"The fuck?" A fuming red-haired beauty took outside 3-A with her equally stunning pink-haired companion, "We've always been his Wednesday calls."

Gajeel stood guard in front of the door, face expressing only sheer boredom. "Ladies, I don't know what to tell ya." He sighed irritably, "If you want some dick go looking somewhere else. Natsu ain't takin' any more calls."

"Ridiculous!" The pretty pink-hair shouted, "Do you not get what I've given up to be with him?"

"You?" The redhead hissed, "You're just the side chick. I left Raven Tail because I was so in love with him!"

"Left?" Her opponent laughed loud, "Raven Tail got crushed by Natsu! You just fell in love with his power!"

"So what are you in love with? His soft heart?" She bit back.

"Hate to break it to ya," Gajeel interrupted their quarreling, "But you're both side chicks."

"Meredy. Flare." A kind voice spoke from behind. Both girls turned with fury and lifted their brows seeing the shining pupil, Lucy Heartfilia. "How are you?"

The girls exchanged a glance and then glared hard at the blonde beauty, "You've got to be joking." Flare turned to Gajeel.

"This is his new bitch?" Meredy added viciously.

The pierced guard chose not to respond to that question, not sure of the answer either. He moved his body from the door as Lucy came forward, mask as gorgeously innocent as the first time he laid eyes on her.

"You ladies don't need to worry." Lucy hummed as her fingers hovered over the handle. She looked at them and they could've sworn they saw a crack of darkness in her brown eyes. "I'll give him back soon." She tilted her head with a grin so sharp, they touched their necks in fear she may slice them, "But he may be a little broken."


Gajeel lifted his brows at the direct threat to his leader. He watched the girls silently back up and walk away with absolutely nothing more to say. He shrugged and decided to slip back into the classroom for the show that was surely about to start.

Lucy hopped onto the teacher's desk, kicking her feet playfully despite the sheer hatred and caution radiating at her. "You guys forgot your party favors." She pulled out a bunch of small bags that fit in her sweater's pockets. She threw them at each person but none made an attempt to catch. "You all left in such a rush. I wonder why." She smiled.

Gray kicked off her offering, "Is that the game you're trying to play right now?"

"Obliviousness? Isn't this bit getting old?" Erza also pushed off the bag of treats.

Lucy tilted her head with a soft laugh, "I have a lot of different games if this doesn't suit you." She leaned forward on the desk, brown eyes far too easily sinking deep into their original, sinful form. "But I wouldn't try them."

They glared at her but didn't have a response.

Bora's scream still radiated in their minds and the image of Lucy surrounded by... by Ren Akatsuki and his men... it was like she was a Queen whose throne was made from bodies. None of them wanted to be added to it.

Natsu, however, opened the bag, and ate the chocolate inside. He crumbled the rest of the plastic and threw at Lucy's feet, gaining everyone's attention. "You're gonna start working." He said, face stone cold, a commanding officer's aura. "I've got a mission for you."

Lucy's smile widened and she leaned back with interest, "Oh?"

"There's a rat." Natsu started, crossing his legs and sitting in his seat as though it was a throne. "Someone's giving Crime Sorciere our locations and info. Get whatever you can on them."

The blonde got an immediate beep on her phone and lifted her brows at the content, "Jellal Fernandes, huh?" She snickered deep, "I recognize that last name."

"Two seconds." Erza scoffed, "That's a new record."

Lucy kept reading the text and scrolled down, "I could give you his base location right now, if you'd like."

Immediately, the blonde caught Erza suck in a sharp breath before her eyes met Natsu's for his response.

"No." Natsu tapped his foot impatiently, "I'll find that one my own."

Lucy tapped her smiling lips with her phone and looked at Erza who was much less tense now, "Interesting." She hummed with amusement.

The blonde hopped off of the teacher's desk and stashed away her phone. "I'll do some of my own research tonight." Then she spun toward the door's direction, placing back on that mask of purity, "I'll drop it off in the morning. Bye~"

"See?" Loke kicked his feet onto his desk triumphantly, "I told ya she'd have info on 'em."

"She has info on everyone." Erza hissed at him rather harshly.

"I don't know much about the case but I do know the Heartfilia's were under interrogation for the slaughter of the Fernandes Family." Loke lifted his finger knowingly, "So, Miss Snappy, she probably has more on them than all of us combined."

The red head stood up from her desk with a hiss and stormed out of the room. Gray whistled at the flames she left in her tracks, "Blondie really gets under Erza's skin."

"Yeah, she's not the only one." Laxus spit onto the ground.

Their eyes went to Natsu for a counter, him being the only damn one keeping the psychotic cunt in their inner circle. But the pink haired male was looking out the window, aura rather unapproachable. "Keep an eye on the base tonight." Natsu looked to his phone which had a text from his dad. "I got shit to do but I'm not letting blue hair get away if he steps onto my turf."

"Aye, aye captain." Mira saluted him.

Erza stepped into the hallway and right outside the door was a particular blonde standing right up against the lockers with a smirk. The red head averted her gaze with a bubbling growl and her foot started down the corridor.

"Don't want to confess your sins?" Lucy's charming and manipulative voice echoed darkly in the empty space.

Erza stopped and scoffed, "What? You think you're some sort of Priest?"

"Far from it." She hummed, popping her lips as she skipped toward the paused gangster. "But, whatever it is you seem to be feeling guilty about, I can lend an ear."

"Guilty." Erza scoffed, snapping her dangerous and furious glare down to Lucy's brown ones. Brown ones whose gloss held innocence but slitted pupil only held the devil's resemblance. "Who the fuck is guilty?"

Lucy nodded at her and walked around her a bit, "We are all guilty, Erza." She ummed the words with dimly lit seduction. Her fingers scaled soft up Erza's back, chilling her skin as the skilled palm lightly gripped her shoulder, "But I do believe this little rodent has picked up a little more filth than she an handle."

"Are you insinuating something?" Erza smacked her pale hand off, gaining Lucy's gaze again.

Lucy held a smile. That same smile she had for Loke. It made Erza's demeanor tighten with fear masked by rage. "Whatever it is, I will find out. I do believe you know that." She tilted her head down with a chuckle, looking up with that lidded, evil gaze.

"Find out what?" Erza got into the blonde brat's face, "I'm a bitch from the slums, you won't find shit on me."

Lucy did not blink but her smile grew wider. Her fingers tapped her lips her soft and beautiful fingers as a low snicker vibrated behind them. "Whenever there is a secret," Lucy walked past her, down into the hallway where her devious footsteps echoed, "The truth is always buried somewhere."

Erza stood and winced as the bell rang.

She swallowed as students began flooding in and Lucy disappeared into the sea, accompanied by Juvia and Levy.

"Shit." She hissed.

. . .

Natsu walked into his house, throwing his coat onto one of the passing maids. As he ran up the stairs, his little brother came running down with a huge smile. "Onii-san!" He shouted, running and colidding with his abdomen. "Do you remember the girl? The girl I said before?"

The pink-haired boy brushed him off lightly and nodded, ears not exactly registering his words, "Sure, bud."

"Well she says her big sis is real cool. And I said, I said my big bro is really awesome!" He giggled, following Natsu up the stairs, "We like all the same things too! Except she like games like checkers. Yuck!"

Natsu turned into the hallway, nodding as he handed his bag to a passing duo of maids who flashed him a flirtatious wink of which he ignored.

Romeo tugged on his blazer, "I really like her."

Natsu put his hand on his ad's Office doors and let out a sigh, looking down to Romeo with a smile, "That's great." He rubbed his purple head of hair, "You should invite her over, okay?"

Romeo nodded with a blush and was quick to run down the hallway.

Natsu shook his head and opened the doors, his eyes latching onto his father who was wiping off blood from a dagger with his blood-drenched his hands. "Or not." The pink-haired leader shut the door completely.

He stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked forward, looking to the couch across from the desk where two bodies stood, one with a bullet in his head and the other with a slit throat. Blood staining the white furniture into red.

"A knife?" Natsu immediately caught the weapon as his father threw it, "That's poor taste."

"Yeah well," His father wiped his hands, sitting back down in his chair, "They failed in negotiating with Ren Akatsuki. Thugs die like thugs. Remember that while you're off playing this whole gang nonsense."

Natsu flipped the knife into his pocket as several maids came in to clean up the bodies. The pink-haired heir sat on the desk as his father began writing into documents, "I thought you said you were gonna quit it with the mob shit."

"The Mob is Business nowadays, son." Igneel signed the bottom of some contract, tossing it into the pile of scrap, "Ren's groups run most of the businesses in Fiore's districts. Thought if I got my hands on him, we could expand further into the city."

"Why?" Natsu pulled out his own blade, throwing it up and down, "We control almost every other district outside of here."

"If they're not overtaken by the Heartfilias." He scoffed, "I wouldn't be surprised if they got to Ren first."

Natsu lifted his brows and nodded silently. "What's with the message?"

As though the boy didn't even need to ask, Igneel slammed some documents onto the table. A couple magazines and newspapers that were not yet published. Natsu picked it up and saw his own face on the cover with the topics ranging from "Heir to Gangster?" and "The Hunkiest Heir may also be an even Hunkier Bad-boy!"

Natsu slammed them back onto the desk, "Who the fuck?"

"Somebody in a rivaling gang, I'm guessing." Igneel put down his pen, crossed his fingers, and stared at Natsu, "You're lucky my guys got this shit before it was published. I was fine you running around with slum rats but now it's too much. You're gonna stop before someone who is an actual threat gets ahold of this."

Rivaling gang.

Natsu's onyx eyes became several shades blacker. "I'll deal with this."

"I'm serious Natsu." Igneel spoke as his son, covered in a vicious aura, walked toward the doors, "You aren't threatening the company when we've come to share the top pier with the Heartfilias. This is a fragile state we've stepped onto."

"I think you should be more worried about the two corpses on the couch and the three bitches dragging them out." Natsu growled darkly before slamming the door shut.

. . .

Lucy sat in Jude's Office, sitting atop his wooden desk with many, many files sprawled out over its wooden surface, her lap, and even the ground. She tapped her lip with a pen, examining the profile of Siegrain Fernandez. "Now young master," She moved her fingers to a bunch of newly printed documents regarding the gang in question and her tips pet Jellal's name with his blue-haired photo printed blurry below it, "You didn't tell me you were still alive."

"Onee-san!" Wendy came busting through the doors, holding the home phone in her hand, "My friend from school invited me to his house!"

Lucy glared hard at the little one stepping into tainted quarters, "You need to get out of here."

Wendy pouted and stopped hard in her tracks, "Daddy is gone for a meeting! That's what you said!"

Lucy let out an irritated sigh and rubbed her forehead, "What are you saying? A friend?"

A smile appeared back, brighter than ever on her little sister's lips, "Yeah!" She giggled, "He's really nice? Has sissy made any friends?"

Lucy's attention was more focused on the documents as she flipped through them. "Something like that." She mumbled, writing down some information in her notebook.

"Really?" Wendy sparkled, "Onee-san is very, very pretty!" Her eyes suddeny got a shade more mischevious, "Does onee-san... have a boyfriend?"

Lucy felt her body jolt at the question, "No." She was quick to say as she regained composure, continuing to file the papers and write down cursive words. "I don't need one."

"That's not true!" Wendy pouted, "All girls in my school say you do."

"Well," Lucy crumbled up a document and threw it to the side along with the other balls of trash, "I'm not all girls."

Wendy felt her cheeks puff with frustration at her lack of attention, "But onee-san is an air-ess!" She folded her arms, "An air-ess in my class says all air-esseses have fiancees! Fiancees are boys you marry-"

"I know what a fiancee is." Lucy corrected the small girl, picking up an old photo of her and Siegrain standing next to each other. "I killed my last one."

Wendy felt her skin run cold at the unsuspecting answer, "...What?" She nearly lost wind.

Lucy blinked and widened her eyes, realizing what she'd just said. Immediately, she put down her notebook and looked to the frightened girl with a smile, "I'm just kidding." She hopped off the desk and kneeled in front of her, "I'm sure your friend is really nice and I would love to meet them. Onee-san is doing a lot of homework right now so I can't talk much. I'm sorry." She pinched Wendy's cheek into a bubbly grin, "Don't worry about boys." She winked, squeezing her shoulder, "They suck."

Wendy laughed and nodded, "That's what Bisca says."

Lucy stared at the bundle of innocence for a moment. Envy and regret both swirling behind those brown eyes before she carefully melted back into that gorgeous smile, that gorgeous presence. So easily, so fast that Wendy couldn't even catch on. "Now go on." She stood up, rubbing her blue head of hair, "I've got homework. As the air-ess I can't slack." She mocked.

Wendy nodded with a smile, "I wish onee-san would play sometimes though." She walked to the doors and kept her head poking out of the crack, "My teacher says everyone deseverves some play time after hard work!"


Lucy barely paid any mind the farewell before her mind backtracked a second, "Teacher." She widened her eyes, "School." She mound her hands dipping into the sea of files, "School, school, school." Her eyes latched onto a file labeled Fernandez Charity Funds. She grinned as she poked her way into the documents and pulled out a news article on "The Young Master of Heaven Towers is a living Robin Hood!"

The article stated a lot of mumbo jumbo but what she focused on was the slum city schools in Fiore that Siegrain had spent a million dollars in renovating. Little did they know at the time, the Fernandez Family intended to make that area a one way stop-and-shop for child sex slaves. She chuckled at the memory and scaled her nail down the words to where she saw a photo of the brilliant young master surrounded by tons of children from the schools.

And then her grin widened.

. . .

The black car stopped right in front of a dark alleyway and Lucy opened the door herself. "Madame," The driver hesitantly spoke, "What business do you keep having with these people?"

"Honestly," The blonde shook her head, stepping out of the leather seats, "Is this the worst destination you've dropped me off at?"

She looked at him with a lift of her brow and a grin and then man nodded in defeat, "Right."

Then she shut the door and began her way into the depths of the corridor. As she stepped into the rotten, cold alley, her ears caught onto the beautiful sound of muffled screaming and crashing beer bottles. The blonde moved away the entry beads and lifted her eyes at the sight inside.

Two bodies were tied up with Gajeel, Sting, and Rogue holding them for extra pre-caution. Everyone else, well they were either cleaning up or staring. At Natsu. Who was pacing around the room, fuming. One could only guess why considering the entire base was trashed and the spray painted words CRIME SORCIERE over their Fairy Tail.

She was silent as she paced in, enjoying the pink-haired boy's almost too tempting anger. Now this was the dangerous man those cops talked about that one day.

Scary indeed.

Gray was the first to catch onto Lucy's presence and his already sour attitude became ever more unbearable. "You better have the fucking info."

Everyone turned at Gray's hiss, including Natsu. As soon as the gang leader caught sight of those brown eyes, he stepped forward, gun in hand and the other rubbing his mouth, "Give it." He extended his hand impatiently.

Lucy whistled at such scorching hostility and pulled out a few documents from her school bag, along with her notebook. "Want a summary, sir?" She snickered.

Natsu snapped his fingers and quickly moved them for her to follow. Lucy obeyed and they trailed toward his throne where he sat and quickly began reviewing the documents. The blonde walked around a bit as his heavy panting, induced by the sheer hysteria of his rage no doubt, and took a seat on their old friend: the chess board.

Her eyes trailed to the men where she saw the members staring at them from afar. But she was searching for someone in particular. And then, when she found that red hair, she grinned. Erza was leaned up against the wall, being probably the least involved, and was darkly glaring at Lucy from afar.

The blonde turned back, playing with Natsu's scattered chess pieces, "Jellal Fernandez. Formerly known as Siegrain Fernandez, the sole heir to the Heavenly Tower company, getting full ownership at an impressive 8 years old when his father passed away."

"Did you forget I have access to this type of shit too?" Natsu threw the file, moving onto the next one.

Lucy hummed at his aggression, "His company disappeared a couple years ago, him along with them. He was allegedly pronounced dead however, seems the gods have given him a second chance."

Natsu stopped on a certain piece of information, "It says you were his fianceè."

Lucy twisted the white king piece in her fingers, staring at its long beard and delicately crafted details, "An honor it was to be engaged to the youngest master in the world."

The pink-haired male looked at Lucy and tilted his chin up, tossing those papers too, "And after his death you had rights to his wealth."

Lucy grinned at his challenging gaze and matched it, throwing the king onto the pile of documents, "It's been spent well."

"But he's not dead." Natsu stood up, "And he's after me and my gang. Your job was to find the rat." He barked back at Lucy as he refilled the bullets to his gun, "Not all this useless shit."

Lucy lifted her brows at this form of venom she never thought he would have the guts to spray at her. It was way too exciting. "I do." The blonde looked to Erza, "You let his ex girlfriend right into your nest."

The red head immediately lifted her back from the wall as the rest of the gang caught interest. Natsu looked at the two rivaling gang members tied up and he aimed his gun at their heads, "Who?"

He seemed to be asking the boys first.

Their looked around, shaking, shitting their pants. "We don't know." One of the boys said with a shaky jaw, "We h-have no idea."

"Let's play a game." Lucy walked beside Natsu, eyes locked purely onto Erza, "If I guess the name, all you boys have to do is nod."

The two looked at each other and then agreed firmly.

Erza stepped forward now, "They said they don't know."

"Oh but the result will be the same won't it?" Lucy grinned.

Natsu looked down to Lucy, "I'm not playing games."


Both boys' heads snapped back, eyes open and blood dripping down from the bullet holes in each skull. Gajeel and Sting wiped the blood splatter from their faces before dragging the corpses out. "Hang them up somewhere in their district." Natsu hissed, putting his gun back into his pocket, "Give them a warning."

Gajeel and Sting nodded, Laxus and Rogue following in their stead.

Lucy bit the bottom of her lip at the pool of blood and shit left in the bodies' places. She bit the skin of her thumb and tried to detain her raging to desire bubbling up in that moment. Natsu paced back to his throne, giving orders to the rest of the members. "Heartfilia." He commanded.

The blonde spun around, "Are we no longer on a first name basis?"

"Name." Natsu said, handing two guns to Cana, who was taking a swig for battle, and Gray. "Give me the name."

"Meredy." Lucy hummed.

Erza took a step back. And Natsu took it without a sweat, "You're sure?"

"Well, don't you find it a bit strange that she would quit Crime Sorciere just for you?" She snickered, "You may do well with women but that's a lot to give up to become a whore."

"How'd you find out?" He snapped the rest of the gang away, along with Erza.

Lucy backed up a bit, seating herself comfortably in Natsu's chair, "It's not hard to get info on you thugs. You leave blood everywhere." She leaned her cheek on her knuckles as his tall body hovered over her. She looked down to his pants and the thing hiding underneath that met her eyelevel. She bit her lip into a grin, "I did a little reading into your previous lovers. An impressive collection, took me all night just to get through the list." Her eyes looked up at his slitted, onyx ones, "It really wasn't hard to connect the pieces. If you can't even play a game you've created, how do you expect to play mine?"

Natsu pgrimed onto the top of the chair and leaned down to the smart-ass girl, "When it comes to my company," He whispered dark into her ear, teeth lightly latching onto her lobe, "I'm a poor sport." He leaned back up, giving her a final threatening glare, "Remember that."

Lucy exhaled into a deliriously intrigued smile as he turned around to head out to everyone else, "Not showing up to school, bad boy?"

Natsu moved the entry beads and flipped out his dagger, digging it deep into the door frame's wood, "Unlike you, I don't have a reputation to maintain there."

Lucy opened her palm, holding the black king piece and tapped it against her grinning lips, "Oh but what about the other one, Mr. Dragneel?" She stood up with a hum, letting it fall off her finger tips and into his throne, "I can be a poor sport too, y'know?"

Her feet then crushed it into tiny, tiny pieces.

Lucy flipped her hair back with a rejubinating sigh and turned around, putting on her smile once more. As she exited, across from her was Erza. Lucy chuckled and pulled out another file from her bag, "I left this part out." The blonde got close, eyes darkening as Erza's shadow shaded her face, "Turns out the part about you being in the slums was the only thing I needed."

The redhead opened the documents and her eyes widened at the top photo. And then she shut it, ripping the entire folder in half. "What do you want?"

"Nothing yet." Lucy hummed with a grin, watching the info fall to the floor, "But when the time comes, I'll let you know."

"How do you plan on framing Meredy?" The red head folded her arms.

Lucy typed on her phone, "It's being handled." She smiled up at Erza, sending the text, "Anymore questions?"

"Isn't this a little much for a lie?" Erza held up the rest of the scraps, letting the hundreds of papers of evidence fall to the ground. "Are you gonna send the mob after her or something?"

"I could ask you the same thing." Lucy hummed, receiving a new message, "Why would I send the mob after her? Do you think I have those kinds of connections?"

Erza licked the inside of her lip into a scoff, "Right." She nodded, "Do you think acting innocent is gonna save you from everything?"

"No." Lucy grinned, tapping her phone against Erza's lips, "It's the fact that I am innocent that saves me from everything."

"Because you have everyone do the dirty work for you?" She spit on the ground, "That's a coward's way of business."

Lucy lifted her brows and tilted her head, "Well, with all due respect Miss Scarlet," She leaned up, her hot breath reaching Erza's ears, "I'm not the one who got caught here."

Lucy leaned down, staring directly into each of the gangster's eyes before backing up. "Business Erza," She turned toward the end of the alleyway where two men in black suits stood, "Is just business." The blonde backed up into them, giving her a wave before the two guards covered her back and escorted her away.

Lucy's a cunt.

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