Hello, my name is Elsa and I am a fifth year Ravenclaw at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am also a princess of Arendel, a quaint kingdom in the shadows of the North Mountain, but that's not very important. The important thing is Hogwarts. I know, it all sounds like a bunch of Reindeer dung but it's true. You see, my mother and father thought when I received my letter that maybe, just maybe they could teach me to control my curse. I must admit it has helped some but fear still controls my powers. My headmaster and mentor, Merlin, told me I should try writing down my story, my life, and my feelings and maybe it would help me overcome it. So here it goes.

September 1, 2014

I woke up before dawn that day. Brushing the platinum shaded hair out of my face, I discovered my covers coated in a thin layer of frost. I sighed, so it was gonna be one of those days… This always seemed to happen on the first day of school. Removing myself from the comforts of my bed, I dressed, slipped on my white cotton gloves and knotted my hair into a flawlessly braided bun at the base of my neck. Looking into the mirror of my vanity, I encouraged myself. "Its okay Elsa, just conceal it, don't feel it, and don't let it show and everything will be alright."

With that, I exited my room and walked down the warm palace halls to the dining hall where I sat at my usual spot and picked at a bowl of oatmeal. I wasn't very hungry; my stomach was already too full of butterflies. As I scooped a small spoonful of oatmeal, my little sister, Ana, ran up behind me and wrapped her arms around my neck to give a playful hug. At the shock, my spoon dropped out of my hand and as it fell to the floor, it shattered, like an icicle. Ana didn't seem to notice.

"Ana!" I shouted, surprised. Ana smiled and sat across from me, her strawberry

Blonde hair was clad in two side braids with her signature white streak intertwined. Elsa always cringed at the streak. Why hadn't our parents just dyed it? It was too painful to look at after… well, never mind. It isn't that important, I guess…

She wore her dress well, a pretty green that accented her bright blue eyes. I always thought she was the prettiest, and a pretty personality to go with it.

"Elsa, I'm excited," Ana squealed. "What, house do you think I'll be in!" She asked, scooting to the edge of her chair as se stared at Elsa with awe and admiration.

"Ana, I don't know," Elsa muttered. "Only the sorting hat knows."

"Oh. Wait, what?"

"The Sorting Hat, Ana. I told you about it. You put it on and it decides your house." Elsa explained.

"Oh! Okay," Ana grinned. "I hope we're in the same house!"

"Mmm," Elsa hummed, taking a small mouthful of oatmeal.

"What is it like? Do you think I'll make friends fast. What's the food like-" Ana went on to list question after question. I quickly lost focus as I played around with my oatmeal.

"Girls, Professor Odie is here to take you to King's Cross," our mother sang from the main entry fifteen minutes later while Ana still rambled off questions. Ana jumped out of her seat so quickly that her chair fell over and she bolted for the entry. I dropped my spoon, stared at my cold breakfast and sighed before rising from my chair and following after Ana.

In the entry hall, my mother and father stood proudly, conversing with my charms teacher, Professor Odie, while Ana jumped up and down, excitedly. If she doesn't calm down, she's gonna pee herself I thought. I approached them and when they saw me, my mother and father pulled me into a tight embrace.

"Write us every day," Father told me and then, after my mother released me from her hug, my father bent down and whispered in my ear. "Conceal it. Don't feel it. And don't let it show."

I nodded and he smiled at me. After my parents said goodbye to Ana once more and went over their rules for her, it was time for us to leave.

"All right, girlies," Professor Odie squealed. "Let's be on our way. Now don't you worry, all your things are already at Hogwarts, we just need to get you to the train! Now hold on!" She offered Ana and me her arms and we took them. Waving goodbye one last time, a feeling over came me as if I had just been sucked into a vortex. Next thing I knew, I was at King's Cross Station, Platform 9 ¾ , standing in front of a giant Scarlet colored train. Steam spewed from its pipe as I looked around to see several other students saying goodbye to their families and boarding the train.

Ana instantly jumped aboard the train and beckoned me to follow her before disappearing behind the door. I began to follow when Professor Odie clutched me by the shoulder. I turned to face her and she told me, "Elsa, the Headmaster wants you to visit him, after the beginning of term feast, in his office. The password is Candy Apple." She disapparated, leaving me alone on the platform. I signed and made my way onto the train. All the compartments were practically filled but after several minutes of searching, I found an empty compartment in the sixth car, right before the train exited the station. I sat alone in silence for the first hour of the train ride, staring out the window at the ever-changing scenery.

"Oh there you are!" A voice squealed from the doorway. I turned to see Ana standing in the doorway with two other boys with her, one with brown hair and lanky, and the other, blonde and broad. "Guys, this is my sister, Elsa! Elsa, meet Hans and Kristopher!" She pointed to the brunette, Hans, and the to the Blonde, Kris-.

"Ana, its Kristoff," The blonde, Kristoff, corrected her.

"Oh, right!" Ana chuckled. "Anyways, they're in my year! So we're gonna go hang out in another compartment. You can join, if you want."

I shook my head in a No gesture. "No thank you, but you go have fun, Ana." Ana nodded and left the compartment with her two knew friends, shutting the door behind them. I turned back two the window to see that the scenery had changed while I had been busy talking.

A little while later, I heard my compartment door open again. "Ana, I said no…" I told her.

"Well, I don't know who Ana is, but I wouldn't want to be her right now," a voice, obviously male, laughed from the doorway. I turned around to see a boy, seemingly my age, with snow-white hair and bright blue eyes. Like… mine…

A boy and girl accompanied him. The boy was covered in freckles and shaggy brown hair and the girl was lean and blonde, holding hands with the boy.

"Are you gonna say anything?" The boy with white hair asked. I hadn't realized I'd been gawking.

"Uh, sorry," I blushed from embarrassment. " I thought you were my sister."

"Must be a really manly looking sister, then," He chuckled.

"No, no I mean- Well, she wanted me to come hang out with her and," He held up his hand to tell me to stop.

"Relax, it's not a big deal. I'm Jack," he introduced himself. "Jack Frost, and these two lovebirds are Hiccup and Astrid." He gestured over to the two holding hands. "And you are?"

"Elsa," I answered.

"Elsa. Well, Elsa," He sat down on the seat across from me. "What's your house?"

"Um, I'm a fifth year Ravenclaw," I answered.

"Ah, a smart kid," he commented. "We're all sixth years. And Astrid and I are Slytherin. Hiccup's a Hufflepuff so I'm not quiet sure why we hang out with him, but whatever," he laughed, punching Hiccup in the shoulder.

The boy, Hiccup, rolled his eyes and put his arm around the girl, Astrid. "Where you from?" he asked.


"Oh, damn! You're that princess, aren't you?" Astrid gawked.

"Um, yeah…"

"Relax, Astrid," Jack sighed. "Its not like princesses do anything besides just looking pretty, is there?' Jack grinned.

"Um…" I tried to change the subject. "Where are you guys from?"

"Astrid and Hiccup are from this place called Berk. It's not pretty there, trust me," Astrid glared at him, while Hiccup made a face as too say, Well, he's got a point. " I don't really have a place. I just go where the wind takes me."

I rolled my eye, which made him laugh. That's a cute laugh… Wait, what? "Jack, I think we need to get back to the others," Hiccup stated.

"Oh, right. Well, See ya around, El," Jack waved, exiting the compartment, Hiccup and Astrid following him.

The train pulled into the station a little after dark. I saw Ana with her new friends, exiting the train and making their way over to the boats. I chuckled to myself when I saw Ana almost fall into the water when her friend, Hans, accidentally bump into her.

I sat alone in the Great Hall. Sure, a lot of people surrounded me, but I was still alone in the sense that I had no friends to sit with. The first years walked in through the doors and I could see Ana bobbing along with a boy on either side. Merlin said his opening words and we immediately went into the sorting. Professor Ursula, a plump woman, brought forth a stool and the sorting hat, and began to ramble off names.

"White, Snow"

A little girl with short black hair hopped up onto the stool and the Sorting Hat was placed on her head. "HUFFLEPUFF!"


A young boy with black shoulder length hair and tan skin swaggered up and sat down, waiting expectantly for his placement. "SLYTHERIN!"


Ana's new friend shuffled up to the stool and when the sorting hat was placed on his head, it immediately let out, "HUFFLEPUFF!"


Ana's other friend strutted up and was immediately placed in "SLYTHERIN!" He smirked and went to join his table.

"Florian" A charming looking boy moved up to the center of the Great Hall and the Sorting Hat was placed on his head. "HUFFLEPUFF!"


Ana walked up nervously to the stool and sat down. I stared intently. I hoped she would be in a good house, one that will take care of her. It seemed to take forever for the hat to choose but when it did, I was knocked out of my thoughts by the booming voice, "GRYFFINDOR!"

I sighed. It wasn't that bad, I guess. I just hoped that the Gryffindor students wouldn't end up getting her into a lot of trouble. After Ana, I lost concentration. The only information I caught was that we had ten new first year Ravenclaw.

Dinner and dessert went slowly, but at least I got something out of it when I heard a familiar voice from behind. "Psst! Elsa!" I turned around to see Jack waving to me from his seat at the Slytherin table.

"What do you want Jack," I whispered back, laughing.

"Hi," He grinned. I rolled my eyes at him and smiled.

"Go eat your custard, Frosty!" I laughed and turned back to my dessert. The kids around me, other fifth years, stared at me, slightly in awe. Most of them hadn't heard me talk let alone laugh. I blushed red and looked down at my lap. What am I thinking? You can't be friends with this guy. 1) You could accidentally reveal your stupid powers 2) He's a Slytherin 3) You could accidentally reveal your freaking powers! Its better that you just don't make friends.

I jumped from my seat and sprinted out of the Great Hall. As I began to scale the moving stairs, a large hand grabbed onto my forearm and I turned around to see Jack.

"Oh, chilly," He shivered and smiled at me. "You okay, El?

"I'm fine, Jack," I told him. "I have to go." I went to move on but he continued to grip my arm.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," I sighed. "I have to go."


"Let me go, Jack!" I snapped. I looked down at his arm and saw that his hairs had started to stand up and frost stiffened his school robes. He flinched away and stared at me in awe. I ran off towards my dormitory, tears blurring my vision. I showed it. What did I just do?

"Elsa, Wait!" Jack hollered but I had already ran off. That night, I lay in bed thinking about what I did. He knows. I can't believe I blew my secret just like that!

"Elsa?" Belle asked from the bed on the right of mine. "Are you okay?"

I sighed. "Yeah, I'm okay…"

Minutes later there was a serenade of snores coming from the beds that filled the little round room. Everyone was asleep except for me. There was a faint Tap! Tap! Tap! On the window beside my bed. After further exploration, I discovered the eagle owl, holding a letter, on my windowsill. It dropped the letter in my hand and flew off.

I returned to the bed, crawled under my covers and tore open the letter.

Elsa, Congratulations on starting your fifth year at Hogwarts. You've come so far since I met you in your first year. You failed to visit me tonight after the feast, but I assume you were tired and forgot. Anyhow, I want to inform you that this year, we will be meeting at seven every Saturday, Wednesday and Monday night. Remember that you can always come to me with any problem that you are experiencing. I will also make sure to look out for your sister. I understand that you are worried about her and I will do everything in my power to make sure that she is comfortable with her stay here at Hogwarts.

Goodnight and Good Luck!