I wrote another 'Jaune Arc becomes/is a badass' fic. Thing is, what kind? Which concept did I decide to use?

By the way, I do not own RWBY or 'One Punch Man'.

Today was officially the worst day of his life.

Jaune Arc miserably thought to himself as he wandered through the streets of his hometown. Around him, it seemed the world decided that it was going to totally pick on him and not pick up on his mood. He could hear the carefree laughter of children, the smell of supper wafting through the air, and the sight of the sun slowly disappearing behind the horizon and how it colored the sky made for a picturesque view.

Which was completely mired by his overwhelming disappointment.

Jaune Arc sighed to himself again as he continued to walk around, his feet unsure of where to take him. However, it wasn't long before someone noticed his disappointment. Jaune felt something smack against the back of his head. Looking down, he saw a empty beer can. Looking up, he saw the town drunk, Drake or Damien or something, looking at him with a gleam in his eye.

"Yeah?" Jaune answered back. He at least knew enough that the guy could be a violent drunk.

"Why are you looking so down, Arc? Ain't it such a beautiful day, today?" Jaune frowned as he took a look around.

"Yeah, it is...And I'm pretty sure you already know what..." Jaune resisted the urge to snark.

Drake or Damien or something chortled as he raised his glass.

"Hey, cheer up, Arc. There's always next year! Maybe that fancy school of yours will take you if you say that you once killed two nevermores with a rock!"

With that, the drunk laughed, the annoyed sound rattling in Jaune's ears. Ignoring the drunk, he walked away, only feeling more depressed about his situation. Once out of sight of the bar, Jaune leaned against a wall and looked up at the sky.

From a young age, Jaune wanted to be a hero. Reading about all the heroes in his story and from his own family legacy, Jaune dreamed of being that someone that defended the peace. He dreamed of saving the day, rescuing people, and generally being awesome and cool while doing it.

But then again, there was his parents. Elias and Joanna Arc were some of the most loving and doting parents that a child could ask for. However, they were also some of the overbearing and overprotective ones possible. And such a dream was simply too dangerous for their 'Jauney'.

Soon the age for enrollment into a combat preparation school like Signal came, and Jaune could only watch as a few kids went to that place. While his parents tried to get him to see a life besides the one he wanted by teaching him cooking and other such skills, Jaune could only silently seethe at the perceived injustice of it all, and could only hope to get another chance. So when the time to apply to Beacon came, he knew that he was all alone and that he could only depend on himself.

He thought that the transcripts that he forged were perfect. Apparently, he underestimated Beacon, and he was found out. Boy, did his parents read him the riot act when they found out what he had done. And soon enough, the whole town found out, and it had been nothing but jokes at Jaune for the past few days.

And here he was, being let outside because his parents thought it would be good for Jaune to be let out of his room. But now, what was he going to do? As far as he knew, there was no way that Beacon was going to accept him now. As much as he hated to admit it, maybe that was it...

Maybe he should go ahead and get used to the life of a simple townsperson, just like his parents want him to be? He did the best that he could, and it didn't work out. Maybe he was just not meant to be the main character in the storybooks, maybe all he was going to amount to was a background character.

...Great, now he was just getting even more depressed.

Not even paying attention to where he was going, he slammed into a tree. Groaning as he rubbed his nose, he took a look around as this certainly didn't look like the town proper. Apparently in his aimless wandering, he managed to make his way to the edge of the town, the wildness of the forest deeply contrasting with the orderliness of the town. Staring at the greenery, Jaune walked into it, figuring he might as well do something like climb a tree or something like that.

It would probably be the most exciting thing that he would ever do from now on. Though just to be safe, he better make sure that his parents didn't find out.

After a few minutes of walking, Jaune looked around and sighed. Darn it, his gloominess got the better of him and he lost sight of the town. Jaune pursed his lips as he began to look at any of the trees for some moss to point him north, back home and back to bed. At there, he could at least try to imagine all of this to have been a horrible nightmare, and that he was actually on the way to Beacon, on the way to being a Hunter, and making friends, maybe even finding a nice quirky girl to talk to.


Jaune blinked, before something collided with him, knocking him to the ground. Looking at whatever it was that knocked him to the ground, he saw that it was a black haired kid, with a pretty prominent cleft chin. Then Jaune heard something howl, and he looked past the kid, who was also looking back. Just out of the clearing that the kid appeared from, a Beowulf burst out of the brush.

At that, both the kid and Jaune sprang to their feet and ran away, screaming like little girls while the Beowulf chased them.

"What the HELL?!" Jaune screamed as he ran faster than he ever did before. "Why is there a Beowulf chasing you in the first place?!"

"I tried drawing a mustache on it with a sharpie!" The kid screamed, tears leaking from his eyes.

"Wait, the black one?!"


Jaune couldn't help but take a look behind him at the Beowulf.

"Its fur is black! How can you see it?!"

"I thought that maybe it would be cool, like my friends would know that I managed to get this close to a beowulf! That I was being brave."

"Man, I think the word you're looking is 'stupid'!" Jaune retorted as the two continued running. However, it seemed no matter how long they ran, the Beowulf was still on their tail, and they were still stuck in the forest. Suddenly, Jaune saw a fallen log coming up before them. It was too long to run around, so...

"JUMP!" Jaune shouted as he leaped over the log, slightly stumbling as he landed. But just as he landed-


For Jaune, everything seemed to slow down. Turning his head, Jaune saw the boy trip over the log. Behind them, the Beowulf had noticed and was already pouncing towards the helpless boy, his fangs and claws gleaming with lethal intent. Looking back at the boy, Jaune realized that there wasn't enough time for the boy to get back onto his feet. The boy had realized this too, and was already covering his tear-filled eyes, trying to make his peace with his imminent doom.

He could run, and leave this boy to die, or he could try to buy the boy time, and possibly die in the process.

At this point, no one would know that he was there, that he could have helped. If he left now, no one would know and the rest of the town would just think that the kid was just being stupid. He could live with that...right?

With that, Jaune turned around, and pushed off one leg, leaping at the Beowulf. The Beowulf seemed to have noticed him, and readjusted its claws so that it was aiming for him. Jaune only had time to blink, before claws ripped through flesh. The force slammed him down to the ground, the slam barely registering as the pain coming from his face was like a burning that consumed his senses.

In a desperate bid, Jaune groped around for something, anything that could help. Feeling something long and furry, he grabbed hold of it, and began to pull it. Screaming out, he registered the feeling of something flying over him and crashing into a nearby tree. It was a few moments later, that Jaune realized that something was still in his hand. Looking down with one eye, Jaune saw the Beowulf's tail in his hand.

Looking back, expecting the kid to be long gone, his jaw dropped in shock as the kid was still there.

"WHAT THE HELL?! Why aren't you running?! I think I might have lost an eye!"

"MY PANTS ARE STUCK!" The kid cried as he tried to unhook his pants off a inconvenient branch. Suddenly, a growling could be heard. Jaune turned around, and saw the Beowulf, its teeth bared as it stared at him. Suddenly, Jaune didn't feel so safe being there.

Then Jaune took a look back at the kid, before taking a breath. The Beowulf howled before charging at Jaune.

Jaune's fist tightened, before he shouted and ran at the Beowulf, his fist drawn back. His teeth was gritted in determination as he stared at the approaching grimm. Even the pain from his face that had been so agonizing had been reduced to a dull ache. Everything was simply secondary to one thing, the need to protect two lives, his and the kid next to him.

He may be a failure...but he wasn't going to fail this kid.

This simple determination, his singular drive, inspired something. In him, something broke, and power flowed out. He didn't notice his fist glowing with a white glow. He did notice when his fist lashed out.

The beowulf's howl was cut short as the snout was smashed in by the glowing fist. The grimm flew back as ichor came out of the ruined snout, some of it landing on Jaune's fist. Crashing into a nearby tree, it didn't move as the tree fell on top of it.

As tranquility returned to the forest, Jaune was breathing hard, staring at the corpse of the grimm, hoping that it was really dead. Taking one last deep breath, he looked at his glowing hand as the light began to dim. Flexing his hand, he nodded, before looking back at the kid, who had been staring at him.

"...You alright, kid?"

"...That was the coolest thing I ever seen."

Jaune merely rubbed the back of his head as he awkwardly chuckled.

"To be honest, I don't know if I can do that again."

As he walked over to the kid to free him, he felt something under his shoe. Looking down, he saw the Beowulf tail. He idly picked it up and stuffed it in his pocket as deep as he could, before getting to the log, and unhooking the kid's pants.

"Well...Come on, we better get moving. I honestly want to see if this," Jaune pointed to his wound. "Can still get treated."

The kid was silent for a while, before smiling and nodding, unaware of the effect. As the two began to walk away from the scene, Jaune couldn't help but smile. Despite the pain, Jaune knew that he saved a life, the life right in front of him.

So what if he didn't get into Beacon? Right now, as far as he knew, it was just a setback.

He was going to be a hero, Jaune resolved to himself, eyes alight with determination.

Nothing would stop him from achieving his dream.

Boy, weren't those the days, a figure thought to himself as he idly walked through the forest, hoping that he would come across a village. His hoodie could use a wash, and the prospect of an actual bed excited him more than it should have. He really should have gotten like a map or something from the last town or something. Good thing all those camping trips with dad payed off.

...Well, now he was feeling kinda sad. Maybe he should have done more than just left a letter.

Suddenly, Jaune heard growling. Taking off his hood, he looked around the forest, curious about what made the sound. Whatever it was...

...probably wasn't friendly?

"Hello?" Jaune called out as he dropped the bag that he had carrying on his shoulder. As if a dinner bell had rang, from behind the trees, Beowolves appeared. Snarling and growling, they seemed like a normal-sized pack that had just stumbled onto a unexpected, but tasty looking morsel.

Jaune wasn't even phased. Maybe it was the hellish training he forced himself to do, perhaps it was the other grimms that he fought. But either way, Jaune did not fear.

The group of Beowolves surrounded him, Jaune noted as he looked around him. Yet it seemed like they were...waiting. Jaune raised an eyebrow as he waited for something to happen.

Suddenly, there was a howl, and Jaune felt something rush at him from behind. Jaune was still, feeling the presence come closer and closer and closer, until it was almost on him.

Then Jaune ducked, letting the Beowulf sail over him. As Jaune lashed out with a punch, he swore he saw the Beowulf actually look surprised, right before it was reduced to bloody chunks. The Beowolves in front of him were splattered with the gore of their fallen brethren, and the group actually looked hesitant about this prey.

Then one Beowulf, looking much more important and standing like it, strode up to the front of the group, and growled out. Almost immediately, the group began to calm down, and actually look like they were ready to charge. Jaune shook his head.


He could see the muscles in their legs tense.


Then the alpha Beowulf roared, and the pack charged en masse. Jaune could only hold his ground and punch the first Beowulf in the face.

If anyone was near the place, they would have only seen a flurry of fur, and geysers of gore erupting and decorating the trees.

However, this flurry slowed down, until the Alpha and a few more beowolves were standing across from Jaune. Their fangs and claws had been broken or dulled, and they looked at him with fear. One of them even began to step back.

"NO." Jaune frowned, his blood splattered face a terrifying visage. "You're not leaving alive."

And with that, he charged, and it wasn't long before the Beowolves joined their brethren in painting the forest with a shade of crimson. Jaune stood in the middle of the carnage, looking at his torn and blood splattered clothes. Now he hoped that the next village had a tailor or something. Groaning, he rubbed his bare head.

At least being bald meant that he wouldn't have to spend time washing blood out of his hair.

Yes, this is a manga out there called 'One-Punch Man.' And everything you need to know about it, is in the title. If you're going to check it out, check out the one by 'ONE' (If you mind the...art) or the one that is written by 'One' and drawn by Yusuke Murata, who drew Eyeshield 21 (And has much more polished art).

So yeah, how can I make an interesting story about a guy who can kill with one punch? Well, I don't know, but I'm going to try.