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Secret Connections Part 4

As the two digimon clashed, Yamaki couldn't take his eyes off Gallantmon. `I may have to rethink my plans to get rid of the digimon now.' He thought silently.

Gallant mon brought his shield down on IceDevimon's head. The virus digimon shook his head to clear it. Only to have Gallantmon kick him straight in the face. IceDevimon fell back in pain and surprise. Deciding it was time to end their fight Gallantmon raised his lance.

"Lightning Joust!"

IceDevimon screamed as the attack ripped through him, causing his data to disperse. As his data floated through the air IceDevimon grabbed Rika. Grinning evilly, IceDevimon laughed.

"If I can't have my tamer no one will. My master will be waiting for you in the digital world. If you wish to save the girl by all means go to him."

With a final cackle IceDevimon's data faded taking with it Rika. Or so it appeared to Henry and the others. Only Gallantmon seemed to accept IceDevimon's defeat calmly.

"Rika, no." Renamon whispered.

"Great so what do we do now?" asked Henry.

Galllantmon turned to them. "Nothing. We have no reason to go to the digital world since."

Gallantmon laid his shield on the ground to reveal Rika hidden inside. Renamon could not believe her eyes. She had thought that IceDevimon had managed to send Rika to the digital world. Looking art her tamer now, Renamon was glad she was wrong.

"Rika are you alright?" asked Renamon.

"I'm fine thanks to Takato." Replied Rika.

Gallantmon in the mean time dedigivolved back to Takato. Gasping, he looked over at Rika only to get tackled by her. Knocked down by the unexpected hug, Takato stared at Rika in surprise. Rika returned Takato's stare and grinned.

"Good to have you back gogglehead. But if you ever do something like that again you won't be able to play digimon cards again for a month. Besides other wise I won't be able to do this."

To Takato and the other's complete surprise Rika bent down and kissed him.

Howling Wolf: There it is. The moment you've all been waiting for since I started this story. Rika: Well it's about time wolfboy. Howling Wolf: Watch it Nonaka. Otherwise I won't write the sequel to this story. Rika: In that case, Renamon walk all over him. (Renamon appears): Right Rika. Howling Wolf: Well goodbye!( runs away with Rika and Renamon chasing him.)

Takato stared at Rika in complete surprise. In front of everyone the digimon queen had kissed him. The kiss hadn't lasted long, but it had left both tamers breathless. However the kiss had also left Takato confused as to what to say to Rika.

"R..Rika?" he asked.

Rika smiled. "I have to admit gogglehead I didn't think that would happen."

"While this is really touching could someone explain to me how Takato became a mega?" said Terriermon.

"Good question Terriermon. Takato do you mind if we take a look at your D-power?" asked Henry.

Takato shrugged. "Sure I guess. Oh man, it's broken."

Holding the d-power, Takato showed to the others. The d-power was indeed broken. A massive crack now ran down the center of the digivice. Strange circuitry could been inside the crack. Takato lowered his head in defeat. His d-power had been his last link to Guilmon. Suddenly the d- power broke up into data and reformatted into a new digivice in Takato's hands.

For several moments Takato simply stared at his his new digivice in wonder. It looked similar to the d3s but was slimmer. It had three buttons on the front and one on it's side. (A.N. : think 04's d-tetcher.) and black and gold in color.

"I don't believe it." Henry said in awe.

Even Yamaki was surprised. "I think we better rescan you and your digivice Takato."

Takato only nodded reluctantly.

Several hours later, Takato was walking Rika back to her house. The two tamers had been nervous around each other ever since their kiss. As she silently followed them, Renamon could not help finding the situation her tamer was in funny. Renamon merely grinned as the two tamers exchanged anxious glances.

"Are you sure you're going to be fine gogglehead?" asked Rika.

"I'm still in shock Rika. Just give me some time to get adjusted to all of this that's all." Takato said.

Rika didn't like the way Takato had said that and she thought back to Yamaki's discovery before they left Hypnos.


"I don't believe it! It's just not possible." Takato shouted.

Yamaki sighed. "I am afraid there's no room for doubt. We scanned you three times to be certain. You are over half digimon.

[end flashback]

"I'll see you later Rika." Takato said after they reached her home.

"Just be careful gogglehead." `But I'll be keeping an eye on you just to be on the safe side.'

As soon as Takato was out of view.

"Follow him Renamon. Make sure he does get home." Rika told her partner.

Nothing occurred while Renamon followed Takato back to his home. The next following days were uneventful with no attacks from the devas. Takato, still in shock from Yamaki's news, had become distant from the other tamers. Henry was worried. He had never seen Takato like this and it unnerved him somewhat. Rika was also worried, but was not used to showing it.

Takato sat inside Guilmon's hut and stared at his hands. `I'm half digimon. But what does that mean for me? And why did my digivice change?'

Takato was so distracted by his thoughts that he didn't notice someone else enter Guilmon's home. Or that she was standing right behind him.

"What'cha doing gogglehead?" asked Rika.

"Whaaa! Man, Rika don't do that." Exclaimed Takato. Rika giggled. "Sorry gogglehead. So are you still upset?"

Takato shrugged. "Maybe a little. I mean I know Guilmon's a part of me from now on, but still. I can't help wonder what the future holds in store for me."

"Don't worry about it. Besides whatever you face, you won't do it alone. I'll be right there with you." Rika said sitting next ot Takato.

"Thanks Rika. I love you, you know." Takato admitted.

Rika rested her head on Takato's shoulder. "Yeah? Well I love you too gogglehead."

The two lovers sat in silence for a moment then turned towards each other for a kiss.

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