Patrick stood at the nurses station going over some charts and talking to the new Chief of ER, William Foster. He'd moved here from somewhere in the Midwest and started at GH shortly after Sabrina left for Puerto Rico. By all accounts (meaning: nurse gossip), Will was a great guy. He ran the ER pretty strictly, as he was as serious about his career as Patrick, but no one minded because he was funny and respectful - oh, and apparently had abs that put Magic Milo to shame. While Patrick couldn't personally vouch for the last part, he admitted that the rest was accurate. That said, he also recognized something about Will that others hadn't caught onto yet: He was Patrick 10 years ago. Will was respected professionally, but he was also came across as cocky and arrogant. No one seemed to mind, however, because his humor and "sparkly blue eyes" compensated for it. As Patrick observed Will, he couldn't believe how much he'd grown up in the last few years, thanks largely to Emma. And, truth be told, he much preferred himself now.

After they finished their conversation, he watched as Will made his way to the elevator.. When the door opened, the guy was absorbed in something on his phone and crashed into a woman exiting the elevator. Patrick snickered - until he realized who Will had almost run over.

Today was Sabrina's first day back in Port Charles. The day of Gabriel's funeral, her cousin Juan invited her to come home with him to convalesce after her "episode" (which she was still woefully embarrassed about). Since she still had half her maternity leave left, she buried her baby, said goodbye to Patrick and boarded the first flight out. As it turned out, San Juan was just what she needed. The time away allowed her to grieve for her son, catch up on her sleep, see her family and think about her life going forward. Sabrina honestly had considered not returning to Port Charles, but she missed Felix and GH too much to stay away. She also wanted to know if anyone found out who killed her son and to check on Patrick and Emma. Sabrina knew that she would always love them, but her trip also showed her that staying close to them when they weren't hers was stopping her from moving forward with her life - and she desperately needed to move forward. So, instead of hiding in San Juan, she boarded a plane back to Port Charles.

When Sabrina dropped her stuff off at their apartment, she didn't see Felix anywhere, so she decided to stop by GH to drop off the papers from her doctor in San Juan clearing her to return to work in a few days and see if she could surprise him. However, she ended up being the one surprised when, as she was getting out of the elevator, she was steamrolled by someone she'd never seen before. An involuntary "Ooomph!" left her lips as she began falling backwards. Suddenly, she was encircled in strong arms that steadied her and heard a "Sorry. I wasn't paying attention." Sabrina was about to say "It's okay," when she looked up and was speechless.

The man, probably even more gorgeous than Patrick, released her and stepped back. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. No worse for wear," Sabrina said with a smile.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. Thanks." When Sabrina saw his scrubs, she said, "Do you work here?"

"Yeah, just started," he said with a grin. "I'm Will Foster, the new head of ER."

Sabrina took the hand he extended to shake and replied, "Sabrina Santiago. I'm a nurse here."

Still clasping her hand, Will said, "Nice to meet you." Then he looked at her puzzlingly and added, "I've been here over a month and I haven't seen you… And I would have remembered you."

Sabrina blushed at his compliment. "I've been out of town. I just got back today."

"Well, that's good to know. I'm definitely looking forward to running into you around here."

The two were still clasping hands, Sabrina inexplicably unable to let go, when she heard a throat clear. Sabrina turned her head and saw Patrick, who didn't look happy. She pulled her hand from Will's and made a show of righting herself as she said, "Me, too, Will Foster."

Will then got into the elevator and winked at her as the doors closed. Afterward, Sabrina turned toward Patrick and steeled herself for a reunion she'd been both anticipating and dreading since the day she left.