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The gentle breeze cuts through my thick hair. Each of the tiny braids moving in their own way, simply writhing in the air or, like me front most braid, banging repeatedly into my face. That one braid. I grabbed in my rough fingers and stuffed it quickly behind one of my ears. It quickly slides out again. I sigh in annoyance and just decide to let it be. Instead, I look up at the clear sky above me. The stars twinkled down merrily on the rolling hills of the shire. It was much too quiet here at night. It felt unnatural. A Fat hobbit walked down the road from the other direction, a lantern in one hand a bottle of ale in the other. He hummed a simple hobbit tune as he strolled along, pausing every so often to take another swig.

"Excuse me sir." My cockney accent thick as I hail the drunken hobbit. The smaller fellow stopped, startled. "But have you been seein' a large company of dwarves in these here parts."

"Y-yes." He sputters, squinting his eyes to see if there's one of me or twenty. "There's a large group of em up at Bag End." He points with his lantern towards a large whole nettled perfectly at the top of the hill. "Quiet a loud lot, but they seem to 'ave quieted down a bit."

"Thank you sir." I nod to him before continuing up the path. I don't bother to look back at him cause he's none of my concern now. As I near the round green door I hear a hum of voices echoing inside. And I know I've found the place.

Far over the Misty Mountains Cold. I hear one voice start. One deep, beautiful voice. And I find myself frozen to the spot, just listening to that pure, deep sound. Like the stones shiftin' in the ground I feel it. My limbs quiver with delight.

To dungeons deep and caverns old

We must away ere break of day Now I start hearing other voices join in. It's like a symphony of the rocks themselves, only a bit more dwarf soundin' and a lot less rock.

To find our long forgotten gold They start the next verse with such power and feelin', I feel myself almost floatin' away into the sky.

The pines were roaring on the heights I can see the trees, twistin' an turnin' upon the side of the mountain.

The winds were moaning in the night The roar in my ears in deafenin' like I'm in the middle of a fearsome hurricane.

The fire was red, it flaming spread Everything is burnin' I hear the cries of anguish, forgotten long ago.

The trees like torches blazed with light

And I'm back. Standing in front of that round green door. The humming fades away into the night. I straighten my back and raise my fist to the wood.

What will happen next? "gasp"

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