Harry was a bit nervous about graduation. He just had a feeling things weren't going to go quite how he expected. He couldn't say he felt his bad luck heating up but it was something. When Minerva had arrived the day before he had thought that was it but the feeling hadn't gone away. He left after lunch to go to the school and get ready. The ceremony would take place on the indoor pitch. Sam grabbed the first hug after he was in the door of the locker room. They were using it as a staging area for all the seniors.

"How are you?" she asked.

"I'm fine." He grinned and pulled away, "How are you?"

"Nervous." She admitted.

"No reason to be nervous." Mark walked up behind her then began to talk dramatically, "It's just the first day of the rest of your life."

Sam turned and punched her brother, "Not helping."

"I wasn't trying to." He stepped out of her reach with a grin, "I was going for dramatic flair while stating the obvious."

"Calm down Sam." Harry grabber her from behind as she went after her brother again, "You'll trip on his nonsense and break something other than him."

With Harry's last name being Arcane he was one of the first to get his diploma. The announcer began, "Harry Arcane, captain of our three time quidditch national champion Raiders as Hunter of the snitch. He will be attending Salem Healers Institute in the fall with a full four year scholarship. The scholarship is for quidditch and he won the starters spot when he beat the current senior seeker to the snitch three times in a row in their tryouts. He received an additional scholarship for his superior grades and is our salutatorian.

Cheers lasted until he received his diploma and took one of the two seats in the front. He sat through the rest of the names trying to pay attention. When it was Mercedes turn he didn't have any trouble paying attention, Mark and Sam were right behind her.

"Mercedes Raine, our valedictorian, has received a four year scholarship to the coveted Ambrosias School of Healing and Research. She is the only student they accepted this year. The requirements she met were nearly impossible. An IQ over 145, perfect grades and attendance, holding down a job and volunteering hundreds of hours in our local hospitals, Mercedes we all applaud the effort you have extended over the last four years and we look forward to what you will achieve." Mercedes took the seat beside Harry.

"Mark Steller, another member of our three time quidditch national championship and captain of our quadpot national championship Raiders. He will be attending Salem Institutes technical division in the fall, another of our four year scholarship winners. He also impress the quidditch and quadpot teams with his skills in tryouts and will joining the reserve unit of the quidditch team and the starting unit of the quadpot team."

"Samantha Steller, the last graduating member of our three time quidditch national championship Raiders. She will be attending Salem Institutes technical division in the fall, another of our four year scholarship winners. She gained a starting spot as a chaser for the quidditch team.

Mercedes and Harry each gave a small speech where they wished the best for every member of their class and thanked the teachers for all their work. When it was over the students stayed on the floor of the pitch and all the friends and families moved out of the stands to congratulate them.

Mercedes parents reached the two of them first, "Congratulations, both of you."

"Thank you." Harry shook Max's hand while Karen was hugging her daughter. The adults switched and he was getting a hug from Karen as his group approached.

"Why didn't you tell us." Sirius hugged him first.

"I wanted it to be a surprise." He grinned.

"Second place behind a girl?" a voice had him turning and gaping at the altered red head who spoke.

"Honestly Harry we are disappointed." the second and identical young man added.

"What… I didn't know you were coming." He grabbed them both as he laughed. He whispered, "What names are you going by?"

"Mercedes, this is Harry's great aunt Minerva and her grandsons, Grant and Frank." Sirius answered the question.

"Nice to meet you." She smiled and waved.

"This is Harry's girlfriend Mercedes." Sirius added with a big grin.

"Ohhhhh." One of them arched an eyebrow, "I thought you were a seeker not a chase her."

"Funny." Harry deadpanned.

"So you chased her so hard you caught up to her in grades?" the other asked.

"No I'm a distant second." He grinned.

"Better than us but no one can touch Merc." Mark added, "How did you like your wakeup call?"

"Brilliant." They grinned and answered together.

"They stayed with us as a surprise for you." Sam explained before Harry could ask.

Harry gave her a hug, "Thanks, this is excellent."

"You owe me big." She huffed, "We got a full dose last night."

"That wasn't even half a dose." One of the twins scoffed.

"It takes longer than one visit to get a full dose." Harry chuckled and moved to hug the twins again, "It is so good to see you two clowns."

Once he got home he pulled the red headed twins to his room, "I can't believe you guys came."

"We wouldn't miss Harrykins graduation." One of them said.

"How is everyone?" Harry asked.

"Mum and Dad are the same as always. Did Ron tell you that Bill married that Veela, Fleur Delacour?" this time he was sure it was Fred talking.

"He did." Harry grinned, "I'm sorry I missed it."

"You didn't miss much." George shrugged with an evil grin, "Except the veela cousins. But you've got a pretty good looking girlfriend yourself."

"Not in truth." He shrugged, "When kids found out I have money the girls were all over me. Mercedes is my friend and agreed to date me to keep the others away."

"Well that sucks." Fred huffed, "We were all ready to tease you about dating Hermione 2."

"Honestly I think Mercedes is smarter." Harry grinned, "But don't tell Hermione that."

"Harry, people will start arriving soon." Sirius knocked and opened the door, "You can talk to these two a little later."

Fred threw an arm over his shoulder and led him back out to the living room, "So Harry tell us about this hunter of the snitch."

"Sam named me." He waved them over to the blond girl.

"Sam, explain." George urged from across the room.

"Harry doesn't seek the snitch." She explained, "He stalks it. Therefore we decided to call him Hunter. The previous seekers were named too so we just continued the tradition."

"Stalking is a good way to explain what he does." Fred grinned, "What does a national championship entail?"

"We play games every Friday night for three months." Harry grinned, "Then the first few weeks of December we played the champions from the other divisions. We beat the other champions so we get the title."

"You play more than fifteen times a year?" George's mouth dropped open.

"Yep." Harry laughed at them and explained to Sam how Hogwarts played.

The party was over too soon and the twins left with Minerva. Harry was sad to see the three of them go. However he wasn't left to be sad for long. They were leaving the houses in Minnesota and heading to Harry's island and later in the summer they would head to Salem to find a new place to live. Before that all took place the Goblins called Harry into the bank.

"Congratulations Harry." Ragnock greeted him, "I'm sorry I couldn't make your graduation."

"Thanks." Harry smiled, "I just can't thank you enough for helping me get to this point. Without you, I'd be up a very big creek."

"You're welcome." Ragnock bowed his head, "I do have a gift for you for your graduation."

"You didn't need to." Harry expressed, "You've done so much for me."

"Nonsense." Ragnock waved him off and pulled a scabbard from behind his chair, "In Goblin culture when a male becomes full grown we celebrate them and offer gifts. It is traditional that a favored relative give the young male a dagger to show he is able to protect himself."

He pulled the dagger from the scabbard and showed it to Harry. His breath caught at the beauty of the piece. It was incrusted with jewels in the handle but the edge looked decidedly deadly. Ragnock held it out handle first and Harry took hold and brought it close to study it.

"It's magnificent." Harry breathed, "I don't know what to say. Thank you just doesn't sound like enough."

"I understand you can't wear it to school on a daily basis." Ragnock grinned at him, "But use it for special occasions and anytime you enter a Gringotts bank. It will tell the other Goblins that you are kin."

"Thank you!" Harry slid the dagger back in its case, "Wow, I… thank you!"

The portkey dropped the group from the United States off between the dock where the boat was kept and the gate around the garden. It took a few moments before anyone spoke.

"Harry this is beautiful." Judy took a deep breath of the ocean air, "This is more than I could have ever hoped for."

"You haven't really seen it yet." Harry chuckled as he moved toward the gate. He put his hand on it and it swung open revealing the gardens the elves tended to, "Welcome to my island."

"Does it have a name?" Sam asked.

"I don't think so." He shrugged.

"Wow, is this the garden?" Sam turned to Harry with the question.

"The elves that take care of the island like to tend gardens." He explained, "Like I said in Hawaii it's their hobby. They were here before I knew about this place. It was a shock when we found out."

They continued through the garden with more comments from the three newest guests. When they reached the house Harry opened the door to find his head elf waiting for him. Harry followed him into the study.

"Stokey how has everything been?" Harry asked as he took the seat at his desk. The others found seats around the room and the elf sat across from him.

"We lost Perky over the winter." The elf sighed, "She was very old."

"I know she was." He comforted the elf, "How did everyone handle it?"

"Her daughter is still upset." Stokey explained.

"Tell her to come see me when she has time." Harry instructed, "The gardens are beautiful as always."

"Thank you." Stokey perked up a bit, "Everything else is fine."

"We are going to have a lot of people here this summer." Harry brought up his subject, "Sirius and Judy are getting married here so we'll have a lot of extras for a few days. Then Sam, Mark and I will be staying here with Remus and Tonks. Severus and Kingsley will be in and out."

"Will Mr. Sirius stay for his honeymoon?" he asked.

"No." Sirius commented from his spot, "We'll be traveling for a few months. We may come back and visit though."

"Very good." The elf turned back to Harry, "Have you decided where to have the ceremony?"

"No I'll let them decide." Harry smiled, "Set it up where ever they tell you to."

The elf popped away and Judy smiled at him, "You deal well with the responsibility of caring for all these elves."

"Thanks." Harry shrugged, "I just treat them like family."

The day of the wedding arrived far quicker than any of them anticipated. Tonks and Sam were trying to keep Judy calm while Harry and Remus were working on Sirius. Harry was nearly ready to hex him at the moment.

"Calm down." He chastised his godfather, "Judy can't leave, I won't give her permission and no she hasn't asked to leave."

"What was I thinking?" Sirius paced.

"You were thinking how much you love Judy." Remus was sitting in a chair with his eyes closed, "You were thinking how you were truly meant to be together."

"How can you be this calm?" Sirius gaped at him.

"I'm not getting married." He opened his eyes and grinned.

"You're next." he huffed back at him, "I'll talk Dora into it."

"She has already set a date and I haven't even asked yet." Remus chuckled.

"Come on you two it's time." Harry stood by the door.

"Already?" Sirius balked but was shoved forward by Remus.

"What was I thinking getting married at this age?" Judy checked her reflection again.

"You were thinking that it was about time to have sex again." Dora snickered.

"Dora, not in front of Sam." Judy admonished.

"Well then are you marrying him for the money?" Sam asked with a smirk.

"No!" Judy was mortified her daughter would even say such a thing, "I love him."

"Then that's what you were thinking when you agreed to marry him at this age." Sam giggled, "I could have told you that but you needed to remind yourself."

"Thanks." Judy hugged her daughter.

"How bad are her nerves?" Judy's father Samuel stuck his head in the door. Samantha had been named after him.

"I'm fine." Judy answered.

"She was in a state of near hysteria but I'm calmed her down." Sam grinned unrepentantly.

"Good, I'm glad someone can." He looked over his shoulder, "It's safe to enter Carol."

"Mom." Judy stood and hugged her, "Were you afraid you were going to have to stun me again?"

"No, I knew the more mature woman you are now wouldn't try to fly her broom out the window with her wedding gown still on." She chuckled at the red faced woman.

"You didn't." Sam grinned.

"I was panicking." Judy exclaimed, "I was nineteen and your father was twenty. I was worried he was going to leave so I just wanted to check on him."

"He was waiting at the end of the isle when you got there." Carol waved off her worry, "It's almost time are you ready?"

"Yes, how do I look?" she asked.

"Beautiful." Carol hugged her.

"You're a knockout." Sam added.

"I'll not say anything because you didn't like my last joke." Tonks grinned and then hugged her, "You look lovely."

"I'll make sure to have you laughing when it's your turn to do this." Judy giggled, "Merlin, the music started. Go on Dora."

"If I trip and break my neck I'm holding you responsible." Tonks wobbled dangerously on the heels.

"Shrink your legs a bit." Sam suggested, "It worked in practice, no one noticed and you didn't fall."

"Right." She did so as she left to the awe of Judy's parents.

"She's a metamorph." Judy reminded them.

"I'd forgotten." Samuel shook his head.

"My turn." Same giggled, "I love being maid of honor."

"So both of you are walking me down the aisle?" Judy eyed her parents.

"I saw it on that reality program." Carol smiled, "I thought it was so lovely."

"Lovely is fine, me not falling is even better." She took a wobbly step, "I'm too nervous to move."

"Grip your fathers arm." Carol suggested, "I'll keep this side up."

Harry grinned at Tonks as she walked up the aisle without tripping. The gasp from Remus had him trying to hold in his snickers. Tonks was lovely in her soft pink dress. She stopped and gave Sirius a hug before she turned to the side she was supposed to stand on. Harry looked back in time to see Sam walk out next. He had ended up best man instead of Remus because Judy wanted Sam to be next to her. Remus was fine with it knowing that Sirius wanted him to be best man but he understood. Sam stopped and gave Sirius a hug too and waved at Harry who waved back and chuckled. Her dress was just like Tonks' and she looked just as lovely. Harry grabbed onto Sirius when he gasped and leaned back as Judy entered between her parents.

"You ok?" he whispered, Sirius nodded, "Then close your mouth."

Harry couldn't help but snicker this time as Sirius' jaw snapped shut. Judy was a vision of beauty. Mark was grinning ear to ear and Sam had a watery smile as a few tears escaped. The ceremony wasn't long and soon enough they were at the reception.

***Sixteen months later***

"If you get any closer to me I'm going to rip off your boy parts and cook it over a fire and eat it like a hotdog. You did this to me!" the screaming voice drowned out all other sounds in the area

"You need to push now." They heard the nurse order.

"I'll push. I'll push your head up your.. " the words were quieted as she pushed, "…you'll only see daylight out your nose."

The yells continued and it was Judy that commented, "Tonks certainly has a way with words."

"I'm just glad I'm not old enough to understand any of this." Mark shuddered.

Sam laughed and then punched him, "You're an idiot."

"Made you laugh." He smirked, "How's your leg?"

"Achy." She responded. She had left the quidditch game early with a broken leg. It was healed now but still sore. No quidditch for a week.

"Any news?" Harry rushed in still wearing his Salem quidditch uniform.

"I'm going to rip you to shreds you pathetic mongrel." Tonks screamed.

"Poor Remus." Harry snickered, "Have I missed much?"

"Not more than a bunch of very loud and creative swearing." Sirius laughed and looked back at the quiet black man, "Nothing to say Kingsley?"

"Nope." The tall man slowly shook his head.

"What happened to you?" Harry asked.

"I was with her when her water broke." Kingsley shuddered, "Its best just not to ask."

"You're awfully quiet." Harry turned to the last member who was sitting quietly in a corner reading. When he didn't respond Harry moved over and touched his shoulder.

Severus looked up and then pulled his wand and waved it a minute, "Did you need something?"

"I was just going to ask how you were holding up, you were pretty quiet." Harry chuckled, "But silencing spells will allow that."

"Yes and I was reading peacefully until…" he started to snap but was cut off.

"I will kill you when they get this out of me!" Tonks screamed then all was quiet.

A few seconds later a small cry was heard and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. They could hear murmurs from the other room but no screams of a dying werewolf so they were sure he was still alive. A few minutes later Remus opened the door and stepped out with a blue bundle, which he immediately handed over to Judy.

"I was afraid I was going to drop him." He said shakily, "Theodor John Lupin."

"She didn't kill you." Sirius observed as he helped him find a chair.

"Broke my hand though." He held it up still wrapped, "Healer already fixed it."

"His hair is blue." Judy observed.

"Yep multicolored werewolf babies." Harry chuckled.

***The end*** (if I write more on this it will be in another story, thanks for reading)