Beca wonders what it says about her that she's avoiding her girlfriend. She knows that she should just talk to Aubrey about it, but she can't. And she's not sure what worries her more; the fact that she feels like she's become Aubrey's dirty little secret or that she'd rather just avoid Aubrey than ask because she's afraid of what the answer will be.

Because if Aubrey wants to still keep the relationship a secret, Beca's afraid that she won't end things like she probably should. She loves Aubrey and that apparently trumps her self respect. And even though it hasn't been said out loud, Beca hopes that Aubrey loves her as well. However, if that's really true, then Beca doesn't want their relationship to be a secret anymore. And she won't know how to interpret Aubrey refusing, except as rejection.

"You should just talk to her," Benji says.

They're sitting at the kitchen table doing homework, but he seems more interested with her love life and less about his Trig homework.

"I haven't had time," Beca replies.

"Bullshit," he retorts.

"I've been working like crazy lately," Beca protests.

"Which you've gone out of your way to make happen," Benji points out.

Beca tries to return to Fahrenheit 451, but Benji's stare is making it difficult to concentrate.

"I don't think I could handle it if she wants to keep it a secret," Beca explains.

"Wasn't it your idea in the first place?" he asks.

Beca nods. "But she agrees with me. She's been talking about her brother's attitude a lot lately."

"Which isn't the same as what her dad's would be," he points out. "Plus he likes you."

"Liking someone and being okay with that person dating your daughter are two separate things," Beca argues.

"You're just hiding behind that excuse because you're terrified to tell her that you love her," Benji scoffs.

"I am not."


"Can we really afford to be flippant about it?" Beca argues.

"Mom doesn't seem too worried," Benji counters.

"Yeah, well, she's always had too much faith in me."

Benji sighs. "I still think you're being ridiculous," he says. "That girl is crazy about you."

"Then why hasn't she said anything to her friends?" Beca questions.

Benji sighs. "I feel like we're having a circular argument. You need to talk to your girlfriend."

"I know."

Benji just shakes his head at her and she can feel his frustration with her. She tries to return her focus to her book, but it's tough to concentrate because her brother knows her too well and it's making her denial more difficult to embrace.


Aubrey can hardly believe it's been five months already. She's happier than she ever remembers being and she can't really tell anyone; because besides Beca's mom and brothers, no one else knows they're dating. She knows she could at least tell Chloe and Stacie and that they'd be happy for her, but at the same time she can't. While they'd tell her that they understand that she's not ready for everyone to know yet—especially her dad, she also knows that they might let it accidently slip out one day in front of the wrong person.

Beca's fear of how Aubrey's dad would feel about her dating someone who works for him has become her own. It's probably been heightened by her brother's snobbery. He spent a couple of days of his spring break at home, hoping to impress their dad by actually using parts of his vacation to better learn various aspects of the family business, instead of his usual week long drunk fest in various tropical locations. Except that he'd spent half the time bragging and the other half complaining about employees. And then his nights were spent clubbing. She found the whole experience rather disconcerting.

Though she knows that her dad respects the employees more than Jesse does, that doesn't mean that he'd be okay with Aubrey dating one.

She feels bad sneaking around. Ironically it's only because her parents trust her so much that she's been able to do so. However, there's also the concern that she hasn't been able to see Beca as much the past couple weeks. And this last week, they've barely even talked.

She knows that Beca's been working more, but finds it odd. For reasons she can't name yet, there's something off about the lack of time she and Beca have been spending together lately. Maybe Beca's trying to earn some extra money for something, but Aubrey's doubtful. Because if that was true, then why wouldn't Beca just say so. Aubrey likes to think that they've mostly gotten past the money issue, but maybe not.

Of course, there could be another reason, but Aubrey really doesn't want to think about that one because it means that Beca is avoiding her and that can't be a good thing.


Beca knows her brother is right. She needs to talk to Aubrey. But she just doesn't know how to articulate that she feels like Aubrey's dirty little secret, especially since she's still apprehensive about Mr. Posen finding out. Add to that, Aubrey's own uneasiness about telling her dad and it's not a reassuring feeling.

So they should stop hiding and sneaking around. If it becomes an issue, then they can deal with it.

Except—and this is perhaps Beca's real fear—it could come down to having to choose between Aubrey and Beca's jobs, or more specifically, her family. And that's a choice Beca never wants to face. She knows she'll choose her jobs—her family—because she has to, but she also knows she'll want to pick Aubrey. And this is making her feel extremely guilty.


Aubrey is getting a bit desperate. Beca is definitely avoiding her, so she does the only thing she can think of. She decides to wait outside Beca's house for her to get home from her latest catering job.

After a while, Benji comes out to check on her. Aubrey explains that she's waiting for Beca and he nods in understanding. He wishes her good luck and then heads back inside.

The complete lack of surprise is actually comforting. It means that it's not all just in her head. Otherwise Benji would have been more surprised by her presence. She wonders if that means that Beca has been talking to her brother about whatever the issue is.

Beca must notice her right away because when the familiar car pulls into the driveway, Beca doesn't exit immediately. Aubrey wonders if Beca's steeling herself for the conversation or just hoping that Aubrey will become impatient and leave.

After about five minutes, Aubrey's out of patience and stalks over to Beca's car. She knocks on the window and waits, arms crossed, for her girlfriend to exit.

"Hey Bree," Beca greets, softly, obviously trying to pretend there isn't a problem.


"What brings you by so late?" Beca asks.

"You know why," Aubrey replies.

"I do?"

Aubrey sighs. "You've been avoiding me."

"No I haven't," Beca protests. "I've just been busy. I can't turn down jobs. Otherwise Kevin will stop offering them to me. You know that."

"It hasn't been an issue in the past," Aubrey points out.

"Well things change," Beca shrugs.

Beca's flippancy is enough to drive Aubrey to curse. "Bullshit," she says. "You've been working constantly."


"What happened to not burning yourself out?" Aubrey questions. "I'm surprised that your mom is letting you."

"She understands the extenuating circumstances," Beca protests.

"Extenuating circumstances?"

Beca nods weakly

"If that's true, then let's go inside and ask her," Aubrey suggests.

"She's probably sleeping," Beca replies. "A shame really, I know she'll be sad that she missed you."

"Uh huh," Aubrey sighs at the underlying evasion in Beca's voice. "Why are you avoiding me?"

"I'm not," Beca insists.


"I'd rather not talk about it," Beca answers.

"Are you doing that whole I'm too spineless to break up, so you're just going to avoid me until I break up with you?"

"Spineless?" Beca sputters. "I'm..."

"Then why are you avoiding me?" Aubrey asks again.

"I'm not," Beca protests, weakly.

"Why won't you just talk to me?" Aubrey pleads.


"Pathetic," Aubrey mutters. "Well congratulations, Beca. It worked."


"We're done," Aubrey explains. "Unless you want to talk about whatever's bothering you."

Beca looks defeated and Aubrey can tell that breaking up is the last thing she wants—that either of them want—but unless Beca wants to talk, Aubrey sees no other option.

Beca shakes her head and Aubrey's heart sinks.

"Fine," Aubrey huffs. "Then we're done. I guess I'll see you around."

Aubrey doesn't wait for Beca to say anything else. She gave her plenty of opportunities to speak. She strides back to her car, slides inside and drives away, trying to keep herself from crying.


When Beca arrives home to find Aubrey's car parked on the street, she realizes she probably should have expected it. Aubrey isn't the sort to put up with Beca's avoidance for long. It's honestly one of the things that drew Beca to her in the first place. Tenacious, determined Aubrey is hot.

Not quite knowing what she's going to say, Beca takes a few minutes to work up her courage and just tell Aubrey what's bugging her.

Except that Aubrey knocks on the car window before she's ready and all her preparation slides away, leaving her feeling vulnerable and ineffective. It's why when Aubrey states the obvious that Bea's been avoiding her, Beca retreats and uses her same weary excuse.

But Aubrey keeps pushing, countering all of Beca's excuses. Though she really doesn't want to talk about it, she also finds herself captivated by a fiercely resolute Aubrey demanding answers. That persistence is one of Beca's favorite things about Aubrey, except when it's aimed at her. And so she's caught completely off guard by Aubrey saying that they should break up.

It's the moment that she needs to stand up and insist on what she wants, but she just can't. Aubrey's anger isn't surprising—Beca wishes it was directed elsewhere—but it makes Beca afraid. If things are this bad now, then things can only get worse later. Because when it ends—and it will because all good things do—it will hurt like hell. Because just Aubrey saying it out loud causes Beca's heart to clench painfully. Beca's not sure she wants to risk anything more and so she lets Aubrey end things and walk away. The blonde climbs into her car and speeds away, leaving Beca to watch Aubrey go, knowing she's a coward.


The last thing Aubrey had wanted to do was to break up with Beca. It had just slipped out as a desperate ploy to get reassurance from her. Aubrey had figured out that Beca would chose to avoid Aubrey or push her away when things got tough, but Aubrey hadn't thought they were at that point. Up until Beca began avoiding her, things had been on the right track.

Is that why Beca did what she did? Things were getting too good and she was afraid? Beca herself had admitted that she's been afraid to try since her dad took off, but that being with Aubrey was the smartest and best way to change her ways. But maybe they'd both been expecting too much. It's not like getting Beca to agree to a date had been an easy feat. In hindsight, Aubrey did push quite a bit. Did Beca just agree because Aubrey wouldn't take no for an answer?

Laying in bed, she doesn't cry. She's still too angry. Aubrey had thought that Beca was a fighter. But when she'd confronted her, she'd been quiet and cowardly. Had Aubrey read too much into the relationship? Did Beca not think that it wasn't worth fighting for? The thought is more painful than walking away from a silent Beca. It's that consideration that finally drives Aubrey to tears.


Benji is waiting for Beca when she enters the house. He takes one look at her devastated expression and just shakes his head at her. Thankfully, he seems to realize that she's not in the mood for a lecture and heads upstairs to his room. They have school in the morning; Beca's surprised that he's still awake. He must have noticed Aubrey outside waiting for her, making Beca wonder how long her girlfriend—ex girlfriend had been in front of the house.

Though she knows that she should probably go to sleep, Beca instead sinks onto the couch and turns on the TV. She knows she won't be able to sleep; her brain seems more intent on yelling her at her in contempt. She considers playing one of Nate's game as a distraction, but knows she doesn't have the concentration skills for that. Slumped on the couch, Beca begins flipping through the channels, hoping for something to draw her attention.


Being her father's daughter means that Aubrey is used to pretending that everything's fine. And that's what she does when she wakes up the next morning. When she meets up with Chloe and Stacie at school, neither seem to notice anything out of the ordinary and Aubrey almost sighs in relief. If she can fool her best friends, then she should be able to get through the day. The only worry is running into Beca, but since her... ex girlfriend has been avoiding her for a while now, Aubrey doubts that it'll be an issue. The thought has her heart clenching in pain and Aubrey vows to not give Beca Mitchell another thought.


Benji shoots Beca significant glances across the breakfast table and the only thing that stops her from snapping at him is that it'll cause their mom to get involved. She'd already been full of questions when she'd come downstairs in the morning to find Beca dozing on the couch with reruns of Law and Order quietly playing on the TV. Knowing that any attempt at an excuse is useless, Beca had just said she hadn't been able to sleep, which was a half truth. Her mom had just shook her head at Beca and suggested that maybe she's been working too much lately.

"Are you two done?" their mom asks, as she sits at the table with her coffee.

"Done with what?" Beca squeaks.

"Does this have anything to do with why you've been working so much lately?" their mom asks, ignoring Beca's weak deflection.


"Your daughter's an idiot," Benji offers.


"That's not news," their mom says.

"How come Aubrey didn't come inside last night?" Nate asks.

Benji's smirk has Beca dropping her head to the table with a groan.

"Beca," their mom says. "Please tell me that you didn't do something stupid and ruin one of the best things to ever happen to you."

Beca groans again louder.

"I really don't understand you sometimes," their mom continues. "That girl was perfect for you."


"Was perfect for you," their mom insists. "I can't believe that you..." She sighs. "This is my fault."

This catches them all off guard, even Nate stops mid chew and looks at his mom.

"I'm confused," Beca says.

"This thing you have with... It's been almost five years and instead of dealing with your... I've let you avoid the issue by working two jobs."

"I haven't been working two jobs to avoid... thinking about him," Beca protests.

"Aren't you?" their mom asks. "You've certainly been hiding behind being too busy to make any sort of real connection with anyone new."

"Mom's got a point," Benji agrees.

"Don't help," Beca tells him.

"Look," their mom says. "I know I'm just your mother, but whatever happened between you and Aubrey—"

"Nothing happened," Beca interjects. "Things just didn't work out."

"Uh huh.," their mom nods. "I'm sure. Whatever you did, you need to fix."

"Why do you assume it's my fault?" Beca questions.

The knowing stare she receives as her answer has Beca dropping her eyes to her now soggy bowl of cereal. Benji and Nate's chuckling is not helpful. She'd flick her mushy Cheerios at them if her mom wasn't around. Thankfully, she and Benji have to leave for school. She wishes she could leave him behind—because he's going to be insufferable in the car—but the lecture she'd receive isn't worth it. She stands, pours her half eaten cereal down the sink and heads outside to her car, knowing that Benji will automatically follow.


Aubrey spends the next week doing everything she can to avoid thinking about Beca. She does extra credit, delves into actually trying to understand her father's various businesses, spends hours playing every song she knows on the piano, flute and violin and reads every book she can find. The problem is that once she stops, she's thinking about Beca again, wondering what she did wrong.

Both Chloe and Stacie start to notice that something's wrong, but they've also known her long enough to know that she doesn't want to talk about it. Except it's more that she can't. That's part of the problem of dating in secret. She has no one to confide in.

Since avoidance doesn't seem to be working, Aubrey lets herself think about Beca—really think about Beca and realizes that she loves her. Aubrey wonders if things would be different if she'd told Beca. She wants to believe that it would have, but she's really not sure. Aubrey does believe that Beca feels the same way, whether she can admit it to herself or not. Or maybe she has realized it and got scared. Beca herself had suggested that it could happen at some point.

She needs to talk to someone else about it. Because she's tired of the brooding.


It's been over a week and Beca is miserable without Aubrey. It also doesn't help that her family is giving her the silent treatment. Well Nate isn't, but most of their interactions are either homework help or the occasional video game playing. Her mom only talks with her about their schedules, shaking her head at how much Beca is still working. It's Benji's silence that hurts the most. Her brother is her best friend and she misses him.

"When's Benny boy?"

Beca looks up from her sandwich as Fat Amy, which she insists on going by, sits next to her.

"He's been pretty scarce lately," she adds.

"He's annoyed with me," Beca admits.

"That guy has the patience of a saint," Fat Amy says. "Why'd you do?"

"I don't want to get into it," Beca replies.

"Course not," Fat Amy retorts.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Beca asks.

"Just that your daily word count has been dropping every year I know you," Fat Amy explains. "This year in particular."

"Oh, I, uh, don't have that much to say, I guess."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Fat Amy scoffs. "Bet you got a pet unicorn too."

"Uh, what?"

"I know, I'm no Benji, but one day you're going to let me in on the big secret, right?"

Beca can only shrug.


Having been able to admit to herself that she's miserable without Beca, Aubrey decides to try something a bit desperate and corners Benji in the hallway during lunch.

"Hey Aubrey," he greets, not seeming surprised by her ambush. "What's up?"

"I need to talk to you about Beca," Aubrey explains.

"I figured."

His composure is reassuring. "You don't mind?"

Benji shakes his head.

"I..." Now that she's here, Aubrey doesn't know what she wants to say. She finally settles on, "I miss her."

He nods again.

"I didn't want to break up with her," Aubrey continues.

"I know," he replies. "And she didn't want it either."

"She forced my hand," Aubrey protests. "She should know she can talk to me about anything. But instead she avoided me. And when I confronted her about it, she just shut down. What was I supposed to do?"

"She's one of the most stubborn people I've ever met," he agrees.

"So what should I do?" Aubrey questions.

"Well honestly, my first response would be to talk to her," Benji says. "But obviously that didn't work."

Aubrey chuckles humorlessly.

"So instead, let me ask you something," he continues.

She nods.

"Does anyone in your life know that you and Beca are dating?"

It's not the question that Aubrey had been expecting. "Chloe and Stacie do," she tells him.

Benji smiles.

"Sort of," she adds, sheepishly.

"Sort of?" he asks.

"They know I'm dating someone," she explains. "But I didn't—they don't know that it's Beca."

Benji sighs. "So they know you're dating someone, but not who it is?"

Aubrey nods.


"Beca was worried about my dad finding out and it causes... issues and even though Chloe and Stacie mean well, they're not the best secret keepers," Aubrey explains. "And they're at my house enough that it is a real concern."

"Do you think your dad would disapprove?" Benji asks.

"I don't know. Maybe," Aubrey sighs. "I know he actually likes Beca. And he's definitely not... And he certainly doesn't... But I just don't know. I mean, my brother definitely thinks he's better than most people."

"Just because your brother is a douchnozzle—"

Benjji quickly slaps his hand over his mouth as she realizes what he just said.

Aubrey just chuckles. "It's fine. I know Jesse's... has moments of arrogance." She sighs again. "I also know that he's not the nicest to the people that work for dad's various companies. It's like he thinks Dad is the king, the companies are the kingdoms and he's the entitled prince who will eventually inherit them—it, whatever."

Benji laughs. "That sounds about right."

"I just need to know," Aubrey says. "Is there a chance that we can fix this?"

"Look," Benji says. "Beca and our dad were super close. Even though he claimed otherwise, I really think that she was his favorite. But for the year before he left, he made her a lot of promises he couldn't keep. And though sheclaimed otherwise—because she'd already experienced months of disappointment—she was devastated when he left. It took her a long time to admit that he wasn't coming back. And even since she's either avoided making new friends or having relationships or anything. She decided it's easier to be the deserter rather than the deserted.

I was shocked that she agreed to go out with you and even though we were all glad she was trying again, we were all worried too because it meant that she really liked you. Honestly, I'm surprised that she lasted this long. It really was only a matter of time before she started pushing you away."

"So you're saying I should give up?"

"No, more like..." Benji sighs. "You need to figure out a way to convince her that you're not running away. Even if she forced you to end things, she's still probably telling herself that it was for the best, that ending it now is saving herself future heartbreak, even though I know for a fact that she's devastated.

Aubrey probably shouldn't feel so hopeful about Beca feeling devastated.

"So all I have to do is convince her I'm serious," Aubrey says out loud.

Benji chuckles. "Yeah, but we both know that convincing Beca of anything isn't easy."

"Maybe not," Aubrey agrees. "But I do enjoy a challenge."

"If you didn't, you wouldn't have asked her out in the first place."

Aubrey grins. "Thanks for your help, Benji."

He nods. "Good luck."


Beca's almost used to the silent treatment that she's been receiving from Benji that she's actually shocked when he says something to her.

"So I talked to Aubrey today," he comments.

A dozen things run through her head at this announcement, but all she says is, "That's nice."

He scoffs at her.


"Could you please call her?" he asks.

"I can't."

"You won't," he counters.

"She hasn't called me," Beca protests weakly.

"Why would she when you made her break up with you?" Benji points out.

"Nobody makes Aubrey Posen do anything she doesn't want to," Beca tries.

Benji rolls his eyes. "Yeah, keep telling yourself that."

"What do you want me to do, Benji?" Beca asks. "We were doomed from the start. I am a mere peasant in comparison."

"Way to sell yourself short."

"Her dad never would have approved," Beca protests.

"You've been using that as an excuse from the beginning," Benji points out.

"I have not," Beca protests. "And it's a legitimate concern."

"It's a concern worth mentioning," Benji corrects. "But you've let it define your whole relationship."

Knowing he's right, Beca remains silent.

"You've been really happy since you started dating Aubrey," Benji continues


"And you're totally in love with her," he offers.

Beca sighs.

"It's been good for you," he adds. "Having something else to focus on."


"Mom agrees with me," Benji says.

"I'm starting to realize that," Beca replies.

"Has the last week's pain been worth it?" Benji asks.


"Then will you please just talk to her?"

"I'll think about it," Beca says.

"Better than nothing, I guess."


Aubrey actually feels like a bit of an idiot for not realizing it sooner. Thinking over what Benji said earlier, she considers her options.

She could invite Beca over to hang out with her, Chloe and Stacie. She knows her friends are curious about who she was dating and more recently, who upset her.

But that's the simplest and least likely to cause issues. And Aubrey Posen doesn't do the easiest option. As a Posen, she's been taught to choose the most difficult, which really only leaves her with one option.


Beca didn't really sleep last night, thinking about what Benji said. Besides the fact that he's right—which annoys her—there's learning that Aubrey sought Benji out in hopes of... Beca doesn't even know, but even all the bullshit that she put Aubrey through, the blonde still wants to be with her. That keeps echoing through Beca's brain all night, keeping her awake.

And Benji's right—damn him—she has been depressed this past week. Dating Aubrey had added a spark to Beca's life that she hadn't realized that she'd been missing.

She needs to talk to Aubrey.


While her dad doesn't have an official office, he does spend a lot of time at the Cream Catering building, so she decides that stopping by is her best chance to find him.

He's in the back office going over various financial books. She knows it isn't necessarily because he doesn't trust his accountants, he just likes to look over things and see how the business is running. Based on what he sees, he does make some adjustments to how things are run.

She knocks on the open door to get his attention. "Do you have a moment to talk?" she asks when he looks up.

He places the calculator he's using in the record book as a marker and closes it.

"I wanted to talk to you about something," she explains, nervously. "Obviously."

"Is it why you've been so morose lately?' he asks.

She stares at him in surprise. Either she's not as subtle as she thought or he pays more attention than she realized. She's not sure how she feels about either of those options. So she ignores it and nods. "It is."

"Well then I'm glad you wanted to talk. Your mother and I have been worried."

Oh god, they've both noticed. Aubrey swallows nervously and tries not to let the rising apprehension deter her.

"I was wondering how you would feel about me dating someone who works for Cream Catering," Aubrey starts.

"Someone you go to school with?" he questions.

She nods.

"Well, to be honest, Aubrey, I would have some reservations," he replies.

"Oh." So maybe Beca's worries have merit. Though she has no intention of his disapproval stopping her from getting Beca back.

"After all," he continues. "You'll be taking over the company one day and if he plans to continue working for the company, that has the potential to cause some issues."

Aubrey feels a bit of relief set in. "Beca isn't going to work here forever," she explains. "Maybe through college, but she'll quit long before I take over."

"Beca?" he questions.

Aubrey nods. "Beca Mitchell. She—"

He holds up his hand to stop her and Aubrey is suddenly struck by the fear that the fact that Beca's a girl is going to be the bigger issue.

"You're dating Beca Mitchell," her dad clarifies.

Aubrey nods, uneasily.

"That changes things considerably," he tells her.

It's even worse than she thought. "It does?"

"You dating Beca is a wonderful thing," he says.

Uh, what? "It is?"

He nods. "That is a young woman, I approve of," he says. "Not only is she a hard worker, who has two jobs to help support her family, it's obvious that she has a very bright future."

Aubrey actually has no response. Luckily her dad doesn't seem to notice and continues.

"I actually wanted to promote her, but she declined, stating that she couldn't afford to split her focus any more than it was," he tells Aubrey. "And that the lure of more money and responsibility might make college seems less of a viable option, which was not allowable."


"As my daughter, I know you had excellent taste, but I find your choice in partners very reassuring."

Okay, well that's a little condescending, she thinks, but she appreciates the sentiment. "Thank you."

"The four of us should have dinner together," he suggests.

"The four of us?" Aubrey questions.

He nods. "The two of you and your mother and I," he replies.

"Oh. Okay," she says. "I'll talk to Beca." Aubrey prays that the invitation is enough to convince Bea that they should get back together."

"Excellent. And it will definitely be at a restaurant we don't own," he promises.

"I think that will help," Aubrey agrees.

"Your mother and I will look over our schedules and we'll pick an evening," he says.

"Thank you, dad."

"Of course."

"I'll let you get back to your books," she says, standing.

"Will we be seeing you for dinner tonight?" he asks.

"I'm not sure," she answers, hoping that she'll be with Beca instead.

"All right, well, let me know when you talk to her."

Aubrey nods and exist the office feeling very optimistic.


Beca is able to admit that she was wrong, at least to herself. But she also knows that Aubrey needs to know that if there's even a chance of her taking Beca back. So Beca does the only thing she can think of that would be her admitting her mistakes without actually saying them out loud. She decides to talk to Aubrey at her house. She knows it's cowardly to not want to admit that she was wrong out loud, but Beca's planning on telling Aubrey that she loves her and that's going to use up all the courage she has.

Standing in front of the door, Beca takes several deep breaths before she finally rings the doorbell.

When she decided to come over, Beca hadn't really given herself the time to think things through, knowing that she'd lose her nerve if she did, but the one thing she hadn't considered is what she'd do if anyone other than Aubrey answered the door. So when a woman who has to be Aubrey's mom opens the door, Beca almost chickens out.

"Is Aubrey home?" she manages to stammer.

"She isn't," Mrs. Posen replies. "But she should be back soon, if you'd like to come in and wait."

Beca pushes down her instinct to run. "Uh, sure, thanks."

She follows Mrs. Posen inside and into the kitchen.

"Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Um, no thank you."

Mrs. Posen must sense her nervousness. "Are you sure? It's no trouble."

"Water would be fine," Beca says as she sits at the table.

A moment later, Mrs. Posen sits across from her and hands her a bottle of water.

"Thank you," Beca says as she accepts it.

"So do you go to Barden?" Mrs. Posen asks after Beca takes a sip of water.

"I do," Beca nods.

"I didn't catch your name."

"Oh. Sorry. Beca. Beca Mitchell."

"Beca Mitchell," Mrs. Posen says thoughtfully. "That sounds familiar. Have we met before?"

"Um, well, it is possible," Beca replies. "I work for Cream Catering."

"Then perhaps I've seen you around," she says.

"It's possible," Beca agrees.

"So what bring you by, Beca?' Mrs. Posen asks. "Aubrey doesn't usually invite people over. Especially if she's not sure when she'll be around."

Embarrassed, Beca looks at the table. "She, uh, isn't expecting me."


"I just really need to talk to her," Beca tries to explain as she looks up.



"You don't have to tell me if you're not comfortable," she replies. "I'm just curious."

"No, it's just... I owe her an apology."

"And you couldn't say so at school?"

"No, it's too... It's not just that," Beca says.

"It's not a conversation you want to have at school," Mrs. Posen concludes.

"Definitely not."

Mrs. Posen nods. "Well I'm sure that she'll appreciate you coming here to make things right."

"God, I hope so," Beca mutters.

Beca lets her eyes drop to her water bottle again as she feels Mrs. Posen studying her.

"You really care about her, don't you?" she muses after a while.

"I..." Caught off guard, Beca's not sure it's worth denying. "Very much so."

Mrs. Posen smiles.

"She's..." Beca shrugs. "I just didn't expect her, you know?"

Mrs. Posen nods.

"Like... I want to be the person she sees," Beca continues. "Because Bree deserves someone as awesome as she is."

"I agree," Mrs. Posen says.

And Beca realizes she sort of just outted herself and Aubrey to her mom. Hopefully Bree won't be too upset with her.


Since Beca's schedule isn't set in stone, Aubrey decides to head home and visit after dinner. She knows it's more likely that Beca will be home then. And maybe if her mom and Benji are home, Beca will be more apt to listen to her. At this point, Aubrey will take any advantage she can get.

To her amazement, Beca's car is parked in her driveway. She tries to remain calm as she parks her own and heads inside her house.

She finds Beca sitting at the kitchen table with her mom. She approaches slowly, almost afraid of startling Beca and causing her to flee. Aubrey knows this is a bit crazy, Beca's not a gazelle, but a similar skittishness has been there for a while.

It's because of this careful approach that Aubrey hears Beca say, "I want to be the person she sees because Bree deserves someone as awesome as she is."

Her mom agrees with Beca and Aubrey figures this is as good a time as any to make her presence known. She clears her throat.

Beca turns and then jumps up, knocking over the bottle of water in front of her. Luckily the cap is on, so it just bounces a couple times.

"Hey Bree," Beca waves, sheepishly.

Aubrey smiles at her before addressing her mom. "I'm just going to talk to Beca in my room, okay?"

Her mom nods, but as they approach the stairs, they hear her yell, "Keep the door open."

Aubrey blushes.

"Sorry 'bout that," Beca says. "I might have said more than I should've."

"It's fine," Aubrey replies. "She obviously doesn't have a problem with it."


Aubrey smiles and pulls Beca down the hall towards her room. She tugs her inside, trying to ignore the instinct to close the door behind her. Aubrey watches Beca glance around her room with a smile. "What?"

Beca shrugs. "It's you."

Aubrey knows she means it in the best way. "Want to sit?"

"I'll pace, actually," Beca replies.

"Oh." Aubrey sits on her bed and watches her for a moment before blurting out, "So I, uh, told my dad about you."

Beca—who is obviously working up the nerve for something—stops to spin and face Aubrey.

"You did?"

Aubrey nods.


"Because I should have a long time ago," Aubrey replies.

"But I was the one that—"

"I know, but I should have insisted anyway," Aubrey interjects. "You're too important to hide."

"Bree, that's..." Beca shrugs again. "I love you."

Aubrey smiles, amazed. She hadn't been expecting to Beca to just say it.

"I love you too."

Beca joins Aubrey on the bed. "So what did your dad say?" she asks.

"Well at first, he had concerns," Aubrey replies. "So you were right about that."


"But that changed when I told him it was you that I was talking about," Aubrey finished.


Aubrey grins. "He respects you."


"He wants us to have dinner with him and my mom soon." Aubrey continues.


Aubrey's not quite sure how to interpret Beca's monosyllable responses. "And I'm pretty sure that you won over my mom downstairs with what you said earlier."

"I know, I just... I feel like an idiot," Beca explains. "Like I put us through all that... whatever, for nothing."

"Well, you weren't completely wrong," Aubrey tells her. "At least not as a generalization. Just about yourself."


Hating to see Beca upset, Aubrey leans in and kisses her. She feels Beca grin as she kisses her back, so Aubrey lets herself fall backwards, pulling Beca on top of her. They kiss leisurely, reacquainting themselves with each other for several endless moments before Beca pulls away slightly.

"The door's open," she reminds Aubrey.

"So? We're just kissing," Aubrey replies.

"And your hands are where?" Beca asks.

Aubrey realizes that her hands are under Beca's shirt. She'd been enjoying the slow, sweet kisses and the feel of Beca above her that she hadn't realized what her hands were doing.

"It's your fault," Aubrey accuses.

"Because I'm irresistible?" Beca smirks.

"And I missed you," Aubrey says.

"I missed you too, Bree."


Aubrey won't let Beca move as they continue to talk and occasionally kiss. Beca's not complaining, but the open bedroom door does make her a bit nervous. After months of worrying, she finally has Aubrey's parents' approval, does she really want to lose it by being caught like this?

"You need to relax," Aubrey tells her. "They've caught Jesse in much more compromising positions."

"That's not the sort of reassurance I was hoping for," Beca retorts. "And why are you suddenly the calm one?"

"Because I'm happy," Aubrey replies. "I just want to savor it for a while."

How is Beca supposed to resist an answer like that? She leans in for another kiss, enjoying the way Aubrey responds, tilting up to meet her and tangling their legs together as she presses herself into Beca.

A knock on the door breaks them apart and a startled Beca tries to roll off Aubrey, but she's held in place by Aubrey's tight embrace. Looking over her shoulder, Beca sees Aubrey's mom in the doorway.

"I think this means you should stay for dinner, Beca," she says.


"Do you have to watch Nate?" Aubrey asks.

Beca takes a moment to think over her family's schedule for the evening because kissing Aubrey seems to have made her brain a little foggy. "Um, no. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come over."

"So that means you're staying," Aubrey pronounces. "Right mom?"

Mrs. Posen nods. "Dinner will be in about an hour then."

"Thank you, Mrs. Posen," Beca says.

She nods again, a grin on her face as she turns and heads downstairs.

"I should probably call my mom and let her know," Beca says.

"Fine," Aubrey replies. "But don't think that means you're allowed to move."

Pulling her cell phone out of her back jean pocket, Beca says, "Can I at least roll over?"

Aubrey smirks and loosen her hold, allowing Beca to roll onto her back, her head falling onto Aubrey's shoulder as she dials her mom.

"And where are you, young lady?" her mom answers.

So in her attempt to not lose her nerve, Beca might have forgotten to let her mom know where she was going.

"I'm at Aubrey's?" she replies, hesitantly.

"Oh good," her mom says. "Does that mean you stopped being so damn stubborn?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Glad to hear it," her mom replies.

"Does that mean I can have dinner at her house?" Beca asks.

"If it means that her parents know, then absolutely," her mom answers.

"They do," Beca insists.

"I don't believe you," her mom says. "Put Aubrey on."

Aubrey laughs and Beca rolls her eyes at both of them as she allows Aubrey to take her phone.

"Hello Mrs. Mitchell," she greets.

Beca smirks as she hears. "Aubrey, what have I told you about calling me that?"

"Of course, sorry, June."

"That's better. Now Beca says that the two of you finally told your parents you're dating."

"We did," Aubrey confirms. "I told my dad and my mom just caught us, uh, kissing."

Beca hears her mom laugh. "Good. Tell Beca to be home by ten and to have a good time."

"I will mom," she says, loudly enough to be heard.

Her mom's laughter becomes loudly. "I can't believe the two of you thought it was a good idea to break up."

Beca snatches the phone away from Aubrey, ignoring her "Hey". "Thanks mom. Talk to you later."

Her mom's laughter continues as she ends the call. Beca lets her head fall back onto Aubrey's shoulder as she sets her phone on the bed next to them. She lets her hands slide against Aubrey's, which are laying on her stomach. Beca can feel Aubrey's light chuckles and joins in.


Apparently making out on Aubrey's bed bolster's Beca's confidence. Or maybe it was talking to her mom and the reaction she got. But the Beca that walks down the stairs, holding her hand as she enters the kitchen seems light years away from the anxious Beca who'd been worried about anyone finding out they were dating that Aubrey had been experiencing for the past month. Aubrey doesn't mind, confident, self assured Beca is hot; she's just not sure what brought it on. She watches as Beca shakes her father's hand, thanks her mom for the invitation and then rushes around to pull out Aubrey's chair for her. She raises an eyebrow at her girlfriend, wondering if maybe she's laying it on a bit too much, but Beca just kisses her cheek and takes her seat next to her.

And thus begins an evening of Aubrey just watching her girlfriend in awe. Beca is charming, polite, well spoken, jovial and amusing with a slight bit of self deprecating humor. Aubrey has to force herself not to stare in wonderment. Where the hell did this Beca come from?

She's not complaining, per say. Her parents love Beca and Aubrey knows that her girlfriend is being genuine. And she knows that Beca has always worried about being someone her parents think of as worthy to date her, despite Aubrey telling her that she was being ridiculous. So she's glad that Beca's making such a good impression, she's just caught off guard. But maybe she shouldn't be. After all, there's a reason her father was impressed by Beca when they first met years ago and why Kevin can't stop singing her praises. There's a reason Aubrey was attracted to her in the first place. Though she hates to admit it, cocky, swaggering Beca had been extremely attractive.

So Aubrey lets herself relax and just enjoy dinner and her mesmeric girlfriend.


Beca really can't explain it, but when Aubrey's mom calls them down for dinner, Beca's never been more sanguine. It's as if telling Aubrey she loves her makes everything easier. Or it could be the fact that Aubrey's parents seem to approve, or that even her own mother's attitude about the situation is relief, that she's stopped being so uptight about the relationship. She supposes it doesn't matter because Beca decides that she wants to be the confident, fascinating person that Aubrey claims she fell in love with. She can admit—to herself—that it's partly to prove that she really does deserve Aubrey. So Beca channels pre Aubrey Beca, the Beca who was more worried about work and school and not what people thought of her. Her mom always told her that she was lucky that she was too busy to worry about what other people thought. Beca is only now realizing how right she was.

It's easy enough for Beca to tell jokes and stories while managing to ask the right questions and respond in turn. What makes it even easier is how much Aubrey's parents seem to like her. Beca already knew that she had Mr. Posen's respect and that Mrs. Posen had been pleased by her response earlier, but that doesn't mean she still isn't worried about having their approval. So she does her best to charm them throughout dinner.


"And you thought they wouldn't like you," Aubrey says as she walks Beca to her car after dinner.

Beca shrugs, a bit awkward with her hand intertwined with Aubrey's.

"I mean, for serious, Beca," Aubrey continues. "I... I haven't seen that Beca in a long time."

"Yeah, I know," Beca replies. "I got so caught up in all the worry, that I kind of forgot that she existed."

"Well, if my father didn't love you before, her certainly does now," Aubrey says. "I mean, he didn't even pull you aside to threaten you like he did with Luke."

"Yeah, well, he kind of turned out to be a bit of a dumbass, though," Beca points out.

"Well he was sweet on our first date," Aubrey replies.

"Whatever," Beca says. "You've upgraded and that's all that matters."

Aubrey laughs.

"So tomorrow," Beca starts.

Aubrey nods.

"I'll give you a ride to school," Beca says. "I have to tutor someone after school, but that shouldn't take too long."

"What if I have plans tomorrow afternoon," Aubrey teases.



"You know you want to come over and study, princess," Beca tells her.


Beca nods as she leans back against her car and tugs Aubrey with her, so they're pressed together. "You're super hot when you're concentrating and determined," Beca murmurs against Aubrey's lips.

Aubrey, in turn, is finding Beca's possessive confidence very attractive, so she kisses Beca in response.

Becea is much more aggressive than she had been up in Aubrey's room—not that Aubrey's complaining. Instead she lets herself sink into Beca's arms and kisses back with equal fervor, hot and wet and trying to claim Beca as much as Beca seems to be trying to claim her.

Eventually Beca pulls away with a chuckle.

"What?" Aubrey asks.

"I think your parents are trying to tell us we've been out here too long, princess," Beca replies.

Aubrey looks at her questioningly and Beca—arms still tight around her—spins Aubrey ninety degrees, letting her see the flashing porch lights.


"Yeah," Beca smirks.

"What now?"

"You didn't notice," Beca explains. "You were so focused on kissing me."

"How am I supposed to notice something happening behind me?" Aubrey questions.

"God, I'm good," Beca chuckles.

Aubrey rolls her eyes as she tries unsuccessfully not to grin. "I'm going to go inside before the weight of your ego crushes me."

"So I'm picking you up tomorrow morning, right?" Beca asks.

Aubrey leans in for one last kiss before stepping away. "Don't be late," she throws over her shoulder.

"Wouldn't dream of it, princess," Beca calls after her.

When Aubrey steps inside, she finds both her parents waiting for her.

"We were starting to wonder if you were ever going to come in," her dad says.

"Was the flashing light really necessary?" Aubrey questions.

"It worked, didn't it?" her mom replies.

"Why weren't you like this when I was dating Luke?" Aubrey asks.

"Because Beca is so much better suited for you," her mom answers.

"And much more impressive," her dad adds.

Her parents aren't usually so... jovial with her and Aubrey marvels at it somewhat, wondering if it's Beca's influence—or rather, their approval of her, that's causing the shift.

"Right," Aubrey says. "I have homework to do."

"Of course, dear," her mom replies. "Don't stay up too late."

"Night Aubrey."

"Night dad. Mom."

Up in her room, it takes more concentration than usual to complete her assignments, but Aubrey doesn't mind.

A couple hours later, her phone beeps with a text from Beca.

See you bright and early, princess. Sweet dreams.

Dreaming of you, I'm sure I will

, Aubrey texts back.

Nerd, Beca texts. Immediately followed by ILY

I love you too, Aubrey texts back.


Beca continues to lean against her car until Aubrey is inside the house. She then climbs into her car and heads home. Ecstatic, she sings along to the radio and the drive passes quickly.

Though she knows she's going to be getting a lot of teasing from her family, Beca still floats into the house.

"Someone's in a good mood," her mom observes as Beca enters the kitchen. "Dinner went well?"


"'Bout time you listened to me and got your head out of your ass," Benji retorts.

"Shut up."

"Seems like you were worried for nothing," her mom says.

"Yes and no," Beca replies, sitting at the table.

She explains how Aubrey told her dad and what he said and then explains how she had gone over to the Posen residence to beg forgiveness, only to end up accidently confessing to Aubrey's mom.

"And dinner?" her mom questions.

"It was fine," Beca replies. "Knowing they already like me, took some of the pressure off."

"Thank god," Beni mutters.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Beca asks.

"That I'm glad that I don't have to deal with any more of your relationship drama for a while," he retorts.

"Considering this is the first time ever, you can shove it," Beca tells him.

"Beca," her mom warns.

"I'm in high school," Beca says. "I'm supposed to have relationship drama."

"Says who?" Benji questions.

"I don't know," Beca replies. "Society. Pop culture or whatever."

"Uh huh, whatever you say."

"Shut up."

"Oooh, good come back," Benji mocks.

"I'm going to bed," Beca says, standing.

"What about your homework?" her mom asks.

"I'll do it in my room," Beca tells her as she exits the kitchen.

"She's probably going to send a bunch of sappy texts to Aubrey," Benji calls after her.

"I hate you," Beca shouts back before climbing the stairs.

"Love you too, sis."


Aubrey and Beca walk into school hand in hand the next morning. Beca walks Aubrey to her locker before heading to her own.

A few moments later, just like Aubrey knew they would, Chloe and Stacie giddily approach Aubrey.

"Beca Mitchell is who you're dating?" Chloe asks.

Aubrey nods.

"Not who I was expecting," Stacie says.

"Who were you expecting?" Aubrey questions.

Stacie shrugs.

"We approve, though," Chloe says.

"I'm sure Beca will appreciate that," Aubrey retorts.


Beca and Aubrey are sitting together at lunch when Fat Amy plops down next to Beca.

"Called it," she says.

"Called what?" Beca asks.

"That you were moping and pathetic because you were heartbroken," she replies.

"I wasn't moping," Beca protests.

"Keep telling yourself that," Becs."

"It was very sad," Benji agrees, joining them.

"You're just jealous of how awesome my girlfriend is," Beca tells him.

"You are so adorable," Chloe proclaims as she and Stacie sit at the table.

"Uh oh," Benji mutters.

"Take that back," Beca says.

"Ignore her," Fat Amy tells them. "She likes to think she's a bad ass even though we all know the truth."

"Those are fighting words, Amy," Beca replies.

"Please, short stack," Fat Amy scoffs. "You tutor children and play the harmonica. If you're a bad ass, then I'm subtle."

The whole table laughs as Beca sticks her tongue out at Fat Amy.

"Don't worry, I love you anyway," Aubrey says.

"Awww," Chloe coos.

Beca grumbles and lets her head drop onto the table.


After school, Beca needs the kitchen to tutor, and so Aubrey decides she can read The Mayor of Casterbridge in the living room. She sits on the couch and leans against the arm rest. She's reading about Elizabeth-Jane and her mother's arrival when Nate enters the room.

"Hey," he says as he flops down onto the couch with his history textbook.


Aubrey returns her attention to the family settling into the inn, but she can't concentrate with Nate staring at her.

"So you and Beca are back together?" he asks once he has her attention.

"We are," she replies, bracing herself—for what she's not sure.

"Good," he nods. "She was like extra annoying last week."

Aubrey laughs. "Really?"

Nate nods again. "Oh yeah. She was all sad and stuff, but she tried to pretend that she wasn't and it was really annoying because it mostly meant that she was just super judgmental of stuff and then when I told our mom about it, she told me that Beca was going through something and I should be nicer. Which is so totally not fair cause she wasn't nice to me last year when Mikey Thompson beat Tomb Raider first and spent the whole week bragging."

"Ummm, that's... not fair."

"Thank you. I knew you'd get it," Nate says.


"Because you're like super competitive too," he explains.

Aubrey chuckles. "Very true."

They share a smile and then Nate says, "So yeah. Whatever you did to get her to see what a big moron she was being, thank you."

"You're welcome."

Nate nods once more and then opens his history textbook.

Aubrey just shakes her head and returns to The Mayor of Casterbridge.

She's almost finished when Beca taps on her shoulder.

"All done?" Aubrey asks.

Beca nods. "Want me to let you finish?" Beca gestures to Aubrey's book.

"Don't you have your own homework to do?" Aubrey questions.

"Want to join me at the kitchen table?" Beca asks.

Aubrey nods and stands, following Beca into the kitchen.

"Benji working?" Aubrey asks as they settle at the table.

"Yeah, he and mom work late tonight," Beca replies.


"You could stay for dinner if you want," Beca proposes. "When it's just Nate and me, it's usually something simple."

"Because you can't cook," Nate calls from the other room.

"At least I didn't cause an oven fire," Beca shouts back.

"But you did break a microwave," he retorts.

"You don't get to argue that because you were too young to remember," she calls back.

"Too bad for you that mom took pictures," he shouts.

"I can make something if you want," Aubrey offers.

"Please do," Nate yells.

"Do your homework," Beca hollers.

"I am."

"If you want to cook, that's be awesome," Beca says to Aubrey.

Aubrey is laughing too hard to reply, so she just nods.


Aubrey makes chicken that is much better than anything Beca would have made.

"Can you cook every time?" Nate asks.

Beca smacks him.

"You're just mad that I like her food better," Nate retorts.

"Go watch TV or something," Beca orders.

Nate sticks his tongue out as he stands and turns to Aubrey. "Make her clean up. It's only fair."

Beca throws her balled up napkin at him as he runs out of the room.

Once he's gone, Beca begins clearing the table. "Stop that," she tells Aubrey as she tries to help. "He's right, you cooked, so I'll clean up."

"'Bout time you admitted that," Nate shouts form the other room.

"Shut up or I'm never going to ask her to cook again," Beca retorts.

There's no response and Beca smirks as she begins putting plates in the sink.

"I really don't mind helping," Aubrey says.

"Too bad," Beca replies. "I do mind. You just sit there and look pretty, princess."

Aubrey laughs. "Charmer."

"Just speaking the truth."

"She's too good for you," Nate shouts from the other room.

"Shut up Nate!" Beca roars. "Or I'm going to tell Natalie Beaumont that you have a crush on her."

"I do not!"

"Doesn't matter."

Beca takes his lack of response as a victory.

Once she's done cleaning up, they end up playing Scrabble again. It's Aubrey's suggestion, but Beca has no intention of letting her win, especially since Aubrey won the last best of three.

They're deep in the middle of game three—the tie breaker again, of course—when Beca's mom comes home.

She pats Beca on the shoulder. "Aubrey, lovely to see you."

"You too, June," Aubrey replies. "There's some leftover chicken in the fridge."

"Spicy honey brushed chicken," Beca adds. "It's awesome."

"You made her cook?" her mom asks.

"She volunteered," Beca defends. "And Nate didn't help."

Aubrey laughs. "He was rather outspoken," she agrees.

"Still," her mom says. "The fact that you put up with this one—"


" plenty."

"I really didn't mind," Aubrey assures her.

"Well, in that case, I'll have to try some."

Her mom heats up the chicken and joins them at the table. Glancing over at the notebook by Aubrey, her mom can probably see how close the scores are and Beca rolls her eyes at her mom's chuckle.

Beca ends up winning by just a few points, but refrains from a victory dance.

"Congratulations," Aubrey pouts.

"Aw, don't be like that, Bree," Beca replies. "I just got better letters."

"It's fine," Aubrey says. "I should probably get going."

"It was nice to see you again, Aubrey," Beca's mom says. "I hope to see you around here a lot more. Keeps that one from pouting so much."

"I'll drive you home," Beca says, standing.

"If you're not home in thirty minutes, I'll be forced to do something embarrassing," her mom warns.

Beca knows it's not an idle threat, so she nods and tugs Aubrey out of the kitchen.

"So I'll pick you up tomorrow morning?" Beca question as they drive to Aubrey's.

"Are you really picking me up again?" Aubrey asks.

"I don't know," Beca replies. "Do you want me to?"

"Do you have to tutor again?"

"I do," Beca answers.

"Well, then I guess I can hang out with Nate again."

Beca groans.


"Benji will be there too," Beca explains. "The three of you together is going to be intolerable."

"Oh, poor baby."

"See? You're not even on my side," Beca sulks.

"Not when you beat me at Scrabble, I'm not," Aubrey agrees.

"Well then maybe we'll have to find a different game," Beca suggests.

Though she desperately wants to, Beca doesn't linger when they arrive at Aubrey's. Her mom seems to take perverse joy in embarrassing her, so she knows that there will be something humiliating in her future if she's not back soon.

"See you tomorrow morning," Aubrey says as she opens the door.

Beca nods as the door slams shut. She watches Aubrey until she's in the house and then pulls out of the driveway and heads home.


The next two weeks pass similarity with Beca picking Aubrey up in the morning and Aubrey finding other things to do while Beca tutors various middle schoolers.

When she runs into either of her parents in the morning, they tease her about how much time she's spending at Beca's, but they don't demand that she stop.

It's the same with Chloe and Stacie. At lunch or in the hallway between classes, they tease her about how rarely they see her. But they seem to understand that Aubrey wants to simply enjoy being with Beca without any worries for a while—something they've never really had and her friends say as much.

"Happy looks good on you," Stacie adds. "We totally approve."

And though it hadn't been a concern, no one in school seems to care that they're dating. No one even blinks at the two of them walking down the halls together or holding hands at lunch.


The event that Beca's working finishes sooner than expected, so Beca decides to head over to Aubrey's early to surprise her. Though when the Posen's door swings open, Beca's the one who is surprised.

"Well, hello there," Aubrey's brother, Jesse, greets.

"Hi," Beca says, trying not to roll her eyes at him grinning suggestively back at her. "Is Aubrey here?"

"No, actually," Jesse replies. "She had to step out for a moment. But maybe I can help you?"

"I doubt it," Beca retorts.

"Are you sure?" he smirks. "I can be a very helpful guy."

"No thanks," Beca says. "I'll just come back later."

"Nonsense," Jesse tells her. "Aubrey will be back any moment. Why don't you come in and wait?"

Beca briefly considers saying no because she's really not in the mood to deal with Jesse hitting on her. But she also doesn't feel like waiting for Bree in her car. "Fine," she sighs.

Jesse's smirk gets wider and he ushers her inside

Beca enters, this time rolling her eyes and heads directly for the kitchen. She walks to the fridge and pulls out a bottle of water.

"Make yourself at home," Jesse mocks.

Becca ignores him and opens the water bottle.

"I didn't catch you name," he says.

"I didn't offer it," she retorts.

"I'm Jesse," he replies.

"Good for you."

"I thought I'd met all of my sister's friends," he continues. "Though you seems more... interesting than her usual batch."

"Lucky me."

"And a bit meaner," he adds.

Beca rolls her eyes again, because her disinterest in talking to him seems pretty blatant.

"We should go out some time," he suggests.

"No thanks," Beca replies.

"Why not?" he asks.

"I think the two of us could have a good time."

"Based on what?" Beca questions.


"You know nothing about me," Beca points out. "You don't even know my name."

"An issue that could be easily solved..."

Beca takes another sip of water instead of replying.

"Well, why don't I start, then?" he suggests. "I'm Jesse. I'm a junior at Princeton. I'm a bit of a movie buff and one day I'll be running the dozens of restaurants my dad owns."

"That's not what I heard," Beca chuckles.

"What? Aubrey thinks that dad's going to pick her over me?"

"No," Beca replies. "Just my own interpretation."

"Based on what?" he questions. "The fact that she's an overachiever? Because she's not even first in her class."

"How would you even know that?" Beca asks.

"I have my ways."


"I have to keep tabs on things," he says. "Can't have my baby sister showing me up."

"You graduated fourth," Beca points out.

"You're guessing," he accuses.

She's not, but whatever. "Am I wrong?"

"I was third, actually."

"And your sister's second," Beca chuckles. "Seems like she is showing you up."

He stares at her for a long moment before asking, "Who are you?"

"Beca," Aubrey greets as she enters the kitchen. "You're here already."

"No worries, sis," Jesse says. "I've been entertaining her."

"That's what I was afraid of," Aubrey retorts.

"Beca, huh?" Jesse muses. "That's—"

His clever comment is halted by Aubrey kissing Beca in greeting. Beca knows that she's marking her territory and for once, Beca really doesn't mind. Aubrey then grabs Beca's water bottle and takes a sip.

"Well, I must admit that I wasn't expecting that," Jesse mutters.

Aubrey ignores him and turns to Beca. "Finished early?"

Beca nods. "Apparently the cross stitches had somewhere better to be."

"Lucky me," Aubrey grins.

"Why didn't you just say that you were dating my sister?" Jesse asks.

"Because it's none of your damn business," Beca retorts.

"As her older brother, it definitely is my business," Jesse replies.

Aubrey scoffs.

"If you're after our money—"

"Our money?" Aubrey questions.

"Why? Because I know that Aubrey's going to take over one day and you'll always be the back up?" Beca retorts.

"Ouch," Aubrey laughs.

"Because it's obvious that you're... unfortunate," Jesse says.

"Just like it's obvious that you haven't worked a day in your life," Beca tells him.

"I'm destined for better things."

"You also really don't know your dad at all," Beca says.

"And what? Because you work in one of my dad's dozens of restaurants, you do?" Jesse scoffs.

"Actually the fact that I know he actually respects me is why," Beca replies. "Can you claim the same thing?"

"As much fun as this is to witness," Aubrey interjects. "We're going to up to my room now."

"Aubrey, you hornd—"

"Do not finish that sentence," Beca warns. "Just because you're her brother, doesn't mean I won't punch you in the face."

"As her brother, I'm allowed to say stuff like that."

"Not around me, you're not," Beca retorts before grabbing Aubrey's hand and dragging her out of the kitchen.

"Sorry about that," Aubrey says when they're in her room.

"I can handle Jesse," Beca replies.

"Obviously," Aubrey says. "But I still hate that he was hitting on you."

"Yeah, well now he knows not to," Beca replies. "And maybe next time he won't be so arrogant."

"Doubtful," Aubrey retorts. "But you defending my honor was kind of hot."


Aubrey nods.

"So what are you going to do about it, princess?" Beca challenges.

Aubrey just grins and pushes Beca onto her bed.


When their dad hears about Jesse's first encounter with Beca, he laughs. This just adds to Jesse's indignation. Their mom pats him sympathetically on the shoulder, despite her grin.

"You'll know better next time, son," she adds.

"You mean when I meet Aubrey's next girlfriend?" Jesse asks.

Aubrey rolls her eyes. "The next time you see Beca."

"We'll see."

"You're just mad that I have such an awesome girlfriend," Aubrey retorts. "And you're still single."

"By choice."

"Uh huh."

Their dad's sigh halts their arguing and they finish eating with little conversation.

Later when Aubrey tells Beca her parents' reactions, she can practically feel the pride radiating off her girlfriend over the phone.

"I really was worried for nothing," Beca says.

"All that matters is that we finally figured it out," Aubrey replies.

"Yeah," Beca says.

"And the next time you and Jesse see each other will be even more entertaining," Aubrey adds.

"Well, I appreciate your confidence in me."

"Well deserved," Aubrey tells her.

"I should go," Beca says. "I have to be up early, so I can pick up my girlfriend."

Aubrey smiles; hearing Beca call Aubrey her girlfriend is one of her favorite things.

"I love you."

"Love you too."