Welcome to My Life

Kisshu was sitting in a tree, watching Ichigo, as usual. He saw that treehugger come up to her, and he snarled silently. Why did she have to love that jerk so much? Couldn't she see that he loved her way more than that pathetic human ever could?

As Kisshu thought about this, Ichigo and Masaya were leaving the park. Kisshu sighed when he thought about his kitten being with someone else.

Later that evening, the sun was setting, but Kisshu was still in the tree. He was sad that Ichigo always rejected him, and he put those thoughts into a song.

Ichigo was walking back to the park. She had decided to tell Masaya about her identity as a Mew Mew that day. Instead of supporting her, however, he called her a freak and left her in tears. Suddenly she heard someone singing, and thought she recognized the voice. It was faint, but her cat hearing picked it up:

Do you ever want to run away

Do you lock yourself in your room

With the radio turned up so loud

That no one hears you screaming

Ichigo curiously followed the voice as she listened to the sad song.

Ichigo finally reached the tree in the clearing where she had been with Masaya that day. She was shocked to see that the one singing was Kisshu, and that he was close to tears. She stood under the tree silently, to listen, as Kisshu sang. His voice was surprisingly beautiful.

Ichigo knew what he was singing about, and it made her feel horrible that she had rejected him all those times.

Ichigo was about to say something, but the next lines made her stop short.

No one ever lied straight to your face

No one ever stabbed you in the back

You might think I'm happy

But I'm not gonna be okay

Ichigo was shocked. Kisshu always seemed to be so playful and happy, but now he sounded sad and bitter. She realized that she was the cause of this, and knew she had to make it right. Ichigo began climbing the tree.

As Kisshu began to cry, Ichigo climbed faster. She saw he was in pain. And she also saw that he really did love her. She had thought he was just toying with her. Now, seeing his pain and sorrow as he sang, she knew she had been wrong- wrong to reject him, and wrong to choose Masaya over someone this wonderful.

Kisshu finished singing- just as Ichigo reached him. By this point, both of them were crying. But Kisshu was surprised. Why was Ichigo here? She was with Masaya, right?

"Kisshu- I'm sorry," Ichigo said. "I never knew how much you loved me. But now I know I was wrong to choose Masaya over you. He called me a freak for being a Mew Mew. You've always accepted me for who I am. I'm really sorry!" With that, Ichigo hugged Kisshu, crying into his shoulder. She really hoped he would forgive her.

Kisshu was shocked, but he quickly got over it, and hugged Ichigo back. "Shh… As long as you know my true feelings, I'm happy, Koneko-chan. I just hope that one day my feelings will be returned."

Then, to his shock, Ichigo lifted her head and said, "I think that they already are." Then she kissed him, and he kissed back, both of them putting all their love and passion for each other behind the kiss.

When they broke apart, both knew that their lives would change for the better from now on, because they had each other.

This is a birthday gift for Cheshire's Riddles. It's also a rewrite of a fic that I took down. I know it's much shorter then what she gave me, but I wanted to get something cute out for her, so here's the result. I'm also sorry I couldn't put the whole song in here, but I don't want it to get taken down. For those of you wondering, the song is Welcome To My Life, by Simple Plan. Please enjoy and review, and Happy Birthday to Cheshire's Riddles!