest followed Moody. When he finished packing she helped him take the trunk down the stairs. Just as she reached the last step she tripped on something and fell over nearly pulling Harry along. He grabbed the banister to steady himself and was just able to stop the trunk from following her down.

"Anything broken?" a tall, bald, black man asked her as he helped her back to her feet.

"I'm fine." she brushed off the dust she had gathered, "Are you ok Harry?"

"Fine." he nodded.

The black man grabbed the other end of his trunk and they brought it the rest of the way down. Soon they were outside with brooms in hand. After short introduction to the other members and a quiet flight he found himself being hugged by his Godfather.

"We have an order meeting right now but I'll come talk to you soon ok?" he asked pulling away slightly.

"Ok." Harry noted the tension in his body and quietly asked, "Is everything ok?"

"Its fine." he rolled his eyes in the direction of the door.

Harry understood their conversation wasn't private yet and he would have to wait, "Where is your room, I'll wait for you there."

He pointed up and mouthed two floors as he held up two fingers, "The other kids are on the next floor second door on the right. You must keep quiet or mother will start to howl again."

She had howled earlier when Tonks had made a rather loud noise when she tripped. Harry grinned slightly and headed up taking his now lightened and floating trunk with him. On the next floor he found his friends ensconced in the room. He frowned even as they both gave him hugs.

"I didn't realize you were still speaking to me." He huffed.

"Dumbledore wouldn't let us…" Hermione began.

"Save it." Harry waved her off, "I know he wouldn't let you write. Someone else didn't have the compulsive rule following you have."

"Don't be like that." Ron sighed taking a seat on the bed he'd chosen.

"Sorry, just in a bad mood." he shook his head.

"Thought we heard you mate." Fred and George popped into the room on either side of Harry.

"Hi guys." Harry found himself smashed in another hug.

"How were the muggles?" George asked as he sat on Harry's bed.

"Fine." Harry replied as Fred pushed him down onto the bed beside George and then sat next to him.

Hermione sat by Ron and grimaced, "Normal fine, better or worse?"

"I really didn't see much of them." Harry shrugged, "I was able to sneak a few books past them so I did a lot of reading. I just stayed out of their way and they pretended I didn't exist. So better than normal fine I guess."

"Have you seen the Prophet?" Ron broached the touchy subject.

"Piece of trash that it is." Harry nodded, "I actually quit reading about a week ago and just changed out Hedwig's papers every day."

"That's all it's fit for." Fred agreed.

"How many believe it?" Harry looked to the more talkative twin.

"More than a few." Fred shrugged.

Harry stretched back across his bed and put his hands on his eyes under his glasses, "How long do order meetings last?"

"Anywhere from one hour up." Ron offered.

"Any idea why they brought me tonight?" when he got no answer he took his hands from his eyes and looked at his friends.

Their shocked faces made him wonder what had happened. It was Hermione who was able to speak first, "Did anything happen to you this evening?"

"I was reading when my Aunt told me they were going out." Harry looked confused, "Then I read until this lot came after me."

"There was an attack." Ron started.

"Voldemort?" Harry sat up paying attention now.

"No, it was dementors." Hermione corrected and then threw out the big bit of information, "In little Whinging, not far from Privet Drive."

"They wanted me out of the area then." Harry nodded.

"They thought you had been attacked and were the one to use the patronus charm." George stated.

"It wasn't me." Harry shook his head, "I didn't leave the house."

"Then not only were there dementors in your area but at least one wizard too." Fred offered with a frown, "We should probably tell someone."

"I'm supposed to talk to Sirius after the meeting." Harry began.

"Someone is coming." George stood and apparated with Fred right behind him.

A few seconds later and the door opened to Arthur Weasley, "Harry we need you down stairs for a moment."

Harry complied and followed him down. The kitchen was full of people and Harry stood in the doorway uncomfortable with all the attention. It was Sirius that made the introduction.

"Harry, Kingsley is an auror and needs to do priori incontatum on your wand." he explained, "You are being accused of doing magic outside school."

"Ok." Harry held out his wand and it was tapped.

Four spells poured out of the wand and Kingsley explained them, "Folding spell, feather light charm, ironing spell and air."

"The last spells I did before I left school." Harry explained, "I packed my clothes put a feather light charm on my trunk that would last until I reached home, I ironed what I was wearing home and dried my hair after my shower."

"You didn't use a patronus spell tonight?" Dumbledore asked.

"No." Harry answered, "But isn't that obvious from his spell?"

"How did you deal with the dementors?" Snape finally spoke.

"I didn't see any." Harry shrugged, "I didn't leave the house tonight and none came after me."

"Did you get a warning letter from the ministry?" Molly asked.

"No." he replied.

"I need to get back with the results." Kingsley said before he left.

"Very well Harry, you may go." Dumbledore instructed.

Harry nodded and left. Back in the room Fred, George and Ginny had joined Ron and Hermione again. He explained what happened. Before anyone could ask questions the door opened and Sirius stuck his head in.

"Harry, do you have some time to talk to me?" he asked.

"Sure." Harry's large smile prevented anyone from asking him to stay and explain more.

Once the two of them were in his room he pulled Harry into a hug, "I'm glad you listened to me."

"Me too." he stayed in the hug for a few moments, "So what's going on?"

"Not a lot." he sighed and steered them both to the seats in the room, "Hagrid and Madam Maxine have gone to visit with the giants to try and get them on our side. Moony has been in and out of the werewolf colonies. Snivellous has had to attend a few muncher meetings."

"What about before, at the kitchen?" he asked.

"I was just mad because they all thought you had done the spell." Sirius waved him off, "I was sure you were doing what I had asked. I just couldn't say that or it would blow our secret."

Harry nodded then changed the subject, "I've read the books and did the meditation."

"Excellent, how far did you get in the meditation?" he scooted forward in anticipation.

"I've seen my form." Harry grinned, "I've studied hard because I didn't know how long we'd have to work on it."

"Well done Harry." he received another hug, "What form?"