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Henry Hayes sat at his desk in the oval office, reading over yet another intelligence report from the most effective team in any of his intelligence services. It had been a little over a year since the day Chuck Bartowski had used an outdated arcade game to prevent the outbreak of another world war and earned the President's decision to become the nerd's personal genie. And despite some personal reservations at the beginning, Hayes had never had cause to regret his decision. Quite the opposite in fact.

Team Bartowski had been good from the very beginning, there was no doubt about that. Their record had spoken for itself even before the day Hayes had met them, but in the time since they'd become unreal.

First off, the situation the team had found themselves in had brought to Hayes' attention that his intelligence agencies were abusing their power and, to an extent, their agents. He'd swiftly stepped in to correct the problem, and the investigation had quickly revealed enough evidence to have General Beckman and the leading candidate for replacing the late Director Graham removed from their positions. He still had to shake his head in disbelief from time to time at what these people had gotten up to, particularly things like the so called 'red test'. Okay, so they weren't entirely to blame for that, as that particular abuse had begun before the current administration of the services and thus they had been taking cues from what they already knew, but seriously? These people had been unilaterally deciding to assassinate people. Many of them American citizens no less. Their belief in being above the law had had Hayes honestly wanting to wring some peoples' necks from time to time, but fortunately the imagined look on his wife's face should he end up in jail while being the President had helped him fight the urge. He'd been honestly moved by the patriotism Agents Casey and Walker had displayed in going over some of the most difficult moments in their careers with the legal department to help figure out just how badly their leaders had usurped the agents' ideas of what was legal and what wasn't.

Team Bartowski's efficiency in the field had also been staggering in the time since Hayes' decision. In less than six months they'd managed to almost single-handedly dismantle Fulcrum. Hayes was still in awe of the heroic move Chuck had made in downloading the Intersect 2.0 even after the original designer who also happened to be Chuck's father (?!) had managed to remove the first version from his mind. That man had distinguished himself as a true American hero, and Hayes had been more than happy to accept the recommendations his handlers turned partners had given over the course of the year. It had been a simple matter to get him the degree from Stanford that he'd been cheated out of. Beckman, before being removed from her position, had made a little noise about making him a probationary field analyst with back pay, and Hayes had to admit that that had been one of the times since becoming President that he'd had the most fun shouting at someone. The medals had been no brainers as well, particularly after their final confrontation with Fulcrum leader and billionaire conglomerate Ted Roark.

And on a more personal level, Hayes was thrilled that Chuck and Agent Walker had been able to carry on their romantic relationship without affecting their work. At least twice, that relationship had even helped their operation. Shortly after Hayes had given them permission to begin, a Fulcrum agent with a previous tie to Chuck's past had attempted to seduce him, but thanks to his newfound relationship he'd stopped her dead in her tracks, even before they'd discovered Ms. Roberts' affiliation with the rogue agency. And more recently, in their newfound fight against the Ring, an unstable CIA agent named Daniel Shaw had attempted to manipulate the team in order to gain control over the Intersect. However, thanks to their relationship, Chuck and Sarah had been on to him the moment he began trying to seduce her and had been able to use him when he'd eventually turned on them to lead them to the Ring's director along with one of its elders, placing both behind bars and striking a serious blow against the organization. Yes, all in all, Henry Hayes was very pleased with the decisions he'd made that day.

"Sir, this just came for you." Came the voice of one of his secretaries, a woman named Barbara as she handed him an envelope. Hayes took the envelope and was interested to see that this was one of the few pieces of mail that came to him personally these days, rather than in his capacity as President. He ripped open the envelope and pulled out a calligraphy-filled cardboard card. Taking a quick look over it, Hayes gave a broad grin.

"Barbara!" He called out.

"Yes, sir?" she asked, stopping at the door she'd been about to walk back out of.

"We have that trip to LA in August to support the Governor's reelection campaign, don't we?"

Barbara pushed some buttons on the trusty tablet she always carried with her that dictated each one of Hayes' days. "Yes, sir. From the 16th to the 20th."

Hayes immediately knew the date on the card before him was no coincidence and had to admit to being rather touched. His smile got a little wider as he shook his head at their ability to know about these things. 'One of the advantages of being spies with a living computer.'

"Can you please set aside a few hours in the afternoon of the 17th for an off the radar trip, and see if the First Lady's schedule can accommodate having her join us on that day?"

"Of course, sir," Barbara replied, making some notations on her tablet. "What is this in reference to?"

Hayes' grin was practically into cat catching the canary mode at this point.

"A couple of heroes are getting married."

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